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Confronting Temptation by EarthsTrueGreen
Chapter 10 : Thinking Consequences
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 Chapter 10

“Scorpius,” Rose yelled walking after him in the back ally of the bar. The second that Rex had put her down her eyes went to the back corner where Scorpius and her had been dancing. She watched as his eyes had a look of pure rage in them, turning around he quickly left through the back exit of the bar. She knew she had to talk to him at least explain to him who exactly Rex was, so politely excusing herself she followed out the door.

“Scorpius wait,” she said again gaining some speed and catching up to him.

Scorpius shoulders went rigged as he turned on her and yelled “Damn it Rose do you know how much I feel like an idiot right now?”

“Will you let me…” She was going to say explain but Scorpius interrupted.

“What the bloody hell is there to explain?” he shouted “You could have told me that you had a boyfriend instead of letting me pour my heart out to you in there, but no that would have been too easy, too decent of a thing to do.”

“Hey,” she yelled back her eyes glaring at him.

“No,” he yelled he was so livid that he didn’t want to hear what she had to say “At least I know why you have been so resistant. Tell me Rose what were you going to do for the next four months? Keep leading me on, giving me false hope? Allowing me to continue to fall for you knowing that I didn’t have a chance, in fact never had a chance” He paused for dramatic effect “Oh wait who am I talking about, of course you would it’s what you do break my heart over and over again and I am so sick of it!”

Rose slapped him, she slapped him hard and then stared at him with a dark expression “Are you done being the arrogant judgmental arse hole that I first met? Because if you are I would like to point out a few corrections to your accusations.”

Scorpius looked like he was about to argue with her “No! It’s my turn to talk,” she shouted. He had insulted her, he had insulted her in one of the worst ways possible which was by doubting her love for him and that hurt in more ways than she could count.

“I have been resistant the same reason for the past six years and that was because our families would never approve and you are well aware of that fact.” She crossed her arms watching as Scorpius didn’t budge once from his excruciating glare.

“And as for Rex, who is not my boyfriend and in fact never really was, I didn’t mention him because there isn’t a whole lot to mention.” She spat “And while we are on the subject of not mentioning other people, I might add that you are a hypocritical bastard.”

“Oh that’s rich, I’m a hypocrite? And who exactly have I been hiding?” He scoffed as if it were a joke.

Rose had to take a step away almost in utter shock that he said that. “I cannot believe that you just said that?” Her wide eyes searched his to see if he would give the slightest indication to what she was talking about. Shaking her head she was so tiered of him always playing the victim and now it was her turn to reverse the roles a little bit.

“Well for starters let’s go with your fiancé,” She could see Scorpius’ eyes go from narrowed to shocked instantly. “Who, by the lack of a ring on your finger, I am assuming you didn’t marry. But then again I’m not entirely sure because, and I hate to point out the obvious, you have not exactly been the most revealing person. In fact you have yet to offer up any information about your life since the day you got here.” She released a loud breath as she uncrossed her arms and put them on her hips giving him a look that dared him to deny any of her statements.

She waited for him to say anything realizing that he still wasn’t going to speak she dropped her arms exhausted with the argument. “It’s funny what the Daily Prophet can tell you.” Her voice a mixture of tired and hurt.

“The Daily Prophet is not distributed over here because it is too far for the owls to fly.” He said it as if that made a difference.

“Oh you are quite right,” She practically whispered “About a year and a half ago my uncle Charlie discovered a new breed of Dragon and that particular edition of the paper just so happened to have a lovely article about it.” She took a step closer to him “Albus isn’t one for reading the Prophet but he did send me a copy thinking I might enjoy it. Of course I read the whole paper, that was until page K14 third article down, fourth from the right.”

Her breathing was slow and steady as she took another step forward closing the gap between them “Do you happen to know where you engagement announcement was."

His eyes seemed blank for he had no words to say “You want to talk to me about breaking your heart?” she whispered raising her hand to brush a few strands of his hair out of his eyes, only to let her hand continue to touch him “There is nothing more heart breaking than the moment when you realize that the person you are meant to spend the rest of your life with has moved past you.” A single tear escaped her eyes as she dropped her hand.

“Rose,” Scorpius whispered, but she only shook her head and held out her hand, using her other thumb to wipe away her tears. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to hear what he had to say it was that her heart couldn’t take anymore that night.

So sniffling back her tears she turned around and began to walk away only to pause at the door while reaching for the handle. Turning her head she saw as he was staring at her every move, “Actually I lied there is one thing more heart breaking.”

“And what’s that?” he asked.

“The ten second after when you remember that you’re the one who told him to move on,” She stared at him for a long moment her lips pressed in a hard line “That feeling kills you.” Those were her last words before walking inside and slamming the door behind her.


