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Chasing April by Loving_Sirius_4eva
Chapter 4 : Chapter 4
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Sunlight gouged my eyes as soon as the curtains drew open. Frustrated, I peeked at the clock through the crack of my blanket. Perfect. There was five minutes till class.


After being concealed in a broom closet with James’ entire family and receiving a week’s worth of detention from Fitch, I was on a new mission to avoid every single one of them. I have never in my entire six years of Hogwarts, been given a detention. A tear almost betrayed my eyes in front of them, slipping down my cheek.  


The Potters and Wesley’s on the other hand, celebrated the fact that they didn’t receive three months worth of detention. The looks on their faces sickened me.

“APRIL ROSE!” Rose screamed in her motherly, shrilled tone, “Get in the shower right now! You have Ancient Runes in five minutes.” I reluctantly pulled down my sheets, just enough to see Rose exit the dorm.

“Too cold.” I whined, shrivelling deeper into the sheets, falling back into my slumber.


10 seconds later a thunder of knocks rudely disrupted me.


“Damn owls.” I cursed. I grudgingly headed towards the window before the owl could crack his beak. Separating the drapes, my suspicion was confirmed. There stood a lanky owl, casually hovering outside with an apple between his twig-like hands.

“I have the morning free.” The owl squawked lazily. “Get dressed.”


I should probably tell you that the pathetic owl is in fact a stupid Weasley.


“Please god. This has to be a nightmare!” I pleaded, wishing this were in fact a delusion. “Not another Weasley! I’ve had enough of the others. I’m going to become the crazy, psychotic woman who ends up in a mental ward or in a room filled with cats if I spend another second with you guys,” I cried.


I sent a scornful look towards Louis for laughing hysterically while trying to cover it behind fake coughs.


“Take my advice sweetheart, and go see a psychiatrist already.”



“Technically, I am out.” He rebutted wittily.


I closed my eyes and pinched the bridge of my nose. WHY ME? This shouldn’t be this hard.


“Would you rather James?” Louis questioned while taking a bite from his apple. “I know he would.”


While contemplating my tragic life, my stomach decided to growl embarrassingly, reminding me that I lacked food. “Go shower.” 

I decided to listen to the jaunty, half-vela, idiot. YES, I admit that Louis Weasley is freaking gorgeous. Especially since he finds the need to remind me on a day-to-day basis. Although, it’s totally different when I say it because I see him as an older, annoying, butt face that I would never ever consider dating in my lifetime.

Five minutes later, I raced out of the bathroom to an empty common room. Rushing myself out, I found myself colliding straight into Cameron. “Late this morning.” he grinned as he straightened my tie.

“No time to talk Cameron.” I informed strictly, remembering that I still haven’t had breakfast.  “Got a busy day ahead of me.”


I rushed straight past him and whizzed to the Runes building at the other end of Hogwarts.


Fortunately for me, I arrived minutes before my teacher. Unfortunately for me, the last seat that remained was the one next to James Potter.

“WHY ME?” the voices in my head screamed repeatedly.  There had to be something I can do to avoid him.


After much deliberation, I finally decided to approach Matthew Hall, the Ravenclaw Quidditch Captain who, many, including me, admired. Obviously, the Wotters had the biggest fan clubs, but Matthew was definitely next in line.


Mathew was conveniently sitting at the back of the classroom, AWAY from James. Just the spot I needed.


Maybe he’ll be willing to swap seats with me. I prayed.

Shielding my face from James with my textbook, I lightly tapped Matthew on his shoulder and cleared my throat, apparently.

“April.” he greeted cautiously.

I peered over my book and made contact with his amused eyes. I smiled faintly and whispered, “Hello Matt.”

“Hey.” he too, whispered. “What’s up?”

“U-um.” I stuttered, looking for some logical explanation.

My eyes flickered across the class and locked eyes on a particular Weasley who currently occupied a seat next to a 5th year Hufflepuff.

