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The Quidditch Cup by shewhomustnotbenamed_
Chapter 2 : Chapter One
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 I couldn’t wait to get back to Hogwarts. I’d been practising all summer long, going through techniques and plays with my Mum. This was my final year and my last chance of winning the quidditch cup. I had everything packed, with my broom laid delicately down on top. Lily had been in a mood with Al over the whole holiday, telling him what he did was reckless and that he could have broken his neck not just his broom. Dad soon replaced it though, telling him he was just like him in his days. He said he was proud of the three of us for how well we all did but I could tell he was favouring Al, why else would he buy him the new Nimbus 3000? Apart from the fact his old broom looked like something the whomping willow had chucked up.

Anyway, favouritism aside. Today I would be going to back to Hogwarts. And I couldn’t be more excited. Dad’s told me something special is going to happen this year but other than that he won’t tell me anything more. Saying that none of the adults in my family will, even Teddy is acting a little smug. Fine, don’t tell me your secrets I shall find out soon for myself.

“James, are you ready? We’re leaving soon” Mum shouted up the stairs.

“Yeah, I’ll be down in a second” I just had to check I had the map and cloak and I was ready. Hogwarts just wouldn’t be complete without them.

I pulled out my wand and levitated my case downstairs, there’s perks to being seventeen you know, and magic outside of school is one of them.

I walked into the living room and the whole family were there eagerly awaiting. Like every year, we meet here and drive to the train station, in one car, with many extendable charms. “Morning James” Uncle George said I met him with a nod, a good old manly nod. Ron and Dad started putting the cases in the boot of the car, I hoped to Merlin Hermione was drivingno matter what Dad or Ron say they have not got the hang of muggle driving, they just haven’t. Ron thinks red means go and Dad well, he wouldn’t be the boy who lived it if he had to drive everywhere.

“You ready?” Freddie asked me.

“Of course” I said back laughing, Freddie had told me this year he planned on making the most out of his last years at Hogwarts and that including alcohol and all the girls Hogwarts had to offer. Me on the other hand I only had one girl in mind and I couldn’t wait to crush her (not literally just her spirit- I don’t hit girls, not now not ever).

We piled into the back of the car and to my comfort Hermione was driving. I counted round we were all here. The parents had said their good-byes at the house and were now on the way to work, or whatever they usually do during their alone time. It was just Dad, Hermione and Ron who were taking us, aka the Golden Trio. They were in the front as all of us were in the back.

We talked about our plans for this year. Al even had the nerve to ask me about quidditch, I told him right where to stuff it, I’d managed to keep my plays secret all summer, like I’d tell him now. He could be a spy for all I know. Roxanne reckons Ravenclaw have a good standing for the quidditch cup this year, but Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff are irrelevant to me, especially when I have my eyes on the prize.

The car stopped. We had arrived. Kings Cross station, I breathed in the air remembering what this felt like after all it would be last time I come here, as a student. It was depressing but overwhelming at the same time, I had my whole future ahead of me to do whatever I pleased. I planned to be a professional quidditch player, if it wasn’t obvious.

Dad had managed to make sure the paparazzi weren’t going to be here to ruin the send-off. I don’t know how but they kept their word. I was the last to go through the platform, I wanted to saviour the moment. With my trolley in hand I ran through the wall and arrived at Platform 9 ¾’s for the last time. I smiled as I saw the large red steam train ahead of me, the Hogwarts Express, the big old beauty. I was too busy staring at my surroundings to notice I was still standing in front of the entrance, so of course I tumbled to the floor as the next person came crashing into me.

“Oh shit!” the girl exclaimed “I’m so sorry!” I had the wind knocked straight out of me. I turned to see who it was. Of course it had to be her. I saw her face when she realised it was me, it changed from sympathetic to impassive “I’m sorry James” she said as she held a hand out for me to take. I refused, the day I relied on Cora Greengrass for anything, would be the day I’d have my man hood taken away from me. I pulled myself up and my trolley “It’s ok, it was my fault” I said through gritted teeth, just being around her set me on edge.

