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'Till Death Do Us Part by alicia and anne
Chapter 10 : Chapter 10
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 “Have you found a house yet?” Adam asked Amelia and James as they sat around the dinner table with Lucy, eating the dinner that Amelia had cooked for them with the help of Lucy. Adam and Lucy had come around to James and Amelia’s flat to have dinner cooked for them by Amelia, who had the day off of work.

Amelia nodded as James smiled, “Yep, we’ve found such a nice one. It’s about ten minutes walk away from my parent’s house.” James told them.

“It’s a three bedroom house with a lovely garden; you’ll love it when you see it.” Amelia told them, smiling at the thought of her soon to be house.

“We’ve just got to talk to Gringotts bank tomorrow to see what kind of loan we can get for the house and then put an offer onto it.” James told them.

“Its lucky you’ve got savings then Amelia,” Adam said to his sister. She had been told the same thing as Adam by their father when they had started work, and that was to make sure they saved a bit of their wage every time they got paid. It was lucky that they both listened to him; the money was going to come in handy.

“Tell me about it,” Amelia told them, “especially now that I’ve gone down to part time at work.” Amelia had spoken to her boss about going down to part time hours at work, as the long hours that she was doing was making her exhausted and she didn’t think it was fair to the patients if she tried to care for them whilst tired.

“But I can give you money,” James told her, “I’ll support you.”

“That’s all nice and well, but I want to be able to have my own money, instead of having to rely on you until I go back to work full time.”

“Talking about savings,” Lucy said as they all continued eating. “Did you hear that Albus needed saving from Pedro?”

“When?” Adam asked with a laugh, it was too often that Pedro caused mayhem for Albus.

“The other day. I went over to visit Mariah when Scorpius was there and they were both laughing about it.” Lucy took a quick drink of her apple juice before she carried on talking, “Apparently
Pedro stole Albus’s wand and blew the fuses in the lights, plunging the whole flat into darkness, before he scarpered off with the wand.”

“It was lucky that Scorpius arrived when he did,” James said with a laugh. “My nephew is such a little terror.”

“I think he’s such an angel when he’s not with Albus, it’s just like he’s out to get Albus.” Lucy added, Adam agreed.

“I think Mariah trained him to be that way,” he added.

“Which is strange because he is such a daddy’s boy,” Amelia said, remembering how Pedro used to follow Albus everywhere he went the last time that they were all together at The Burrow. Pedro cried anytime Albus wasn’t in his sight.

“He’s so entertaining though,” James said with a laugh, “I just hope that our children will be as fun as that,” he put his hand on his wife’s bump and rubbed it affectionately.

“Maybe a bit better behaved,” Amelia said with a laugh.

“You find out what you’re having soon don’t you?” Lucy said in excitement, bouncing slightly in her chair.

“September nineteenth, the day after tomorrow,” James beamed proudly, “I can’t wait.”

“Just think, when it’s two boys we can get them into Quidditch,” Adam said with a smile. They had all finished their food by now and were just sitting around the dining room table relaxing and talking until it was time for dessert. Amelia rolled her eyes at them and Lucy shook her head.

“What if they don’t like Quidditch?” Lucy asked them as Amelia added.

“What if they’re both girls?”

Adam raised an eyebrow at them, “I’m telling you, it’s two boys in there.” He pointed over to his sister’s protruding stomach.

“I bet it’s a boy and a girl,” Lucy said, challenging them.

“Well I think it might be two girls.” Amelia said rubbing bump as she slouched in the chair slightly, her back beginning to ache a little.

“Who knows better than the mother to be?” James asked with a laugh, before turning to Adam. “Although I’m with you, I bet it’ll be two boys.”

“Maybe we should put a bet on this?” Lucy suggested.

“Go on then you’re on,” Adam said with a smile, “So what should we bet?”

“How about a Galleon?” Amelia said, looking at the others who all looked like they agreed.

