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Unexpected Ties by SonicBeth
Chapter 7 : Explosions
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I tried running after Al, but to no avail; he had already gone out of sight, but I did run into someone.


“Argh! Vi, what’re you doing?” asked a flustered Scorpius.


“Sorry – just trying – to find – Al” I said, out of breath from running.


Al? Why do you want to find Al?” he asked confusedly. I decided there was nothing else for it; I had to tell him before anyone else did. I dragged him to a couple of chairs in a deserted classroom, making him even more confused.


“Scorp, there’s something I need to tell you which I should have told you a long, long time ago,” I said, looking him straight in the eye, “Please don’t judge me Scorp, because this may shock you. A lot.”


“Well I’m sure it can’t be that bad; whatever it is, we can sort it out.”


“I’m pregnant, Scorpius.” Suddenly he broke eye contact with me and stared at the floor, mouth slightly open.


“But Vi, you’re only seventeen.” He murmured, still staring at the floor.


“Do you think I hadn’t already realised that?” I asked condescendingly.


“Sorry. It’s just I’ve no idea what to say right now.”


“It’s alright.” There was a slight pause until Scorpius suddenly jumped up.


“Wait a second! You were trying to find Al! Please don’t say it’s him, not my best friend, Vi!”


“What?! No, no you’ve got it wrong! The baby’s not Al’s!”


“Oh,” he said, returning to his seat, “Then… who?”


I took a deep breath and then apprehensively mumbled “James”. Scorpius’ head instantaneously shot up as he stared, open-mouthed, taking in what I had just said. Then he ran his hands through his hair and sunk his head into them.


“Shit,” He said, the word reflecting all of my current feelings and thoughts, “that must be why he seemed so upset; you told him, didn’t you?”


“I didn’t mean to… it just sort of happened. You know he said something to James, something about loving me; Is that true?”


Scorpius sighed for a moment and then replied “Yes”.


“Oh merlin, I feel so bad right now; I had no idea!”


“So I’m guessing James knows then?”


“Yeah, Al just shouted it in his face actually and then he ran off after having a fist-fight with him.”


“Oh right, that’s… unfortunate. So anyway, how far along are you then?”


“About five months.”


“FIVE MONTHS!? And James only knows about this NOW? How long have you known?!”


“Since the end of August.” I muttered, ashamedly. Guilty feelings were now taking over my body like a wave; I should have told James earlier, after all he had a right to know. But I guess it was useless to dwell on those thoughts any longer.


“AUGUST?! Merlin, Vi! It’s no wonder he ran off, he’s probably in complete shock right now, and to be honest I don’t really blame him! You do realise that Mum and Dad are going to kill you, right? I mean, just think about it: Dad’s first grandchild is also going to be the first grandchild of his old rival Harry Potter, not forgetting the fact that this baby is probably going to be the first child born into the Malfoy family without a pureblood status! Dad’s going to be furious!”


Please don’t remind me, I’m worried enough about everything already.” I said, choking up. Suddenly Scorp pulled me into a comforting, brotherly hug. It felt so nice to just let some of my feelings escape my head. What I really needed was a pensieve to empty my head every once in a while, like my father had in his study at home.


Unfortunately, mine and Scorpius’ hug was suddenly interrupted by the door of the classroom opening to reveal Professor McGonagall, the headmistress.


“Miss Malfoy, I was wondering if I might ask you to come with me to my office in light of recent events.”


“What recent events?” I asked, trying to act clueless.


“I think you know very well what I’m talking about, Miss Malfoy. The Potter boys didn’t get bloody noses for no reason, now will you please follow me.”


“Wait! Professor McGonagall, could I please come?” interjected Scorpius as I stood up to join Professor McGonagall.


“I don’t really see how this matter concerns you, Mr Malfoy.”


“Please Professor, I’d feel bad if I just left her on her own right now, especially as she’s so upset.”


Professor McGonagall finally sighed and said “Fine, but only for moral support; you’re not getting any chocolate newts from me.” She said with a slight twinkle in her eye as if she was resisting the urge to smile in this rather serious situation. She then led us out of the classroom and up to her office. I was getting increasingly nervous as I didn’t know how much she knew nor who else would be there. Much sooner than I would have liked, we arrived at the stone gargoyle guarding to entrance to her office and ascended up its spiralling staircase. Professor McGonagall then opened the door and to my dismay I saw none other than James and Albus Potter sitting on opposite sides of the rooms, their noses still slightly blotchy from punching each other. Al completely ignored me when I walked in, but through my peripheral vision I could see James eyeing me as I occupied a remaining seat whilst Scorpius leant against a wall.


