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Chasing April by Loving_Sirius_4eva
Chapter 4 : Love and other things...
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Mornings can be a pain in the arse. Especially when you live in a dorm full of she devils.


As the curtains drew open early in the morning, sunlight gouges my sight out. Someone clearly wants to die from my beautifully moisturised, dirt free, hands.  When I find the ability to see again, they will pay immensely.


People don’t really abide my threats, though. Everyone seems to think that my threats resemble Freddy’s brain. They call my threats EMPTY! Empty threats and April Rose, is not something you say in the same sentence. I would hex you instantly. Resulting, to your wand soaring from your slacking grip and sinking straight to the floor. This will slowly be followed with the events of your arm being knocked with my most vicious, foulest spell. Which, might I add, leads to the cause of your veins to pop evidently from your skin and slowly, very slowly crawl all the way to your head, where the very last stage will occur… turning you into a CHICKEN. That’s right, a freaking chicken. WHAT DOES A CHICKEN SAY? BWOK, BWOK!  DO YOU WANT TO BE BWOKING ALL DAY LONG! I don’t think so.


My threats are very real, I say. One day… I will act on them! SOMEONE WILL BECOME A CHICKEN.

Frustrated, I peek through the tiny crack of my blanket. Perfect. There was five minutes until class began.


After being concealed in a broom closet with the Wotters and receiving a week’s worth of detention from Fitch, I was on a new mission to avoid every single one of them. I had never in my entire six years of Hogwarts, been given that many detentions in ONE year. A tear almost slipped from my heartless eyes.


 The Wotters on the other hand, found the need to celebrate their grand achievement of not receiving three month worth of detentions last night. The look on their faces disgusted me and the thought of going to class sickened me.

“APRIL ROSE!” Rose yells. “Get in the shower right now! I’m heading to Herbology. You have Ancient Runes first and then DADA! Do not be late!” I groan and pull the sheets down just enough to see Rose grab her bag, stop mid-way and spin around to order me more. “Get your ass out of bed before I get James to throw you over his shoulder and carry you out to class.”

“I can’t” I whine, finding myself slipping deeper into the covers.  

“You better.” She sings harmoniously. “I’m sure you don’t want to accidently bump into one of my cousins. I know how much you love them.”  She taunts before strolling out.

“They can’t get in here! Nice try Rosy!” I smugly reply. Everyone by now should know it’s impossible for any guy to climb up the stairs leading to the girl’s dormitories.

I fall back into my slumber, hoping that time would just fall still. However, after a few minutes of silence, an echo of knocks rudely disrupts me.


“Damn owls.” I curse, heading towards the window, prepared to scold the bejesus out of it.

When I swing the drapes open, my suspicion is confirmed. There stands a lanky owl, who leans casually against the window, holding a broomstick in his twig-like hand and an apple in the other.

“I have the morning free.” The owl squawks lazily. “I will come in if I have too.”


I guess it’s time I tell you that the pathetic owl is in fact a stupid Weasly, who, goes by the name of Louis.

“I DON’T WANT TO SEE YOUR FACE! I DON’T WANT TO TALK TO YOU!” I scream, frightening him. “NOT ONE SOLE FROM YOUR FAMILY BUT ROSE! I’ve had enough. I’m going to become a crazy, psychotic woman who ends up in a mental ward if I spend another minute with you and your lot. ” I cry through one breath.


While I regain my breath, I send scornful looks at Louis for laughing evidently behind a sequence of fake coughs.


“Take my advice sweetheart, and go see a psychiatrist already.”



“Technically, I am out.” He rebuts wittily.


I close my eyes and hold the bridge of my nose between my fingers. WHY ME?


“Nice PJ’s by the way.” Louis muffles while taking a crunch from his apple. “Puppies. So cute.”

While contemplating my tragic life, my stomach decides to growl embarrassingly, reminding me of the lack of food and time I possess.  Louis, being immature sticks his tongue out and points towards the toilet door. “Get in.” 

I decide to listen to the dashing, half-vela, idiot. At least I won’t have to see his god like face in the bathroom. YES. I can admit that Louis Weasly is drop dead gorgeous, especially since he reminds me on a day to day basis. But, it’s totally different when I say it because I see him as an older, annoying, butt face that I would never ever date in my entire life.

