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My Enigma by free elf 25
Chapter 1 : Prefix
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Your enigma.

Your antidote.

Your poison.




Cassandra Reynolds. A pureblood. Her father and older brother were both Death Eaters, in the highest ranks of Voldemort's reign. Her sister was the girlfriend to Rabastan LeStrange, with his dark and brooding glares. All she knew of life was the grand ballrooms, the cloaked men, the secret meetings and the blazing emerald that covered her room.

She was a Slytherin, obviously. Despite this, her best friend for all of her pre-Hogwarts life had been Sirius Black, a fellow pureblood, who accompanied her to every ball and meeting they were required to attend. But when Hogwarts began, things changed. He chose Gryffindor. She stood there in shock, watching him laugh and joke with equally shocked Gryffindors, a smile she believed to be reserved for her dancing across his features. She had to choose Slytherin.

For the next six years, they never spoke. He was her forbidden lust, and it wasn't right. Especially since after the sorting, when he made it clear to her that he wouldn't stick around. No Gryffindor should hang around with some useless pureblooded Slytherin. Instead he stuck by his traitor Marauders, who even had a half-blood among their ranks, and one who was comically in love with the muggleborn Lily Evans.

She stopped trying. She stopped remembering. She morphed into the Slytherin Queen they all wanted her to be. She stopped feeling.



Louise Green. A muggleborn. Her parents devoted owners of a small book shop in some Irish village. She had no siblings as of yet, and was a quiet girl. All she knew of life was musty library corners, smiling men, prefect meetings and the blinding gold that cascaded from her bedroom, flowed down her back and crawled into her smile.

She was a Hufflepuff, obviously. She knew no one when she'd arrived, but it didn't take long for her to become everyone's friend. Except for the Slytherins of course; she stopped trying with them after an especially bad hex in her third year. Her sugary smile and easy laugh brought everyone running, from her study-buddy Lily Evans to her best friend Jessica. The only person who ever stopped her smile was Sirius Black.

Despite her closeness to Lily, who was the light in his best friend's eyes, they never spoke. There was something so forbidden, so dark about him that killed any form of courage that lay inside of her and forced her back into the background. No pureblood as mighty as Sirius Black would ever give a useless 'mudblood' Hufflepuff like her a second glance. Instead he stuck by the Marauders, eyeing up the Gryffindor and Ravenclaw ladies to see who would be his next shag.

She stopped trying to find the courage. She stopped remembering his addictive smile and the way it lit up his eyes in a way seen so rarely. She morphed into the Hufflepuff Bee they all expected of her- perfect grades, no quidditch skills, not even a thought of boys in sight. She stopped dreaming.



Sirius Black. A pureblood. A mystery. His family cared more about blast-ended skrewts than they did him. He was a Gryffindor, a beater, an Animagi, a Marauder and a player. He was an unstoppable force.

But his past was as twisted as anyone else. People guessed that his family feud was just water off his back, and that his heart could only take broomcloset hook-ups, as no real relationship and been sighted since his third year girlfriend who lasted one month. All they ever did was hold hands. But the people were wrong.

He stopped trying to win his family's affections. He stopped remembering his childhood friend who could still light up his heart in a way no one else could. He morphed into the King of Gryffindor, leaving all that behind him. After all, feelings are for sissys like Prongs, and Sirius Black was far from whipped.



Author's Note

So I probably shouldn't start another story, but it's a habit. These ideas will be the death of me! BUT it's a Marauder era, which I haven't done yet, so be excited and prepared for some serious stuff. Enjoy, and review please!

P.S. Those three lines up there are from a poem me and my friend wrote. Obviously we're not famous, nor allowed to put our names down as credit. Plus, all things Harry Potter belong to J.K. Rowling (sigh).

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