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What's wrong with Hufflepuff? by whatarenargles
Chapter 4 : Not a normal Hufflepuff
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 Freya was in a deep sleep dreaming of the times when her mother were alive and the happiness she had felt when her family were together.


She had been dreaming back to the time when her father and herself were having a little game of quidditch whilst her mother watched, her mother wasn't keen on heights. 

It was during time when Freya was young so her father wouldn't let her get too high in the air incase of an accident happening, so they stuck to throwing the quaffle at each other from different low heights whilst moving.


Hey mother had been laughing because Freya had thrown the quaffle straight at her father’s face, not harshly and her father had decided to chase her so he could tickle her until she screamed for mercy.


Freya had always hated being tickled because her father would get really into it and did his claws in making her scream with laughter as she’d feel uncomfortable yet pleasing sensations through her body.

Freya had been a metre ahead of her father whilst he was chasing her and she somehow lost grip of her broom and fell toward the ground, a few metres below, not far enough to cause too much pain.


Her father landed on the ground and ran toward Freya holding on to her face in his hands as her eyes were not open.


“Freya! Wake up!” He shouted.


Freya grumbled.


“Come on, we’re going to be late!” He said whilst shaking her.


“What?” Freya asked confused as to why she’d be late.


“Quidditch practise, you idiot! Ben will go mad if we’re late. Get up!” He father shouted at her.


Freya felt something hard hit her chest which awoken her and she found herself in the girls dormitories with Lucie shouting obscenities at her whilst trying to drag Freya from her bed.


“Are you just going to sit there with that dumb look on your face or get moving? We’ve only got 10 minutes.” Lucie said to Freya whilst scrutinising Freya’s face which had a look of confusion from waking up in a different scene.


“Yeah, sorry. You just dragged me out of a dream.” Freya replied, shaking her head as if she could get her head back to normal.



“Oh yeah, must have been something good to have made me shout at you. Normally you can get up fine in the mornings whatever the time.” Lucie said as they changed into the quidditch robes, grabbed their brooms and headed down toward the quidditch pitch.


As Lucie had said, Freya was quite good at getting up even if she was in crappiest of moods. Normally most people would be irritated to have to get up at six in the morning to fly around on the broom.


Freya would prefer to have quidditch practises in the afternoon but students were always wound up after having finished their lessons for the day, so all they would do is mess around which wouldn’t help the team.


Upon arrival of the quidditch pitch, the rest of team were around waiting for everyone to turn up, looking sluggish and wishing to back in their warm, cosy beds asleep.


“Great, you guys are here. Alright, let’s getting started then, I want 25 laps from all of you, MOVE IT!” Ben shouted at the team, earning a huge groan from them and grudgingly they all began to follow his order.


Freya had been struggling after her 12th lap of running the pitch. She had never been one to like exercise. She was rather slim but that was mainly from inheriting her mother’s build, so she never had to worry about dieting and such which she loved.


“You get used to it. Ben will probably let you off if you don’t complete the laps seeing as you’re new. You use it to your advantage, I would.” Clara Mason said to Freya whilst huffing as she ran next to her.


Eventually, Ben called them all in and said to start on a match and practise some new techniques. Freya had been on her 20th lap and was happy that she didn’t have to complete the five left over.


Practise lasted for twenty minutes more which consisted of the team having matches between each other and testing out plays and concepts in which they could improve their game for the house games ahead of them in the year.


Freya and the rest of the team hit the changing rooms and showered off all the mud and sweat which had been incrusted into their skin as if they had just been in through an exercise building challenge…which in way is part of quidditch so the outcome of their appearance is positive in maybe Ben’s eyes.


The team all walked together back into the castle as soon as they were changed and entered the great hall heading for the Hufflepuff house table, splitting off to sit next to their friends.


“So how was your first practise?” Anna said to Freya, excitedly as if she were hoping for some sort of gossip.


“It wasn’t so bad, I actually quite enjoyed it once we got past the warm up of doing laps, they’re like death to me.” Freya replied whilst grabbing her calves hoping for her muscles to calm down.


“Don’t get on Ben’s bad side otherwise they will lead you to death. I remember hearing a couple of years ago about Ben giving Jo Haris 40 laps just because he was jealous that she was going on a date with some Gryffindor.” Felix said to them, laughing. ”Oh you should have seen how angry she got, it was high class entertainment.”


“I’m guessing he’s over her now that she’s graduated then?” Anna asked.


“Must be. I haven’t heard him say anything about her.” Felix replied, shrugging.


The bell rang and Felix and Anna headed off to Divination whilst Freya walked in the other direction to the library to study seeing as she had a free period.


She entered the library in where the large room was stacked high and low with books full of tails and interesting stories or fascinating information of the magical world.


Freya loved books, she found herself immersed in this particular place all the time. She loved learning about everything and anything to do with magic.

She would read about all sorts of things in wizarding world, but the muggle world interested her as well. She was pureblood so she had grown up with magic. When she had learnt about muggles, she had found them strange but the way they handled life without magic amazed her and she wanted to learn all about these contraception that they had invented.

Freya had been looking in the magical animals section of the library when someone had tapped her shoulder pleading for attention.

“Oh hi Remus, how are you?” Freya asked him politely when her eyes made contact with him.

“I’m good thanks, you?” He asked back.


“I’m alright, thank you.” She replied, smiling.


“What’s that you’re looking at there?” Remus asked her whilst reading the front cover of the book reading ‘Wonderful and magical creatures by Joan Glinger’.

“Oh I’m just looking up about Thestrals. I find them fascinating.” Freya replied looking animated about the subject they had landed into.