“I’m up for that, a simple bet.” James said nodding his agreement.

“Alright then everyone,” Adam said holding out his hand in the middle of the table, the others all put their hand on top of the hand, Amelia finding it a little hard to lean forwards whilst sitting so they all moved a bit towards her.

“May the best men win.” Adam said with a smile at them all, James laughed.

Amelia and Lucy scoffed, “You and James won’t be winning.”

“I think we might be, and when we find out me and James are going to buy Quidditch t-shirts and decorate the baby’s room with nothing but Quidditch.”

Amelia gave a groan, “A baby’s room can’t just be Quidditch themed it’s got to have cute baby animals in it.”

“We’ll decide on the decorating another time, my backs beginning to hurt.” James said, everyone’s hands were still in the middle on top of each other.

“Yours is hurting?” Amelia said as they each dipped their hands together before breaking apart, Amelia leant back and rubbed her back slightly, “I’m carrying two extra people.”

“Two bouncing baby boys,” Adam said with a smile, him and James high fived each other.

“We are so going to win this,” James said, standing up and indicating that Adam should help him take the dirty plates to the sink and should get the dessert for them all.

“You are so not going to win the bet,” Lucy said. “Aunt Lucy has got a good feeling about it being one boy and one girl.”

“James and Amelia aren’t lucky enough to have one of each,” Adam told her, giving her a kiss on the cheek as he stood up and grabbed her plate from in front of her. “Don’t worry; when you lose I won’t rub it in your face, much.”

Lucy shook her head at her fiancé as he walked away with the plates.


Fred gave a sigh as he looked over at Julie, who was sitting in the comfiest chair in the front room of his house, curled up slightly and shivering. She looked a right mess and was still obviously sick with the flu, but still she had come to this meeting that his father had told his staff to attend. Of course he had mentioned to everyone that the meeting was mandatory which forced them all to be here.

Even Kendra, who only worked Saturday mornings if she could be bothered to turn up for work, had arrived. Fred had wondered quite often when he had been asked to cover Kendra’s shift every Saturday for a month, why she was still employed by his father. He made a mental not to ask his father about that later after they finished their game of pin the tail on the Manticore, how this was a trust building exercise he didn’t know, but so far Hugo was winning.

“Is there any reason why you’re all still competing?” Hugo asked the others sitting in the front room; George had disappeared into the kitchen and was apparently making them snacks. Everyone in the room knew not to trust any food that was brought to them from George as it was highly likely that there would be a new product that needed testing in them, so each were trying to think of how to get out of eating anything. Fred wished that his mother or sister were here to save him, but they were having dinner somewhere, he was so jealous that they would be having edible food.

“You’re obviously cheating,” Fred muttered, shaking his head at Hugo who was dancing around on the spot.

“You’re all losers.” Hugo declared to the room, everyone was trying their best to ignore and avoid him. Fred shook his head before deciding to walk around the room; he made his way over to Julie who was alone.

“Are you okay Julie?” Fred asked standing next to Julie who was still huddled on the chair, she seemed to be shaking slightly in the chair and looked like she was going to fall asleep at any moment.

“Yeah,” She said, stifling a yawn. Before looking up at Fred with a smile, Fred felt happiness filling him at that fact that he had made her smile. “I just still feel like crap, I was kind of hoping that this would end soon, I want to go to sleep and I’m feeling really cold at the moment.”

Fred pulled his jumped off quickly at her words and handed it to her without question, he saw Hugo out of the corner of his eye watching him and shaking his head at him, but he didn’t care. Julie looked at it as she took it slowly, the grin on her face widening as she pulled it on and snuggled herself into it taking a deep breath.

“Thank you Fred, that’s really sweet of you.” Julie said. “Your jumper smells really nice.”

Fred opened his mouth to say something back to her but he was interrupted.

