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What's wrong with Hufflepuff? by whatarenargles
Chapter 5 : Curiosity can lead to dangerous situations.
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 Two weeks into the first term of seventh year, Freya had been spending most of her caught up with quidditch practises and studying in the library with Remus.

On a few occasions even the rest of the Marauders had come over to the Hufflepuff table for dinner to speak to Freya about upcoming pranks and if she had any ideas in how to make them better.

Anna and Felix had also included ideas in some of their pranks, Felix directed some of them along side the Marauders enjoying every minute of it.

Remus had later told Freya that James, Sirius and Peter really like Freya, Anna and Felix and started to spend more time with them all.

Due to the Marauders being the most popular guys in the school, sitting with the Hufflepuffs had began a chorus of people gossiping trying to figure out why they would sit with the “lowly” Hufflepuffs.

Some of the stories they had overheard had sounded ridiculous.

One story had been that maybe maybe they were trying to slip love potions to girls in the house according to Patricia Simons, who had very obviously spoken of her crush on Sirius Black, so she was practically wetting herself hoping he’d slip her one even though she didn’t need it.

Another had annoyed Freya greatly, there had been mentions of people thinking the Marauders were trying to get friendly with the Hufflepuffs to humiliate them.

After being around the guys for a while, she had grown to trust them and find them enjoyable. She knew they would never hurt someone unless they were Slytherin or if someone had hurt someone they cared about.

They had even admitted to her that they were wrong to think the stereotypical views that Hufflepuff were weak and too touchy-feely.

Sirius Black had also gotten quite close to Anna, she had also been known for quite a temper when someone treated her or her friends badly or when she got very competitive over a game of wizarding chess.


Sirius had been on a bad side of her temper whilst playing that game. Anna had shouted at him that he was cheat because she had been so close to winning the game and didn’t understand who he had overtaken her.

They had both been arguing about it the whole night when it happened and both refused to give in.


Later on the night, Anna had said to Freya that she really annoyed the fight with Sirius. She liked having to someone to fight back at her rather than have guys give in to her every need.

Ever since that night, Sirius and Anna had always found some petty disagreement which would cause an argument. Both their tempers were wild so they’d be angry whilst happy that they were fighting and would forget about it next day. It had become the norm to expect them argue at least once a day.

Sitting in the great hall at lunchtime, Freya had been staring at Remus who was sitting at his own house table looking ill and pale.

“Do you guys know what’s wrong with Remus?” Freya asked Felix and Anna.

“Oh, I guess he’s feeling a bit sick. Normally around this time he goes off to visit his aunt every month.” Anna replied whilst Felix nodded in agreement.

“But wouldn’t his aunt get sick if Remus visited her?” Freya asked, curious as to why he would do that.

“His aunt is sick too, got some deadly disease of some sort. I guess it doesn’t affect her.” Felix added to the conversation.

“That still doesn’t make sense.” Freya said.

During her afternoon classes, she didn’t spot Remus who would normally sit with her in potions and DADA (Defense Against the Dark Arts).

Freya began to get more worried about him, hoping that he was okay.


She had gotten very close to Remus over the last few weeks, she always loved how kind and gentle he was. Deep down she still had that small crush on him but she still wouldn’t admit it to herself that he would like her back.

Remus still wasn’t present at dinner and so Freya made her way over to the Gryffindor table to ask the Marauders.

“Hey guys, do you know where Remus is? He wasn’t looking too good at lunch.” Freya asked them.

“Oh, he’s visiting his aunt.” James said very convincingly.

“That’s what Anna said. But why would he visit her when he’s ill himself?” Freya asked.

“She sick too, so it wouldn’t take affect on her.” Sirius replied also with ease.

“Felix said that too. I don’t understand.” Freya said, confused.

“He’s always done this since first year here at Hogwarts. I wouldn’t worry about him. He’ll be fine.” Sirius said to her without worry.

Freya nodded at them and headed off the Hufflepuff common room to do some homework.

She wasn’t going to let this Remus thing go. Once she was curious about something she wouldn’t stop until she got an answer. She’d ask Remus when he returned.


Freya had been immersed in her homework which had been building up a bit of a pile lately. It was midnight when she had finally finished and all the other students had gone to bed ages ago.

She noticed three shadows outside of the window which looked like people as she slowly made her way to the dormitory.

As you know curiosity got the better of her, and she snuck down through the castle until she was on the grounds.