“Wow. Not to put a downer on things but can you see them?” Remus asked her, shyly hoping he wouldn’t make her sad.


“Oh no, my mother did die but I wasn’t there to see it. I’d love to really see Threstrals though but I also don’t want to see someone die. I reckon they’re more beautiful that what I already think they are.” Freya replied.


“I’m sorry about mum. If it’s not too bold to ask, how did she die?” Remus asked, hoping he wasn’t intruding.


“Oh don’t apologise, it’s not your fault. My mum died in a fight in trying to catch a death eater. Thinking about her death hurts at times but not as often now that I think mainly of the happier times. It’s a lot easier.” Freya said with a small smile.


“That’s good to hear, that you’re not as sad I mean.” Remus said.


“Anyway, what brings you to the library? Shouldn’t you be off with the others coming up with pranks?” Freya asked, smirking.

“Oh, they’re in the kitchens as usual. I wasn’t hungry though.” Remus replied.

“The kitchens? How did you find them?”Freya asked with her eyes beaming wanting in on their secret.

“You don’t know where the kitchen’s are? Let me show you then.” Remus said, grabbing her hand and walking swiftly down the corridors.


Freya felt an unusual tingling sensation in her hand when Remus was holding it. She didn’t know what to feel about it as she had never experienced this kind of feeling, it made her slightly nervous but she also wanted to carry on.


She had never thought much about Remus seeing as they had never really spoken much until now.


As she looked at him, she did think him quite handsome with his light brown hair and smouldering hazel eyes.

Freya quickly stopped looking at him as she dismissed the thought of Remus ever finding her attractive. He’s just being friendly, that’s all, she thought to herself.

Remus and Freya ended up facing a large painting of some fruit in a bowl.


“Tickle the pear.” Remus commanded her.

“What? Why would I do that?” Freya asked, confused.


“Try it and you’ll see.” He replied.


“I don’t want to.” Freya said thinking that it was some sort of prank.


“Don’t tell me you’ve gone back to being a shy Hufflepuff?” Remus asked her as if daring her to tickle the pear.


Freya not liking being commented on as being an average Hufflepuff, immediately felt her daring side push through.


Without worry, she reached up and tickled the pear, ready for the onslaught.


However, there was no need of hesitation before seeing as the pear giggled and the painting opened letting them into the hidden room, the kitchens.


Freya looked at Remus as if asking permission gaining a nod from him and walked through the doorway.


She walked into a huge room for of chaos. The place was full of all the kitchen essentials, pots and pans but was also full of tiny house elves hastily moving about doing chores.


Freya had heard about house elves working in the kitchens and how they love they’re jobs. She didn’t seem to mind them working for other people if they were happy about it.


“Wow.” Freya said looking around the room but also capturing the attention of three other boys pausing from eating their food and looking at her.


“I see why you guys come in here all the time.” Freya said, smiling at them and pointing at their food.


The three boys as Remus said were the rest of the Marauders. They laughed at her and quickly made room for her and Remus to join on the table.


“What’s the new prank you guys are thinking up?” Freya asked them.


“Uhh..” James said looking at her as if he thought she’d tell someone.


“I won’t tell anyone. I happen to think your pranks are funny.” Freya said, easing them from worry.


“Oh well we’re hoping to get the Slytherin tomorrow at dinner but all we’ve come up with is somehow getting them to develop boils when they eat something.” James said to her.


“Sounds alright.” Freya said but with less enthusiasm.


“Is that not good enough?” Sirius asked her.


“Well, an idea came to mind that you could find a way of putting truth potion into their pumpkin juice and have them blurt they’re deepest secrets. I know it’s mean but it would make me giggle.” Freya said to them almost looking ashamed for thinking such a thing.


“That’s brilliant!” Sirus and James said to her, excitedly and Peter smiling at her.


“I guess I can’t change your mind now. Just don’t make it so bad that I’ll feel guilty for ruining people’s lives.” Freya said to them.


“Nah we won’t. I certainly like you though, you’re not like most Hufflepuffs, there’s something special about you.” Sirius said, winking at her.


“Well there are a lot more Hufflepuff who are daring etc if other’s got to know them better; we just don’t like flaunting it.” Freya reasoned with them defending her house.


“You’re doing well at changing our opinion of you guys. Especially since you and Lucie tried out for the team. I’ll admit now, you’re an amazing flyer. We’ll have to actually work with you guys now>” James said whilst laughing.


“Can’t believe you managed to get James to admit something like that. It’s nearly impossible.”  Remus whispered in her ear giving her that tingle once again as his breath touched her.


“Ah, our Hufflepuff charm always works wonders.” Freya said gaining a chuckle from Remus.


Freya looked at her watch on her left wrist to see the time and panicked seeing as she was thirty minutes late to her herbology class.


“Oh Merlin, I’m late for class! Oh what the heck it’s too late to go now. A detention is a detention.” Freya said as dismissed her worry.


Freya hardly missed her classes but at times when she knew she’d end up with the same outcome either way like a detention, she lessoned her panic a bit.


Most Hufflepuffs would be filled with dread if they missed a lesson hoping not to be punished and most of the time this fact was true but not always.


“Bloody hell.” James said to her as they all stared at her in shock forgetting that she wasn’t the normal stereotype.


“Oh, we’re going to have fun with you.” Sirius said, smiling and giving her a hug from the side.


Freya didn’t know what fun with the marauders meant exactly but she assumed it would be pranks, which she was happy to oblige as long as her name wasn’t mentioned in them.


Reviews are welcome :). Please tell that you're enjoying it so far. It will get better as the story goes along.

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