Five minutes later, I stroll out of the bathroom to find myself all alone. Rushing myself from the common room with a messed up ponytail and a wonky tie, I find myself colliding straight into Cameron. “April.” he breathes. “Late this morning.” he grins while straightening my tie.

“No time to talk Cameron.” I inform strictly, remembering that I still haven’t had breakfast.  “Got a busy day ahead of me.”

Cameron being my adorable friend reaches into his bag and withdraws a muffin. “Somehow I knew this was going to happen, so I brought you a muffin.” I yelp, throwing my arms around him and thanking him.

“Blueberry Muffin. Yummy. I’m going to gobble you in a bite.” I inform the muffin before placing it into my bag.

Looking back at Cam who was currently wearing a bemuse expression, I remember the conversation I had with Dom last night. “That reminds me, I need to talk to you.”

I watch his eyebrows knit together as his face grows with concern. “Is everything ok?”

“Yeah.” I lie smoothly. “Just want to talk to you. Catch up a bit.” I mutter, distracted as I catch the time behind him. I am going to be late to Ancient Runes!

“After lunch by the lake.” he offers, noticing my impatience.

“Perfect.” I grin widely. “See you there, Potato.” I run right past him and whiz to the Runes building.

Fortunately, I have arrived before my teacher has. Unfortunately, the last remaining seat is the one situated next to James Potter. Just my luck!

I can literally hear the echo’s of my voice screaming inside my head in response to the scene that was escalating in front of me. WHY ME? There has to be something I can do to avoid him.


Coming to my sense, I decide to approach Matthew Hall. He’s the Ravenclaw Quidditch Captain who thousands admired. Thousands, including me. Fan girls do not admire him as much as James, Louis and Albus but he is a close second.


Anyway, back to this situation. Yeah, so Mathew is conveniently sitting at the back of the classroom, AWAY from James.

Maybe he’ll be willing to swap seats with me. I pray.

Covering my face with my textbook, as an attempt to hide from Potter, I tap Matthew on his shoulder and clear my throat.

“April.” he greets politely.

I peer over my book. Amusement is clearly broadcast on his and his friend’s faces. I smile faintly and whisper, “Hello Matt.”

“Hey.” he too, whispers back. “What’s up?”
“U-um.” I begin to stutter, looking for a logical explanation.

I find zilch. My eyes on the other hand, flicker towards a familiar looking Weasley who is currently occupied with the abnormally, skinny, Hufflepuff next to him.

This is very interesting. Do you know why? DO YOU KNOW WHY? I’ll TELL YOU WHY! Louis Freaking Weasley claimed that he had a free this morning, although he is currently sitting in a seat which I possibly could have had. I could have avoided this entire situation if he didn’t exist.

“So...” Matthew offered, interrupting my devious plotting against Louis. “You were saying....” Now, his two friends sitting beside him give me moronic looks.

I stop glaring at Louis and finally face Matthew, who actually seems interested in what I, April Rose, has to say. He is such a sweet boy.

“Oh, yeah.” I finally speak. “Have you seen Dom this morning?” CHICKEN! I KNOW I AM! I SHOULD USE MY OWN SPEEL ON MYSELF!

“She was at breakfast with Cameron.” he answers polity. “Not that I was watching her...”

“Thanks.” I exclaim, walking abruptly away from him, dreadfully heading towards James.

I yank my textbook open once again and position it back, to cover my face. Carefully sitting stiffly beside James, I make no move to unpack.

I truly believe that he doesn’t take notice of me. Truth be told, I don’t even think he recognises me. He probably already forgets who April Rose is! Yay for me! It will be like the last five years.

“Who’s this I ask? A gryffindor girl, approximately 1.65 meters tall with long brunette hair. She… or a he walks into class with a book hiding their face. A book which, might I add, has the name ‘April Rose’ printed cursively on the front.” he announces cockily. “Wonder who that could possibly be.” he then questions sarcastically. “Can’t be April Rose, that’s for sure.”

