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The Battle of the Survivors by SiriusAura92
Chapter 12 : 12- A Warning of War
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12- A Warning of War

Phillipa waved her wand and the dust that had begun to rise into the air from the wreckage of the destroyed house, vanished. “Is everyone okay?” Harry asked his fellow, dust covered Aurors.

“Susan might need Saint Mungo’s. I think her stomach’s bleeding.” Lawrence said as he tended to her. Harry nodded and, with a wave of his own wand, removed the Anti-Disapparition jinx that they had placed on the area mere moments ago.

“Take her.” Harry ordered and Lawrence Disapparated with Susan. “Phillipa, you stay here and keep guard, I’ll send more people to help tidy up. Neville, help me get these two to the Ministry.” Neville obeyed, placing a Body-Bind curse on Rowle, though Harry could see him still looking at the large mound of rubble that had crushed Rowle’s accomplice.

“Rowle was the one who destroyed the house, Neville, not you.” Harry explained to Neville after Harry had place a Body-Bind curse on Bailey. “He was the one who’s been helping Rowle for the past nine years.” But as Neville started walking towards him, he realised that he was actually looking at the frozen Bailey.

“I know him.” Neville said pure shock on his face. “I taught him. He only finished Hogwarts last term.” Harry stared at the young man frozen and unconscious before him.

“He was one of the Death Eaters at the Quidditch match. I heard him talking to Rowle and he admitted to it.”

Neville sighed deeply and said quietly “Well, we should get going.” And he turned back to Rowle, pointed his wand and said “Mobilicorpus.” And Rowle levitated a few inches off the ground and floated towards them as Harry pulled out from his inside pocket a now crumpled quill.
Harry taped it with his wand and re-placed the Portkey charm on it. It glowed and, with Harry holding on to Bailey and Neville with Rowle, the Muggle Street, Phillipa and the destroyed house were all replaced with the Department of Magical Transportation.

Marietta was sitting at a desk, a mound of paperwork in front of her. As the four dust covered figures appeared in the middle of the Department, she seemed to squeak out a slight scream and stared as Harry and Neville walked out with two unconscious Death Eaters hovering behind them.
Mercifully, they made it to the Auror Department without attracting too much attention and when they walked in, what was left of the Aurors seemed to be waiting for them with Ron and Naomi at the head. They both came up to congratulate Harry, but he cut across them before they could speak.

“Naomi, could you help Neville with taking these two to interrogation rooms?” She nodded and walked past him but before he could talk to Ron, he spoke very quietly so the others couldn’t hear.

“I need to talk to you.” And Ron indicated him to follow him into Harry’s office.

“Let me know when they’re ready.” Harry instructed Naomi as she followed Neville through the thin corridor.

As soon as Harry entered his office, Ron closed the door and said “Naomi just told me the details about the Ministry attack in Scandinavia.” It took Harry a couple of seconds to realise what Ron was talking about. The recent fight seemed to have removed it temporarily from his mind. “Harry! Grindelwald’s followers!” And Harry was beginning to sense where the conversation was going.

“Look, Ron-”
“No Harry!” Ron interrupted. “It was Grindelwald’s mission to become Master of Death. The sign of the Deathly Hallows became his symbol. If they find out that you’re-”

“And how are they supposed to find out?” Harry asked.

“Harry, nearly a hundred people saw you announce that you were the master of the Elder Wand.”

“And how many of them do you think actually knew what I was talking about? If Grindelwald was anything like Voldemort, then he probably didn’t even tell his followers about the Deathly Hallows and even if they did know, they’re all still in Scandinavia. And even if the worst did happen and they came over here and got to me, both the wand and the stone are hidden. Hell, even I don’t know exactly where the stone is.” Ron didn’t reply but he didn’t look too convinced. “Look,” Harry started “We’ll see if we can get some information out of these guys. Then we’ll talk about this further.” Ron nodded begrudgingly and Harry put a hand on his shoulder. “You okay?” He asked, knowing Emily would be on Ron’s mind.

