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Winds of Desire by lindslo2012
Chapter 14 : Don't Worry, Everything Will Be Alright
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Hermione apparated to the front gates of Malfoy Manor and the guard smiled at her, “Ms. Granger, come on in!” She grinned at him and walked into the way up to the manor.

As she walked the thoughts of today echoed in her head, Ron was so sad, and she hated it, but she can’t just comfort him, especially if he put an unforgiveable curse on her boyfriend knowing quite well why she was with him in the first place.

He broke her heart and he ruined her image of being with him forever! She was now happily with Malfoy, and did not care whatsoever what others thought or felt about it. Not even Ron, who what was the love of her life.

Draco was on the front porch, surprisingly watching his girlfriend walk up the walkway and he smiled at her, happy to see it wasn’t Astoria again.

 “Hello beautiful, what brings you here?” She just hugged him and he held her tightly.

“What are you upset about?” Draco asked, seeing her hold back tears.

 She shook her head in an I don’t want to talk about it kind of way and Draco took her hand and led her in the mansion as Hermione noticed the bruise on his face.

It was about three in the afternoon now and luckily Narcissa was off with a friend so they had the place to their self.

Draco led her into their beautiful porch area out back where there was a huge outdoor table and chairs viewing a pond with ducks and a fountain that lit up, setting a romantic scene for the couple.

 The Malfoy’s elf, little Elaina was waiting for them as they approached. “Master Malfoy, what may you and Ms. Granger like today for drinks?” The little elf squeaked.

“I would like just a butter beer and for you?” Draco said and looked at Hermione.

“I would like a fire wh- erm never mind… just orange juice please but I would defidently fancy a fire whisky right about now,” Hermione kind of smiled when she almost ordered an alcoholic drink, she almost forgot she was pregnant.

 “Goodness, have you forgotten?” Draco laughed at her.

“Almost, it’s just still so new to me!” Hermione said back.

Her face then soon went grim again.

“What’s wrong?” Draco asked a second time.

Hermione sighed, obviously not wanting to tell him her feelings...
“I promise I don’t love Ron anymore, but he has always just been my best friend, and he is so upset and sad all the time and I even heard he wanted to possibly kill himself from Ginny.”

Draco cleared his throat, “Or me.”

“Yes, or kill you,” Hermione chuckled then got serious again, “I am also really excited but scared about the baby, and surprised how everything changed so fast in just a month!”

Draco nodded and held her hand in comfort.

“Ron is so lost without me, but I am not sorry about that because he cheated on me. So I don't quite give a damn how he feels,” Hermione said, her eyebrows lifting up in enthusiasm to what she was saying.  

“Right,” Draco commented, agreeing with her very much so.

“Well, as you know, he probably told you about our little visitation last night?” Draco said, grinning at the thought.

 “Yes, did he hurt you?! He told me how he tried to anyway!” Hermione piped up, suddenly examining Draco.

“No, no, just a little bit but that was it, he surprisingly just threw a jinx and a Quidditch Quaffle at me instead of the Killing Curse and he did use the Cruciatus on me but I am perfectly fine,” Draco told her, holding up his shirt revealing the huge bruise on his stomach near his ribs.

"He used the CRUCIATUS ON YOU!? I'M GOING TO KILL HIM!" Hermione jumped out of her seat and Draco did the same.

"Don't worry! I'm fine, it will just make more drama if you go after him, you know that... just calm down!" Draco said.

“So what was said?” Hermione asked curiously, rubbing his bruise for a moment and then stopping to look up at him after she sat back down and examined him again.  

“He asked how we got together, the whole story and at first I told him it was none of his business and he got all defensive on me so I decided to go ahead and tell him…”

“It isn’t his business!” Hermione added annoyed, “We discussed this at the burrow just a little while ago over lunch!”

“I know. Anyways I told him the entire story how we got together. I also told him I changed and he thought that was hilarious and snorted at me. After I was done he started to tell me off, saying not to hurt you or he will kill me and stuff. He called you his Hermione, and that kind of hacked me off. So then I started talking back to him, and he jinxed me and put the curse on me. When I got back up and surrendered to him because if I did something to him I know you would be upset, so he then cussed at me a little more and left,” Draco told Hermione, trying to reveal to her he really wasn’t bothered at all by the incident. 