“Hey Fred, come over here.” Fred heard his father call from the doorway of the dining room, which they were currently in. Fred moved away from Julie with a smile, and walked over to his father, the eyes of everyone in the room following him.

“What?” Fred asked him. George gave a smile to his employees before pulling Fred from the room and into the Kitchen. Fred heard a few yells outside and wondered what was happening as he neared the window, his father stood by his side.

“I thought of a way that you could impress Julie,” George told his son, as the yells outside got louder and flashes of light could be seen.

“Are they fighting outside?” Fred asked his dad, turning to look at him to see him smiling.

“You should go outside and stop the fight.”

Fred let out a laugh, before stopping when he realised that his father wasn’t joking.

Other people had decided to join them in the kitchen and each looked out of the window with them, they had probably heard the noise of the fight from the dining room. You could probably hear the sounds of the spells in any part of the house.

“Go and check it out,” George hissed to his son as everyone looked out of the window at the obvious wand fight that was going on outside the house. One of the fighters let out a yell before cursing loudly, causing Hugo to cheer at the use of foul language.

“Are you crazy? I could get hurt.” Fred hissed back, the horror written all over his face.

“Girls love a hero,” George assured him, he grabbed for Fred’s arm before pulling him towards the front door. “You’ve got your wand, right?”

“Of course I have but...” Fred began, but his father had opened the front door and shoved Fred outside, whilst telling everyone inside that Fred was going to save the day.

Fred wanted to be sick. He had no idea how to even begin to break this fight up as he felt any hint of bravery and knowledge of the seven years of magic he had learnt leave him and he stood numbly staring at the two men, who were becoming more beaten as the minutes went on.

“Do something Fred, don’t look like a fool.” George hissed at his son, who was still staring at the two men, who hadn’t even noticed that Fred was standing about fifty feet away from them. It was probably hard to see the scrawny boy who was thankful for the bushes and shrubbery that was blocking him from their view.

“Stop this now,” Fred called out as he edged forwards slowly, his whole body trembling. He was trying to sound brave but wincing at the fact that his voice broke into a high pitched tone, given his fear away entirely. “Before - Before I call for help.”

The two Wizards ignored him and carried on throwing spells and hexes at each other, one narrowly missed Fred, who let out a scream before diving behind a bush. He could hear a cackle from behind him that he knew was Hugo; Fred chanced a look behind him to see that people had begun making their own way out of the house and were watching him but not coming to his aid.

Fred was saved from any more spells by the arrival of a group of Aurors, who instantly took down the two Wizards, a few made sure that they were arrested whilst a few others made their way around the neighbourhood to obliviate any Muggle witnesses. Fred walked out from behind the bush and looked at the scene in front of him, but was disturbed by Albus jumping in front of him and grabbing him.

“We have another perpetrator,” Albus called out loud to no one in particular.

“I wasn’t a part of this, I swear Albus. I just came out to look that’s all,” Fred tried telling his cousin, but Albus had grabbed for Fred’s arm and twisted it to behind his back.

“Resisting arrest are you?” Albus called loudly, pulling Fred’s arm higher up, causing Fred to yell out in pain.

“You’re hurting me you jerk.” Fred cried out. He shoved Albus away from him with his other hand and Albus stumbled slightly causing him to let go of Fred’s arm.

“That’s attacking an Auror,” Albus warned him, tackling Fred to the floor and pushing his face down onto the ground as he pulled Fred’s arms behind his back again so he could magically cuff him.

“Albus this isn’t funny, let me go.” Fred said to his cousin, his voice slightly muffled by the grass he was being pushed into.

“I heard he was going to attack Muggles next.”

Fred gave a growl as he recognised Hugo’s voice.

“Shut your mouth Hugo before I shut it for you.” Fred yelled as Albus pulled him up from the grass, glaring over at Hugo who was standing with Fred’s father. His father seemed to be finding this whole situation hilarious.

