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The darkness will come by HollyDraconis
Chapter 3 : On the Hogwarts Express
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‘Good luck Lily, stick close to Hugo on the train,’

‘Don’t worry Hugo; you won’t be disinherited if you’re in Slytherin. Please tell your mother you’re not worried, I don’t want pineapples for ears!’

‘Good luck Evangelina! Mummy will never forget you!’

‘For Merlin’s sake Neville, where’s your blasted suitcase?’

The last comment came from a wizened old witch with a ferocious looking wand. A girl in Lily’s compartment gasped

‘Merlin’s pants! Is that Augusta Longbottom, she’s a legend!’

Lily turned to look at the girl. She had glossy black hair hanging in elegant curls and green eyes that sparkled in the light. Her perfect white teeth shone as she turned to Lily, waiting for a response.

‘Oh God’ Lily thought ‘She’s one of those popular ones, like Rose,’

Looking up, Lily realised the girl was still looking at her, expectantly.

‘Um, yeah, I always thought she was a bit crazy when she came round with Nev...Professor Longbottom for dinner. Still has to look after him though, he forgot his wand this morning,’

The girl’s mouth dropped.

‘You know her?’

A flicker of hope began in Lily’s mind. She could be my first friend from Hogwarts  

‘Yeah sure, I’m Lily by the way, Lily Potter,’

Lily might have inherited her looks from Ginny, but choice of words…

‘Potter, Potter… the name sounds familiar,’ .The girl shook her mass of glossy black curls

‘Oh well, my names Bellatrix Lestrange,’




‘Come again,’ Lily said. In her mind flashed the image of the woman with the fabulous curly hair whose portrait lay in Kreacher’s cupboard, the woman who had nearly killed her mother, the woman who she knew to be well over 30 and… dead.

“Bellatrix Lestrange… the second. My stupid family seem to inherit and like the name of mass murderers,”

Bellatrix studied Lily’s gaping mouth, a flicker of paic in her eyes.

Suddenly the corner of Lily’s lips twitched and her mouth creased into a smile.

“Cool name,”



‘So,’ Lily said, 2 hours, 3 chocolate frogs and a very unfortunate every flavour bean later, ‘What house do you want do you be in?’

Bellatrix pondered the question. Her porcelain forehead suddenly crumpled into a scowl as she dug her fingers into the plush velvet seat.

‘My family are all like Bellatrix Morgana, you must be in Ravenclaw. It is your destiny,’ she said taking on a high pitched squeaky voice before collapsing against her seat

‘To be honest, I don’t see what’s so bloody good about being in Ravenclaw. Sure, you’re proven to be clever and all but trust me, all of my family are so stuck up about it, their noses touch the ceiling. They all view themselves as rebels as well. Someone long ago decided that all purebloods do not have to be in Slytherin and that they thought Ravenclaw was the best house. We broke off from the rest of the Lestrange family and since then, we have all been in Ravenclaw. Why, I have no idea, ’

Lily laughed and leaned forwards

‘Trust me; you’re not the only one with expectations on your shoulders. All of my traceable wizarding family are from Gryffindor and my brother, James, is like the biggest show off in the universe about it. Since I was born he's been all like 'Lily will be in hufflepudd, she's so dim!'. To be honest if he wasn't my brother...'

The girls laughed and chewed their Drubles best blowing gum.

‘What house is your sister in, you said you had an older sister right?’ Lily asked conversationally

Bellatrix’s face darkened and she turned to the side.

Stupid, stupid, stupid!  thought Lily. We were getting on so well

Clearing her throat loudly, Lily spoke up ‘Your choice. Go find Hugo or bean roulette?’

A smile spread across her new friend’s face

‘Let’s find Hugo’ 



Stepping out of their compartment the girls meandered down the train, laughing and checking each compartment as they went past for the familiar shock of red hair. Lily liked Hugo. He was a good laugh and was the only person in the family who she could beat at Quidditch. They had got about halfway down the train when they came across a door with the blind pulled down.

‘Surely, someone can’t be changing already; we’ve only been travelling for two hours’ said Lily, incredulously

‘Oh well, I’ll go and check, maybe it’ll be the new Quidditch captain’ said Bellatrix and with a toss of her hair and a cheeky wink she turned the handle went in..... and immediately slammed the door again.

‘Um, Lily’

Bellatrix was shaking slightly. Lily cocked an eyebrow 

‘Not a Quidditch captain then?’

Bellatrix shook her head slowly then stopped

‘Lily’ she muttered ‘is your brother, you know, the cocky one, is he black haired, brown eyed and surprisingly good looking’

Lily remembered the seven muggle girls that had asked James out in the summer and opened the compartment door.


James sprung up and tried to slam the compartment door shut but Lily blocked it with her foot


‘Lily, shut up. You’re being stupid!’

‘ME STUPID?’ yelled Lily turning her head in exasperation before dropping to a hiss

‘I’m not the one who’s snogging other girls behind my girlfriend’s back!’

James raked his hand through his carefully styled hair then suddenly turned on a winning smile.

