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The Invisible Thief by lovestings
Chapter 2 : The Bodyguard
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  Such a beautiful ci by the lovely rebelYELL@TDA 





“Are you sure they won’t try to kill me if I go in?” I asked as I stood off to the side from the double doors leading to the great hall. Dinner had started fifteen minutes ago though there was no doubt that the evil clan of Wotters would be awaiting for me inside.






He laughed, “I’m sure my family won’t try to kill you.” Albus had his hands shoved deep into his pockets and looked thoroughly out of place standing here talking to me. While I was a nobody outside of my house and quidditch team he was a somebody all throughout the school.








“So, you’re positive, that there will be no killing tendencies being demonstrated towards me?”






“Such a Ravenclaw,” He muttered under his breath not-so quietly before adding on as an afterthought with a smirk, “I can’t make any promises on behalf of Dominique.”






“Do you think you can just give me back that cloak of yours so I can just sneak it and a get pie before I lock myself in my dorm bathroom?”






“Who in Godric’s name would want to eat pie in a bathroom?” He scrunched up his nose in distaste. Well it seems like Dominique isn’t the only judgmental Wotter, ha!






“Erm, me?”






“You’re quiet an interesting one, Brielle.” He said as he held open the door for me, waiting patiently for me to walk inside. It was weird hearing him say my name. I had only officially met him twenty minutes ago but hearing him say my name almost made me want to smile.






Almost is the key word. Y’know since he is related to the she-devil I can’t show any signs of acceptance too soon. Don’t want the poor bloke to get the wrong idea.








“Are you going to come inside or am I going to have to drag you in?” He asked after I just stood there like a bubbling moron, staring at him with wide eyes and my mouth agape. He had a tone of annoyance slightly in his voice though his face still held a genuine smile.








“I’d rather not because I have this uber long Magical Creatures essay I have to write and not to mention all those books I have to read and um –Woah!” I stumbled over my feet as he grabbed my upper arm, pulling me inside the loud hall and letting the door close with a thud.








I was aiming for a more low-key arrival but of course Albus Potter had something else in mind.
















“Shut your mouth!” I screeched, my face going a lovely shade of red after seeing some of his family members turn to stare at me with no care in the world. Dominique looked like she was about to hex me. “Are you trying to get me killed this early into the term?”








He looked down and a smile quickly formed on his face. “Not this early. We’ll have to wait until quidditch season at least gets started, of course.” He said before grabbing hold of my wrist lightly and began dragging me towards – oh hell no! There was no way I was going to let him drag me into the hands of his murderous family.








I attempted to halt him by digging my feet into the concrete ground but that only made me look downright stupid and clumsy as I fell over my own feet, tripping into his broad back. 








“You okay back there, thief?”








“I’m not a thief!” I said with an exasperated sigh, greatly becoming aware of how close we were getting to his family. His very large and threatening family. Oh why didn’t I just give him the cloak and make a run for it?!








“Oh, Al, you’ve found our little invisible thief now have you?” I turned to stare at the owner of the deep voice. It seemed to be Freddy Weasley judging by his caramel colored skin that was dashed with freckles and his dark curly hair. “I almost had her by the library though she’s a bloody fast runner.”








“You were yelling hexes at me, I had to run fast.” I said quickly in a defensive tone. “And for the last bloody time, I’m not a thief. I was simply borrowing what I thought was a blanket.”








“Harmless body binders and such.” He waved his hand in a dismissive way, shrugging his shoulders. “Quite daft for a Ravenclaw if you thought our cloak was anything close to a blanket.”








“I’m not daft,” I said in a defensive tone, without even thinking putting my nose up in the air in a very Dominique ‘She-Devil’ Weasley way. “I was just very tired and needed something to keep me warm in this frost-bite worthy school.”








Fred Weasley didn’t respond but just looked at me with an amused expression on his face. He was actually quite an attractive lad. Now that I was thinking about all of them were attractive. The boys of course since I wasn’t into that whole girly thing. From next to Fred Weasley sat his cousin and beloved bestie, James Potter, who decided now was a perfect time for him to speak.