Rose lay in her bed wide awake Rex silently sleeping beside her. He had done it so many times but this time it was different, this time guilt washed over her for she was betraying her heart. Looking to Rex she bit her lip while picking at a loose string on her tank top. There were so many reasons why he should be laying beside her and at the moment she didn’t give a damn about any of them.

The thing was that Rose had allowed herself to become closed off to the idea of any relationship. She had built walls up to make it hard for people to get to know her in an intimate way, telling people things on a need to know bases. This was something she knew and was fully conscious of. It was her way of protecting her heart. Out of the past six years only one person had ever come close to tearing those walls down and that was Rex two years ago.

Thinking back to the first time she even met Rex. Carla had asked if her brother could stay with them for three months because his job was bringing him to the city and it was such hassle to find an apartment with only a three month lease.

Her mind was becoming a swarm of memories as she remembered everything as if it had only happened yesterday.

Rose sat extremely still on a stool at the breakfast counter, almost as if she was in shock. Her hand was covering her mouth as she stared at the Daily Prophet in front of her. Her skin prickled with pain a sudden chill washing over her. She felt her heart thump harder as a sick feeling came over her, looking down she had to double check what she had seen, she had to have misread it, she was sure of it.

Taking another glance, nope she hadn’t. Right in front of her eyes in the back of the paper where acknowledgments and announcements were was a box outlined in stupid little floating hearts were the words:

 We would like to extend a congratulation to one of our own members of the Daily Prophet family, reporter Lexie Thorton for her recent engagement to Auror Scorpius Malfoy. We Love you dearly and whishing the happy couple the best of luck.

In her defense ever since Christmas and that argument with her dad she had spent a lot of time thinking about Scorpius and to be honest she missed him. That argument wasn’t one of their usual arguments about Scorpius, her father had really pushed her buttons that time and she almost shouted I love him, catching herself on the I. She couldn't believe that she had almost said the word love as in present tense as in still. She had spent so much time tucking that part of her away that the realization of it was nearly impossible to bounce back from. It was driving her mental and at one point she even found herself standing in the middle of the Port Key station, bad packed with a ticket in hand ready to find Scorpius. But when it came time to leave, she was physically unable to move. That four days prior.

A tear began to slip from her eye and down her chin, she hadn’t allowed herself to cry since that night in the Divination room with Scorpius, but today she did. She supposed that it was her own fault she’s the one who told him to move on, who told him to not give up on love, but at the same time she didn’t think that she would be looking at his bloody wedding announcement in the paper. Apparently saying and knowing were two very different things.

The sound of someone clearing their throat pulled her back to reality, looking up she saw Rex as he poured himself a cup of coffee. She had forgotten that Rex was here, he had only been staying with them about two weeks and so far he would be asleep when she left for work or he was with Carla, this was honestly the first time they had been left alone together, Carla going to some convention thing with Matt that weekend. Rose lowered her head attempting to cover her tears but it was weak.

She wasn’t heavily crying in fact Rex had said once he had never seen anyone cry as silently as she did. She tried to hold them back but it was pointless as the tears slowly streamed down her face, unstoppable.

Rex looked at the paper sure that he was able to guess which article it was that was bothering her. “You know I’d be crying to if I had just found out that a hundred and two year old cat named Mrs. Pettypry had just died.”

Rose laughed as she looked at him with his goofy smile, wiping her eyes again “I don’t think I made it to that one,” she looked down at the paper and saw the picture of the cat right underneath the floating hearts.

Rex glanced out the window at how dreary and cold it was, the sky almost looking black with clouds. “You want to get out of here?” he asked taking another sip of his coffee.

She paused thinking as she nodded her head “You have no idea.”


“So if you had one word to describe this Scorpio what would it be."

Rose laughed “Scorpius,” she corrected as she walked along the abandoned beach with Rex about a foot apart. The sky was actually pretty dark and cloudy there as well but at least it was a better scenery. It wasn’t exactly warm  where they were she had on a long sleeved shirt and paints but it wasn’t near as could as New York. She was able to take off her shoes and walk in the sand bare foot with her paints slightly rolled up

Thinking she bit her lip “First,”

Rex turned and met her eyes with a raised eyebrow. Rose could feel her cheeks become pink as she smile “He was a lot of firsts.” She explained.

“Oh do tell,” he said flirtatiously.

Rolling her eyes she looked to the ground “He was my first hex, along with my first fight. He was my first enemy that’s for sure. My first broken nose, arm, wrist, finger, rib, leg, ankle, and toe.” Rex had a shocked expression on his face “We fought a lot.”

