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Just Go With It by True Author
Chapter 4 : Stricken
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Lovely CI by verloren@TDA!


 Viktor Krum had never been so irritated in his entire life.

Being a famous Quidditch player, he was used to short polite conversations with Ministers and sportspeople, but he wasn’t used to endless chatting. When he was a kid, his parents hardly spoke to him or each other. Whenever they tried to speak with each other, the conversation turned into a fight. So Viktor never stayed in the same room with both of them. Even now, he barely spoke with his father as he was never really home. He didn’t even have any friends to chat with. He didn’t even talk to his Quidditch team, even though he was their captain. He explained a couple of things in short, but he never talked about anything unnecessary. He liked to be or was used to be lonely and quite.

But today, a totally stranger girl called Amy was telling him anything and everything about everyone. She had started talking about random topics from the moment they stepped out of the deserted alley they had been in. Viktor just stared at her, muttering simple responses like yes, no and okay but she didn’t seem to care. Her ceaseless talking never stopped.

“You know what; I have a tendency of exploring things. I love to visit new places, to make new friends like you and to try different charms. I just love when something new comes in my life. But everyone has a family and I have one too. Their thoughts are really old fashioned you know. You know the pure blood status and the old creepy ornaments and everything? You have already seen my brothers, so you might get what I’m saying. My parents are even worse! When I was a kid, they made me wear an old locket with something in Latin inscribed in it. When I refused to wear, they forced it down my neck! I mean, seriously. I was so angry that I threw it into the Churning Box of Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes. It actually churned it. They beat me up, but never dared to force me in anything. Have you been forced to do something?” she asked, pausing to take a breath.

“No.” He replied sternly, clenching his fists into his pockets. Now they were walking down a muggle road and muggles were turning to see the weird couple often. Amy was dressed in muggle clothes, a leather jacket and jeans while Viktor wore dark velvety dress robes. Besides, Amy was talking excitedly while Viktor was grumpy and expressionless. She was practically bouncing beside him, often shaking her hands and rolling her eyes. Viktor wanted to thrust a sponge into her mouth to stop her, but his mannered soul didn’t allow him to do so.

Amy chuckled with sorrow.

“You’re very lucky. I hate being forced to do something. Take marriage for instance. By the way, are you married? I never asked you.”

Viktor gave his head a little jerk, instead of saying no but Amy took it as a positive sign.

“Ooh, what’s your wife’s name? Do you have kids? You must have a photo of her in your pocket then. Can I see? Where did you meet her? Oh and where did you marry? In a church or in romantic marble halls?”

Viktor pulled his fists out of his pockets and shook them over his shoulders with growing impatience and irritation.

“I meant no- I’m not married!” he said almost rudely. Amy flushed. It must have been very embarrassing for her, but not enough to stop her talking. She didn’t say anything for nearly a minute and then landed on a fresh topic.

“Which is your favorite band? Mine is the old Weird Sisters. Well, the new Weird Sisters aren’t the original ones after all. The singer is awful you know. She doesn’t know how to perform in concerts and anything. She looks horrible in those blood stained white dress robes she likes to wear during her-“

“Will you just give rest to your mouth for a moment?” Viktor snapped, forgetting his gentlemanly attitude. He knew that he was being rude, but the meaningless chitchat was getting on his nerves. He stopped walking, tugged Amy by the arm and pulled her to the side of the road. She was apparently so surprised that she didn’t even try to defend herself like she had done before. She simply stared at him with disbelief as he released her. She pulled the long sleeve of her jacket back and began to rub her hands, frowning.

“What’s your problem? You hurt me! You’re too strong.” She exclaimed, her voice alarmingly loud. He put his finger on his lips and tried to calm himself down. He hadn’t realized that he had grabbed her hand so harshly.

“I’m sorry for that,” he apologized, gesturing at her arm, “but you shouldn’t really tell so much about yourself to a stranger like me. It’s just me today, but it could be anyone. It’s really dangerous.”

She folded her hands and eyed him curiously.

“Why are you judging me, Mister? Then can I say in return that you are a way too much secretive about yourself? I don’t even know your name.”

Viktor punched his left hand with his right.

“Exactly! You don’t even know me, then why are you babbling about yourself so much?” he asked victoriously. To his surprise, Amy gave a sigh and nodded.

“You’re right. I’m really very talkative. It’s my habit, you know. My mum always told me to keep my mouth shut in public. I always used to embarrass her in front of our guests.” But suddenly, her features turned into a grin and she looked at him with sparkle in her eyes. “But it’s just you, not anyone else this time, is it? Then why don’t you make friends with me? Let’s share everything with each other.”

Viktor sighed and shook his head. No, he couldn’t teach Amy four words of wisdom. But to his surprise, he himself was smiling though he didn’t want to. Amy threw her head backwards and laughed loudly. Then she outstretched her hand.

“I’m Amy,” she said, “and you are Viktor. We are friends.”

Viktor suppressed his grin and shook her hand half willingly.

“But we already did that,” he pointed out as he released her hand. She smirked.

 “But you hadn’t considered me as a friend, had you?” she asked. “Now you look like you’re glad to accept me as a friend. Aren’t you glad? You look lonely and friendless.”

Viktor didn’t like her statement, but couldn’t refuse the fact that he was indeed lonely and friendless. He had never really had a friend in his life. He didn’t have any girlfriend either. Didn’t that mean he was both lonely and friendless? It did. Amy was right.

For the first time, he thought about his own state. He had always thought that people never talk to him because he’s distant and stern. But this time, things were completely different. This unknown girl had saved him from a pestering reporter and was offering her friendship to him. Maybe he should try his hand at making friends now that Hermione wasn’t with him anymore. He had wasted ten years of his life in a cage made by himself. He had never opened up before anyone, hadn’t talked much and hadn’t made any friends. Was it a mistake? He wasn’t sure.

