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The Invisible Thief by lovestings
Chapter 1 : Borrowing is not Stealing
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 A/N: So this is a new story i'm trying out and hopefully you guys will like it. Even if you don't i'd love some feedback. I don't want to go on talkingn since this is a look chapter so enjoy!

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Y’know, I’ve never really liked tight spaces. Especially tight spaces like an old, smelly broom closet. I will never understand why people have this odd desire to hook up in here. If some guy ever tried to hook up with me in a broom closet I’d probably kindly show them where to shove it.






And by kindly I mean my middle finger.






Back to my dilemma with disliking tight spaces. I’d much rather be situated back in my Ravenclaw dorm reading a book of taking a nap. Both of those seem pretty lovely now that I think about it. Though, going back to my dorm would probably be wishing for my death sentence.






So now I’m stuck hiding in a broom closet from all one hundred and ninety-nine Wotters  (Okay I guess there is more like ten or so of them but still that’s a big family) that are out to get me.






I swear I didn’t intentionally try to steal Harry bloody Potter’s invisibility cloak.






I’m innocent I swear!






A few hours before……






“Its bloody winter,” I began to say, as I kicked the door to my dorm close with the back of my boot. “So you’d think this stupid school would have the heater on instead of the air conditioner.”






“Its bloody nap time,” Amelia began to say, obviously mocking me from her bed across the room. “So you’d think you’d have the common courtesy to shut the hell up.”






I smiled at Amelia, taking in her position with a laugh. She looked uncomfortable with her long body rolled up in a ball covered in her Ravenclaw blue blanket. Wait, isn’t Amelia’s blanket grey?






“Is that my blanket?”






There was a snicker from a few beds over probably from my other friend Leslie Chang. Amelia’s lips twitched as she resisted the urge to smile before saying in a sickly sweet voice, “Now, Brielle Patil, are you trying to say I’m some sort of thief?”






I glanced over at my bed that looked pretty barren without a blanket. Damn straight I’m about to accuse you of being some sort of thief.






“I’m not saying, I’m stating.” I said in a matter-of-fact voice, flipping my hair off my shoulder and sticking my nose up in the air. Both my friends giggled loudly. If you weren’t aware I was currently mocking our other dorm mate Dominique Weasley.






If you couldn’t tell, also, we really aren’t friends with her. I suppose we could have been friends or at least friendly if she wasn’t such an obnoxious bitch who thought since she was a Weasley she was better than everyone.






Y’know but I’m sure she’s nice to some people.






“Well since you’re stating I suppose I can’t disagree with you,” Mel said, tucking her chin deep into the furry blue blankets. “Though I don’t give a rat’s arse because I’m not giving up this blanket.”






“But Mel!” I whined, stomping my foot against the carpeted floor to make even more of a point. Yeah, I’m a drama queen and I don’t care! Deal with it. “What blanket am I supposed to use than?”






Leslie popped her head up from her bed, her black hair a curtain around her face. “Steal the Queen’s blanket.”






“She’ll kill me.”






Leslie rolled her eyes, looking around to make sure the rest of our roommates were sleeping before continuing. “Not her comforter, you idiot, the light weight one on top.” I followed her pointed figure to the purple looking blanket that was folded on top of her blue and grey knitted blanket.






“Once again, she’ll kill me.”






“Since when did you become a Hufflepuff?” Mel snapped in a joking manner.






Oh hell no. You could call me whatever names you want but when you call me a Puff you’re pushing the line. No offense to those Hufflepuffs out there but you guys are about of whiney pansies who suck are everything you do. Especially Quidditch; You guys are really bad at that.






“Don’t you go there, sister.” I said in my black girl voice because I totally wished I was an independent black woman who didn’t need a man. Don’t go giving me those judgmental looks because frankly I’m half Indian so I think I have more of a right to use my black girl voice than someone else.






“I went there, sister.”






“Bring it on, bitch!” I said loudly, earning a few rude swear words before whispered at me from some moody roommates I woke up. Seriously, I’m sorry that your nap time is right when I get back from Adv. Potions but it’s not my fault.






I strutted across the room, looking both ways before snatching up the blanket from Dominique’s bed. It was silky and felt nice against my fingers. Yeah, this could totally work to sleep in.






“Congratulations, you just stole a blanket now go to sleep.” Leslie said in a sarcastic tone before turning over so she wasn’t facing me.






“It’s not stealing, it’s called borrowing.” I said more to myself than the others to calm my nerves. As a Ravenclaw I haven’t done many risky things though I consider ‘borrowing’ something from Dominique was pretty risky if you ask me.






