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Seriously Black by kjp
Chapter 7 : Could have been worse
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beautiful, amazing, stunning CI by Azulive@TDA (cause she's amazing) 




 Chapter 7

There was dead silence when the marauders entered back into the hall, quite different from when they had left. No chatter or gossip instead people’s faces were ghostly pale and Sirius cast an eye around the room.

Nothing seemed different, the hall looked exactly how they had left it, only it was… quieter.

Remus walked in the confusion upon his face that Sirius felt.

“What’s happened?” Remus said quietly.

Before Sirius had anytime to respond there was a voice behind him “You do not like your brother do you?” It said.

Sirius swerved around and Marlene was there holding a wet flannel over her left eye which seemed to have puffed out.

Sirius stared dumb found at her to which she sent a small painful smile flying at him, his mouth opening and closing like a goldfish. He didn’t know what to say.

“What happened!” James exclaimed saying what Sirius was thinking but causing the whole hall to turn and gaze upon them “Oops, sorry”

“Your brother” Marlene replied nodding towards Sirius who instantly closed his mouth at the mention of him.

“REGULAS!” He shouted his hands balling up into fists mindlessly and instantly“I-I told you not to go over there?”

“Like I was going to listen to that, they were still terrorizing that hufflepuff kid even when you four had left to god knows where! Where have you been?” She demanded raising her voice

“No- No where” James stammered until he saw the glare from Marlene that was aimed towards him and shut up.

“Where’s Mary?” Peter asked curiously, having to stand on tip toes to look over the tiny first years in order to search the hall for her.
“Over there” Marlene pointed towards the wall where a bored looking blonde sat staring out of the window yawning “She thinks I was mad going over to your brother”
“You were” Sirius snapped back.

“Well I am sorry but I could not just leave them to scare the hufflepuff kid off, if you do not stand up to people they will keep on doing it-”

“Yeah and look where that got you! A bloody eye”

“It is better than what your brother got himself into, unconscious and in the hospital wing!”

The other three stepped back and watched as the two of them started fighting, sending the evils to one another and voices raised slowly bringing the attention of the hall on them. Already half the students had turned around wondering what all the fuss was about and began to watch as they fought like an old married couple.

“That doesn’t mean anything Marlene, he’s a third year, I’d be surprised if you hadn’t have sent him to the hospital wing! What have the teachers said? I bet you’ve got a detention at the very least”
Marlene’s eyes narrowed up at him and she crossed her arms “Do. Not. Start giving me lectures about detention Black”

“Why can’t I?”

“Because you get detentions every other day and I mean that literally. Why are you even angry at me? Is it because I put your brother in the hospital wing?”
“No I couldn’t give two shits about him”

“Then what is it?”


“Why are you angry!”


“Because what!”

“Because I told you not to go over there!”

“Well clearly I did not listen so get over it!”

Even Mary had bothered to get up now and wonder over, her eyebrows raised as she stared at the two fighting looking between them before staring and James for answered who only shrugged as dumbfounded as her.

“How can I! you’ve got a bloody eye”

“It is not exactly the worst injury I could have gotten I got out of it quite lightly to be honest”

“And it could have been worse”

“But its not!” Marlene finally yelled, her watery blue eyes piercing into grey ones before she rolled her eyes, her voice calmer now than before but the sharpness still hidden beneath “What does it matter anyway, at least they have stopped picking on that kid” She spat, gritting her teeth together.

“Yeah and who’s going to be there next victim, you!”

Marlene opened her mouth to reply but closed it again immediately and stared down at the floor “Why do you care so much anyone?” She whispered, a lump forming at the back of her throat.

“Cause’ I don’t really want to see my baby brother targeting you next time”

“I can look after myself” She glared back at him, her hands stubbornly on her hips. There was silence between the two of them before Marlene sighed, Sirius looked up from the old and slightly cracking stone floor to find Marlene smiling at him, he stared confused for a second wondering if he’d dreamed the last few minutes of their fight. “You are such a fish-head sometimes”

“No I am not”

“Yes you are” She laughed nudging him slightly causing him to loose balance a little “Listen to us fighting, even the teachers are listening in” She nodded her head towards the great hall door where professor McGonagall was peering in desperately trying to find why and what had caused all the students to turn towards the centre of the room.

He began to chuckle “I’ve never finished an argument laughing before” he said when laughter lines began to appear round his eyes.

“Always a first time for everything” Smiled Marlene before it vanished off her face replaced with a blank expression “Really though, I am ok”

Sirius only nodded and turned away from her not knowing what else to say without starting up another unneeded argument.

James was staring oddly at him pulling a face of utter confusion with his eyebrows raised and a knowing glint in his hazel eyes that were looking back of forth and Marlene and Sirius.

