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Music is Might by shewhomustnotbenamed_
Chapter 14 : Confrontations
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 I woke up the next day. My eyes were strung dry; I blinked several times as I remembered what happened last night. I couldn’t believe it; actually I didn’t know what to believe anymore. I’d kissed James and I’d enjoyed it and then I ran out again. Eurgh, I never remembered signing up for all these mixed emotions when I agreed to be a teenager, actually I don’t think I ever agreed to be a teenager. I’ve been tricked.


I sighed as I rolled over in bed. It was Thursday I had potions. And guess which unspeakable person was in my potions classroom… If you guessed Slughorn, Dom or Freddie Weasley, you would be correct but you and I both know that’s not who I would be trying to avoid today, no not Louis Weasley either. Were you dropped on the head a child? I was but I don’t see where that matters, actually that probably causes every problem I have ever faced. Dam Mum and your butter fingers.


I got up, the rest of the dorm was empty. Maybe I’d slept in and missed potions all together? A girl could always hope. But hope is useless in the real world, especially when it was 8.30 meaning I had a full half an hour before I was expected to be at potions. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.


I got dressed and grabbed my potions book and shoved it in my bag. All my stuff was still in there from last night, I didn’t have time to take it out so I made the brave decision to carry the extra weight for the morning. Yes, I bet you all salute my bravery I expect a medal anytime soon. And my own day. Ally day! It would probably be on a Monday because nobody likes a Monday. This is where if I had my way, Marcus would do the drum roll thing on his drums, putting emphasis on my joke. But life sucks, and I don’t get it my way, otherwise I wouldn’t be walking to potions right now.


I walked slowly through the crowded halls, letting people over take me. Rush into me, I didn’t care at the moment, not at all. Ideas were currently swarming all around my head, thinking about how I could avoid potions. What if I had a heart attack? Slughorn couldn’t possibly expect me to go potions if I had a heart attack. That’s brilliant Ally. No wonder you’re a Ravenclaw.


I’m joking. I’m an idiot I know.


I went to turn round the corner when I was dragged back, I tried to scream but a hand was covering my mouth. I pulled and wrestled against my attacker, but it was useless, I was defenceless. I kicked away hitting him hard in the chins, but he still had a tight grip. “Ally will you stop fighting, it’s me!” I can’t remember why I did this, but with the recognition of his voice, I kicked him again. Maybe a little harder than before. But you have no proof.


“Ally what the fuck?”


“Oh sorry I slipped” He turned me around to face him. James was holding his shin, with his teeth clamped tightly together. He looked angry and in pain. I have to admit it gave me some satisfaction. I grinned victoriously at him. He didn’t look slightly amused.


He stood up straight and looked at me, he stared at me. I couldn’t read his face, he looked slightly shocked, I didn’t kick him that hard I promise.


“We need to talk” he told me.


“Can’t sorry, I have to get to potions…” I turned around in an attempt to walk away. But in all honesty I had no idea where I was there was no wall in front of me, the way we came. I turned back around and we were in darkness. What the hell did he plan on doing to me? Aside from talking, I hope that’s not a euphemism…


“One, don’t pretend you’re even interested in going to potions, it didn’t seem to bother you Tuesday when you failed to show up at all…” he had a point “Two, you’re not going anywhere until we speak, and I’m pretty sure you’ll be very interested in what I have to say” he said the last line with confidence, but he still seemed angry. I nodded, wanting him to proceed with this ordeal. We broke off into an awkward silence, I let my eyes wonder to add to the awkwardness of the whole situation.


“Where are we?” I asked attempting to break the silence.


“That should be the least of your worries” he said venomously. Should I be worried? I thought to myself. No James is a nice person I thought, aside from the whole surprise kisses...


“Can you spit it out then” I said impatiently.


“I know” he stated.


I looked at him confused, was that supposed to mean something? I put my hands out clueless.


“I know” he repeated.


“James you can repeat those two words all day long I still have no clue what you’re talking about…”


“Ally will you stop it. I know your secret. I know you’re fucking Phoenix”


“WHAT!?! I’M NOT FUCKING PHOENIX!” That would be extremely awkward. How on earth could I fuck myself? Oh.


He looked at me helplessly. “Ally, I know you’re Phoenix”.


