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Surreal by mary_ducks
Chapter 14 : Epilogue
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So I know in the last chapter I said there were about two more chapters to go, I lied this is the last chapter and believe me it is not going to end up like you all hoped it would. Now read on.



Draco watched in admiration as the love of his life glided gracefully down the aisle, her white dress flowing to the ground elegantly, fluttering with every movement of her body. The hazel eyes he was so in love with her masked by a long white veil. His heart hitched in his throat as he marveled at her beauty, in just a few minutes he was to be married to the most beautiful witch in England.


He looked at the wizards and witches who had congregated at the manor to see the union of the two lovers. There was Harry and his wife Luna and their three heinous children who couldn’t sit still for the life of them and next to them were the Finches, and then the Zabini Family. His mother was there as well as his bride’s entire family, many of whom were muggles.


Draco thought back to the day that had made this day possible, the day he had convinced his aging obstinate grandmother to testify against his marriage. It had all been possible because of Andy, the girl he had been so in love with as a child.


She had immediately charmed his grandmother with her good will and nature that Lady Malfoy decided to give Draco his freedom in the Pureblood Court. Due to Lady Malfoy’s high position in the court they had gone in her favor and Draco’s engagement to Estrella Di Ange had been considered null and void. She was now unhappily married to the Weasley brat Ronald Weasley and had a booming family of zilch.


“Do you Draco Malfoy take Emily Mitchell’s to be you’re lawfully wedded wife?” the Peace of Justice asked looking at Draco with happiness in his face.


“I do.” Draco choked out as his heart swelled with emotion.


“And do you Emily Mitchell take Draco Malfoy to be your lawfully wedded husband?” he asked turning to his bride. There was a long hesitation of silence as she looked around the courtroom in fear.


“I-I do.” She finally stuttered.

Draco could barely contain his excitement as the words “I now pronounce you man and wife you may now kiss the bride.” Escaped the P.o.J’s lips. He flipped her veil away from her face and kissed her with all of the emotion that had been bubbling on his lips.



“I am so sorry I couldn’t make it to the ceremony, but I had an emergency job to go on.” Andy exclaimed once she arrived at the wedding looking quite extraordinary in a purple pencil skirt and white blouse. “Some idiot tried side along apparation with a 5 year old and the poor thing got splinched.” She said with a wince as she hugged her friends.


“Oh my, that’s terrible.” Emily said with a grimace, “well at least you were able to make it to the celebration.”


“Yeah, I felt terrible having to miss the exchange of vows and all.” Andy replied as she smoothed her hair down, she had thrown it into a quick pony tail after taking a five minute shower. Sometimes being a healer wasn’t as great as it sounded.


“Well, have a nice time.” Emily said as she shouldered away from the only wizards in the procession.


“She really does hate me doesn’t she?” Andy asked as Emily walked away.


“I would have hated you too if you had dated my husband for three years and then dumped him because he had an affair with your assistant too.” Susan replied with a laugh as Andy gave her a playful slap. In other words Draco and Andy had been engaged and two months before the wedding she had found him on top of her desk in her office with Emily the Tramp laying under him, each them partially clothed.


“Oh please if anything she should hate herself for being a dirty tramp.” Andy said with a grin.


“Who’s a dirty tramp?” a cool voice asked from behind the group, everyone stopped laughing.


“Um no one.” Andy replied in a meek voice as she turned towards her ex-fiancé Draco Malfoy.


“You are a horrible liar Andy.” He replied with a laugh as he shook her hand, if they had hugged it would have resulted in the awful cold shoulder from Emily. Draco took a few moments to hate himself for cheating on Andy as he admired the beauty she just seemed to be gaining every time he saw her. The thought was banished the moment it entered his head, he had loved Andy at some point but now he had only platonic feelings for her. 


He had even invited her to the wedding to see that he was faring just fine without her and was plainly in love with Emily. Which he was.


“And I should be going before there’s another incident at the hospital.” She replied as she hugged everyone good bye and apparated home before anyone could protest her departure.



She landed in her flat with tears crawling down her cheeks, oh the things she had done for someone else’s love and someone else’s happiness.  She thought back against her will to the day she had figured it all out.


