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Trouble by Zyii
Chapter 6 : Dotty Who?
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‘Master Malfoy you must come quickly’.

‘What? Dotty, wait!’ cried Draco.

‘No time Master Malfoy, Headmistress says we can use her office’ said Dotty dragging along a confused Draco.

‘Malfoy, what?’ cried a confused Hermione as she saw Draco being dragged along by a worried house elf, ‘Malfoy!’ she shouted but he either couldn’t hear her or couldn’t untangle himself from the house elf.

Hermione watched his retreating figure with a frown on her face. She’d been hoping to have a chat with him not least because of her curiosity but because of his behaviour towards her on the weekend. She hadn’t thought her makeover was that bad and had certainly thought the hair spell to be useful but with Malfoy, avoiding her like the plague, she’d begun to think the makeover made her look like a tramp or something.

Nevermind, Hermione had more important things to worry about other than the comings and goings of Malfoy. For example, Ronald was on the prowl – the green now fading – and she had several essays to do she decided – as she had the afternoon free – to find herself a nice quiet corner of the library.

She started with an easy essay, Herbology: the uses of the Tibetan Longtail Pansy and their magical properties. Hermione had never heard of a Tibetan Longtail Pansy so she was very interested in learning about it. When she was halfway through her potions essay a familiar face sat down across from her: Blaise Zabini.

‘Whatcha doing?’ he asked.

She glared at him ‘Homework’ she said like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

‘So you haven’t changed that much then’ he said with a smirk.

‘Ha, ha. Same old, same old’ she said, ‘what are you doing here anyway?’

‘Two things; A) looking for Draco, B) avoiding replying to my Mother’s letter’ he said.

‘Oh, why are you avoiding replying to your Mother? And I saw Draco earlier’.

‘You’ve never met my Mother!’ said Blaise, ‘She’s lovely but she’s still full of pureblood traditions. She keeps asking me if I’ve found a girl yet and when she can start planning a wedding. No man ever wants to hear their Mum mention the W word’ said Blaise with a shiver.

‘Do you like someone?’ asked Hermione.

Blaise blushed faintly but said nothing.

‘It’s alright you don’t have to tell me’.

Changing the subject Blaise said, ‘Did you say you saw Draco earlier?’

‘Yeah, he looked concerned; he was being pulled away by some crazed house elf’.

‘What!!’ bellowed Blaise before apologising to the slightly irate librarian for his loudness.

‘What’s so important about that?’ asked Hermione.

‘Nothing urh I got to go’.

‘Blaise!!’ she cried.

‘Sorry, not my story to tell’ yelled Blaise over his shoulder.

‘Men!’ huffed Hermione in annoyance. Her potions essay almost complete just charms to go and she was done for a while.

‘Hello Miss Granger’ came a silky velvety voice from behind her.

‘Professor Shepard’ she stammered whipping around to face him.

‘What is such an intelligent student as you doing in the library on such a wonderful day?’

‘Homework’ she replied curtly.

‘Always the over achiever’ he replied, she didn’t comment.

‘Well don’t let me keep you’ he said and Hermione almost sensed he felt wistful about it, ‘I’ll see you in class Miss Granger’.

Something about the way he said her name made her cringe all over and left a bitter taste in her mouth. Who knew fans could be so cringe worthy, she certainly didn’t. She felt a pang in her chest, wishing Harry was there so she could ask for advice. Of course he wasn’t there, so she’d just have to muddle through alone.

Later that evening when Hermione was in her room, she got a surprise when the elf who had dragged Malfoy away earlier.

‘Sorry Miss’ squeaked the elf, ‘I’s not meaning to startle you, I’s Dotty’ she said nervously.

‘What are you doing here Dotty?’, asked Hermione softly.

‘Master Blaise is sending me Miss. He’s knowing you’d be curious and he’s not wanting you to works it out’ she said. ‘Work what out? I wasn’t even investigating’ said Hermione.

‘That’s good Missy, Master Blaise is wanting you to know but it’s not his secrets, it’s my Masters and he’s not ready yet’.

‘Your Masters? Malfoy?’ asked Hermione.

Dotty nodded, ‘I’s be going now Missy’ and with a pop she was gone.


For the second time that day Hermione huffed, ‘boys’.


Draco P.O.V

Draco had had a really bad day, from the rude awakening to being dragged down the hallway by Dotty and seeing a curious Granger while he was in a total state of messy undress – not cool.

As it turned out the emergency hadn’t been all that terrible, really it was more of a breakthrough, a breakthrough with words. It was remarkable that she’d come so far and even more so that she was beginning to trust and speak. It had given a warm feeling in his chest that had grown until Blaise had arrived full of worry for the situation and to inform him that Granger had been curious about it all.

Blaise had been pushing him to tell her but really when should he. They weren’t friends but at least they were no longer stuck in that awful awkward faze. It always confused him the way Granger had forgiven him; he was extremely thankful but still confused. Draco couldn’t deny the attraction he felt for Granger but he didn’t know if it was just a crush or not. He didn’t want to lead them both into something that hurt the both of them. That’s right: Draco Malfoy did possess a shred of humanity inside him; it hadn’t all been banished away by unsavoury characters.

‘Malfoy’ came a voice that barely entered his conscious mind.

‘Draco’ it called, the voice sounding familiar.

‘What…Granger!’ he cried.

‘Are you alright?’ she asked.

‘I. Erh…yeah’ said Draco.

‘You look like you need rest’ she said.

‘Why aren’t you asking questions?’ he asked.

‘You aren’t ready’ she replied simply walking off, leaving Draco completely confused.

AN: Sorry for short chapter, in prep for longer chapters to come ~ Zyii

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Trouble: Dotty Who?


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