“We’ve recovered her body. She was killed by several Gouging Curses.” Ron’s struggling face met Harry’s shocked one. “The same curse that Naomi was hit with.” Ron explained. “We’re still working on how they broke in though.” He finished and Harry saw Naomi peer round the door.

“Well, let’s see if we can’t find out.” Harry said and he and Ron followed Naomi to the corridor of interrogation rooms.

Neville and Gawain were waiting for them and Harry turned to Naomi and said “I need you to bring Natasha Walton down. Tell her I need to talk to her about the security for the prisoners.” Naomi nodded and ran off out of the corridor. “Right then,” Harry said turning back to the others. “Ron, Gawain, you two take Rowle. Neville, seeing as you know him, we’ll question Bailey.” The three of them nodded in agreement and Ron and Gawain went through a door to their left and Neville opened a door opposite.

When they walked in, Bailey was fully conscious again. He was still covered in dust but still had the cocky arrogant look that he had worn while talking to Rowle. He eyed Neville suspiciously. “Professor, well this is a surprise.” Neville didn’t reply but instead stared at Bailey as though contemplating him.

“What do you know of the murder of Emily Bates?” Harry asked. It was the first thing on his mind.

“Straight into it, eh?” Bailey sniggered. “Well I'm afraid you’re going to have to do better than simply questioning me.”

“You mean like we did your friend.” Neville retorted and Bailey’s expression changed instantly. Harry turned to look at Neville, he knew that they hadn’t been able to get anything out of the man they caught at the match. Bailey, however, seemed to be staring at Neville, dumbstruck and taking in every word without question.

“You-What?” He said his cocky expression fading.

“Your friend seemed quite confident in his abilities too, until we started using our more effective interrogation methods.” Bailey seemed to be trying to force his cocky expression on but Harry suspected that he was feeling completely different to the expression he was putting on. “Harry, why don’t you start with Legilimency?” Neville said and he gave a slight wink to Harry that Harry was sure Bailey didn’t see.

“You can try.” Bailey said apparently regaining more confidence. “But I happen to be a master Occlumens-”

Legilimens” Harry said pointing his wand at Bailey. It was almost as easy as when he had read Naomi’s mind and before he knew it, Harry was witnessing the moment when Bailey first joined the Death Eaters.

He was in the middle of a thick forest barely illuminated by the setting sun. Bailey seemed to be waiting for something, his wand drawn. Harry could hear the sound of the flowing of a river that was directly behind Bailey, but it was disturbed by the rustling of bushes. Bailey pointed his wand at the shrub and said “I know you’re there.”

Suddenly, there was a flash of red light and Bailey’s wand flew out of his hand and into the river. “My wand!” Bailey cried and it appeared he was about to jump in after it but was stopped by a creepy, snide voice.

“Don’t bother, Miller. You won’t be needing it for now.” Bailey turned on the spot and Harry saw Edmund Selwyn walking casually towards him. “Nice to see you got here alright. Hogwarts give you any trouble?”

“A simple Imperius Curse on the squib caretaker and trouble will be the last thing on your mind in that place.” Bailey replied though he was still glancing occasionally at the river.

“Well, as I said in my message, I am rebuilding a special group and I want you to be part of it.” Selwyn said getting closer to Bailey.

“Yeh, you said. But you didn’t say what kind of group you were rebuilding.” Selwyn was directly in front of Bailey now and as Bailey spoke, Selwyn drew back the sleeve of his left arm. Harry watched as Bailey stared down at the scar that had once been the Dark Mark and he seemed at a loss for words.

“I am rebuilding the Death Eaters.” Selwyn said. “And I want you to join me.” Bailey tore his gaze away from the scar and stared at Selwyn. “You’re not scared are you?” Selwyn said smiling. “From what I hear you are an exceptional young Wizard. Slytherin duelling champion, expert Potioneer and all round arrogant little sod. But we can work on that last one.”