She smiled shyly at me. “Had a nice summer?” she asked.

“Why do you care?” I retorted.

“You know I thought we could get over all this rivalry, but no you’re just as childish as ever. This is our last year don’t you even want to try and get along?”

“Get along with you? Ha, when the black lake freezes over”

“You do realise that happens, almost every year”

“You do realise, I don’t care”

“Smart Potter. Really where do you get your come backs from?”

“Definitely not your mum, I let her keep them”

“You’re disgusting”

“You’re jealous”

“Of what that you thrashed us in the quidditch cup last year? Oh no wait you didn’t. Yeah right Potter, I’ve got nothing to be jealous of. I’ll guess I’ll be seeing you around”

“I guess I’ll be seeing you around” I mimicked when she was out of ear shot. I hate her, with every fibre of my body. And no I haven’t noticed how she’s gotten taller or grew in certain areas. No, not at all.

I walked back over to the family and said my final good-byes before getting on to train and making my last journey to Hogwarts.

The train journey was uneventful, I shooed off Malfoy and told him to get a new Girlfriend, which earned me a slap from Rose and is the reason why my right cheek is now throbbing. The girl has got a hand on her I’ll tell her that. It’s just a shame she chooses not to use it in quidditch, she’d make a fantastic chaser - or even a keeper, but no she says school is more important. Like school would ever be more important than quidditch, ha girls...

We were now sitting in the great hall the first years had been sorted, the hat had sung its song and we were now awaiting McGonagall’s famous speech. McGonagall stood up and chimed her glass three times, signalling for everyone else to shut up. The hall’s chattering abruptly stopped and McGonagall stood there smiling proudly at everyone.

“Hello, I’d like to welcome you all back or welcome you for the first time in some cases, I’m Professor McGonagall and I am your head mistress” Freddie wooed her. “Yes, thank you Mr Weasley- Now I know you are all hungry so I won’t keep you, but this year we have some big news, one which will affect the school quite majorly. This year there will be no quidditch house cup”. WHAT!?! The whole school broke out into a uproar “However-” McGonagall said causing the ruckus to quiet down “Hogwarts will be competing in The Quidditch Cup an event which is has been newly reinstated by the ministry this year. This means a team of you will be representing Hogwarts in the competition, against twenty-six other schools nationwide. Hogwarts has been chosen to host the even this year, so I expect you all to be on your best behaviour when the rest of the schools arrive, in November. This means we have two months to sort out our own team, which we will be putting forward. As a result I would like anybody who wishes to try out as Captain to write down their name on the list outside of my office, you will each then be called for an interview. And depending on how you do will depend on if you get the job. The rest of the positions then will be down to the Captain of the team, where we will have complete faith in their decisions in choosing the best for our school. You have until Tuesday to put your name down and on Friday the Captain will be named. Other than the differences with Quidditch, the school and lessons will carry on as normal, however you will have some new students in your lessons, so we hope you will treat them as well as you treat each other. That is all you may now eat” She sat down, and the school erupted into conversation about the news we had just been given.

“You going to apply?” Freddie asked me.

“Of course! This is what dad and all the others were hinting at all holiday they knew about this!”

“You’re going to be the best Captain” said Elisa Walker, a fifth year who sadly was one of my adoring annoying fan club, she batted her heavy eye lids at me flirtatiously.

“I haven’t been chosen yet” I said to her.

“No but there’s no doubt you will”

“She’s right bro” Thomas said to me “There’s no better Captain out there” he said through mouthfuls of chicken legs. With the mention of better Captains, my eyes flew over to the Slytherin table where Cora was sitting there happily laughing along to whatever one of the slime balls had said. I tried to work out whether she was wearing a head girl badge, but I couldn’t see from this far away. Louis has got head boy, I wasn’t that jealous or envious over it, I just really hoped Cora hadn’t got head girl otherwise I wouldn’t hear the end of it.

My eyes met Al’s who smiled at me. I returned it and looked away before he realised who I was really looking at. I swear other than the quidditch team Cora doesn’t have any other friends.