“Obviously,” he said letting her continue.

“He was the first person to make me feel special for being myself and he was my first first.”

Rex laughed lightly “I thought that might be included.

Rose stopped walking as she smiled to herself, digging her toe into the sand “He was my first true love and my first real heart break.”

Rex stood still as he looked at Rose “He break your heart?"

Shaking her head so looked up to his eyes “No I broke his… and mine in the process” she added after a moment.

“Your first regret?” He asked looking into her eyes.

Rose gave a slight nod unable to actually say the answer. Forcing a smile on her face she turned away and began to walk “Like I said a lot of first.”

It was funny she had never told Matt or Carla any of this stuff and yet she was able to tell it to a complete stranger. Then again maybe that was why or maybe it was because he had caught her in a moment of weakness.

Deciding to change the subject she said “So tell me something about you?”

“Like what?”

“Well what is it that you do Carla said you came to New York on a job,”

Rex smiled “You know when magical buildings are built?”

“Yes,” she said

“Well I’m the one who designs and leads those developments overseeing the magical spells and charms that are put on them.”

“Sounds interesting,”

“I enjoy it.” He shrugged.

They walked in silence for a while Rose listening as the waves crashed upon the shore. “So where are we exactly?” She asked noticing how there seemed to be nobody around and all the inns along the beach were boarded up.

“Were right by Charleston South Carolina, this is one of the less tourist attracted beaches.”

Rose looked around “It still seems dead,”

“It’s off season, a lot of these places find it cheaper to close down for winter than to maintain a full staff.” Rose nodded feeling the cool sand mush between her feet.

“Thanks for this,” she said suddenly.

Shrugging his shoulders as if it was nothing “No problem,” he said looking as the darker clouds started to come in “I think we better head back if you don’t want to get soaked.” Almost on cue large pellets of rain began to fall hitting them in the sand.

“Good suggestion,” she laughed, the cold rain stinging her skin.

Rex smiled “Come on,” he said taking her hand and pulling her towards one of the boarded up inns.

Unfortunately running didn’t keep them from getting absolutely soaked. When on the poach Rex reached behind Rose and grabbed one of the folded quilts that was on the patio furniture, unfolding it he waited to for Rose’s objection before wrapping it around her pulling it tight and letting his hands linger “Carla did tell you that our parents owned an inn on the beach?” he spoke his words soft.

Rose was taken off guard unable to remember, besides Scorpius, the last time she was this close to someone. “She may have mentioned it,” she said softly.

She could feel his warm breath on her face “Let’s get inside,” he said waving his wand and opening the door and pulling her in.

There was something about the way he looked at her, the way he smiled, and listened to her that made her happy, something which she hadn’t felt since Scorpius, it wasn’t love or anything close but more like attraction. She wasn’t sure what had come over her but the second they walked inside she turned around and kissed him and he willing kissed her. Letting the blanket fall and pushing her against the wall the dampness of their clothes sticking to one another.

Turning his head Rex brushed his lips down her neck giving her the overwhelming feeling of being nervous as he hiked her legs up and around his waist. Rose gasped bending her head back with pleasure as she squeezed her legs tighter around him pulling him closer to her.

Rex becoming more involved in the kiss pulled away quickly and looked to Rose his eyes full of desire and passion, “I’m not really one to do relationships,” he said his breathing shallow and fast.

Rose searched his eyes and nearly laughed “Trust me when I say the last thing I want in my life is a relationship.” Rex gave a devious grin and she covered his lips with hers.


“You know if you two are going to continue to sleep together you could at least keep it confined to your room,”

Rose chuckled from where she sat on her kitchen counter, Rex standing between her legs. She had just finished her morning work out when Rex caught her off guard and tackled her with his lips. Pulling her lips off of Rex and pushing him away from her she looked to Carla who had walked into the kitchen “Good morning Carla.” She said somewhat sympathetically as she laughed.

Rex on the other hand turned to Carla “You are always one for bad timing little sis.”

Carla shrugged as she walked over to the coffee pot not entirely awake yet. Rex took a sip of Rose’s coffee looking at the clock on the stove “Crap I’m going to be late,” he said putting the cup down and giving Rose one last kiss before apperarating out of the room.

Rose turned and met Carla’s stare as she took one long sip of coffee “I told you if it was weird you could tell me?"

Carla rolled her eyes as she downed the rest of her coffee “If I quit talking to every friend of mine that Rex has slept with then I would have a very dull social life.”

“So you don’t care?”

“I told you I didn’t,” she paused to look at Rose again.

“What?” she asked turning away from Carla’s eyes.

“You never struck me as the type of person that would have a fling,” She gave a very love sick smile “Don’t you want a relationship?”