‘Lily’ he said ‘You don’t understand. Everyone does this in my year. Calm down’

Lily’s ears turned a startling shade of red

‘Of course they do James’ she said sarcastically ‘everyone goes around CHEATING ON THEIR GIRLFRIENDS WITH THEIR GIRLFRIEND'S BEST FRIEND who by the way, happens to be YOUR MATES SISTER!’

James grin dropped into a scowl and Lily felt a tiny bit of guilty pleasure.

‘Oo and guess what. We passed Violet on the way down, you know, your girlfriend. I bet she’d be delighted to know what you’ve been doing behind her back ‘

Suddenly James’ face adopted a dangerous, calculating look and before Lily had time to back away, he had pinned her against the wall of the carriage so fast, it winded her.

‘Listen you little Slytherin’ James’ spat, sticking his wand against her throat, ‘If you even try to tell anyone, I’ll…’


James crumpled to the floor, unconscious. Bellatrix stood behind him with her wand pointing at exactly where James’ head had been a second ago, a large saucepan protruding from the tip and a mildly amused expression on her face

‘Wow. I just saw him grab you, pulled out my wand and wished. Funny thing magic; always does the unexpected’

Lily gaped at Bellatrix than giggled, grabbed her and said

‘Let’s find Hugo’



They found Hugo in a carriage at the furthest end of the train. He was sitting in the corner reading ‘Chudley Cannon’s best moments’ . In the opposite corner was a girl with flat brown hair and worry lines on her face.

‘Hi Hugo!’

Hugo looked up startled but his face relaxed into the amiable grin that was so like his grandfathers and said ‘Hi Lily, didn’t see you there um,’. He sprang up and hugged her. Lily hugged him back, nothing wrong with hugging a cousin, your girlfriend's best friend on the other hand…

‘This is Emily Brook,’ he said, pulling away from her and gesturing at the girl in the corner. Emily looked up at the mention of her name, a dreamy smile on her face

‘Hello’ she said in a soft voice ‘I like your fligery tuppets, they have a nice colour, a sort of sunshine yellow’

Emily greatly reminded Lily of her mother’s best friend, Luna Scamander. They could talk for hours in the kitchen at Grimmauld place about Luna’s greatest discovery. The proof of the crumple horned Snorkak. Lily loved listening to these conversations. Lorcan and Lysander always went off to play with Al and James but Lily stayed, listening to the tales of Luna’s expeditions with Rolf to places that Lily had never heard of.

Lily extended her hand towards Emily, who promptly shook it. Hugo was standing expectantly behind her, giving pointed looks and Bellatrix. ‘Oh,’ said Lily ‘This is Bellatrix Lestrange,’

Hugo’s mouth dropped and he scrambled away from her looking frightened. Emily’s eyes flashed with surprise but curiously, not fear.

‘But… what.. Lily… she’s,’. Hugo was stumbling over his words. His hands were shaking and Lily remembered what her mother said about what had happened to Auntie Hermione. There were still scars on her neck and wrists all these years later. The healers at St Mungo’s had said that the blade was magical and that the wound would never heal properly.

‘Hugo, don’t be ridiculous’ cut a sharp voice from the corner. Distracted from her thoughts, Lily looked up at the source of the noise. It was Emily. The soft tone of her voice had quite disappeared. ‘That Bellatrix Lestrange is dead. This Bellatrix Lestrange is alive. Honestly Hugo, if you knew someone called Emily Brook who had died and had been a mass murderer, I bet you wouldn’t scream with terror if you saw someone else called Emily Brook would you? Some people just do not think things through!’

Lily decided she liked Emily.

‘Well, when we’ve stopped discussing whether I’m a mass murderer or not, despite me loving a good gossip.’ aid Bellatrix, plonking herself down next to the bewildered Hugo. ‘Oo, I love a good fizzing whizzbee’


Three hours later they had all got changed into their school robes (after pushing Hugo into the toilet). Emily, it turned out, was a fantastic story teller and with a mother who worked in just about every country Lily could think of, she had some amazing stories to tell. Lily looked out the window. She felt peaceful and content, especially after the enormous chocolate cake that Hugo had managed to sneak out of Granny Weasley’s kitchen. Lily turned her head away from the window but something caught her eye. She turned her head back sharply, searching the dark, mountainous landscape for a sign of movement to no avail. Shaking her head, Lily turned back to the group who were all laughing at Bellatrix who was trying to do an impression of a Hippogriff.


Outside of the train, a dark figure watched the train speed across the landscape. They wrapped their thick travelling cloak around them. They had seen the spawn of their most hated enemy in that carriage. They were glad that their downfall would happen in the destination of the train. The plan had begun. 

Not soon now. I will have my revenge





Authors note:


Hello thank you for reading verily much. I know most of my grammer is atrocious and the whole ‘Wesley’ thing. Will be fixing that as soon as I possibly can, I just thought no new text is more annoying than that little grammer bit. I will be getting a Beta reader soon! Please review if you can and I will update soon. (Btw- I want some of that chocolate cake and… who is this mysterious figure ooooooo)


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