 I ate the rest of my dinner, I couldn’t wait to sign up for Captain. I feel like I was made to represent the school, just like my dad in the Tri-Wizarding-Tournament.

McGonagall chimed her fork on her goblet and the whole school went silent. We were all waiting in anticipation, for her to send us off to bed and for her to send me off to her office so I could sign up for Captain. “Now after a wonderful feast, I would like to send you all off for a well needed rest. If the first years would like to follow their house prefects back to their dormitories. I would also like to introduce our new Head Boy and Girl: Mr Louis Weasley” he stood up and waved “and Miss Annie Hart” Annie was a Hufflepuff who again stood up and smiled at the rest of the student body, I had to say I was slightly surprised it wasn’t Cora, I bet she was gutted.

“Now if you’d all like to go to bed and be ready for Monday morning when lessons will commence, Good-night”. With her dismissal the kids ran out of the hall and I was one of them.

There was a huge queue outside of her office, everyone and anyone was there desperately trying to put their name down in a weak chance of being picked for Captain, not that I could talk much after all I was standing in the queue too. Gradually the queue started moving and after what felt like a thousand years I finally got the opportunity to put my name down. I dipped the quill in the pot of ink and slowly wrote down my name, wanting to savour the moment. I heard a foot tapping next to me, it was little Miss Cora Greengrass, impatiently waiting for me to finish so I did what any other teenager wanting to annoy his archenemy would do, I wrote even slower.

“Eurgh will you hurry up Potter?”

“I’m sorry, it’s not my fault I’m a slow writer”

“I’ll show you a slow writer” she said under her breath, only just audible.

I finished with the line across the two t’s and decided to test her patients even further with a full stop.

“Finally!” she exclaimed.

I smiled as I handed her the quill, being ever so careful to stab her “gently” with the tip. She didn’t say anything, as she quickly wrote down her name in a second and began to walk away. I decided against my better judgement to rile her up even further by following her.

“So… I heard you didn’t get head girl, are you upset? Depressed? Suicidal? Would you like help with jumping of the astronomy tower?” I asked helpfully, I was only joking, I wasn’t friends with the girl, but I definitely wouldn’t wish death upon her no matter how angry she makes me.

She smiled sweetly at me as she turned round one of the corners “Actually Potter, I did get head girl”

“No you didn’t Annie did” I said matter-of-factly.

“Yes she did after I sent back the badge explaining to McGonagall that I had too many commitments and I couldn’t possibly manage being head girl too” of course little miss perfect, always has ulterior motives. Of course she had to turn down the bloody role, she was too perfect not to.

“I bet you’re gutted now that you won’t get a chance to be captain with the quidditch house cup not happening anymore, I bet you’ll have a lot of spare time on your hands. Spare time you could have used being head girl”

“Are you suggesting, that even if I don’t become Captain, there’s no possible chance of me getting on the team?” she laughed.

“Well, I know for a fact if I make Captain, you’d be the last person I’d choose for the team”

“Well, that’s where you and me are different Potter, I’d want the best for the school and that means choosing the best, no matter what the situation is like off side the pitch”

“It’s a bit pretentious isn’t it, thinking you’re the best in the school? You’re not the only keeper you know…”

“I might not be the best, but I’m good. And if you deny that you are insulting your own skills, otherwise you’d have no problem scoring past me…” at that she walked away, leaving me no time to reply not that I had a good come back anyway. She was right she was a good keeper, a bloody brilliant one at that and begrudged me to say it. 

I sighed as I walked back to the common room, thinking about the team I’d choose if I became captain and I can honestly say Cora wouldn’t be a part of it…


Author's note: I don't own anything, that you recognise. it all belongs to j.k and whoever else I may have mentioned....

Tell me what you thought of it! Good, bad? looking forward to the enxt chapter? tell me....

If you haven't already try checking out some of my other stories aha. Thank you for reading (hopefully reviewing)

lots of love,



AN: EDITED 13/11/2013 - editing grammar and ect, please tell me if i've missed anything or any problems... would like the critism.... or not... tell me what you think of the story xoxo

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