Hermione looked out at the pond frowning, hating everything happening, “Thank you…For not hurting him, I hate him but I still wouldn’t want him hurt, and defidently not you!”

“No problem, I know this is hard for you, and I know you may still love Weasley, but I hope that I am over him to you because I love you Hermione, I even hope we can marry someday. That is a lot coming from me because my family never really knew love. I never knew love until we started to be together a month or so ago it doesn’t matter to me because our relationship is the most important thing to me now. Also our little baby growing inside of you of course. I still can’t believe we are having a child,” Draco said, glancing at her stomach for a second then swallowing hard.  

Hermione then looked at Draco and gave him a peck on the lips, “I love you too Draco, don’t worry about me loving Ron, he broke my heart and cheated on me after knowing me since the very first day at Hogwarts and all that we have been through and proposing to me in front of the Eiffel tower, he just totally and completely ruined everything that we had. He was not only my fiancé now but he was my best friend and it hurts me that even the friend I had was taken away but at least I have you now Draco, you sealed up my wounds for me when they almost wouldn’t be able to be sewn. I love you, I have for quite a while now. And yes I still have a special spot for Ron, but it has changed back to the old feeling of loving him as a best friend even though we aren’t even friends instead of a soul mate and future husband, I can’t ever go back to him after what he did to me, because of what he did I hate him at the moment. I feel that for you now, wanting to be your girlfriend and to make you happy and if you never hurt me like he did, I don’t ever seeing that feeling leaving,” Hermione said as a speech basically.

Draco smiled his big toothy smile, the one Hermione never has seen until they had been together. He snogged her again with a smile.

Ron was still at the Borrow with his family and Harry. It was now early evening, almost twilight and Harry tried to get Ron’s mind off Hermione and they were playing a game of Quidditch.

 It had been a year since their last game, and Ron was actually enjoying himself.

The evening was cool like the whole day was and the stars slowly started to light up in the sky with little clouds scattered every now and then on the horizon.

 Ginny had little James on a fluffy blanket on the dewy grass and she sat beside him, watching the game.

Molly was inside cooking and Arthur had just arrived home and was chatting with her about an open position in his department that he might offer Hermione once it becomes fully available.

Ron looked over his lawn, and remembered a time when Hermione sat right there next to Ginny, gazing up at him with pride that he was hers and she was his. She would playfully correct Ron on his form, even if she was lousy on a broomstick and wouldn’t admit it. Not anymore, Ron thought but he loved her and everything about her. He didn’t let his thoughts drift to Hermione again though after that, sick and tired of hurting so much.

He wanted to have an okay night with his best-friend/brother-in-law and play his favorite sport in the whole entire world even though he wasn’t the best at it either.

“It’s getting dark, let’s call it quits,” Harry commented, his Firebolt starting to descend to the ground with the quaffle in his arm.

Ron nodded although he didn’t want to stop because this was the most fun he has had in a while.

They walked into the Borrow and Molly smiled at them all, “Have fun?” 

“Yes! I won, yet again,” Harry joked, and Ron playfully punched his shoulder.

 The smell of sweet potatoes, corn, and pork chops drifted into their noses.

“Mmm!” Ron said with a smile, “So good smelling mum.” Molly grinned and pinched her son’s cheek.

“Anything to make you smile!” She said to him.

Ron followed Harry and Ginny in the living room and noticed Ginny was on her phone, “Who are you texting Gin?”

Ginny hesitated to say the name, “Hermione.”

 “What’s she up to?” Ron asked, curiously.

“She’s at Draco’s,” Ginny said shortly.

“Oh… wonderful,” Ron commented.

“Mate, don’t even ask those questions then if you don’t want to know,” Harry commented to him, “It’s just setting you up for being upset!”

“You’re right…” Ron agreed.

He wished Hermione would just get out of his head, he wished he could realize he couldn’t have her back. But it was kind of impossible right now. How could you erase nine years of friendship with someone?