I peek over my book and see him leaning towards the girl in front of him. “Do you know who this is?” he indicates to me with his thumb.

“Um, April Rose.” the poor, traumatize girl mumbles shyly, turning 20 shades pinker than she already is.

“Is it?” he gasps. “No Way. Could have fooled me.”


I slam my book shut forcefully, dump it onto the table and unpack my contents from my bag. Ignore the blithering Idiot, April. You can do it!

“Oh, I guess you were right. It is darling April. I would have never guessed.” he replies innocently. “Thank you my dear.”

I could literally feel his pathetic smirk radiate from his face. A smirk, which honestly looked so hideous.

“Quiet down now!” Professor Fleming orders as she walks into class with a pile of books floating beside her.

“Yeah, shut it Potter.” I hiss curtly.

“Sorry I’m late.” she apologises. “We’ll get straight into the lesson then.” She flicks through the textbook and stops at a page. “Ok, turn to page 324 in your new textbooks.” As people begin searching through the pages, I grab my blueberry muffin and unwrap it quietly.

James snorts unpleasantly. I throw my quill at him, forgetting the fact that he is a quiddittch player who, so happens to be a very impressive dodger.


Unlike him, I’m not quick enough to dodge my quill that is thrown back at me. Anger rises through me. I grab quills from several people close to me, ignoring their protests as I throw them all at James.

“Ok, you win.” he admits, picking the quills up with his wand and returning them back to their owners. “I apologise on her behalf. She’s mental. She was just recently informed about her split personality disorder.”

“Hey Potter!” I interrupt after the students behind give me pity looks. Let me introduce your face to my best friend I call ‘my fist’.” I excitedly mention. “Fist, meet James’ face. James’ face meet...”

“Ok, I get it.” James interrupts. Once again amusement was evident across his features. “Abusive girl.” James mutter before questioning, “Missed breakfast?”

“Maybe.” I muffle while snagging another bite from my muffin.  

“I want you to complete this page as a revision of last year’s work. This page consists of symbols you should already be familiar with.” Professor Fleming instructs. “When you are done, place your translations on my desk. That should only take about ten minutes. Then I want you to grab a symbol from this box and analyse it with the person next to you.” She places a large ancient box on the table and further explains the task. “Where is it from, what does each line and curve mean? How old is it and what makes you assume that?” she holds one ancient symbol up. “Provide examples and appropriate terminology.”

I groan. Why Merlin, WHY ME. Am I destined to be tortured by Potter for the rest of eternity?

“One essay between the two. Minimum, two parchments.” everyone boos. “Boo Hoo! I want specific evidence for each observation.” she starts scribbling the instructions onto the board. “There is a lot of work to be completed so there shouldn’t be any reasons to be doing nothing. Begin now.”

I take that as a sign to consume my delicious muffin. James nose scrunch together and his eyes become all judgemental. “What!” I grumble.

“Nothing. Didn’t your parents ever teach you not to talk with your mouth full?” he crosses his arms casually over his chest and leans back. “It’s rude.”

I shrug and turn away from him, murmuring, “Meanie.”

As I slowly translate each Rune in the textbook, James decides to doodle on the corners of my page while waiting for me to finish.

I pause to take a look at his sketches that border my parchment. To my surprise, there was a detailed sketch of a beautiful green horned dragon that was magically breathing out a ball of fire.


“Wow. That is really good.”

“Is that a compliment from you?” he asks dumbstruck.

“It’s just an observation.” I correct hastily.

I complete the last translation and rise from my seat. “Come on Potter, let’s start this homework.” I walk over to the box at the front of the room. “This one is interesting.”


James joins me shortly, reaches into the box and chooses a hexagon shaped symbol. He hands it to me and I closely inspect the ancient carvings.

“This is good enough.” I really didn’t have the energy to look further into the box.


James shrugs, allowing me to make the final decision. “You can choose.” If it was any other guy, I would have called him a gentlemen. But let’s face it, this is James Potter. He was the guy that had an ulterior motive behind everything.

As we head back to our table, James offers, “It’s too stuffy in here, do you want to go by the lake?”

“James, we can’t just go outside.” I have to admit how tempting that offer was.

