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The Sight by Xaria
Chapter 8 : Night at the Potter's
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Chapter 8: Night At The Potter's


Delphia sat awkwardly in the Potter's sitting room. In the end Braxton had to leave quickly, abandoning her with the Potters. He didn't say why he had to leave but she sensed it was important.


“I made some cheesecake if you'd like some.” Mrs. Potter asked her.


So Delphia followed her into the kitchen and sat on a stool by the island. She had to admit she liked the Potters, they were kind and sentimental. She wondered how James became so arrogant when raised by them. Mrs. Potter cut out a piece of cheesecake and placed it on a light pink porcelain plate.


“Mum, what's for-” James stood in the doorway of the kitchen, his mouth gaped open.


“James, I think you've met Delphia before. She's here while her father attends to some business.” explained Mrs. Potter as he gave James a stern look.


“But, she was mean to Padfoot!” he pointed at Delphia and pouted. Delphia rolled her eyes and took a bite of the cheesecake.


“James, be nice to our guest! Go show her around the house once she's done with her cheesecake.”


Delphia set down her plate when she finished, suddenly feeling uncomfortable, she watched James mutter something under his breath and wave his hand for her to follow him. The house was large, each bedroom had it's own personal bathroom and there was a total of five bedrooms, an office room, two sitting rooms, and a room that was locked firmly. The house itself was what seemed to be in the middle of no where, so the backyard was in a large field that overlooked a rather large pond full of odd colored fish.


James led her to a door that was cracked open, on the outside hung a sign reading Prongs. Inside Sirius was sitting on the floor a foot away from a muggle television, he was playing with the knobs and watching the screen change pictures in delight.


“Oy James, how do muggles come up with these things? These portraits don't even talk back!” he was saying.


“We have a guest Padfoot.” James smirked at his friend's amusement. Sirius looked up and his face fell.


“What the hell is she doing here?” he glared at her.


“We've got to baby sit her while her daddy's away.”


Delphia growled as James nudged her into his room, the walls were covered in quidditch stuff and the floor with clothes. James tried to quickly kick all of his clothes under his bed before she noticed but failed miserably. Delphia sat down awkwardly on the end of his bed, her heart hammering in her chest. But she only felt more awkward as Sirius looked her up and down as if he couldn't decide on what to make of her.


“I still don't understand why you're here.” he said after the moment of silence.


Delphia glared at him, not forgetting what he had called her, he obviously didn't seem to care. She looked down at the paper Mr. Potter had given her to distract herself from the awkward looks James and Sirius gave her.


Keep your anger and sadness under control

Deep breaths

Clear your mind

Keep your heart at a steady beat


Give in to peace


The parchment was suddenly snatched right out of her hand by James.


“What is this?” he asked as he held it away from her reach, which was fairly simple because of the height difference between the two.


“Give it back!” growled Delphia and stood on her tippytoes to reach it. James hurried over to Sirius and showed it to him.


Sirius snorted with laughter, “Are you in therapy? That sure explains a lot of things.”


“I'm not in therapy, now give it to me or I swear I will curse you into oblivion!”


“James, give her the parchment.” came a new voice, Mr. Potter stood at the door. After James unwillingly handed it to Delphia Mr. Potter turned to her. “Can I borrow you for a moment, Delphia?”


She nodded followed him, eager to be rid of the two Marauders. When they were out of sight Sirius whipped his head around to James, a devious look upon his face. But James had already had the same thought as him, and in his hand he held a silky cloak. The two huddled under it and were suddenly gone from sight.


James led the way down the stairs, careful not to trip over the hem of the cloak. He strained his ears as he heard voices coming from the sitting room. He and Sirius tiptoed to the bottom step of the staircase.


“I'm sorry for asking for so much.” Mrs. Potter was saying, she paced in front of the sofa anxiously. “I've just been really worried and I thought you could help.”


Delphia looked up from the floor and James felt the cold shiver that ran through his body whenever he saw her unsettling blue and green eyes. Her eyebrows were furrowed and she tilted her head slightly to the side.


“But of course you don't have to!” Mrs. Potter added quickly.


“Leah, take a seat, I'll go get you some tea.” said Mr. Potter, resting a gentle hand on his wife's shoulder and leading her to the armchair. She slouched down into the chair and watched him walk through the door to the kitchen.


“My sister, Anna, has been gone for quite sometime, and I feel that something bad has happened to her.” explained Mrs. Potter, “Do you think you can...find her?”


“You've helped me so much today, of course I will do you a favor. I'll find your sister.” said Delphia simply. Mr. Potter returned with the tea and the two watched as Delphia took a deep breath and closed her eyes slowly. Seconds ticked by in silence until her eyes snapped open, the normal blue and green color was tinged yellow and her pupils were small.


“There's a beach, it's barren and quiet. There's a small shack and there are people inside. They are bad people, filled with darkness and sinister thoughts. I see a woman, she's chained to the wall, her wrists are bloody and raw from the shackles and there are cuts all over her. She's dying. But they keep trying to get answers from her, she won't answer.”


“Do you know where this shack is?” interrupted Mr. Potter softly, holding Mrs. Potter's shaking hands.


“The coast of Ireland, several miles from the quidditch pitch of the Irish National Quidditch Team.” said Delphia. She blinked a few times and her eyes changed to their average colors. James and Sirius hurried up the stairs, their eyes wide from the scene they had witnessed.



Delphia agitatedly wrung her fingers together, Mr. and Mrs. Potter hadn't returned for several hours. She had told them about Mrs. Potter's sister and they quickly took off to Ireland where she was being held. A large crash exploded from the kitchen and she got thrown off the sofa.


“What the bloody hell was that?!” a voice rang out through the rubble. Once the air cleared Delphia could make out James and Sirius at the bottom of the staircase, their hands wrapped tightly around their wands.


A bright flash of red sped to her and she threw her arms over her face. But instead a soft hand touched her shoulder and she looked up into the worried face of Mrs. Potter.


“Hurry Delphia, get out of here, they found you.” she breathed urgently as she through a curse at some cloaked figures as they stepped out of the ruined kitchen.


James hurried forward, his ruffled hair was more crazy than normal. Sirius stood beside him as he blocked another curse from a nearby Death Eater.


“James, Sirius, take Delphia! Take her and go to Hogsmeade, tell Dumbledore what happened!” Mr. Potter commanded as a Death Eater hurled a blue curse at him that cut him across the arm like a knife.


“No! I'm not leaving you!” howled James, he blinked away tears furiously.




Sirius pulled Delphia up through the chaos and took a firm grip on James's arm before he could complain. The ruined house disappeared as the three got sucked into darkness.

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The Sight: Night at the Potter's


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