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Healing A Broken Heart by fairytalelover3
Chapter 19 : Trouble at Malfoy Manor
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Draco creeped silently down the quiet hallway that had huge scratches and cuts on the empty frames of his ancestor’s portraits. They had all left. He didn’t blame them. He was trying to find a way out himself. There had been many explosions in various parts of the house. They were destroying everything all while trying to kill him.

He hated to admit it, even if it was just to himself, but he was properly frightened. Just like the battle at Hogwart’s. Enemies were in a place that he knew like the back of his hand, they were in his home, and were destroying it. He knew every little room and hiding place but Draco couldn’t find a way out. He could fight, but the chances weren’t good. At all. Everything he knew was getting blown up. And he was trapped.

There had been an explosion near the closet he was hiding in and it blocked off the entrance. He had to blast away the debris and move if there was another explosion to go off nearby and they had heard him. Stupid idea. He should have waited a little bit until they moved onto a new area. He ran down the hallways quickly but they were good at casting spells. And all of them were green or red. The worst ones. Sweat and dirt lined his face.

Chunks of the walls would crash into his arm while he skidded around a corner away from them. He lost them in the new section of the house and was currently walking quietly. He was listening for any movement. He was trying to think of ways to get out. They will have all the entrances covered or set traps up for ones that they can’t stand guard at. He tried to get out through a dungeon window but set off a poisonous gas.

He almost passed out while running out of there, holding his breath and not daring to breathe. He paused, sitting down and leaning against a hallway wall, to rest and try to see straight again. That was a few minutes ago. Now he was on the move again. There was a tower on the top floor that he could try to get out that way.

Suddenly he heard movement behind him and he spun around, ready to cast a spell and fight until death, when his eyes flashed to a lightning scar on the man’s forehead and Draco relaxed instantly. Potter raised his eyes brows at the mess Draco had apparently gotten himself into and came closer.

“I don’t know where they are. How’d you get in?” Draco said quietly.

“The front door, but it’s now, uh, occupied,” he said.

“There’s possibly a way out from the top tower but no way down,” he replied again.

“Remember the trick I used in the Triwizard Tournament?” Harry asked.

“No,” Draco snarled.

“Accio firebolt!” He said and they waited until a broom whizzed into his hand.

“That’s great for you but my broom was broken!” Draco said and started moving slowly down the hallway.

“Ahh. Uhh, we can both ride on this one,” Harry said uncertainly.

“No,” Draco said, knowing it wouldn’t fit both of them. It was made for speed, not strength.

“Or you could just jump off,” Harry said, irritated.

“Give me your broom and you can dive off head first,” Draco snarled back. Potter wasn’t much help. What was he going to do!

Potter followed him up to the tower. The staircase had multiple gaps in it from where they tried to destroy it but it was magic and slowly repaired itself so they carefully made their way up it. Draco looked over the edge. That was a really long way down. His breathing increased significantly.

“Husband! How are you?” Asked a voice from the shadows. Draco spun around fast, his back against the wall, and his frightened eyes met the cold eyes of Victoria.

“Fiance,” He replied coolly but his eyes were panicked. Harry looked around for a way out for Draco. There was none. “And the boy-who-lived. Nice to meet you,” She said nodding to Harry, who nodded back, but her business was clearly and solely with Draco.

“I heard there’s another girl,” She said, taking her time walking closer towards them.

“I heard there is another guy,” He countered, his fingers grasping his wand behind his back.

“Was. He’s boring. I’ve moved on, back to you. You’re better looking anyhow,” She said.

“So what are you waiting for? Going to kill me? Just do it!” Draco blurted out hysterically. He had faced death so many times, he almost just wanted it to be over. He was tired of the sleepless nights after horrific events with the nightmares that haunted him nightly. It could all be over. He could be worry free dead.

“Kill you? No, no, no. That’s just my parents’ wish. I love you, Draco! I couldn’t kill you! Torture, maybe yes; kill, never,” She said going up to slide her hand down his arm.

“That’s nice to know,” he replied, his eyes darting to the stairwell entrance every few seconds. “So what now?” He asked.