“Now. Would anyone like to tell me what this is all about because I’m afraid that otherwise I will have to call in your parents.” She said, directing the last part of her sentence at Al and James, who remained silent. “This is just ridiculous. You can’t remain quiet forever! You said it had something to do with Miss Malfoy, so now that I’ve brought her and even her brother here I think it’s time someone finally told me what is going on!” she demanded, her lips thinning.


Suddenly, Al spoke, directing his speech at his feet as he refused to look at anyone, “We got into a fight over something between him and Viola.” He spat, refusing to say James’ name.


“And what exactly was this ‘something’?” James shifted in his seat uncomfortably. I could see Scorpius glaring at him out of the corner of his eye, not that it would do any good; James was still apparently refusing to talk. “Well? Anyone?!” her question was left unanswered as she finally decided that she’d had enough of the silent treatment. “Fine, seeing as you refuse to speak up you have left me with no choice but to call your parents, maybe they’ll be able to knock some words into you two.” Oh merlin, this was going even worse than I thought it would. I sank slightly into my chair and took a deep breath. Lily had told me about her parents when they were angry; Ginny Potter supposedly had a temper to match her flaming red hair, but apparently Harry Potter was a completely different story. Lily told me that her Dad could either be extraordinarily calm or scarily shouty. Either way, I was not looking forward to what was to come.


Professor McGonagall sent a patronus to Mr Potter as she didn’t want to have to send an owl due to the amount of time it would take. After a very awkward ten minutes, the Potters arrived at McGonagall’s door, looking very confused indeed. “Ah, Harry, Ginny, I’m so sorry to have called out here today and I’m guessing that you’re probably very confused at the moment, am I right?”


“Well, yes. Why exactly have you called us here Minerva?” asked Ginny, staring at James, obviously presuming him to be the reason; he was a renowned troublemaker after all. Harry, however, obviously knew there had to be a reason as to why both his sons were in Professor McGonagall’s office as I noticed him eyeing not only James but also Al.


“Well I’m afraid that earlier your sons got themselves into a fist-fight in front a crowd of students and they ended up punching each other in the face and apparently swearing and shouting. I have tried to understand the reason behind their barbaric actions, but I’m afraid that all they’ll tell me is that they were fighting over something to do with Miss Malfoy, hence her attendance here today.” She said, gesturing towards me. I felt my face flush with embarrassment as Ginny and Harry looked at me. I could tell that Harry knew something his wife didn’t from the look of deep thought on his face.


“For goodness' sakes, you BOYS!” exclaimed Ginny, her face reddening, “Do you not care about dignity? You don’t just go punching your own brother because you’re annoyed! What the hell is wrong with you two?! Honestly James, you should have stopped your argument from ever getting that bad, you’re eldest after all! I’m so disappointed in you two, brawling in public?! You’d better explain yourselves as you’re not only wasting our’s and Professor McGonagall’s time but also your own!”


Then, Al looked up at me for the first time in that office and proceeded to speak to his parents, “Viola’s pregnant.” I guess Al had realised there was no other way of getting out of the situation besides telling the truth. In a way I appreciated the weight being taken off my shoulders, but I couldn’t help feeling annoying for Al blurting it out so suddenly like that.


“She’s… wait, what has this got to do with anything?!” inquired Ginny, however Harry and McGonagall seemed to have cottoned on to what Al was really trying to say. Ginny looked at Harry and then suddenly widened her eyes, “ALBUS SEVERUS POTTER! ARE YOU SAYING WHAT I THINK YOU’RE SAYING?! DID YOU SLEEP WITH VIOLA?!” she asked furiously.


“What?! No, Mum! It’s not mine, it’s his.” He said spitefully, glaring at James who had now gone very pale. Harry had gone equally as pale; it was his turn to speak now:


James? Please tell me it’s not true.” He said quietly, but with a definite tone of anger present in his voice. James was silent for a moment before giving a small nod. “James, what the hell were you thinking?! You knew Al liked Viola, and yet you went and slept with her? What sort of brother are you?”