Marlene had gone over to talk to Mary at the two were laughing again as usual.

“What the bloody hell was that?” James exclaimed.
“What?” Sirius shrugged”

Open eyed and still confused James pointed at Marlene “That!”

“oh, the argument?”


“She just got into a fight with my brother”
“I got that, even brainless Pete’s over here got that!”

At that comment Peter suddenly turned around bright red and yelled “Hey! I heard that” A cross of disappointment filing over his face.

“Sorry Pete’s”

The conversation ended there when Professor McGonagall walked confidently into the room a scroll under her arm with the usual stern expression peering at them through her reading glasses.

“Quite students please” Professor McGonagall said, not that she needed too as the hall was completely silent anyway, not even the sound of a pin dropping.

“The school is still being searched but for now the ministry have advised us to escort you all back to your common rooms where we will ensure you will all be safe. Your heads of houses will guide you there. Of course there will be no leaving them unless given permission” There was a loud groan received especially from the direction of the marauders and with a desperate attempt to silence them Professor McGonagall raised her voice that echoed endlessly around the great hall “QUITE! Desperate times requite desperate measure now you will go back to your common rooms and you will stay there it is for your own safety! None of us here at Hogwarts no what is happening” Sirius was sure her eyes lingered for a moment in the corner where the marauders were huddled in.




An hour later when every student had been moved to their common rooms where they would stay for goodness knows how long the marauders were lounging on the crimson couch. The rain beginning to pound on the windows.
“Darn it, come one!” Remus sighed frustratingly hitting the wizard radio which only caused it to get worse and the faint fizzing noise only to get louder “This has been broken for years, Dumbledore really should get another one”
“Remus, we were the ones who broke it” James replied blankly staring into the fire distantly his head drooping tiredly.

“haha, I remember that time!” Peter smiled happily “We tried to get rid of the evidence it was us but Lily caught us. She wouldn’t talk to us for weeks, I remember-”

“Peter, when does she ever speak to us” James cut across him, a moody glint hanging in his eye.

“What’s wrong Prongs?” Sirius said once again making use of his newly found nickname for him.

He signed and tossed his quiddittch magazine to the side to which Peter picked up instantly “I wanted to get onto the quiddittch pitch by tomorrow, you know to start practise. I have a feeling the teams going to need it”

“Oh” There was another groan from Peter “I wanted Holyhead harpies to win”

Instantly James raised an eyebrow to him and began to snigger “Your favourite teams Holyhead harpies, Pete’s, really?”

Peter suddenly blushed bright pink, causing the wart at the end of his nose to stand out clearer than ever “Well… I think Morgan’s quite pretty”

A howl of laughter filled the common room, tears began to stream down Sirius’s face and even Remus joined in when usually he would frown at James and Sirius for laughing in Peter’s face

“Pete, she’s like 70 years old or something!” Sirius cried out, followed by a long snigger.

Frowning Peter was quick to defend himself “She’s not that old”

“Pfft! Didn’t I hear in the daily prophet she was retiring soon”

“Shut up” Peter mumbled under his breath, innocently tucking his legs and wrapping his arms around himself.

“Peter they’re only joking” Remus said attempting to comfort poor Peter but failing miserably, though Sirius could see he was desperately biting his lip to try and stop himself from bursting out laughing again.

At that a redheaded witch came striding into the common room yawning tiredly while rubbing her eyes.

“Evans? What were you doing out?”

“Prefect’s needed to help out” She replied back walking over to the chess board before whipping her wand out and waving it over the board as the chess pieces suddenly disappeared “Why does no one clear up after themselves?” She thought out loud expecting no answer back.

“Oh yeah sorry that was us” James piped up picking himself over the couch and walking over to her “I promise we were going to clean it up before we went to bed”

“Whatever Potter, I’m too tired to argue” Lily yawned, staring at James with a look that didn’t see. She began to move over to the girls dormitories staircase but halted just as her hand reached the door.

“Though I hate to admit it Potter, I really did enjoy myself today with all the sneaking about. Thanks for letting me come, I don’t usually get up to no good like that” She sent him a faint smile “Its good to live a little”

James stood their dumbstruck as he raised his eyebrows at her and beyond words he flicked his cocky smirk towards her “Told ya you’d enjoy it, you should join us more often” with that he sent a kiss at her.

Lily’s face fell immediately and was replaced with a glare and a disappointed frown “Will you ever grow up Potter?” she hissed as she stormed up the staircase leaving a grinning Gryffindor boy with the saddened hole filling inside of him. 

A/N sorry for the long wait for this chapter, rl has been completly hectic :D but i'm back now :) Thank-you to all my readers and reviewers 

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