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Music is Might by shewhomustnotbenamed_
Chapter 13 : Uncovering
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 -James’ P.O.V-


My lips were still tingling from her touch. I can’t believe she ran out on me, why do girls keep doing that to me?  Am I really that bad? Of course not, well I hope not. Ally Lockridge is a complete mystery to me, one second I actually think she’s into me and the next she’s running away like she doesn’t ever want to be seen with me. I just don’t understand girls at all. Maybe I should ask for some advice from Lily or something, actually on second thoughts maybe not.


Ally ran out so quick, she dropped her book. I sighed in despair as I walked over and picked it up. It was heavy and over used, it was a small brown mole skin journal, with doodles and writing scrawled all over it. Writing essays my arse, she was writing in her journal, the journal I had in my hands. I never thought of her a diary keeping sort of girl. She seemed too spontaneous for that sort of stuff. I flicked through the pages, not really reading just looking at her scruffy handwriting; she definitely didn’t have a girls bubbly handwriting it looked like something a healer would have.


I looked at the drawings down the side of the page, she was good. I flicked through and noticed a moving sketch, it was of Louis, Freddie an d me getting eaten by a hippogriff, I didn’t know whether to laugh or be offended, why would she hate us that much to draw it? I laughed despite myself, it was a good drawing, the fact I could tell who it was supposed to be, explains that.


I read the writing next to the photo “I’m not yours to keep, I’m not your trophy or your prize” they were Music is Might’s lyrics. Ha I thought maybe she is a fan after all, a secret fan, a fan in denial, it’s just like Al with The Nibblers, he won’t admit to anybody he likes them, but I’ve seen the box of merchandise hidden under his bed, it’s where he stores everything and I thought Slytherins were supposed to be sneaky... He’s the most predictable out of the lot.


As I skimmed through the book, I noticed that most of scribbles, were in fact lyrics of some sort, some I didn’t recognise, but others were no doubt Music is Might’s. I didn’t think much of it; maybe she was just deeply inspired. I bagged the journal and pick up the essay that Ally had marked for me earlier. It was drenched just like I was, I pulled out my wand and did a simple drying charm on both me and the essay, before putting it in my bag and walking back up to the Gryffindor common room, with despite current issues, aka Ally running away, I still had a smile on my face, because for those seven minutes, she did return the kiss. That has to mean something right?


I told the fat lady the password, “Courage” even I had to cringe at the stereotype, that’s like the Slytherins having sneaky, the Ravenclaw’s being brave and the Hufflepuff’s being useless. Dad would have killed me for that joke, given me a history lecture on all the students that broke the prejudice stereotypes. Maybe I’ll keep it to myself, sound s like a good plan.


I walked up to our dorm, the common room was reasonably quiet for a Wednesday night, with only a small selection of students still hanging around. I didn’t spot Freddie and the gang which can only mean three things:

 1) they’re up in the dorm (high unlikely at this time).

 2) they managed to get themselves into a last minute detention


 3) they’d used the map and cloak to sneak off to Hogsmeade.


I was opting for option three, especially due to the fact Freddie asked me to leave them out. When I got to the sixth years boy’s dormitories, I wasn’t surprised to find it completely empty. I sighed as I rolled on to my bed. I closed my eyes and just lay there for a while just thinking about everything that had happened today.


After reliving the memory what felt like a thousand times, I opened my eyes, and scanned the room, they still weren’t back. I checked the clock at the side of my bed, 11.04 they were definitely out at Hogsmeade, no teacher would make them stay this long at detention.


I let my eyes wonder through the dorm for a second, as my eyes caught Freddie’s Music is Might poster, I got up despite my inner protests and looked at the photo. I tilted my head from side to side, I couldn’t help myself as I started to make the comparisons between Phoenix and Ally, they were both undeniably beautiful, Ally in a less obvious hides herself kind of way, as Phoenix stood out, everything about her was intensified. I studied her face for a few minutes, every time I looked at Phoenix all I could see was Ally, her eyes, her adorable nose, her lips, Phoenix’s eyes, Phoenix’s adorable nose, Phoenix’s lips. They were the same. They were the same, everything was the same, the light freckles that Ally had sprinkling over her nose, hidden slightly in Phoenix’s photo but still visible. I couldn’t believe it:


Ally was Phoenix.


No she couldn’t possibly be she wasn’t anything like her. No I wouldn’t believe it. I stood staring at the photo. Before I ran to my bag and pulled out her journal. It wasn’t her journal, this was her what song book? With lyrics Music is Might’s Lyrics, her lyrics! And the ones I didn’t recognise were the ones they hadn’t performed yet, the ones she was still writing.


I sat on the edge of my bed as I let it all sink in. How could I not have guessed? I kissed the same bloody person twice, how could I not tell. Thinking about it now, both of their kisses were exactly the same both filled me with the same passion and both left me wanting more. I punched the bed in frustration how could I be so stupid? No I wasn’t angry with myself, I was angry with Ally? She sat there and let me what pour my heart out to her? I told her all my doubts and troubles about Phoenix and all along she was her, sitting there. I bet her and the rest of the band had a good old barrel of laughs. I bet she only agreed to tutor me for their own amusement, I shook the thought from my head, Phoenix wasn’t like that. No Ally wasn’t like that, Ally was good, at least I hoped I was right.