“So, what’s the plan now?” Amy’s question brought him back to the reality.

“Do you think I could go back to Gringotts now?” he asked uncertainly. Amy thought about it for a moment and then shook her head.

“I’m not sure. Why do you want to go there so badly?”

“It’s- nothing.” He answered, not wishing to tell her about Hermione and his wish to be alone somewhere in London. Amy rolled her eyes.

“Okay, don’t tell me anything about you.” She said. “Now let’s think about what we should do next-“

Amy’s sentence was interrupted by a sudden flash upon them. Viktor instantly turned towards the direction of the flash to find the reporter he had met in Diagon Alley standing before him, accompanied by a cameraman. A wicked smile played on her face as she eyed their horrified faces. Amy, who hadn’t met the reporter yet, frowned at her suspiciously. Viktor wanted to nudge her and tell her how awful the woman was, but he was so shocked that he couldn’t move.

“Hey, who are you?” shouted Amy furiously before Viktor could stop her. The reporter raised an eyebrow, as if she expected Amy to reflect differently. She moved towards them, the cameraman following her, the smile still lingering on her lips. Viktor’s heartbeats were unbelievably fast, though he wasn’t really scared. He kept staring at the reporter with surprised expressions on his face while his logical mind was considering different ways of escaping the reporter.

“Viktor,” Amy whispered, “who is she? What are we gonna do if she’s a wizard or something? That camera- it’s not muggle one.”

“Follow me.” murmured Viktor under his breath. He moved his hand slowly behind him and caught Amy’s. they stood hand in hand as the cameraman snapped another picture.

“Hello, darlings,” the reporter chanted sweetly, “I had a clear doubt on both of you.”

“Did you follow us?” asked Viktor, stepping backwards. Amy too took a step backwards, glancing nervously at him. Viktor clutched her hand tighter and continued to move backwards, away from the reporter.

“So, Mr. Krum.” The reporter continued. “Are you running away with Miss Weinberg?”

Viktor clenched his jaw but didn’t say anything. Amy looked at him, surprised to hear that he was indeed Viktor Krum but thankfully didn’t say anything. Viktor was still revising his plan when he saw Amy’s brothers running towards them, shouting. They were bumping on several muggles while they ran, but they didn’t even bother to apologize. Their eyes were fixed upon Amy and him. Amy shook Viktor furiously.

“Are you mad?” she said in an outraged whisper. “They’ll get us!”

Then she caught Viktor’s arm tightly and looked at him with warning eyes.

“Now you are going to follow me.” She demanded. “Come on. Now RUN!”

And before Viktor could realize what was happening, they were running through the crowd carelessly. Amy was running wildly, pushing people out of her way, while Viktor shouted “We’re sorry!” every time she pushed someone. Amy was still dragging him with her though they couldn’t see her brothers chasing them. Viktor didn’t get why they weren’t disapparating, but Amy had no intention of listening to him. He tried to stop her, but she wouldn’t. Viktor had no choice but to run with her. After running like a fool for ten minutes he suddenly stopped.

“Amy, where are we going?” he panted, as Amy stopped to see why he stopped.

“To Diagon Alley,” she said breathlessly. “We’re just taking a round back to the Leaky Cauldron. It’s just a few-“

“Are you mad?” Viktor shouted at her, making her jump. He hadn’t heard such an impractical and impossible plan in his life. He caught his head in his hand.

“Do you think the squad wouldn’t be there, waiting for us? You are leading us into a trap, fool! Your brothers aren’t chasing us. Perhaps they’re waiting for us there. How can you be so foolish?”

Amy looked at him with disbelief.

“What are we gonna do?” she whispered, her eyes widening with fear. It looked like it hadn’t occurred to her that it was dangerous to go to Diagon Alley now. Not only for her but also for Viktor.

“I don’t know.” He confessed and to his horror, he saw Amy’s brothers walking towards them from the side where the Alley was. Amy grabbed Viktor’s hand with fear and he pressed it. To his surprise, Matthew and Richard weren’t looking mad at them. they were actually grinning. He couldn’t believe his eyes.

“Matthew, Richard,” exclaimed Amy unexpectedly, “what are you guys doing here?”

When both of them came closer, they stopped in front of them and said, panting.

“We accept this.”

“What?” snapped Amy. “What are you talking about?”

Matthew and Richard glanced at each other and then at Viktor. Matthew whispered something in Richard’s eye and he nodded.

“Amy, we don’t get why you ran away.” Said Richard with unexpected warmth.

“What the hell!” Amy groaned.

“We mean it,” prompted Matthew. “You could’ve told us about him. He is a pure-blood after all. We would’ve accepted him.”

Viktor chilled to the bone. He suddenly realized what was going on and what they were thinking. His jaw dropped and he couldn’t utter a word.

“Mum and Dad would be happy, Amy.” Matthew continued.

Amy too looked stricken for a second, but then she smiled at her brothers.

“Thanks for being such awesome brothers,” she said, moving towards them. She hugged both of them at once and then turned to Viktor with a fake grin on her face.

“We would be happy to get married with my family’s permission, wouldn’t we, Viktor?”

And before he could say anything, Amy took his hand and led him to her brothers.


A new twist! I can’t tell much about it right now, but the future 2-3 chapters are going to be super funny. Then the part of sadness would come, but it’s okay. =]

I’m happy to see the feedback of this story. =] Thank you very much if you’ve read and reviewed my story! :D



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Just Go With It: Stricken


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