She should be a Slytherin because I’m pretty sure she could kill someone if she wanted too. Not that all Slytherins kill people…or maybe they do I don’t really know.






I walked the short steps to my bed (it was right across from the Queen’s) before letting myself fall onto the bed. Like I mentioned before, it’s the bloody winter and I’m cold so don’t judge me for what I’m about to do. I pulled my short legs up to my torso in a ball and threw the blanket over my body and pulled it up and over my head, covering my whole entire body.






I’m cold; get over it!






It was probably fifteen minutes when I was woken up by some pretty rude ass people if you ask me. Don’t people understand the concept of nap time?






You’re one to talk!






Shut up mind, I don’t care what you think of me! I’m a beautiful human being that has bad timing.






Whatever you think.






Really, since when did my own thoughts become so sassy?






Anyways, back to those rude ass people. I peaked open an eye to see a bunch of people crowding around the bed across from me. I was actually pretty surprised to see I could see them considering I thought I was buried underneath the blanket. I guess it must have fallen while I was napping.






Now that I really look it wasn’t a bunch of people but rather four. Now that I really look it’s Dominique and some of her family. Woah, some of her male family. Seriously breaking the rules, girl, seriously breaking the rules.






I didn’t have the best view though I could make our the tall figure of whom I thought was Albus Potter pushing back his glasses on his nose as he threw things about here and there. Roxanne Weasley was there for sure because I could tell by her caramel colored skin. She was going through Dom’s undergarment draw. Hugo Weasley was the final family member who was just standing there staring at her now stripped bed.






These Wotters have some serious problems.






“Where’s the bloody cloak?” Albus Potter nearly screamed as blonde bitch (a.k.a. Dominique Weasley), obviously not understanding nap time. I kind of wanted to give him a high five or something because I’ve been craving to scream at her for a long time.






Like long time as in six years.






“I have no clue, Albus!” She snapped back, threading her red painted talons (ops, I mean nails) into her blonde hair before yanking ever so slightly. “It was on my bed before I went down for tea I swear!”






“You left the fucking cloak on your bed? You’re such an idiot.”






“Shut up Roxanne.” She snapped again, rounding on a different cousin. “This is my room and I will have no problem kicking you the hell out.”






“Kick us out? You’ve got to be kidding me,” Roxanne Weasley continued to go on, stepping closer to her cousin and dropped her voice down so she wasn’t yelling anymore. “You’re the one who lost Uncle Harry’s invisibility cloak.”






“The invisibility cloak that I was borrowing from James, might we add, who is going to try to kill me if we don’t find it.” Albus added, looking down-right irritated.






Invisibility cloak? What in Merlin’s name is that?






“Can you guys be quiet, Please?”






All of their heads snapped to stare at Leslie who seemed to look down-right annoyed and probably the only reason she was trying to be polite is because Roxanne was here and she had a crush on her older brother. She has a diary and I swear the whole entire thing is dedicated to him.






“Can you mind your own bloody business?” Dominique said, sticking her nose up in the air in her usual manner like how I had mocked her only an hour ago.






“Dom, be nice.” Hugo (I think it was Hugo? He has red hair so it must be him.) said, shaking his head slightly before turning to look at Leslie. “Have you seen an erm…blanket that is blue and silky? We’ve lost it and can’t find it.”






I have a blue and silky blanket.






A blue and silky blanket that I stole from Dominique Weasley might I add.






You borrowed it not stolen it.






Oh yes, thank you mind for reminding me that.






Recognition washed through Leslie’s face before she looked towards the general direction of my bed, her eyebrows furrowing. “Erm, yeah, I think Bri borrowed it because she was cold but she seemed to have up and left.”






Up and left? I’m right here you blimey idiot. Also, thanks a lot for ratting me out, best friend.






“Who in Merlin’s name is Bri?”






Just the person you’ve been living with for six years, Weasley, no big deal.






“Brielle Patil.”






“Do I know her?”






“She sleeps right across from you,” Leslie said, looking about as annoyed as I probably did. Nerve of this girl, not knowing who I am. I’m bloody Brielle Patil mind you! I’m on the quidditch team for Merlin’s sake!






“Oh, her.” She said before her head snapped towards me. Her eyes were burning holes into my face. She was going to kill me. She was going to kill me, I just know it. “Wherever she is, she has the cloak.”






“Wherever she is?” Albus hissed at his cousin, now all of them staring at me. This was just getting too creepy. “How are we supposed to find her if she is invisible?”












“The map,” Roxanne said, nodding her head. “Well just go get the map from Freddy and James and find her.”