“I’ll go talk to the teacher.” I watch James confront the teacher. She smiles back and grants him permission.... just like that.

“How did you do that?” I ask gobsmacked.

He smirks widely, chuckles and grabs my bad from me. “Don’t know what you’re talking about.”

I let the morning fresh air collide with my skin, outside. The cool air caresses my hair, lifting it from my shoulders as I enjoy the scenery around me. There is not a single person outside at this time of the day. “It’s so pretty out here.” I murmur as I skip down towards the lake.

James follows and sits against a tree beside the lake and agrees. “Yeah, it’s nice to just come out here and work alone. I come here all the time.” I am taken aback from this. I just can’t imagine James Potter sitting out here alone, enjoying the fresh air.

I position myself in front of James and unpack my parchment and quills. “What?” I enquire, catching him stare at me intensely.

He pulls back and frowns. “Nothing.” He brings his head to rest against the tree trunk and exhales deeply. “So, analyse this piece of ancient metal. How the bloody hell are we going to do that?” he questions while carefully examining the symbol.

“I noticed some tiny letters around the edges.” I point out.

James inspect the sides and nod in agreement. “You’re right. It says Draco Cormiens Nunquam Tillandus.” he scrunches his nose. “What is that?” I quickly scrawl the words and ponder over them.

“It’s Latin.” I notice getting a nod of agreement from James.

“It’s seems  rather familiar.” James mentions. “Draco Cormiens Nunquam Tillandus.” He repeats once again. “I think it’s our school motto.” James concludes.


I watch as a few other students from our class spread across the field with Professor Fleming right behind them.  As she glances towards us, I pull out ‘Hogwarts: A History’ from my bag.


“You carry this book with you?” James teases.

“It’s helpful.” I mumble defensively.

Skimming through the pages, I finally find the image of our crest. “You’re right.” I place the book between us and allow James to scan the text.

“It says here that Draco Cormiens Nunquam Tillandus means ‘Never touch a sleeping dragon’. That’s odd.” I couldn’t agree more. “Or to be more precise, ‘A Sleeping Dragon Must Never be Tickled.” James read to me. (Information about the Hogwarts motto is on www.mugglenet )

I jot down more notes, appreciating the silence by the lake.

“April! Aren’t you supposed to be in class?” My head snaps up at the call of my name. Cameron is heading towards James and I with a smile. As he catches sight of James his smile deflates slightly.

“Hey Cam.” I greet. “James and I are partners in Ancient Runes.” I quickly explained. “We’re working on homework.” I explain, pointing at the other students and holding my parchment up.

“Potter.” Cam acknowledges.

“Wesly.” James tightly replies.

I notice the scornful exchange between both guys. “You have a free?” I small talk, to clear the awkward silence.

“Yeah.” he mutters, his eyes still not leaving James. “What are you doing?” Cam finally faces me and asks amusedly.

I too, realise that my hand was cutting the air. Had I just tried to cut the tension? “I shrug my shoulders and ignore the questioning gazes I receive from the two boys.

Taking hint of the awkward silence, Cam announced, “I guess I’ll see you at Defence.”

“Yeah. I’ll see you there.”

As Cameron go’s out of sight, James mutters. “Well, your boyfriend obviously wasn’t pleased that you were out here with me.” I turn and swat James’s head, noticing the sour expression he quickly covered up with a scowl.

“Ow!” James protests. “So abusive women!”

“What was that look you gave him?” I sigh.

“What look?” James questions, rubbing his head.

“You two looked like you were about to tear each other throats apart.” I elaborate. “Seriously.”

“I just don’t really like him.” James tells me truthfully. “Never have and probably never will.”

“You don’t even know him.” I argue.

“Let’s drop it April,” he firmly suggests. I will never understand the creation of boys and how their brain works.

I decide to let it go, thinking about all the people I disliked before talking to them in person. For example, Cam’s Potions partner, who thinks I’m a pervert.

“I guess I understand.” I murmur to James who is busy adding notes to my parchment.

“Yeah?” he questions, pulling his eyebrows together in confusion.
“It’s like how I don’t like you.” James winces for a millisecond before covering it up with a lopsided smile, pulling back from his work.