This is very, very interesting. DO YOU KNOW WHY? I’ll TELL YOU WHY! Louis Freaking Weasley claimed that he had a free this morning, although he is currently sitting in a seat that I possibly could have had. I could have avoided this entire situation if he didn’t exist. Screw you Louis.

“So...” Matthew offered once more, interrupting my devious plot against Louis. “You were saying....” His two friends give me moronic looks.

I quickly stopped glaring at Louis and faced Matthew instead, “Have you seen Dom this morning?” CHICKEN! I KNOW I AM! I SHOULD USE MY OWN SPELL ON MYSELF!

“She was at breakfast with Cameron, I think.” he answered polity. “Not that I was watching her... or anything.”  Is that a blush I see! SO CUTE. HE totally has the hots for Dom.

“Thanks.” I exclaimed, reluctantly turning around and dreadfully heading towards James.

I yanked my textbook open and covered my face again. Carefully sitting stiffly beside James, I made no move to unpack.


I don’t think he recognises me.

“Who’s this? A Gryffindor girl… who has long chestnut coloured hair. She walks into class with a book covering their face. A book, which, might I add, has the name ‘April Rose’ printed across the front.” he announced cockily. “Wonder who this can possibly be.” he questioned sarcastically. “Can’t be April Rose, that’s for sure.”

I peeped in time to see James leaning towards the girl in front of him. “Do you know who this is?” he pointed his thumb towards me.

“Um, April Rose.” the poor, traumatized girl mumbled shyly.  

“Is it?” he gasped, “No Way. Could have fooled me.”


I slammed my book shut forcefully and dumped it on the table. Ignore the blithering Idiot, April. You can do it!

“Oh, I guess you were right. It is darling April. I would have never guessed.” he replied innocently. “Thank you my dear.”

I could literally feel his pathetic smirk radiating from his face. A smirk, which honestly looked so hideous, that it, had the ability to blind someone.

“Quiet down now!” Professor Fleming ordered as she walked into class with a pile of books floating beside her.

“Yeah, shut it Potter.” I hissed curtly.

“Sorry I’m late.” she apologised. “We’ll get straight into the lesson then.” She flicked through the textbook and stoped at a page. “Ok, turn to page 324 in your new textbooks.” As people began searching through the pages, James tossed rolled up parchment at my head.

I threw my quill back at him, forgetting the fact that he is a quiddittch player who, so happened to be a very impressive dodger.


I, however, was not quick enough to dodge my quill that he threw back at me. I grabbed quills from my neighbouring classmates, despite their protests, and threw them all at James.

“Ok, you win.” he finally admitted, picking up the quills and returning them back to their respective owners. “I apologise on her behalf. She’s a tad unstable. She was just recently informed about her split personality disorder.”

“Potter!” I seethed, tugging on his sleeve.

“She was prescribed pills, but the poor thing refuses to take any,” James continued.


The few girls sent looks of pity in my direction. I yanked him from them. “Abusive girl.” James muttered before questioning, “Missed breakfast or is it your time of the month”

I gasped, “How dare you…”

“I want you to complete this page as a revision of last year’s work. This page consists of symbols you should already be familiar with.” Professor Fleming instructed. “When you are done, place your translations on my desk. That should only take about ten minutes. Then I want you to grab a symbol from this box and analyse it with the person next to you.” She places a large ancient box on the table and further explains the task. “Where is it from, what does each line and curve mean? How old is it and what makes you assume that?” she holds one ancient symbol up. “Provide examples and appropriate terminology.”

I groaned. Why Merlin, WHY ME. Am I destined to be tortured by Potter for the rest of eternity?

“One essay between the two. Minimum, two parchments.” everyone booed. “Boo Hoo! I want specific evidence for each observation.” she started scribbling the instructions onto the board. “There is a lot of work to be completed so there shouldn’t be any reasons to be doing nothing. Begin now.”