At the thought of the rest of the band, I lifted up my head and looked over to the poster, it was almost asif they rest of them were shifting into focus. I didn’t have to look at it to know who they were. It suddenly explained Dom’s new choice of friends, sure I’d seen her hang around with them before, but not nearly as much as this year. As I looked at the poster, I saw more and more who the people behind the masks were. Adam Hordan, Marcus Jordan and Spencer Pegg. The two had recently come out and caused an uproar on the quidditch pitch, especially with Marcus playing for the Ravenclaws. Ravenclaws I mused, never in all my life had I ever imagined Music is Might to be bloody Ravenclaws. I thought they were too brainy to ever get involved in something as scandalous as this.


We each had our own conspiracy, Louis thought they were Slytherins, Freddie was positive they were from Hufflepuff, that probably explains why in the last three months, he’s all most hooked up to with most the female population of Hufflepuff, and probably because they’re easy, Freddie’s words not mine. Me? I thought they were a mix breed of Hogwarts’ houses, I don’t know I always imagined Phoenix-Ally-Phoenix? This is confusing, to be a Gryffindor. It still didn’t make sense, she was nothing like Phoenix, I know Ally, I would have known before, but the more I did think about it, the more it made sense, I just had no idea to how they did it. How they kept this secret for so long, how they managed to trick every single student in Hogwarts and even across the world (I heard they have a big fan base in Japan, but that could just be a rumour).


It made sense in charms the other day, how Flitwick became all twitchy when he read Ally’s note, Dom was lying. She was covering their backs, it was something about the band it had to be. That explains why the four of them are so close. It also means the teachers must be in on it too. Flitwick and… McGonagall, she was the one that introduced at the ball. It had to be.


They were the best kept secret in Hogwarts and I had discovered their secret. I just had no idea what I was going to do with it. I heard footsteps running up the stairs, they were back I thought, I instinctively put Ally’s book into my bag. I didn’t know what I was going to do just yet, but I knew I had to keep their secret from Freddie and Louis, at least for now, or at least until I’d confronted Ally about this whole ordeal, I was still hoping that in some bizarre way I was wrong but all the signs pointed to them, I couldn’t help it, but I felt slightly betrayed, hurt even and definitely embarrassed.


In all honestly, I just couldn’t believe I’d been tricked by a wig and make up, petty magic tricks. The whole three months were a lie.


My thoughts were interrupted when the door came crashing open and a drunk Freddie came tumbling through the door, he turned around and attempted to whisper “shhhhh” but ended up shouting at a full volume, at the rest of the guys, I shook my head at him.


He stood up and smiled goofily up at me. “Hallo James, did you get lucky?”


The rest of the guys sauntered in, Ryan and Louis were leaning on each other’s shoulders singing Music is Might’s newest song, that band seemed to follow me everywhere. A constant reminder.


“Quiet down guys” I said warningly, we didn’t want Longbottom showing up in his pajamas again, telling us to quiet down, and we definitely didn’t want McGonagall showing up in her night dress, I still have nightmares about the last time. I shuddered at the thought.

Ryan fell down on to his bed, he was snoring before his head hit the pillow, that’s one down I thought.


“How was your date?” Louis asked.


“It wasn’t a date” I said sternly, I couldn’t hide my annoyance with the whole situation, my annoyance with Ally.


I felt so confused about everything. I needed sleep, I needed to think everything over, I needed to talk to Phoenix, no Ally. What the hell has she done to my bloody head. I hit my head in frustration.


“Whatever you say bro” at that Louis jumped on to his bed, he rolled over and I guessed he fell asleep.


Freddie was currently stroking his Music is Might poster, mumbling to it. I couldn’t help myself, but I felt protective over it “Freddie go to bed” I said, he instantly stopped stroking Ally’s face and looked at me. 


“I love her”


“So does everybody else” I uttered, thinking about how true the statement was.


“I’m going to find out who she is on Friday” he said excitedly as he skipped over to his bed, and at last fell asleep. I’d forgotten about his task for Ally, even I had to hold back my laugh, every time we’d questioned her about Music is Might, about Phoenix she denied knowing the secret, when in reality she was the secret. She was Music is Might, she’d tricked us all and we all fell for it. I shook my head, I was going to confront her in the morning, I needed to, my thoughts were all over the place and once again Phoenix was the cause of it, or should I say Ally?





Author's note: I don't own anything, Harry Potter = J.K.Rowling.... Anything else = not mine. YOU GET ME?

The secret is out... Well kind of. So what do you think? or what do you think is going to happen, what do you think James will do with his new information? Keep it? Tell the world? 

I had two endings to this chapter, this one and James was too blind to see what the journal was. And for those of you who guessed of course it was the song book, I had to keep up with cliches.... 

Sorry I'm making this a tad too long!

Thank you for reading, and thank you for reviewing!!! I love reading them really they make my day!

Again thanks, lot's of love... 




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