“You don’t really hate me.”

“Yes, I don’t hate you.” I inform, earning an approval from him. ‘But I don’t really like you either.” I add quickly.

“I guess I can accept that for now.”

I try to concentrate on the work in front of me but I can’t shake of what was on my mind. “Why are you like this?” I ask, causing him to look up from his work.

“Like what?” he chortles, slightly puzzled.

“Well for starters, you’re not mean, snarky or big-headed.” Where was that arrogant Potter I knew?

“Arrogant?” he questions.


“I said that out loud didn’t I?” he nods.


“I’m just being myself, April.” he smiles lightly and turns back to his work.


Yeah Right.

I slam my books in front of Fred in the Great Hall with aggravation.


“I’m guessing you’re not in a good mood.” Fred teases. “You, my Love, have come to the right person. My face will lighten up your day immediately and make you… love life more than you already do.”

“I hate DADA. I suck at nonverbal spells.” I roar with frustration.

“Who’s you partner?”

“Albus.” I lie my head on the table. “I feel sorry for him.”

“Me too.” Fred mutters.

“Hey!” I smack his head.

“Because.” Fred adds, trying to amend himself. “He has to work in the presence of an angel. How does one concentrate with you sitting right by their side?”

“Oil yourself up mate, your lines are getting rusty.”

He sighs. “I know, I had to think of something quick to make it up to you. Although, I can think of another way to make it up to you.” he waggles his eyebrows suggestively.

“Ok. Annoying, disgusting Freddy is back.” I whine with my head on the table. I continue to groan in frustration as I wait for lunch to begin.

“Weren’t you supposed to meet Cameron?” Fred reminded.

“Oh, yeah.” I suddenly remember, stopping the whining all together.  Cam must be already waiting for me. “I guess I’ll go now.” I farewell Freddy dramatically, getting up from the chair slowly.

“No!” Fred yells. “Don’t go!” he cries, immediately grabbing everyone’s attention.

“OK.” I say cheerfully, sitting back down.

“NO!” he roars. “I was joking. God Ape, you take everything so seriously.” he pushes me to get up. “Your best friend needs you. What would he be without you! Go to him.” I laugh, leaving him to himself.

April!” I find Cam strolling towards me. “There you are.” he breathes. “Ready for that walk?”

“Yeah, let’s go.”


One thing you should know about me: I HATE CONFRONTATIONS.

When we step out, the breeze physically attacks me. It is bloody freezing. What is with the weather? One second it’s warm, the next it’s like we’re in freaking Antarctica

“Here, take this.” I thank Cam as he places his robe around me. “So, what is it you want to talk about?” he questions.

“I’m just going to go straight into it.” Cam nods and signals me to continue. “I heard that Dom asked you out.” It isn’t a question, it is a statement that I need answers to. I NEED TO BE KEPT IN THE LOOP.

His face freezes for a millisecond before he melts into a sigh. “I should have known she’d tell you.” he states.

“Tell me!” I argue. “Cam, I should have heard this from you. You’re supposed to be my best friend, we tell each other everything. Do you even know what BFF means? BEST FRIENDS FOREVER.”

“I know.” Cam’s face seems pained. “I’m sorry but I know Dom’s your best friend too, Ape. I didn’t want to make things awkward between all of us.” he truthfully explains.

“Where is your Gryffindor courage?” I question, hands firmly on my hips.

“I told you that the sorting hat should retire.” Cam protests.  “I shouldn’t have been sorted into this house.”

I chuckle and link our arms. “So, why did you say no?”

Cam pauses, not talking as we circle around the lake alone. After a few peaceful moments, he sighs and clears his throat. “Dom... is a great girl.” he starts. “But, I’ve only ever treated her like a sister.” He inhales sharply, then blurts. “Besides, I kind of like someone else.”

“Come again?”

“I like someone else.” Cam’s cheek is slowly turning a rosy pink.

“Oh my god! I can’t believe you didn’t tell me.” I scream, jumping up and down. “DO YOU KNOW WHAT BFF MEANS? Who’s the lucky girl?” I inquired desperately.