“No.” Rose said honestly “Relationships are too serious.”

Carla licked her lips pausing to think of her next words “Rex is getting serious,”

Rose rolled her eyes and shook his head “Rex doesn’t do serious, that was one of the first things he told me, and if I’m being honest that’s why I like him because we both want the same thing which is nothing.” She argued.

“Well he is this time” Carla stated.

Rose turned away “And what makes you think that?”

Putting her coffee cup down Carla asked “Do you know how many times Rex dates a girl before he dumps her?” Rose shook her head “Three,” Carla said waving three fingers in the air. “It’s been two and a half months with you,”

“Well he is living here,” Rose countered.

Scoffing Carla shook her head “I know my brother and whatever you have done you have made him fall for you.”

Rose looked to the ground she liked Rex and sometimes she could see herself being with him and most times she felt extremely guilty for even having the thought. “And what proof do you have?"

“Well I have it on pretty good authority from my mom that Rex has decided to turn down the contract position in California to stay here,”

Rose’s head shot up “That’s a huge position,” she said remembering Rex telling her about it a month ago and how much it would do for his career if he got it.

Carla tapped her finger on the counter “Like I said he’s getting serious,” Carla paused as she walked to Rose forcing her friend to look her in the eye, she didn’t have a disapproving look but one of true concern “I’m just wondering if you are as serious as he is.”

“I do like Rex, it’s just that…” she was going to say that her heart belonged somewhere else but she didn’t shaking her head she nodded “I’ll talk to him,”

Carla had a slight look of disappointment on her face “You know Rose you could give love a chance every once in a while, it doesn’t have to be with Rex.”

But Rose only shook her head no “That would mean that I would have to confront a lot of things and to be honest me and love aren’t on very good terms.”

Giving a half smile Carla didn’t push her. “Thank you for talking to Rex,”


Rex stood in Rose’s room his bags packed and sitting on her bed. Looking up he met Rose’s stare as she leaned against her door frame with her arms crossed. “You got everything,” she asked like a mother. She had told him that he should take the position in California saying that her heart wasn’t in it. He had begged her to reconsider but she stood her ground and here the day was that he was leaving.

Rex nodded giving one last look to his bags and then to Rose “You know you could change your mind.”

Rose sighed walking into the room “I won’t,”

“Rose,” he sighed himself taking her by the hands and pulling her to him “That guy Scorpius has moved on why can’t you?” he asked curious for an answer.

“When you’ve met the person that you know you are supposed to spend the rest of your life with you don’t want anybody else,” she cried.

“He did,” Rex whispered.

“I know and that’s why this why I can’t move on because it still hurts.” She cried touching his face.

Rex pulled her into a hug “Will you promise me that when I return you will at least try to be with me.”

“If you return,”

“I will,” he said in a knowing way.

She wasn’t sure what made her say it but she nodded her head “I’ll try.” That was all Rex needed to hear “Assuming that you don’t fall for some Californian girl,” she joked trying to alleviate the tension.

Rex cupped her face kissing her on the forehead. “I’ll be seeing you,” he whispered letting go of her and apperarating out of the room leaving Rose by herself and she cried. Not because she watched him leave but because she knew that she would never be able to give him what he wanted. She could never give Rex the heart which would always belong to Scorpius, she would keep her promise and try but she would never fully be his.

Rose remained very still as she pulled her mind away from the memory. It was that day over a year ago when Rose took the last few steps in order to shield her heart from any sort of emotion. Allowing it to become hard and cold and it wasn’t until that very moment that she realized it only took Scorpius entering back into her life for it to melt bringing back the pain of their past and all of the reasons why they were never going to be together. Holding back a gasping breath she rolled over on her side as far away from Rex as possible and silently cried.

A/N: Alright so I hope that explain some things I know it’s not as much Scor/Rose action but the next chapter will definitely have some juicy Scor/Rose moments. So what did you think, I thought it would be interesting to give some sort of background from the past and I do have one for Scorpius as well which will be coming a little later on. Speaking of which what about his fiancé are they still together is that why he left? Also what about Rose is she justified in her actions she was vulnerable but still? Please Give me your thoughts and review.

 Random Note: Alright this is the first and last time I am going to mention this I have started another Scor/Rose story called Twelve and the only reason I am mentioning it is because I want to let you know that Confronting Temptation is my main focus and this will not affect my two week updates. Also I have had a few people ask about other stories and this is the first time that I have had an idea that I feel to be different and fun to right about, I have taken a very different take with the characters and their personalities than the way they are in the Temptation stories. Anyways check it out if you want or don’t regardless I won’t mention it again.

Be back in two weeks with an Update. Please review.

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