“Miss. Saturn, Mrs. Potter is here to see you about her ultrasound.” Her assistant Emily told her as Andy lead one of her current patients to the door.


“Alright, send her in please.” Andy said as she told the elderly Mrs. Johnson to go to the pharmacy and get some pain killers for her joint pain. “Luna! It’s great to see you, and how is the little one?” Patting Luna’s swollen belly gently.


“My baby is doing great, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I really want to know the gender.” Luna confided with a giggle, while rubbing her belly gently, “Harry wants a girl, I never really expected that from him.”


“Wow, and you Luna? What would you want?” Andy asked as she led Luna to the room where ultra sound would take place.


“I’m, I’m not sure.” Luna said with a surprised smile, “But please Andy do not, under any circumstances tell me what the baby is going to be. No matter how much I beg and plead do not tell me.”


“Alright Luna whatever you want.” She replied while she began the process of the ultrasound. “Um Luna I know you told me not to say anything, but you’re having more than one baby.” She squeaked out once she realized that there was not one but THREE fetuses in Luna’s womb.


“I’m sorry, what?” Luna asked her face pale with shock.


“Luna, you’re going to have triplets.” Andy said as a grin broke across Luna’s face.


“Oh wonderful!” she squealed squeezing Andy’s hand gently, “Harry will be so happy. I know he wants a big family and I myself wouldn’t mind having many children.”


Just then someone burst into the room, he had scraggly black hair, emerald eyes and round glasses perched on his nose. But, most importantly he had a scar smack center in his forehead in the shape of a lightning bolt. “I’m so sorry love I tried to make it on time, but there was trouble at the ministry.” He blurted out as he walked over to his wife. “So what’s the news, do you know yet?”


“Luna, I will be right back you go ahead and tell him the good news.” Andy said as she stood up with a folder of paperwork in her arms. This was grand news, it was so amazing knowing that Luna and Harry were going to have a full family in six months. She hurried to her office so she could join her two best mates quickly, except when she opened the door, she was greeted by a sight that would forever be burned into her mind.


“What the bloody hell is going on here?” she shouted out angrily as her beloved fiancé dropped her assistant nurse onto her desk with a harsh thud. The room was a chaotic mess, papers were strewn everywhere, Andy’s favorite picture of Draco was smashed on the floor and her assistant was partially clothed with her skirt hiked up way above her thighs.


“Andy, this this-“Draco was at a loss for words, his face was flushed and his hair stood up at odd ends.


“This what? What Draco? You don’t have some lame excuse to give me as to why you are cheating on me in my office with my assistant?” she screeched her eyes welled with tears, “After all we’ve been through, after I nearly died to give you your freedom you betray me like this?” she yelled at him tears spilling down her face, she looked down at her hand, on it was a beautiful silver and gold ring, she yanked it off and hurled it at Draco.


She marched out of the room, storming out of the hospital, she heard yells and cries of pain, she heard loud pounding footsteps and she was soon embraced by her two best friends. “Andy if you need a place to stay you will always be welcome at our home.” Harry whispered into her hair as he apparated the three of them to the Potter Nest in Godric’s Hollow.



Now here she was nearly a year and a half later, single, heartbroken and lost, she wondered if this was just how her life was supposed to be. With her giving up her happiness for the sake of others? How cruel would that be?


She supposed it was punishment for not listening to her mother, her mother had warned her about this, but hey she had been in love and a part of her was still in love, but she had to give that up if she wanted Draco to be happy. She had to be happy without him, she could be happy without him. She had to.



Three weeks later Andy was found in a café by her old home in Piccadilly enjoying a coffee all by herself. There was something different about her, something almost surreal. She seemed to glow with life and energy, she seemed other worldly and most importantly she looked happy.


She seemed at peace with herself and with the world. If you asked her anything about a certain blonde haired man she would laugh and say he was no longer an important piece to her puzzle in life. She would say that she had finally realized she could be happy without men, because she was.


After all of this time, she had finally grown up and saw the world for what is was, love and sadness, happiness and grief, kindness and hate. The world now smiled upon her as she stood up and left the café the wind billowing out her hair behind her and everything was at peace.





TADA the end! Whata  way to wrap up the story, there may be an alternate ending but thats a maybe still not sure but for now this story is complete! Adieu!


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Surreal : Epilogue


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