She paused. “I don’t know,” Victoria replied honestly. She was evil inside, yes, but not like her parents. She was twisted but not a killer. Draco jumped up onto the ledge of the railing and sat on it. He stayed perfectly still while staring over her shoulder. She turned around to see the elder Raro’s smiling sickly at the stairwell entrance. Suddenly the words of the killing curse were screamed and everything flashed by as red embraced him. He was falling through the air with the last trace of red stuck in his eyes before everything went black.


Beeping filled his ears. And loud voices. If he was dead, he wanted silence and quiet, not a bunch of buzzing noises that were increasingly louder and annoying. Then, like surfacing from underwater, everything jumped into focus. He could make out certain words and could see everything, it was just blurred. Suddenly a Healer’s face got very closer to his and Draco understood that they were giving him sedatives, so he passed out again.

Finally, Draco was fully awake and laying on a hospital bed and trying to understand what Potter was telling him. Hermione didn’t know yet but apparently was in the room across the hallway, which was convenient.

“Slow down and repeat,” Draco said with considerable effort.

Harry huffed and started from the beginning again. “When she turned they were at the entrance. One of the two raised their wand and made a big gesture to get ready to utter the killing curse. Victoria, realizing what they were about to do, turned back around towards you and stupefied you, that was the red you seem to remember. The curse knocked you off of the tower and you fell off backwards. I was able to slow the fall with a spell Dumbledore used on me once and you fell slower. I instantly rode my broom down towards the ground. …You still hit pretty hard and were taken here immediately,” He finished.

Draco lay there, trying to process it. It seemed unreal but the red he remembered very vividly. It had to be real. “Huh,” he uttered. Then a new question haunted him.

“What happened to them? What happened to her?”

Harry paused. “Draco, she saved your life. They had a clear shot of you but by her throwing you off of the edge of the tower, you had a better chance of surviving that unforgiveable curse,” He started.

“Well? What happened then?” Draco urged on, getting a sinking feeling.

Harry paused again before starting. He hadn’t known what Draco’s and Victoria’s relationship status was. Obviously there was a love-hate thing going on but he had no clue at all about any of it. He hadn’t wanted to be the one to tell Draco.

“I’m sorry Draco. As the mother stepped forward to kill you, she stumbled on debris and the wand misfired towards her daughter. The green engulfed her instantly. It was a painless death. The father, seeing what his wife had done, was distraught and threw down a type of bomb that went off and killed them both after their only daughter was killed,” He said evenly with a soft voice.

Emotion flitted across Draco’s eyes. Amazement, sadness, despair, anger, confusion, grief. All he could do was sit there in shock. She was dead. Harry nodded curtly and left the room, closing the door. That’s when Draco lost it. All of this madness, this girl who he had hated and caused him so much trouble, hurt, and pain, this girl who actually ended up loving him and saved him life, was dead! But was it his fault?

It was a long night. None of the nurses disturbed him. He finally got his peace when he didn’t want it. He didn’t really want to be alone on that awful night. He didn’t sleep. Image after image crossed his mind every few minutes. His mind was in an almost turmoil type of state. He didn’t know what to think. He was sad and also very confused. Why did this have to happen? They had so many great times but he moved on, he hated this girl for so long, but really she wasn’t so bad. She was, but in retrospect, she wasn’t.

Emotion flowed out of him in a watery mess. And Draco Malfoy did not cry. Ever. But that night he did.

Harry went over to Hermione’s room and told her everything that happened. She wanted to go see him but she couldn’t get up from her bed until the next day, doctor’s orders. The door across the hall was locked anyway. So that night she had nightmares, like she had every night so far, but it was Ron that comforted her that night, with the worst nightmare of them all. In her dream, Draco had died, but when she woke up it wasn’t he who was there, but Ron, who was always ready to sweep her into a hug.

Author's Note: Sorry about the kind of sad chapter but don't worry. I'm happy to say this story is coming to a close and there will be a happy ending so don't fret. Also it's summer! That means I will be updating as soon as I can. And thank you so much to everyone who is reviewing. It really helps. Thanks!

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Healing A Broken Heart: Trouble at Malfoy Manor


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