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Always Yours by anissamalfoy
Chapter 5 : Insufferable Git
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Cleo was definitely late for her first class.

She mentally cursed herself for spending half of her beauty sleep time watching films on her laptop, now she was about to be hexed by Professor Slughorn for coming late. Well, she wasn't sure about that yet, but she truly hoped that the man would understand and just let her get by without throwing curses at her or whatsoever.

Quickly rushing to her wardrobe and found her set of Gryffindor uniform which she had no idea how an earth it got there, she finally striped her sleeping gown off.

She took a glance at her appearance by the mirror after she was done dressing, admiring the way she looked now with the Gryffindor uniform and honestly thought she didn't look bad at all. Cleo gave her reflection a smile. Look at you, Cleora. You are actually a witch now.

Next seconds, her smile faded as she realised something.

First, she hadn't showered yet.

Second, her long and wavy black hair were a complete mess seeing that she had just woken up.

Third, she was still late for Potions.

Fourth, she had missed her breakfast.

"Damn it!" she cursed aloud. There was nothing could piss Cleora Ramsey off except for missing breakfast. As if on cue, her stomach growled all of sudden, causing her to groan in exasperation for the second time. Bloody brilliant. How could she survive Potions without having her breakfast first?

Trying to ignore her 'singing' stomach, she finally decided to just tie her hair in messy bun without brushing them and applied her favourite perfume on both of her wrists, her neck, and also some on her uniform so that people wouldn't notice she had skipped shower. She frantically shook her head. Joanna, her assistant manager would throw a fit if she knew about this.

"Well, well, Miss Ramsey. Coming late on your first day?" Severus Snape's portrait sneered at Cleora as she was making her way out of the room carrying her navy blue satchel. "If I was still a teacher, I would have to take 10 points from Gryffindor for your tardiness."

Cleo tilted her head slightly. "You were a teacher? What subject did you teach?"

"Indeed, I was. I taught Potions and Defence Against The Dark Arts for a year before taking charge of Albus Dumbledore as a Headmaster due to his... death." he somberly said. Snape was one hundred percent sure this young girl had no idea that he was actually the one who killed Dumbledore, so instead of telling her further he just stared at her.

Noticing that her face fell at the word 'Potions', he immediately knew. "Your first class is Potions, isn't it?" he asked again with narrowed eyes. He watched as she gulped and grinned sheepishly, then roared. "What are you waiting for, silly girl?! Run along to your class!"

"Yes, Sir!" jumping slightly at his voice, she yelped while giving the portrait two-fingers salute and took off in a flash.


Minerva McGonagall pressed her lips into a thin line as she had her eyes fixed on the former Death Eater and his wife standing before her office door. The new Headmistress of Hogwarts didn't really expect them to be here, especially at 9.30 in the morning. She just hoped this couple wouldn't cause any trouble.

"Good morning, Lucius, Narcissa. To what do I owe this pleasure?" Professor McGonagall politely asked, gesturing them to have a seat in front of her desk which the Malfoy couple complied. "Is it something to do with young Mr. Malfoy?"

Narcissa waved her hand softly and gave her a smile. "Oh no, Minerva. We believe our Draco is just fine. We aren't here for him."

"Then pray tell, why are you two here?"

Lucius smirked, causing Professor McGonagall to froze in her seat. This didn't seem good at all. Malfoy family may have defected from the dark side, but the former Transfiguration teacher actually didn't trust their change enough.

"I think you know why, Minerva. We read the Daily Prophet yesterday."

Blast it, she knew that was the reason. "Ah, so it's about Miss Ramsey, correct? What about the girl?"

"Well, we wish to see her," Narcissa answered, still with her polite smile, thinking maybe the former of Gryffindor's Head House would just let them to see their long lost goddaughter if she politely asked. Lucius merely nodded.

But much to her dismay, Minerva McGonagall didn't look very convinced judging by the way she knitted her eyebrow as if in she was in deep thinking. "Please, we haven't seen Cleora for almost eighteen years. I'm sure you know very well that Stephanos and Luisa were our good friends, they still are. Do you honestly think we will do any harm to their daughter? Please believe us, Minerva. Besides, don't you think Cleora deserve to know who her godparents are?"