“No. I’m not telling you that. You’ll tease me.”

“Of course I’ll tease you. I’m your friend I have the right. Don’t you know what…”


“I swear if you finish that sentence I will throw you in the lake.” He threatens.


I smile meekly and continue. “Besides, you can’t spring that on me then not tell me!”

“She doesn’t even know I like her.” he comments, while throwing a stone into the lake. “I don’t even know how she feels about me. It seems like she doesn’t think of me the same way.”

“Cam, tell her how you feel. Never know, she could be feeling the same way.” Honestly, I wasn’t the best person to come to for love advice. I sucked at it. It could be because i thought love was pathetic and an excuse for people to become closer to one another or it could just be because I never understood it.

“She’ll say no.”

“Ask her!”




“RON!” I yell louder.


“Pretty please.” I beg, pouting like a lost puppy. I highly doubt I looked like an adorable puppy. I probably looked like the, giant squid.

“Fine.” he gives in.

“Yes!” I quickly celebrate my success by doing a hula dance. “Sorry.” I mutter when Cam gives me the oddest look.

“Ok, I’m just going to get straight into it and say It.” he copies.

“You stole my line.” I sing accusingly, intertwining our hands together.  

“I know.” he smiles back. Signs, like his hand occasionally tousling his hair and his eyes avoiding my gaze hints me to give him time to speak. But, I wave it away.


“I won’t judge. Pinky promise” I cross my heart. “Unless she’s a Slytherin.” I whisper quickly at the very end.


“Ape, a pinkie promise is with your pinkie finger. Like this.” he grabs my pinkie with his and crosses it. “And don’t worry, she is not a Slytherin. I make sure of that after Louis’ experience.”

I lay my hand back to my side. “Who is it Cam?”

“You.” he murmurs.

I freeze. “Me-e-me!” I stutter. Dom liked Cam, who liked me, who hated the thought of having a relationship with any guy and only EVER saw Cameron as a brother. This was bad. No. This was horrible. A complete catastrophe! “Cameron.” I whisper. “You’re joking right?”

“I’m…” Cam soft eyes meet mine. His lopsided smile melts my insides as his hand rises to caress my cheek. As moments pass, a sudden grin brakes from his face. “Joking. Gosh, April, you are so easy to trick.” Laughter erupts from Cam but slowly fades as he notices my lack of humour. “Oh, come on.”


“That was not funny. Cam, I nearly had a heart attack.” I whisper, still shaken up from the trauma.


“That shocking?”


“Disaster, more like it.” I instantly shoot back.


Hurt flashes through his eyes and I soon realise how it came out. “It’s not because of you Cam. You are the best guy in the world, you know.” He pushes me gently, as the corners of his lips tilt upwards. “Besides, I hate these kinds of things. Secondly, you’re practically my brother. I can never feel that way towards you Cameron.” I rake my fingers through my messed up hair.

After a few silent moments, a large crowd of students walk in and out of the castle, signalling me to leave.


“Well I better get to class.” I sigh. 


“Have fun.”


“I will.” I give Cam a hug before sprinting towards the castle yelling, “Never do that again Cam. I might not recover the next time.”


Skipping aimlessly towards my next class, I’m interrupted by a damsel in distress. “April!” I swivel around to find Daniel running towards me, his hair is not brushed, his eyes burst with anxiousness and he dresses as if he just wrestled a Hippogriff. “I have stumbled into a horrible situation. Do you have a minute?”

“I guess so.” Miss Flinch is always late to class, she probably won’t notice if I step in late. “What happened to you? Why do you look so…” bad, horrible, disgusting. All these words are about to tumble from my mouth until I see Daniel’s pointy expression, which clearly tells me to shut the hell up. “Beautiful?”

“As I was saying, I have got myself into a horrible situation,” he repeats once more.

“Somehow, I’m not surprised,” I mutter. “Did you pull Professor M’s pants down again?”


Daniel shakes his head; jerks to a sudden stop and then chuckles to himself. “That was hilarious. I remember we charmed her panties into old people underwear which had pictures of Professor Flynn all over.” 


“That was cruel.”


“Everyone laughed.” He defends.