She wondered off a bit trying to find the people and what they were up to. She walked closer nearly with the whomping wollow in sight.

A loud howl could be heard near. She had heard these noises before as they were rumoured to have been coming from the Shrieking Shack.

Something had nudged Freya foot, she looked down to see a rat nudging her as if to turn away and head back to the castle.

Her attention to the rat had disappeared when a low grumble was heard near her whilst a large dark shadow towered over her.

Freya turned around and looked up into the eyes of a werewolf. The wolf was a mixture of dark and light brown with hazel eyes, his form was huge.

“Oh, you are beautiful!” Freya whispered to the wolf.

Most people would be in panic but to Freya she loved animals, she never judged them if they hurt her. She also knew that a werewolf couldn’t help it if it attacked her because they had no control once the full moon was up,

The wolf made a swipe at her which scratched her arm causing a huge gash to appear and bled.

Freya felt pain and looked to see a black dog try to leap at the wolf as if to steer it away from her but the wolf was stronger than the dog and made another swipe which threw the dog off of him.

The wolf’s eyes were piercing into Freya’s. It was determined to get her blood.

Freya had now began to panic and began to run, she was nearing the castle with the wolf running after her gaining speed.

A loud dull moan was made and Freya stupidly turned around to see what had happened.

All at the same time she saw that a large stag was making the moan, the wolf had obviously made a go at it to leave it alone.

Freya felt a huge burning hot stinging pain sear through her shoulder and fell to the floor as if she was paralysed. Freya had made no screams, she bit her lip and held in it.

The wolf had taken a bite and was now being led away by the dog and stag back inside the whomping willow.

“Oh Merlin, we need to get her to the hospital wing!” A voice said close to her.

“How stupid is she?” Another voice said in irritation.

“Remus will hate himself.” Said another.

Remus why would he hate himself Freya had thought before she had blackened out as she was lifted away into darkness.


Freya opened her eyes but quickly shut them as the brightness of the hospital wing made her flinch.

She reopened her eyes and looked around the see the Marauders without Remus around her bed.

“Why do you look so grim?” Freya asked.

“Do you remember what happened?” James asked her sadly.

Freya flickered through her last memories and the realisation made it to her brain. She was a werewolf now. The smallest of bites can lead to lycanthropy.

“Oh.” Freya said not sure about how she felt.

“Where’s Remus?” She asked forgetting about her situation.


“Uh, well I guess you’ll know soon anyway. Remus was the werewolf who bit you last night. I know you’ll hate him for what he’s done but please don’t tell anyone about him and don’t give him hell for it, please.” James said hurriedly.

“Merlin, it all makes sense! Why didn’t I realise earlier? He uses a story of visiting his aunt every month when he’s sick on full moon but he’s actually a werewolf. I’m so thick!” Freya said to herself.

“I realise you’re freaking out a bit but it would mean a lot if you didn’t judge Remus, he’ll hate himself forever for what he did.” Sirius said.

“What? I wouldn’t hate Remus. He wasn’t in control. I could never judge for something he couldn’t change, that’s just plain horrible. Werewolves aren’t bad. People shouldn’t stereotype them for being evil creatures. Greyback is a different story but other than that, I have never been prejudiced against werewolves.” Freya said earning disbelieved smiles from the boys.

“We’re so glad. You’re so good for Remus. He’s driving himself to death with guilt over this.” James said, Peter nodding.

“I get where he’s coming from, I’d feel the same if I were him. He should never feel it his fault though. Poor thing.” Freya said, sadly.

Madam Pomfrey had just come out of her office and started to fuss over Freya.

“How are you, dear?” She asked with pity.

“My shoulder still hurts from the bite and I think I’d broken something.” Freya replied.

“Oh yes, that’ll be the broken rib. When Remus was a werewolf he stood on you before being driven away. You’ll have to stay here until you are healed up.” She said.

“When will that be?” Freya asked wanting to talk to Remus.

“Until next week. You’ve been out cold for four days. It’s too soon to let you out.” Madam Pomfrey replied.

She gave her some skele-grow for the broken rib to drink which Freya nearly spit out. She was also made to drink a sleeping potion so she could rest whilst the Marauders were being shuffled out of the hospital wing.

Freya would have to wait until she was better to talk to Remus. She hoped the Marauders would ease Remus’ guilt though so he’d feel better about himself.


Please tell me what you think of this story so far. Is it entertaing or just plain boring? I'm I putting Hufflepuff in a good light? Be honest :)

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