McGonagall still pondered, wondering if it was okay to let them meet the girl. But on the other side, looking at how Narcissa Malfoy practically begged to her, she couldn't help but feel a little remorse if she didn't allow them. McGonagall could see how much this Lady Malfoy had for the youngest Ramsey.

Letting out a defeated sigh, she finally said. "Very well. I'll take you two to Miss Ramsey."

"Thank you, Minerva. We really appreciate this." Narcissa said gratefully, grabbing her husband's arm to follow behind Professor McGonagall who was making her way to the other portrait of Severus Snape that was also placed in Headmistress' Office. "Oh, Severus! Good morning," she greeted happily to the portrait. Beside her, Lucius just gave the portrait a curt nod.

Snape smirked at the three of them. "Ah, look at what we have here. I take it you two are here to see ickle Cleora?" he mocked using Cleo's endearment name given by Narcissa. The blond woman merely gave him a dirty look, while Lucius secretly trying to hide his amused smirk. He never liked that name anyway.

"Yes, Severus. Can you please tell Miss Ramsey to visit my office? Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy would like to see her." McGonagall asked the portrait.

"I'm afraid I can't, Minerva. Miss Ramsey had just left her room for Potions."

McGonagall rubbed her temple slowly, completely forgot that the first lesson had started since half an hour ago. "Ah yes, yes. Well, in that case I'll just ask Horace to send her here. Thank you, Severus."

Dear Merlin, this was definitely going to be a long day.

Cleo honestly thought her first day at Hogwarts couldn't get any better. Coming late to the class was embarrassing enough for her. As a model, she was taught to come on time on every occasion, whether it was a photo-shoot, go sees, or casting call. Now that she was late, she had another thing to deal with.

She didn't know where the Potions classroom was. Of course, she remembered that the class was located in the dungeon, but she didn't exactly know where in the dungeon the class was.

And here she was, getting lost in the creepy, dark, quiet, and cold Hogwarts dungeon. No one was there to ask, not a single person. Or ghost.

She grimaced, remembering her first encounter with Nearly Headless Nick after the fest last night. God, that was absolutely embarrassing, she was freaking out and such that Ginny and Hermione had to calm her down. Some of her fellow Gryffindor were laughing at her, except for The-Boy-Who-Lived aka Harry Potter who merely chuckled and-bless him-also helped by telling his friends to stop laughing. So yes, she'd rather not see any Hogwarts ghosts at all for now.

Cleo sighed heavily as she leaned her back against the cold dungeon wall. All of this just made her frustrated and desperately wanted to cry or better yet just leave this bloody castle already. She missed her parents, her home, her friends, and her muggle life as a model although it was tiring the hell out of her.

Yes, Cleora Ramsey was a witch. There was no way to deny that.

But then again, she didn't belong here anymore.

The newly sorted Gryffindor could feel her tears freely rolling down her cheeks. Feeling tired after pacing around the dungeon looking for that blasted class like a hundred times, she finally brought down her body to sit on the cold floor and just silently cried there. Breaking down, wondering why did she agree to come to this place.

God, this is pathetic, crying in the corridor like a freak. What if someone..

"What the hell are you doing down there, Ramsey? Counting dust on the floor?"

A familiar voice was suddenly heard. She instantly stopped crying, pulling her head up from her knees and found a pair of beautiful grey eyes staring at her with an utter bewilderment.

She groaned aloud. "Oh God, not you again!"

Draco Malfoy arched a brow while crossing his arms over his chest and scowled. "Are you fucking kidding me? I'm the one who should've said that to you, Ramsey. By the way, you haven't answered my question, what the- wait, are you crying?"

Cleo quickly wiped off her tears and stood up, dusting her robes off. "No, I'm not!"

"Then how come your eyes are wet and red?"

Oh dear, this blondie albino..

"I just caught something in my eye, it's making me teary. God, this place is so dusty. Whoever live in this place anyway?" she whined, pretending to rub her eyes and blinked rapidly as if there was actually dust in it.

But the Slytherin just stared at her with his suspicious eyes, not really buying what she said. He knew that she was lying to him but didn't want to press further. Not that he cared anyway.

"Your Dad." he finally replied coolly, dropping his arms to his sides.