“That’s a pretty big accusation” I said my instincts returning to my  natural defence of sarcasm. I could talk my way out of this I thought calmly. I’ll just go by my motto. WWAD… What would Adam do?


“Ally don’t even bother trying to deny it, you left this last night” he pulled out a book from his pocket and pushed it into my hands. My book. My song book. Shit. ADAM WHERE ARE YOU I NEED YOU HERE? HELP. ADAM. I don’t think he can hear you. No but I can hear more than one voice in my head. This is not worrying at all. HELLO PHOENIX YOU IN THERE? Shut up. I looked around expecting a huge door to appear with a sign saying exit. LIKE THAT WOULD EVER HAPPEN. The voice inside my head shouted back at me.






“You haven’t spoken in five minutes”


“Are you sure?”


“Stop trying to change the subject”


“What subject?” That’s right keep going, before you know it he’ll have forgotten everything.


“Ally Lockridge you are Phoenix. You, Adam, Spencer and Marcus make up Music is Might”


“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH that’s ridiculous. Us? You on pot? Potter?”




“If that is all, I’ll be going”.


“Ally will you take this seriously. Why the fuck didn’t you tell me”


“There was nothing to tell” Are you seriously still denying it? He has you book handed. Shush you don’t know what he knows. James punched the wall. I stood there shocked. Somebodies angry…


“Ally stop fucking lying to me”


“Fine. James. I admit it. I’m fucking Phoenix” no not literally I thought. “Now what are you going to do? Tell the whole fucking world? You won the bet, and now you know who I am”


He looked at me in disbelief. “What? Disappointed Potter? Am I not what you expected? Let me guess you expected blonde big boobs, confidence radiating off me? Well I’m not. I’m plain and boring Ally. I’m nothing like Phoenix, she’s an act, she’s completely fictional. There Potter you’re in love with a fictional character. So if that’s all, I’d rather you leave me alone”.


“You’re fucking ridiculous. You’re impossible. Ally I don’t care that you’re Phoenix I cared that you lied to me”


“Lied to you? Potter we shared one kiss. I didn’t realise that meant I had to tell you every bloody secret. Well here they are. I’m awkward. I hate cats, they scare the hell out of me. Sometimes when I’m alone I pretend I’m a t-rex. And I once spent the whole summer with a beard, pretending to be Albus Dumbledore. Oh and the big one that the whole school seems to be obsessed with, yes I’m Phoenix. But one kiss does not give me any reason to tell you one of the biggest things in my life”.


He laughed. I glared. This went on for a while.


“Spent the whole summer with a beard?” he chuckled.


“That’s what you got from all that?” I demanded. I was my turn to look at him in disbelief.


“So what are you going to do now? Tell everyone? Blackmail? Come on Potter tell me, what’s your plan?”


“Why do you think I’m going to tell everyone?”


“Because that’s who you are. You adore the attention, you thrive of it. Don’t pretend you ever had feelings for Phoenix, the only thing you wanted to do was be the first to find out her secret”


“You don’t know anything about me” he stated.


“Yes and it seems you know everything about me”


“I’m not going to tell anyone”


“How can I trust you?”


“You’re going to have to take a leap of faith”


He went to walk past me. But I pulled him back. My hand was still tightly holding on arm.


“James my whole future’s riding on this, all of the band is… There’s a reason it was a secret. Nobody is going to listen to us, if they know I’m Phoenix. You have to promise me you can’t tell anybody” I pleaded. He looked at me again in utter disbelief.


“Maybe it’s time for the secrets to disappear”


“Is that a threat?” I asked.


“No Ally, it’s a suggestion” with that he walked past me, revealing the exit.


I stood there alone. In the secret hall way? He knew. He knew my secret. We’d worked so hard on keeping it, and I give it away, with a stupid book. I threw the book in question in anger. My hands ran through my hair pulling at it.


“I’m so stupid” I told myself. I leaned against the wall and slid down, I pulled my head to my knees. Before I knew it the tears were falling down my face, I drew back the sobs. I had no idea what I was supposed to do. Or what I was going to do. Maybe James was right, maybe it was time for the secret to be out.



Author's note: I do not own anything that you recognise, but you probably already knew that right?

So what did you think? James and Ally? Is there still a chance? Do you think the secret should be revealed? LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!! 

Thank you all for reading and reviewing honestly it makes me so happy...

lots of love,

until next time, 



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