Molly frowned at her son, “It will be okay Ron, and you will find a nice girl for you someday but that was a foul thing of you to cheat on her! Not the way I taught my sons and daughter to be raised!”

 “Mum, don’t start please…” Ron said with his face sad again, thinking of Hermione’s face.

Molly rolled her eyes violently, "We will talk about this eventually Ronald Bilius!"

The rest of their evening went pretty quietly. Ginny and Harry eventually apparated back to their home and Ron sat and talked to his mum and dad about his depression about Hermione and her pregnancy with Draco.

Arthur was quite supportive of Ron, but agreed with everyone else, Hermione has her own life and own choices, and Ron was not good to her by cheating.

 He also thought that Malfoy had changed too, he had seen him in the Ministry, and he was much more gentleman like, but of course Ron didn’t want to hear one bit of that.

Draco and Hermione were still talking on his back porch as they ate their dinner that Elaina prepared for them when they heard a loud crack.

“Mum’s home,” Draco mumbled, rolling his eyes. Narcissa walked in the backyard where they were.

 “Hello children, how are you tonight?” Narcissa asked without any emotion on her face.

“Fine mum, how was your day with Ms. Carrow?” Draco asked.

Hermione winced at the name and shudders ran through her arms. She almost had been killed by her as well in the war, her husband was dead, maybe they were grieving together, who knows.

“Fine, it went well, I told her your news about you and her and she was not happy but, hmmph, not a surprise! Because who is?” Narcissa snarled, looking at Hermione up and down. Draco glared at his mother,

“Stop it mum!”

“I was not doing a thing Draco! I am going inside, see you shortly!” She mumbled, returning into the manor.

 Hermione looked at Draco, “Why does your mum hate me?”

“She doesn’t, she has a hard time coming out of old ways, but she’s coming around…” Draco sighed, “Plus she wanted me to stay with nasty Astoria.”

Hermione rolled her eyes, “Great, just wonderful Draco!” “Hermione stop, don’t worry about that! I hate that girl, more than anyone! Please believe me! Don’t be jealous, please?” Draco pleaded with her, regretting even bringing that up.

Hermione smiled and kissed his cheek, shaking off her silly jealous thoughts. “I’m not, just hope your mum and I get on better terms eventually.”

 “You will, she is still recovering from the war as well, remember Father was very harsh on us and made us feel and think like him, he’s a very dark man. Luckily I turned a leaf after the war but my mother, not so much yet. She also had Bellatrix as a sister.” Draco said.

Then he decided to change the subject, “So, how far are you in your pregnancy?”

Hermione hasn’t thought about that! “Erm about six weeks I assume, but I need to go to the doctor to find out for sure.”

Draco looked at her confused.

“A doctor is someone in the muggle world who medically takes care of people…just like a Healer,” Hermione laughed. Draco chuckled, “Guess you need to tutor me on some things.”

Then someone walked outside the house she must have come home with Narcissa or right after her, “Oh, how disgusting!”

A high pitched voice of Astoria Greengrass walked over to the table they were sitting at and looked Hermione in the face, “You foul little bitch! Do you think you could go out with my by boyfriend behind my back and the press not have it all up on the Daily Prophet!”

She slammed a paper on the table,


 Rita Skeeter was of course the author of this one. There was a picture of Malfoy and Hermione together on their very first lunch date the day they met up in the bookstore. There was no much dirt on them, basically the fact that they were seen together and that it drew questions and blah blah blah. This was a surprise that this was all with all of the Paparazzi sneaking around the 'famous' Golden Trio and Draco Malfoy 'son of a Death Eater that got free' these days.

 Hermione just looked at Draco, not answering her.

 “Astoria, what the bloody hell are you doing here?!” Draco sneered violently.

 “Draco, shut it, let the mudblood answer for herself, she does have a voice, right? She’s supposedly smart, like you said?” Astoria said with just as much venom in her voice, looking back at Hermione with her piercing sea green eyes.

She was so beautiful it was terrifying to Hermione. How could Draco even think about being with her when he had this?! She must be part veela!