"Yes, your Dad, Ramsey. He was a Slytherin, right? He used to sleep here, like me and other Slytherin students."

"Wait, Slytherin's Common Room is here in the dungeon?!" she spluttered, not really believing her ears. Her dad used to sleep in this horrendous place! Thank God, she didn't get sorted in Slytherin.

"Mmhm. Ten points for Miss Ramsey. Now if you please excuse me, I have some place to be. Good day, Ramsey."

The blond turned his back and started to walk away.

"Hey, blondie! Where are you going?!"

"Potions." he simply answered without turning his back.

Cleo felt like she had found an oasis in the middle of sahara. Without thinking, she hurriedly followed Draco before she could lose him but still put a little distance between them so that he wouldn't notice.

As they walked in silent, Cleo secretly diverted her attention by looking at the blond in front. Once again, she had to admit that was a definition of perfection when it came to his body. He was tall, lean but muscular. She had no idea why he wasn't wearing his robes but somehow felt content about it because she could get a good look of his toned and slightly broad shoulder underneath his white oxford shirt. Wondering how would it feel to ran her hand through his toned back, her gazed slowly lowered to his waist and stopped at his bum.

Dear God. Draco Malfoy definitely had the nicest bum she'd ever seen on guys. Not even her fellow male models could ever rivalled his.

Draco, who could sense that he was being followed by the girl, suddenly halted and turned away causing her to accidentally bump into his hard chest (she was too busy checking him out anyway).

Hell, he even smelled good too.

"What the heck, Malfoy? Traffic light in front?" she grumbled as she rubbed her poor forehead.

Draco actually had no idea what an earth traffic light was but didn't intend to ask about it. Must be a muggle thing. "Okay, who's stalking now, Ramsey?"

"Excuse me? I'm not stalking you!"

"Then can you explain this?" he asked again, gesturing to both of them. "If you weren't following me, you wouldn't bump into me when I stopped walking."

She sighed in defeat. "Fine. I was following you, but I definitely was not stalking you alright? I have Potions too and can't find where the class is. Happy?"

"Well, you could've bloody told me before, no need to creeping me out like this." he said with a sneer on his pale face.

Cleo desperately wanted to roll her eyes at him. Yes, Draco Malfoy maybe had the nicest arse ever she'd ever seen on guys, but he was still an insufferable git that she would love to smack on the head. "My apologies, Your Highness. Now would you do me a favour and show me the way to Potions? Why are you still here anyway? Aren't you supposed to be in class? And why aren't you wearing your robes?"

Seems like Gryffindor just got another Granger. Merlin, she is really nosy. Draco thought as he massaged his temple slowly, suddenly started to feel dizzy because of her ex-fiancée's presence. "Do you ever shut up for a minute?"

She was about to retort back, but unfortunately was interrupted by a man voice.

"Mr. Malfoy! Miss Ramsey! Thank Merlin, you're both here. I was beginning to worry because you didn't show up in my class." Professor Slughorn said, slowly approaching his students with a relieved expression on his wrinkled and chubby face.

Draco gave him a small smile as he took a glance at the Ramsey girl beside him for a second then went back to the Potions teacher. "I'm sorry Professor Slughorn, I was actually heading there when I found Miss Ramsey here crying alone. Seems like she has no idea where the class is and got lost."

Cleo instantly gaped and stared at the blond in disbelieve. Oh the nerve of this albino!

"Were you, my dear? Didn't Minerva give you directions before?" the Professor asked, looking worried. When Cleo just simply shook her head, he added again. "Dear Merlin, Minerva tends to forget things sometimes. Don't worry, my child. I'm not mad at you. Actually, I was asked by her to send you to her office now. You have guests there waiting for you. Come on, off you go. Head to the Headmistress' Tower near the Entrance Courtyard, you will find a big gargoyle there. Oh yes, the password is Albus Dumbledore."

The girl nodded, hurriedly excused herself and gone within seconds. Professor Slughorn then turned his attention to the Slytherin. "As for you Mr. Malfoy, please kindly head to the class now. You've missed half of the lesson."

Still wondering who the guests the bald Professor mentioned before, Draco finally nodded and made his way to Potions with Professor Slughorn trailing behind him.

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