“James is going to kill me.” Dominique moaned, pinching the bridge of her nose.






“Stop complaining, it’s your fault. I swear this is the last time I let you borrow my things.” Albus snapped at her before making a nod towards the door, “C’mon lets go find her and quick.”






Holy shit.






Oh my god.






I wasn’t borrowing one of Dominique’s old, ratty blankets. I was borrowing one of Harry freaking Potter’s invisibility cloaks that he used during the bloody war. That same bloody cloak they talked about in our stupid history book.






Not only that but now the Wotter family is going to hunt me down using some map. I don’t know what kind of map they are using but there is no way I’m sticking to find out.






And just as graceful as I am I fell out of my bed and made a run for it, clutching that stupid piece of fabric as close to my body as I can. If I have an invisibility cloak there is damn sure that I’m going to use it.




I breathed as quietly as I could, sitting at the edge of the broom closet, clutching the fabric to my chest. I was so dead meet. Fred Weasley had already nearly found me when I tried going to the library and I was almost positive I heard someone shouting bloody murder at me when I rounded this hallway.






There was running through the hallway and I knew that it wasn’t going to be the people I was looking forward to seeing. It was the end of the day and most people were getting ready for dinner or relaxing. There would only be a scatter of people in the hallway and now, the Wotters probably hunting me down.






These people are really quite scary if you think about it. Hunting down a poor, innocent Ravenclaw just because of one mistake. I’m sure they must have all been dropped on their heads a fair share of times.






I could hear breathing outside the door. I was done for. There was a rattling of the doorknob that I had tried to jam with a few buckets.






Mum, Dad, I love you and really enjoyed spending these past sixteen years with you. I’m hoping you give me a really nice funeral considering I’m sure these Wotters are going to rip my body up into pieces. Remember, red roses suck and I’m allergic to peanuts so they better not be at my funeral! I don’t care if I’m dead – if they’re there than I’m going to come up and haunt you.






Trust me, you don’t want an allergic Brielle haunting you.






I closed my eyes tightly as the door opened. “Found you,” A deep, male voice muttered. I waited for someone to slap me or violently pull my hair or something along those lines. Y’know anything really. Instead someone just walked in, closed the door, and took a seat next to me.






What the hell.






I opened my eyes, waiting for them to adjust. It was met with the sight of Albus Potter for yet the second time today. His eyes were a piercing green color and his classes seemed to be falling off the bridge of his noise. His black hair was a mess and he looked slightly amused, dressed in his Slytherin uniform.






“We’ve been looking all over this castle for you.”






“I know,” I said blankly, nodding.






“Dom’s been threatening to kill you though I’m sure you’re fine.”






I didn’t know if I should laugh or puke. “Erm, thanks for the warning?”






He laughed. Why the hell is he laughing? He looked downright angry when he was in my dorm. “So, why’d you steal the cloak?” He asked, nodding the fabric that was pressed to my chest.






“I didn’t steal it, I swear! I came back and I was late for nap time and I was really cold. Like super cold and my stupid friend Amelia stole my blanket and I was like what am I supposed to use? So then my totally cool Asian friend who usually gives me smart ideas told me to borrow your cousins blanket but your cousin and I aren’t friends but I was cold so I took it. I didn’t know it was your dad’s cloak, I swear! I was just really cold!”






I took a deep breath, out of breath from my large rambling on. He just stared at me with some half-smirk on his face.






“So…are you still cold or is that all solved?” He said with a laugh.






He laughed. He bloody laughed. I told you these Wotters were mental.






“All solved?”






“You’re a funny one,” He said, peering at me through his glasses. “Tell you what, if you give me back the cloak I’ll walk you to dinner to make sure my family doesn’t try to kill you.”






“I’m not funny,” I said with a straight face. I’m not. I’m a Ravenclaw and Ravenclaws aren’t funny. “Though I’ll take you up on that offer. I don’t want to die without getting my pie first.” I said saying the first thing that came to my mind before pushing the cloak into his hands forcefully. “Here, take it.”






He stood up, shoving the cloak into his back before he offered me his hand. “Shall we, thief?”






“I’m not a thief,” I said, taking his hand and allowing him to pull me up. “And my name is Brielle.”






“Well Brielle the thief,” He smirked as I just looked up to stare at him. Man was he tall. Or maybe I was short. I don’t know. “It’s nice to meet you.”






Oh, only if I knew how much trouble I was in for this year.








So what did you guys think? Should I continue or not? Any review you be appreciated whether it is small or large! Seriously guys, it would mean a lot to me! I'll get a banner up soon if I continue this! xoxo  


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