“Dad, I’m sorry, I didn’t realise Al loved her, I just thought it was a stupid crush or something! We were drunk!”


“That’s still no excuse for what you did, James! I hate to say it but you really disappoint me sometimes.” Said Harry, staring his son straight in the eye. Ginny and Professor McGonagall, meanwhile, were staring in shock at James, until Harry spoke again, “But of course I have to say that I’m also disappointed in you Viola. I may not know you personally but I’ve heard good things about you and while I am disappointed in you both, I appreciate that this matter will obviously be harder for you, Viola, what with your family and your father especially. Therefore, whatever your father makes of this, I would like you to know that we will willingly support you; family is incredibly important to us.”


Although Harry was semi-telling me off, his words were kind and I appreciated them immensely; I had been worrying about whether or not my parents would offer me support, so I was grateful that Harry was offering me a back-up plan if my parents did choose to disown me or just refuse to give support.


“Speaking of family, I’m afraid that the circumstances call for the need to bring in your parents too, Miss Malfoy.” Said Professor McGonagall sternly. My immediate thought was ‘WHY?’ but I soon came to the conclusion that it was better telling them sooner than later. For the fifteen minutes that we spent waiting for my parents to arrive, Harry went to talk quietly with Al whilst Ginny continued to tell James off. If I wasn’t so scared of the imminent arrival of my parents, I probably would have found James’ facial expressions funny. He was obviously absolutely terrified of his mother when she was angry as his face kept screwing up and he continued to sink lower and lower in his chair.


Then, we were interrupted by my parents. Oh merlin, this was not going to go down well. “Potter? What are you and your offspring doing here?” asked my Dad, snarling. Harry ignored him and suddenly my Dad turned his attentions on me. “Viola, can you please explain to me why I’ve had to be dragged out of work to come here?” he asked. Meanwhile, my Mum was behind my Dad, standing next to Scorpius.


Suddenly Professor McGonagall spoke, “ I’m afraid to have to tell you Draco that I had to call yourself and your wife because your daughter here is pregnant.”


“What?!” Dad snapped, looking at me furiously. Mum also looked shocked, but not nearly as much as Dad. “When did this happen?!” he inquired further.


“End of June.” I murmured. Suddenly the shock reverberated all around the room. Harry and Ginny both had raised eyebrows and James was gawping, obviously he hadn’t done the maths and worked out that his baby was due in four months.


“Draco, calm down, please.” Pleaded my mother, but it was no use, Dad wouldn’t stop.


“So who’s the father then?” he finally spat out after a minute of heavy breathing.


“Er, James.” I said, almost whispering now. I noticed Al had returned to looking glumly at his shoes and James had stiffened, ready to be shouted at by my Dad.


“James who?” asked my Dad, obviously forgetting the name of Harry Potter’s first born.


“Me.” Said James unexpectedly. I suddenly spun around in my chair to face him, it was obvious that he could no longer stand the tension in the room as he was now standing up, staring my father right in the eye.




“Well, I’m sorry to disappoint you Dad, but you and your father did that a long time ago!” I shouted back, eager to let out all my pent-up frustrations about my family.


“That’s all in the past now, Viola!” said my Dad, now slightly quieter than before.


“Well then if you can put your Death Eater days in the past, then why can’t you also put your rivalry with James’ dad and your hatred for half-bloods and muggle-borns in the past too?!”


Dad looked at me for a second before exclaiming “I’ve had enough from you! This is ridiculous! How dare you disrespect your own father like that!”. He then proceeded to leave, Mum trailing behind him. She mouthed “I’m sorry” but I knew that if she truly cared then she would have stood up for me.


“Well, James, I think you have some apologies to make here.” Said Ginny quietly after a long silence. James looked at me and said “I’m sorry Vi, I really really don’t know what to say right now, I’m just completely overwhelmed, it’s all a bit too much right now.” I nodded to acknowledge his apology before he turned to Al and said “I’m sorry for punching you and I’m sorry for sleeping with Vi when I knew that you fancied her, but I just want you to know that I didn’t do it intentionally just to hurt you.” However, Al continued to ignore him. Oh dear, brothers and love lives really do not mix well.

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