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The Hufflepuff Quidditch Team by HuffleyPuff
Chapter 6 : VI
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Chapter Six - I Hate Everything About You

Finally it looked as though things were finally going to lighten up for me. After our talk in the common room the team had really started to pull it together and new ideas were being formed. The idiotic seeker had agreed for someone to put a silencing charm on him to practice not shouting out where the snitch was. My other beater had taken to pulverising dummies with the faces of James and Scorpius on them with her bat and the chasers had come up with a way to practice their passing. It involved stealing something of James’ or Scorpius’ before throwing it around the corridors so they couldn’t get it back. The keeper joined in with this activity and the game turned into mini Quidditch with a schoolbook.

Their hard work was starting to pay off and in practices I could really see the whole team trying the best they could. Their games and ideas also seemed to be working as the passes were becoming quick and tidy, the bludgers were being hit harder, the snitch was being found without us being alerted to where it was beforehand and the amount of goals being scored was decreasing. I could safely say that I was beginning to feel proud of my team and so to reward them for doing a great job I decided to venture into Honeydukes during the next Hogsmeade weekend.

It was a cold day and a scarf was wrapped around my lower jaw, a bobble hat pulled down over my ears and heavy boots clunking through the snow. Megan walked beside me and she didn’t look at all chuffed to be there. Her nose had turned a bright shade of red from the cold and her shoulders were hunched forwards as he tried to block the snow from going down the front of her top. “Did I have to come, Anna?” She grumbled angrily as her narrowed eyes turned to me.

“Yes you did,” I responded breezily as I grinned back. “I need an extra pair of hands to carry all the chocolate back and I even said that I would get you some so stop complaining.”

Megan still didn’t look convinced. “Last time you told me you would buy me chocolate I ended up with half a sugar mouse because you had eaten mine.”

My cheeks flushed slightly at the memory of it before I heavily shrugged my shoulders. “That was a misunderstanding,” I lied quickly to cover up the fact I had actually forgotten to buy her anything. “Besides I was twelve and this time you’re with me and you’re not the type to let me forget to buy you anything. So stop worrying about it. You’ll get your chocolate as long as you help me.”

Eventually Megan’s scowl lifted before she turned her attention back to the road as we waded through the snow as we entered the Village. Hogsmeade looked like something pulled straight from a fairy tale as it sat in the heavy snow. The roofs were covered with a blanket of thick snow, a few snowmen were scattered around the place and a large Christmas tree sat in pride of place in the centre of the village. Normally the Quidditch season would be well under way, but the matches had to be pulled to after the Christmas break because of the bad weather front which had decided to show up. It was impossible conditions to play in and so for the safety of the students Professor McGonagall had cancelled the matches until the weather cleared after the break.

Walking through the crowds of people with my arm brushing gently against Megan’s, my eyes wandered through the snow towards all the shops. There was Zonko’s joke shop, the Three Broomsticks and one of my personal favourites Twisted Toyland. I remembered coming here with Josh and he would always buy me anything from the shop I wanted and when I joined the school every Hogsmeade weekend he went on he would bring me back a toy. That was before I grew up and stated I was now too old for toys, but this didn’t stop him sending me some.

“We can go and visit your cousin?” Megan stated suddenly as he eyes turned towards Felise's Beautifying Potions as we walked past. “Doesn’t she work in Felise’s?”

“Oh hell no,” I responded with a scrunched up nose as I turned away from the beauty shop. “I am not spending my free time going to visit my stupid cousin. I don’t care if she’s family, but I would honestly jump off a building before visiting with my own free will.”

Frowning, Megan nodded her head, but kept her eyes on the shop as she pushed her glasses back up her nose. “Well not to scare you or anything, but your cousin is actually coming this way.”

Spinning around on the spot my eyes widened as I saw the familiar wavy blonde hair on top of a head covered with makeup. She was wearing her traditional thick furred coat and even now I could see the red high heels trying to make their way through the snow. She was a complete tart if I ever did see one and she is the only cousin I wouldn’t save from a fire.

Turning my eyes back to Megan I quickly grabbed her arm before pelting into the nearest shop without even looking what it was. What the shop did turn out to be was Madame Puddifoot's Tea Shop and that was probably a lot worse than bumping into my cousin. Quickly turning around again to try and make my escape, my efforts were fruitless as the waitress noticed me standing there before taking my arm and pulling me further into her shop.

“Yes I could see you looked lonely there dear standing all by yourself. What you need is a nice dashing boy to keep you company.” I grimaced as I tried to break free, but before I could do so I was thrown into the nearest chair. “Now you wait right there dear and I’ll pop off to go and find you someone.” And with that the woman left into the crowd to go and find a boy.

Now I was completely trapped, people and waitresses all around me and no room left to escape. Megan appeared to have left the shop before she was dragged off as she was no longer standing by the door and so I was completely alone with no help left.

The sound of someone being pushing into the chair opposite me sounded the arrival of the waitress and said boy she went to find. With a disgruntled sigh I looked up to see whom she had picked, but my expression faltered as I looked into his face. Messy black hair, surprised green eyes and his mouth forming the shape of an O I realized with dread that I was looking into the face of James Potter.

“There’s some kind of a mistake here,” I stated desperately as I tried to stand to leave, but I was simply pushed back into the chair. “I can’t sit with…well with him.”

“Nonsense, dear,” the woman responded in her unusually high voice. “I’m sure you little love birds are going to get on just fine. Now sit here and talk whilst I go and get you some tea.” And with that she was off again leaving me completely alone with James Potter staring right at me.

We stared at each other for an awkwardly long time before James coughed awkwardly and ran one hand through his hair. “So are you going to be the first to leave or am I?”

I remained silence and instead just scowled darkly at the Gryffindor opposite me.

“Look Smyth, I didn’t ask for this,” James snapped back as he glowered at me. “I was walking past when that Hag appeared out of nowhere and dragged me in here. But as it appears that we are in fact stuck here I suggest that we at least try and not kill each other.”

“I don’t trust you,” I growled angrily as I felt my hands curl into fists. “You are cheating scumbag who thinks you are perfect at everything and everyone loves you. Well this might surprise you Potter, but just because your father was some big shot it doesn’t mean I have to like you.”

But instead of saying anything in return, James just smiled at me as the waitress returned with a tray of tea and some scones. “See, we are getting along,” he chided with a smile as the teacups were placed in front of us.

As James picked up a scone and took a bite into it, I could feel my blood boil. All I wanted to do was the lunge across the table and throttle him. But as I was stuck at the table with him I was just going to have to make the most out of my situation.

Perhaps the tea would help.

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