“Not that I don’t love to hear your explanation on why you sto- I mean borrowed our cloak but can I have it back, perhaps?”








How about perhaps no. Insert one of my really sassy voices and me rolling my eyes. If only I had that lion courage than perhaps I could say that to James beautiful Potter the second. I just noticed that I managed to say/think/hear the word perhaps nearly five times in the last few minutes. That’s just weird, that word isn’t even cool.






I like cool words. You know, like uber and mega-foxy, oh and please don’t forget about epic! Yeah, I’m totally epic.






“Are you okay?” James asked, speaking once again now holding his invisible cloak in his hands. Albus must have given it to him; that little traitor he is. I was under the impression that over the twenty minutes we met I had wavered his trust to the dark side (a.k.a. me) instead of his red-headed family member’s side.






“Yes?” I said as more of a question, now aware that only some of the Wotter family were present. Thank goodness. I don’t think I could deal with their complete and utter wrath. I heard they can all be quite scary when they want to be. “Why wouldn’t I be?”






“You were staring at Freddy with a really weird expression.”








“Oh,” I said, my cheeks flushing the color of Potter’s tie. Which was a scarlet red if you were unaware. “I wasn’t staring at him. I was just zoning out and such.”






“We’re that boring that you can zone out on us?” Roxanne Weasley asked, joining the conversation with an interested smile on her face. Was that really a smile I spot on lovely caramel skinned Roxy’s face? Maybe my eyes are deceiving me. Perhaps (here comes that word again!) it was one of those creepy smirks Dom gives people when she’s planning something evil.






Planning my ultimate premature death most likely. Sneaky little girl, she is.






“Uh, no!” I say quickly, probably looking like a blubbering moron, which I really am to be honest. I can feel my miniscule group of friend’s heated stares on my back. I was, as you could say, popular among our fellow Claws because of my lovely marks and secure spot as chaser and quidditch captain.






Don’t bring up the whole captain spot thing, though. Malcolm Wood will surely through some hissy fit and make some disgustingly ugly face because he didn’t get it. It’s not my fault our last captain Priscilla didn’t like him much. Apparently they had something going on between each other however Wood thought it would be a lovely idea to dump her on her arse.






News flash, it wasn’t a good idea.








“Why are you guys even wasting your time speaking to this pathetic excuse of a Ravenclaw?” Cue evil, bitchy, and slightly deranged Dominique Weasley. “I can’t believe you had the audacity to steal, or borrow as you claim, one of my belongings. You had no right.”








“Ease up, Dom.” Albus frowned, furrowing up his eyebrows from his spot standing next to me.








“I refuse to ease up, Al.” She scowled before returning her death glare back to me. “You’ve got no response, have you? I thought for sure that our oh-so-popular quidditch captain would have some witty response to say.”








All honesty, I did have a really witty response to respond back with. It also was so insanely rude it’d probably even make Salazar Slytherin cry home to his mama. If he had one, even. So now I was in a predicament. Either I, A, tell Dom off for being an outlandish beast or, B, just stand there like a fish out of water until they hopefully just let me go.








Obviously being the courageous cat I am, I choose option B. Hopefully you’ll notice my intense sarcasm used there. 








“You think ignoring me will get you anywhere, Patil?” She snapped once again, placing one of her hands on her hips in a threatening manner. Her family was just sitting in their seats starting at her with wide and alarmed eyes. Surely they knew how much of a witch she was, they had to deal with her for seventeen years.






That’s right, Dominique Weasley is seventeen years of age though she’s a sixth year. Some rubbish about being a double first year because of some female troubles with the other girls. Petty gossip and such. It must have been pretty big for her to have to stay back a year so she’d feel more comfortable. I don’t know how much more comfortable that would make her because all those girls are still here and she takes classes with them. All she does it sleep in the same room as us.






Luckily, for myself and my sheer dignity (if I still had any left, at this point), my knight in shining armor decided to come and save me. Of course my knight was actually an uber (cool word!) pissed off Leslie Chang with a posse of Ravenclaws behind her and a chicken wing in her hand.






