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The Life of Anni Powells by LilyLou
Chapter 6 : The Life of Hugo Weasley
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beautiful CI by rock&roll! @ TDA!


Anni woke to hooting from her window.

Ideas of who it was raced through her mind, and a part of her wanted it to be Freddie, or James, though she knew it wasn’t.  Perhaps Tyler, though she had just owled him. 

Groaning, she rolled out of bed and walked over to the window.  She recognized the owl, but couldn’t quite put a finger on it.  Reaching out, she took the letter from the bird, which nipped at her fingers as she tried to untie the letter. 

Opening the envelope, Anni read what was inside.



Sorry about using Freddie’s owl. I apologize if you thought it was him.  I’ve set up your first interview for tonight at seven at the Leaky Cauldron in a reserved area in the back.  You’re to interview Winston and William Davies.  They were around your year, yes?  Surely you’ve spoken to them in the past once or twice.  In an interview, I expect you to ask questions about their goals in their career, if they find any players in their upcoming opening game against Puddlemere a threat, and if they think their team is going to do well this season.  Ask them their opinions on other players, etc. etc.  Good luck tonight and I expect that article written and ready to publish within the next two days, yes?


    Angelina Johnson


Anni breathed a sigh of relief.  It’s only the Davies twins, thankfully.  She would have lost it if it was with Roxanne or James, although she knows she’ll eventually have to deal with that.

Setting the letter down on her nightstand, she walked out to the kitchen to find Scorpius and Al at the island, talking over platters of bacon and eggs.

“Anni!  Help yourself, I’ve bacon, eggs and toast all cooked for you,” Scorpius says through a mouthful of food.  Anni smiles sleepily at him and starts to load her plate with food.

She had nothing in particular to do today, which meant a trip to Diagon Alley was in order.  She needed some more parchment and ink for tonight, along with some more treats for her owl. 

“So, Anni, anything planned for today?” Scorpius asks as she sat next to him. Anni nodded.

“I’ve an interview with the Davies twins at seven tonight at the Leaky in a reserved area towards the back.  And this afternoon, I plan on going out and getting some parchment, ink and owl treats.  Do you need anything?”

Scorpius shakes his head, causing his white-blonde hair to fall in his eyes. “Nope.”

Anni reaches out and moves the hair out of his eyes in a motherly fashion. “Actually, that’s a lie.  You need a haircut.”

Al barks a laugh. “It’s a wonder Rose hasn’t gone at you with scissors yet.  She’s always on James’ arse about cutting his hair.”

That’s because it grows so bloody fast.

“Well, Al and I’ve got training soon.  We’d best be off.”

The boys washed their dishes and put them away before waving Anni off and leaving her in the flat on her own.


Anni entered Diagon Alley through the Leaky.   After a short conversation with Hannah Longbottom, she headed towards Eeylops Owl Imporium for owl treats.

The store was a disarray of feathers and treats.  Owls flew all around the shop, feathers scattered all over the ground.  Wobbly stacks of cages threatened to topple over any moment and hooting and words mixed together.

It was a wonder to Anni on how someone could possibly work here.

Reaching the back of the store, Anni reached for a bag of Raisin Owl Treats and was cut off by another hand going for them.

She retracts her hand and steps backwards with shyness.  She wasn’t much of a people person anymore, unless it was absolutely necessary.   Standing next to her, a curious expression on his face, was Hugo Weasley.

The boy had grown up much since Anni had last saw him.  No longer was he the awkward, long-limbed boy he once was, but a handsome, fit man standing in front of her.  His red hair swept into his big eyes and his features were much like Ron’s.

His chocolate brown eyes widened in alarm but settled a bit when he realized it was Anni. He smiles softly.  “Fancy seeing you here.”

Anni lets out a nervous laugh of disbelief. “You’re probably the only in your family that would say that.”

Hugo rolls his eyes. “Now, that’s not true.  Rosie would talk up a storm, Al would stand here awkwardly and at least say hi, Fred would say hi, Uncle George-“

“Okay,” Anni laughs, cutting him off.  “I get it.  But that wasn’t my point.”

He smiles. “I know what your point was.”

She returns the smile. “I’d best be off.  I’ve an interview tonight with the Davies twins.”

Hugo laughs. “Well, in case I don’t see you beforehand, good luck with Roxi’s interview.  And the best of luck with the Davies.  A handful, they are.”

She smiles and waves before walking up to the front of the store to pay for the baggie of treats.

After paying, she went to a small personal store that sold quills and parchment along with inks of all colors.  She chose a pot of light grey, dark grey, and black.  After paying for that, she set out towards the Leaky again.

It was three in the afternoon, which meant by the time she was out of the Leaky, she’d have about three and a half hours to prepare and arrive to her interview with the Davies twins.

She was on a good time schedule until she passed by the Quidditch Shop.  Sitting there, in a bright new case, was the Nimbus360, the newest and fastest broom.

It was designed for seekers.

Glancing around to make sure no one she knew was around, Anni approached the case and felt it delicately with the tips of her fingers.  She stared in fascination at the new broom, admiring it.  It was magnificently beautiful.

And it brought back memories.


“No way!” Tyler’s voice rang from below me. “The new Nimbus2020?  It’s the fastest broom on the market!  How’d you get your grimy little hands on it, Ann?”