As I slowly translated each Rune in the textbook, James decided to doodle on the corner of my pages while waiting for me to finish. I had given up on fighting against his annoying behaviour.

When I completed the last translation, I rose from my seat. “Come on Potter, let’s get this homework over with now so I don’t have to meet up with you outside of class.” I walked over to the box at the front of the room. “This one is interesting.”


James joined me shortly, reached into the box and chooses a hexagon shaped symbol. He hands it to me and I closely inspect the ancient carvings.

“This is good enough.” I really didn’t have the energy to argue with him.


James smirked with triumph as we headed back to our table. I could feel his stupid gaze following my every move intently. Frustrated, I enquired demandingly, “What?”

He pulled back, frowning, “Nothing.”  


I huffed and returned to our work, “So, we have to analyse this piece of ancient metal. How the bloody hell are we going to do that?” I questioned, examining the symbol closely.

“I noticed some tiny letters around the edges,” He pointed out, ripping it from my fingers.

James inspected the sides and nod in agreement. “See, It says Draco Cormiens Nunquam Tillandus.” he scrunched his nose. “What is that?” I quickly scrawled the words as we pondered over them.

“It’s Latin.” I noticed getting a nod of agreement from James.

“It’s seems rather familiar.” James added, “Draco Cormiens Nunquam Tillandus.” He repeated once again. “I think it’s our school motto.” James concluded, his eyes widening from recognition.


I pulled out ‘Hogwarts: A History’ from my bag.


“You carry this book with you?” James scoffed, tossing the symbol in my direction.

“It’s helpful.” I mumbled defensively, skimming through the pages.


I finally found the image of our crest. “You’re right.” I placed the book between us and allowed James to scan the text.

“It says here that Draco Cormiens Nunquam Tillandus means ‘Never touch a sleeping dragon’. That’s odd.” I couldn’t agree more. “Or to be more precise, ‘A Sleeping Dragon Must Never be Tickled.” James read to me. (Information about the Hogwarts motto is on www.mugglenet )

I jotted down more notes, appreciating his silence.


“Mind if I look through the book?”


Stunned by the sudden politeness, I nodded robotically.

I tried to concentrate on the work in front of me but I couldn’t shake of what was on my mind. “Why are you like this?” I asked, causing him to look up from his work.

“Like what?” he chortles, slightly puzzled.

“One moment your impossible to stand, and the next your… nice.” Where was that arrogant Potter I know?

“Arrogant?” he questioned, perfectly raising an arched eyebrow.


“I said that out loud didn’t I?” he nodded.


“I’m just being myself, April.” he smiled slyly, turning back to his work.


I snorted. Yeah Right.

I slammed my book in front of Fred with aggravation, in the great hall.


“I’m guessing you’re not in a good mood.” Fred teased. “You, my Love, have come to the right person. My face will lighten up your day immediately and make you… love life more than you already do.”

“I hate DADA. I suck at nonverbal spells.” I roared with frustration, yanking at my hair.

“Who’s you partner?”

“Albus.” I laid my head against the table. “I feel sorry for him.”

“Me too.” Fred muttered.

“Hey!” I smacked his head.

“Because.” Fred added, trying to amend himself, “He has to work in the presence of an angel. How does one concentrate with you sitting right by their side?”


“Weren’t you supposed to meet Cameron?” Fred reminded.

“No... but that reminds me,” I narrowed my eyes at Fred, “he’s keeping something from me, and you know it.” I tapped my fingers impatiently on the table.


Fred’s eyes widen and he starts scratching the back of his head. This was a common habit from him being nervous. “What! I don’t know any-anything. He’s your friend.” He stuttered.


I leaned forward and whisper, “Bullocks. I know, that you know who Cam likes!”


“Who?” He asked as his eyebrows knitted together in confusion.  


“You know who,” I screeched, yanking his collar threateningly, “Tell me!”  


“Cameron likes Voldemort?” Fred exclaimed. “You are out of your mind.” 


“I am going to punch you.”


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