“Hey, Queen Bitch, lay of my friend.”




Dominique sputtered and stuttered, not being able to form a sentence from her shock. I didn’t plan her, I was pretty shocked. Leslie usually wasn’t such a snide person. Usually bitchy comments were saved for Amelia and me on a bad day. Not Les though, she was such a sweetheart.






McClagan must have pissed in her muggle cheerios again.






“Excuse me?” She finally was able to say, looking at her with an raised eyebrow with her hand still on her hip. Fred Weasley whistled under his breath and she sent him a dirty look.






“You heard me.” Leslie flanked my right as Amelia took up my left. We were a real threat, I know, a bunch of studious Ravenclaws who talk to themselves. Dominique pursed her lips, not responding but instead looking at us up and down. “What?” Leslie asked, continuing on. I caught Amelia’s eye and she winked at me. “Do you think ignoring us will get you anywhere, Weasley?” She asked, quoting her from before.






I guess Leslie really wasn’t thinking about her obsessive crush on Fred Weasley right now because she hadn’t even realized her was sitting right in front of her while she trashed his cousin. Hopefully they all hated her as much as we hated her.






Dominique stared at us with her blue eyes in deep slits. It steam could come out of her ears then it would be. Instead of responding she turned on her heel to stare at her family with a look that could probably kill a few innocent puppies. “Well? Why aren’t you lot standing up for me?!”






“Chang has a point,” Fred was the first to respond with a slight yawn. “You started it.”








I think Leslie would have passed out if I wasn’t holding her up. Seems like she just noticed Fred and the fact that he knew her last name probably amazed her just as much as it amazed me. Though, really, there wasn’t many Asians in this school and the range of Asian/Chinese last names aren’t that large.






She was either a Chang, Lou, Lee, or some other ridiculously short name.






I think at this point instead of steam, fire was seeping out of Dominique’s diamond studded ears. She turned on her scary high heels to glower at us with fists clenched close to her body, “SOD THE HELL OFF!”






I don’t know boubt’ my friends but I just wet my pants a little bit and was really hoping we could just go retreat back to our table and get some pie. Pie is so good.








“Yeah, guys, let’s go leave.” Amelia said, finally speaking up. She twirled some dark hair around her finger like she usually did, sticking out her hip as she did so. “See you back in the dorm, Dommy!” Mel cooed in a fake loving voice, blowing a kiss at the angry blonde before strutting away.






“Bye lovely, it was like mega awesome talking to you.” Leslie said, giving her one of her totally clueless and usual smiles. “Not.” Leslie said deadpanning before showing Dominique her French tipped middle finger before turning on her heel to catch up with Mel.








At this point I’m sure flies were swarming into all the Wotter’s mouths because they were pretty agape and all. They all looked at me with wide expectant eyes. Wow, way to put the pressure on me.








“Um, bye?”






Yeah, I know, they call me Queen Bitch because I’m such a seething dragon. Just joking, that’s Dominique.  I cowardly ran to catch up with my friends before crashing into my seat near our group of other friends.






“Where’s the pie?” I asked with a fork already in my hand.






“Not serving it today,” Malcolm said with a shrug, running his fingers through his messy brown hair.






Cue babies crying, beautiful women screaming, and old lady dropping to her knees. I’m a drama queen so be prepared.









So this is my sad attempt of being funny. Hopefully, I got a few laughs out of some of you! 


So anyways, what did you guys think? I haven't actually got any reviews yet but since the first chapter was only just posted and I had this one already typed and wanted it to get validated I thought I would still sent it through. 


If you are reading this I would totally love a review! Even if it's something small it would make my day. How are you liking it so far? Fans of Leslie and Amelia? What about the angry Dominique? You'll be seeing a fairshare of some of the Wotter clan and more of Brielle's close friends in the chapters to come. 


Disclaimer: I do not own anything except for my own OC's and this plot line! 

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The Invisible Thief : The Bodyguard


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