I smirk down at him, as did Dom, who was next to me.

“It was a birthday gift from Freddie, James and I,” Dominique boasts, smiling down at him with pride radiating from her.

“And what am I?!” Tyler asks, outraged. “Chopped liver?”


Dom and I smirk at his expression and I did a loop of joy through the air, whizzing by so fast. It was amazing, the feeling.  Faster than I ever imagined going.

“Well, Dom, I expect a signed Beaters bat from Reddie Tanks for my sixteenth,” Tyler yelled. Reddie Tanks was the beater for the Cannons, Tyler’s favorite team.  It was Freddie’s, too.

“Yeah, yeah,” Dom yelled down, smiling, waving off his request.

“Well, Ann, this’ll do amazing for you this year!” Tyler says as I land next to him and offer him a ride on my broom.


“Ma’am?” a voice came from next to Anni. Startling her from her memory, she shakes her head.


“Would you like to buy this?” the lady asks, her big blue eyes wide with curiosity.

Anni shakes her head. “No, thank you.”

The lady smiles and walks away, her stilettos clicking on the concrete.

Anni turns away with one last longing look at the shop and heads back towards the Leaky.


“Where are you off to?” Scorpius’ voice carried from the kitchen to my bedroom.  It was 6:30, and Anni was in a rush to get out of here.

Hopping as she try to pry the heel of her flat over her foot, Anni answer him, her hair beginning to fall out of its bun. She moaned in frustration. “I have an interview with the Davies boys at the Leaky in reserve at seven, which you would know about if you paid any attention whatsoever to what I say to you when Al’s ‘round.”

Scorpius pouted his bottom lip dramatically. “I do pay you attention, Anni.”

Standing up straight, she tucked in the few stray hairs that fell from her carefully done bun atop her head and headed toward the door, grabbing her coat. “Ta, Scorp-O.”

And she slammed the door behind her for no reason in particular.

As soon as she’s out the door, she turned on the spot, landing a bit wobbly in the front of the Leaky.  The butterflies kicking in, Anni shyly made her way towards the back, where the reserved room was, according to Angelina.

Finding the room, she also discovered a large man in front of her, standing with his thick arms crossed across his hard chest, face baring no expression.

“Name?” he asks gruffly.

“Anni Powells,” Anni squeaked, intimidated by his size.  He was a big man, with long dark hair and steely grey eyes.  He reminded Anni a lot of a man that Harry often spoke of, in a very fond tone, when she went over for holidays.

Too bad she couldn’t remember the name.

The large man stepped to the side, allowing Anni to enter the reserved room.

It was larger than it looked on the outside, and was set with a chandelier above the table, which was decorated with a centerpiece of red and yellow flowers, and was covered with a red tablecloth.  The glasses were set up neatly, wine glasses, that is, and the napkins were folded neatly and beautifully.   There were no windows that allowed sunlight, just the chandelier above head.  A bar lined the far wall, a personal bar, where a bartender and two figures were.

Anni’s stomach, for the first time that night, twisted with nerves. 

It was too much, the fancy dinner.

She’d much prefer to interview them in the locker rooms after a practice.

And the two figures she spotted by the private bar were Winston and William Davies.

The boys much resembled one another in every way, as they were identical twins.  But Anni could always dismiss troubles of identifying them, because Winston had a habit of always, always, always, biting his lip. It was a not too noticeable habit, but Anni noticed it frequently, and could immediately pick him out from William.

The boys’ pale skin was as beautiful and blemish-free as Anni remembered.  Their blonde hair came to cover their dark brown eyes, and their light brown eyebrows were thin and always cocked, it seemed.  They were tall boys, about 6’ even, and were very strong.  They looked very much like their father, but had their mother’s light hair. They had a tendency for getting into trouble, and Anni often found James and Freddie walking back from detention in the trophy room. 

Anni knew them a bit, but had only ever spoke to Winston, and that was only a handful of times.

“Anni Powells,” Winston’s cool voice came from across the room. His lips rose into a sly smile. “How long it’s been.”

Anni smiled back, and walked over to shake both of their hands.

“Winston, William,” she greeted shyly.  William, who had a drink in his hand, but didn’t seem at all tipsy, lightly clapped Anni on the shoulder.

“No need to be shy.  If anyone should be scared, it’s us.”

Anni smiles.  “Alright, boys.  You’re my first ever interview, so I’m a bit of a mess.”

Winston smirks, winking a big, brown eye at Anni. “We’ve done plenty.  We’ll help you.”

And so their interview began.



A/N:  Okay, guys! How’d you like it?  The next chapter will have the interview, along with the magazine entry she is going to give Angelina to put in.  Questions, comments, concerns, criticism, problems, recommendations?  Anything?  Who’s your favorite character so far?  Do you think Anni’s going to go to that party that she was invited to last chapter?  What’s up with the flashback and broom?  What’s up with Hugh?  Do you like that I put him in there?  Anyone anxious to meet Tyler and Alice?  I am!  Am I including Scorpius enough?  I know he’s not ‘round a lot, but that’s because he’s a minor character, even though he’s always there.  Let me know!  I know this was a smaller chapter than normal, and that it was a bit of a filler, and the fact that basically nothing happened, but it was necessary to move along the story.  The next chapter will be all about the Davies boys, if anyone is interested in them!



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