Draco stood up and got between Hermione and Astoria.

“LEAVE, NOW!” Draco bellowed.

 Astoria kissed him on the mouth in front of Hermione, to which she gasped at.

Draco pulled out his wand after violently pushing her off of him, “NO! DON’T DRACO!” Hermione screamed, he stopped mouthing the spell, but he did not take the wand from Astoria’s face.

Astoria laughed coldly, “So the little muddy girl does have a voice? Do you know how much shit he has said about you in the past?” Astoria spat at her, “You have no idea what you have gotten yourself into Granger! We are dark, pureblood wizard and witches here, way above you, and you have the nerve to steal Draco from me, tsk, tsk! My father will have you both slaughtered when he returns from Azkaban, I reckon his father will help as well!”

Draco put down his wand and grabbed Astoria’s arm.

 “Astoria, we broke up a long time ago, we are not together and will never be again, why can’t you possibly get that through you head? We are having a child together, me and Hermione, and I love her despite the blood-status she is!” Astoria backed away with a huge open mouth and goggled out eyes.

“YOU MATED WITH THAT FILTHY BITCH! SHE’S HAVING YOUR BABY!” Astoria screamed running over to Hermione and slapping her with great force.

 Luckily then, Narcissa was outside, “Astoria! Quit at once, you need to leave them be! You told me you were coming to make friends with them not kill his girlfriend! Not only is she my son’s new girlfriend, that’s my grandchild in there and despite his or her blood status she/he is I will protect my family!” Narcissa said, grabbing Astoria by the sleeve and making her come inside and leave.

After some yelling, Hermione and Draco heard a door slam and Astoria crying very loudly and dramatically walking up the driveway before apparating, the echoes of her loud high heals on the concrete fading with her.

Draco ran over to Hermione side, still shaking with anger and hugged her.

“Are you okay?” He asked, putting his hand on her face.

“Yes,” She said in a whisper.

“I hate her,” Draco said, shuddering at the thought of her.

 “She isn’t the nicest woman on the planet,” Hermione said, grinning a little.

 “I am so sorry she slapped you, I am happy my mum put a stop to it, maybe she went to speak with her parents. I am sure Mr. Greengrass wants me killed but he is in Azkaban with my father so he may not even know about all this and if he did, so what…” Draco told Hermione, grabbing her hand.

She smiled at him, “Draco, I am thankful for all the changing you have done. And for whom you are now. I would have never though this in a million years would happen, us together. I thought I would be with Ron forever. No joking, but that shows how life goes sometimes.”

Draco chuckled, “I never saw myself with Astoria forever, and I just saw myself with her for the moment because I was lonely. Really I was. I knew the right gal was somewhere out there, just had no idea who. I wasn’t waiting patiently for that gal either. But hey, she and I bumped into each other in a bookstore. What a love story,” Draco said, giving Hermione a peck on the forehead as she laughed at this.

“And we were enemies, not caring if one or the other died,” Hermione stated.

 “No, I never wanted you hurt, I always hated seeing you upset, even if I did the upsetting, and I just about lost it when I watched my Aunt Bellatrix torcher you that night. I think it was a long time coming Hermione and I always found your bookworm personality sexy, but I was a Death Eater then, of course I could never ever admit that to myself. It took two years of changing and finding myself to see you in that bookstore and feel that attraction to you for the first time,” Draco smiled.

 “I never wanted you hurt either, though I never really liked you, I really hated you,” Hermione said, honestly.

 Draco didn’t feel offended, he deserved that.

It got to be about midnight and Hermione was growing quite tired. After talking, they had watched a movie and snogged a bit and laughed and talked.

 “Would you like to stay here?” Draco asked.

 “No, I may soon but not right now, I will see you soon. I love you,” Hermione said on the front porch of the manor.

 Draco hugged her tight and started to snog her and then stopped, “I love you Hermione Jean Granger, and don’t you forget it!”

Hermione smiled at him without answering back and then waved one last time and apparated. As soon as she got home she basically just jumped into bed, she was so tired from the day’s events. She fell right to sleep.


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