“That’s a threat right there,” Hugo cried, pointing at Fred and looking to Albus with fake fear in his face. “You heard him; he’s going to attack me next. I think that you should spray him with that Pepper spray.”

“Albus let me go.” Fred cried as Albus seemed to frogmarch him across the garden in front of everyone that had been at his house for the staff meeting. The other Aurors had disappeared from the scene, taking the two Wizards who were actually doing the fighting. As Fred’s eyes searched the crowd that had gathered outside he couldn’t spot Julie standing with them all, he wouldn’t blame her if she ran away as fast as she could. Sometimes he wished that he could run away from this nutty family he was unfortunately born into.

“No can do Freddie my boy, it’s straight down the ministry with you.” Albus told him, shaking him roughly. “Stop struggling, this is resisting arrest.”

“You’re the one shaking me,” Fred told him, before Albus spun on the spot and they were both apparated to the Ministry.

If Albus hadn’t have been holding Fred’s arms, then Fred would have face planted into the floor. Albus steadied him and pulled him towards the courtrooms, where Fred knew that there were holding cells for prisoners from the stories he had been told by his Uncle Harry.

“Albus you can let me go now, this isn’t necessary.” Fred said to his cousin, trying to stop walking which caused Albus to begin to drag him towards the cells.

“Oh it’s very necessary; you attacked an Auror, which is an instant overnight stay in the cells.”

“What about all of the times I’ve helped you out Albus? The dance I helped you practice to tell Mariah that you liked her back at school? Surely that’s got to count for something.” Fred pleaded; trying his best to struggle against Albus and flop in Albus’s arms, but Albus seemed to enjoy dragging Fred across the floor.

“If I remember correctly she pushed me into the lake, I stunk for days!” Albus stated as they neared the door that would lead to Fred actually having a criminal record.

“You always used to stink!” Fred yelled without thinking, Albus tightened his grip as he pulled open the door.

“Who do we have here Potter?” A gruff voice said from a desk situated by the door, Fred tried to stand up slightly, which was difficult with Albus still dragging him, to look at the guard and tell him that this was all a misunderstanding.

“Frederick Weasley,” Albus told the guard as he walked passed him, Fred saw the massive guard who stood at least seven foot and was built like a wall and paled slightly. “I found him lurking behind bushes. He resisted arrest and attacked me, so instant overnight stay in the cells is in order I believe.”

“I did no such thing,” Fred cried to the guard. “He’s got it wrong, I’m innocent. Albus is just abusing his power.”

“That’s Auror Potter to you kiddo,” The guard growled at him and Fred felt his legs wobble in fear.

“Don’t make it two days Freddie; you don’t want Julie left alone with Hugo for that long do you?”

Fred let out a groan as Albus pulled him towards an open cell at the far end of the large room they had just opened. Albus pushed him into the room and Fred stumbled slightly before righting himself and turning around to face Albus, who closed the cell door with a wide smile. Albus waved his wand and Fred’s own flew towards him, he pocketed it before he waved his wand again and Fred’s hands were freed.

“Why does the whole family have to know my business?” Fred asked him angrily. It was a family that seemed unable to keep secrets lately and it was really starting to bug Fred as all the secrets were his.

“Because we are very nosey people that like to pry into each other’s lives.” Albus told him with a grin, “I’ll see you in the morning Freddie my boy. Don’t say anything stupid and you’ll survive the night.” Albus laughed before giving a wave and leaving Fred alone.

Fred called out for Albus again, but he was ignored. Fred gave a sigh as he looked around the cell that he was standing in fearfully, thankful that a wall separated him from the captive in the one next to him. He was going to kill Albus when he got out of here, as well as his dad and Hugo for good measure.

“There’s always one troublemaker in the family Winston,” Fred heard Albus say to who he assumed was the guard. “If he gives you any trouble you know what to do. I’ll be back to release him in the morning.”

A/N: I feel really sorry for Fred, he's not having much luck is he?

Let me know what you think of this chapter! :D

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