Bailey continued to stare at Selwyn. “How do you-?” He started but Selwyn cut in.

“You are not the only one who can curse the caretaker, especially when he’s in a drunken state at the Three Broomsticks.”

“You do know if the Ministry find us, they’ll kill us.” Bailey said and he actually started looking around, as though Aurors would burst in on the scene at any moment.

“Not if we kill them first.” Selwyn said and Bailey turned back to Selwyn. “There is a war brewing, Bailey, and a big one at that, out of sight to those who would fool themselves to think otherwise but bubbling beneath the thin layer of peace that the Ministry and the Confederation have clammoured to cover us with. And you need to make quite sure you’re on the right side when it finally bursts.” Bailey seemed even more intimidated now as Selwyn continued. “It’s not just our Ministry that’s cracking down on ‘Dark Wizards’, it’s all of them, especially those within the Confederation. And there are Wizards and Witches out there who would fight for the purity of blood, fight for the right to use the full extent of their powers, but are powerless to do so effectively. They will become our allies, Miller, they will help us in our cause, they...” Selwyn paused slightly giving Harry enough time to realise that he heart was beating even more so then when he was at Rowle’s. “...Will help us to power.”

Selwyn then took a step back, pointed his wand at the river and said “Accio.” And Bailey’s wand flew out of the water and into Selwyn’s hand. He tossed it to Bailey and then turned to walk away. “But, if you're too scared of the power we could have, then I'm sure I could find someone else who can-”

“Wait!” Bailey said, stopping Selwyn in his tracks. “I want in.”

And Harry was thrown out of the memory. He was losing concentration and Bailey seemed to be fighting him. Harry re-activated his charm and sank into another of Bailey’s Death Eater memories. The memory seemed to start mid-Apparition and Harry and Bailey landed at the exact same time.

They appeared to have Apparated into what looked like the blandly decorated corridor of a small bungalow as there were no stairs that Harry could see. He followed Bailey through one of the doors. As Harry and Bailey walked through the door, they seemed to have entered in the middle of an argument and Harry was shocked to realise that he recognized everyone in the room. On one side of the room there was Selwyn and next to him Rabastan Lestrange. On the opposite side of the room, arguing with Selwyn, was the tall, muscular man that had escaped Harry at the Quidditch match and next to him, Harry’s heart skipped a beat at the sight of her, was Emily.

The arguing seemed to stop as Bailey walked in and all four of them turned to him. “Hey all.” He said to the room. “Felicia, looking good.” He said and Harry saw Emily give him a nastily sarcastic smile.

“Miller, what happened?” Selwyn asked. “Where’s Nolan?”

“He got caught.” Bailey said simply and he sat down in a chair that was placed in front of a small kitchen table.

“What!” Growled Rabastan. “What do you mean he got caught? It was your job to make sure he got out of there.”

“What can I say?” Bailey said, shrugging his shoulders. “I watched as one explosion went off and then I see poor old John running for his life and then he got hit by a stunner. I set the Dark Mark off before I left though.” He added as though this would make up for his failure of responsibilities.

“Why didn’t he Apparate?” Asked the muscular Death Eater but Bailey just shook his head and said “Maybe he forgot he could.” And Rabastan slammed the small table with his hand.

“Don’t be stupid boy!” And panic began to take hold of Bailey.

“Well I don’t know. Maybe his Orb wasn’t working or something.” But Bailey’s attention turned from Rabastan to Emily. Harry turned to look as well and saw that Emily’s hair was changing colour, getting brighter and turning curly. Her face too was getting paler and she seemed to be growing taller. “Shame,” Bailey said looking at the woman he had called Felicia. “I rather liked that look.” But before Harry could get a better look at the changed woman, he was once again thrown out of the memory and next thing he knew, he was back in the interrogation room, Neville standing next to him and Bailey sitting at the table, red faced and sweaty from forcing Harry out of his mind.

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The Battle of the Survivors : 12- A Warning of War


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