“Well she certainly didn’t. She took a year off from embarrassment.”  I spit.  “Argh, just tell me then. What’s up?”

“The r… “


“I swear to god Daniel, if you say the R, double o, f word, I will strangle you with my very own hands.” I threaten.


“I wasn’t.” he swallows before letting out a small nervous chuckle. 


“Good. Now tell me the problem before I get late.”


I’m in love,” he cries.

“Not the L word. Please do not mention it to me. Look Dan, there’s no such thing. You’re 17 for crying out loud” I hiss angrily. “Please don’t come to me with this.”

“But I need to tell someone.” he complains, latching his hands onto mine.

“There are hundreds of other people in the school Dan.” I groan back, attempting to slip out of his slimy grip. 




“I love you.”


“I hate you.”


“Pretty Please.”

“Well…” Daniel’s eyes widen with hope. “No.” and shatter within seconds. Mwahahaha. 



“NO?” I question. Why did he say no?

I MEAN, YES!” he corrects.

“Argh! Who’s the unlucky girl?” I question, giving into his nagging voice.

He gulps, “Roxy Weasly.”

I start to laugh hysterically. My brother is going to die really soon, much like I was from laughter.

“I’m not joking.”

“I know you’re not and that really scares me.”

“I’m serious.”

“Nooooooo,” I drag. “He’s James Potter’s, father’s, meaning Harry Potter’s, godfather. You’re just Daniel,” I joke, earning a glare from Dan. “Jeez, Dan,” I finally attempt to share my divine knowledge and be a helpful, loving sister. “How did this even happen?”

“We always fight a lot...” he starts, “And they say you fight the most with the person you love.”

“That’s not true. If it was then you would be implying that James and I would eventually be lovers.” The thought makes me cringe.

“Let me finish. Every time we have a fight, I never really listened to what she was saying.” He begins.

“Jeez Dan, every girl wants to know that,” I sarcastically intervene.

Ignoring me, he continues, “One day I just watched her yell at me and I took her all in. Her smile, her face...”

“OK! I got it,” I stop him. “Who the hell falls in love at this age?” I yell.

“Me.” he sulkily murmurs.

I sigh, “Are you sure you love her.”


“Good luck then!” I encourage.

“You suck at giving advice. You’re supposed to be my sister.”

“Who said I wasn’t,” I question innocently. “I’m pretty sure we were womb buddies and came out together.”

“What I mean, is that...” Dan draws out. “You’re supposed to be the one comforting me and telling me that this will all be fine.”

“You want me to lie to you and comfort you with false hope?”

“Exactly.” he finally smiles satisfied at his achievement.

“Okay Dan!” I enthusiastically reply. “Everything is going to be spectacular.”  I clap my hands together.  “Forget about Albus and James. They AREN’T going to pounce on you and throttle you into several pieces I won’t be able to recognise your face. IN FACT, they are going to let you make out with Roxy, who will definitely walk towards you in slow-motion and run into your arms after the millions of fights you’ve had with her.”

“You are no help!” Dan screams, throwing his hands up in frustration. His glance sidetracks from me and focuses on whatever stands behind. “Well, I should probably run. Don’t forget Quidditch tryouts tomorrow. Love you, au revoir,” he blurts, before scramming out of the corridor.

Tryouts! I totally forgot about them in all this mess.

“Hey Ape!” Roxy greets suspiciously. “Did Daniel just run away from me?” I open my mouth to object but... “Coward, can’t even face me. Thinks he’s too cool or something. I will trash him in Quidditch this year. You watch Ape, your brother is going down. He’s the most sadistic…”

“ARGH!” I scream. “I FEEL LIKE I AM THE ONLY SANE PERSON IN THIS CASTLE!” I am exhausted and overloaded from today’s activities.

Unfortunately for me, the Wotters and a group of sneaky Slytherin’s come walking into the corridor. With their eyes on me, I walk towards the Wotters and yell. “Your family will be the end of my sanity!”


I give them all the evil eye, march out and slam the doors behind me.

AN: I CHANGED THIS CHAPTER. Yay. Hopefully It’s better than the before one. Please tell me what you think.



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