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It's Complicated by SunnyWitch
Chapter 7 : Figuring It Out
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 I sat by where Teddy - never Lupin again - had run off, his words running through my head. “What do you want me to say? Victoire? Do you want me to say that I love you? Because that's just it! I do! I do love you! And it kills me, because I want to hate you so badly!” I didn’t know what to think. My brain was in shambles, trying to figure it out.

“Hang on...oh shit.” Teddy had run off to the Owlery to stop Sally and Allie from turning Zeke pink. He wouldn’t be able to stop them. I pulled out my wand, and did something I would never had usually done.

“Accio broomstick.”

A Firebolt came zooming towards me. I grabbed it and kicked off, flying through a broken window, recently smashed by some second years with a Fanged Frisbee, and zooming towards the Owlery.

I arrived just as Sally and Allie pulled their wands on Teddy. With a shout, I flew in, jumping off in front of my former friends.

“No! Don’t do it! We made up!” Sally and Allie stopped, wands still drawn.

“What do you mean, Victoire? I thought you were a Slytherin now. After all, you’ve got the hair, and the makeup.” I laughed, and got out my own wand.

“About that, girls...” With a flick of my wand, my makeup disappeared, and the green left my hair. “Green was never really my colour. But it does suit you guys.” With another flick, Sally and Allie’s skin turned bright green, as did all of their hair. With many screams, they ran out, shouting threats at me. Teddy laughed and hugged me, burying his face in my hair.

“Thanks. Did they get to Zeke?” Teddy made a clicking noise with his tongue, and Zeke swooped down, still his usual colours.

“Oh, thank Merlin. Wait’re not going to believe this.” Teddy looked back at Zeke, and froze. I’d failed to notice when Zeke swooped down that the feathers that always stuck up on his head had turned fluoro pink.

“Oh Merlin....that is awesome! I mean, totally pink would have been awful, but mohawks are always cool.” I laughed and patted Zeke’s now pink head before sending him back into the rafters. Teddy grinned at me for a second, but then the grin dropped from his face.

“Vicky....about what I said before, I...” I shushed him, smiling.

“We’ll figure it out. We always do. Now, let’s go to the common room.” Teddy knew I was talking about the Gryffindor one, since I had always wished it was my own.






Everyone was pretty surprised when they walked in the portrait hole and saw Teddy and I playing wizard’s chess in front of the fire, laughing together. Leila and Tyler weren’t too surprised, though. We’d fought before and had always made up quickly, even though this was ten times bigger than a little fight over whether the Hollyhead Harpies were better than the Montrose Magpies.

Which they were. I still stand by that.

Even if Teddy had charmed all my clothes three sizes too small for thinking that.

“Yeah! Another win for me!” Teddy buried his face in his hands as my knight reduced his king to rubble. With a wave of the wand, they reformed, ready to smash each other to bits all over again.

“It’s not my fault you have Leila to help you and I have Tyler. There’s a reason he isn’t in Ravenclaw, you know. He’s stupid enough to be a Hufflepuff.” Tyler, who was picking sock fluff out from between his toes, shot him the finger before pulling his shoes back on.

“I’m pretty sure you were the one who moved your queen to where her bishop could take it.” Leila laughed and walked over to Tyler. A little light went on in my head. They’d been hanging out a lot in, every day.

“Are you guys...” Leila blushed at the same time as Tyler, basically confirming it. Teddy laughed quietly and looked at me.

“These two lovebirds were snogging at breakfast, before I shouted at them.” I snorted and started laughing, looking over at my blushing friends.

“Oh Merlin, you - you - oh Merlin, that’s priceless. That is hilarious.” I tried to stand up, but ended up falling over, landing on Teddy, who was still cracking up. We laughed together in a little pile before I finally recovered and moved off his lap, sitting next to him instead. Tyler and Leila looked at each other, blushing, and ran out of the room. Teddy laughed once more before finally calming down. I looked at him, remembering his earlier words.

“About before...” Teddy shushed me, biting his lip. His hair was going slowly red.

“ just kind of came out. I have...have liked you. For a while. For about three years, actually.” I went still. Three....three years? That was back in third year, fourth year for him.

“Wow...” Teddy’s hair was slowly becoming threaded with blue.

“Well....I dunno, if you don’t like me, it’s alright, we can just be friends, and I can just forget about it and -“ It was my turn to shush Teddy as he began rambling, his hair turning bluer by the second.

“We’ll figure it out. We always do, but for now, let’s just be friends. Okay?” Teddy nodded, his hair slowly going back to a neutral colour, purple. I smiled at him and moved my pawn forward.

“Now, ready to be crushed again?” Teddy grinned and moved one of his pawns forward.

“I might as well suffer an awful defeat. I hear it’s cleansing for the soul.” I laughed and moved another piece forward.

“You’re on, Teddy bear.” Teddy poked his tongue out at me and took my pawn.






After almost letting Teddy win because I felt sorry for him, but eventually ending up beating him anyway because he just made it too easy, we went down for dinner. Tyler and Leila sat at the Ravenclaw table, probably to avoid us asking questions, but I was sure that I saw them feeding each other food. Eugh.

“So, Lupin, back together with your snake girlfriend?” My head jerked upright, and I found myself staring into the eyes of a smirking Flynn Allen.

“We’re not dating. And why don’t you go and fuck yourself? After all, you’ll never get any action from anyone else.” Allen reeled back, snarling.

“Fucking little princess, aren’t you, snake girl? Think you could possibly deny the fact that you two have enough sexual tension to power a small Muggle town?” I blushed slightly, glaring at Allen, who was now smiling victoriously.

“See? You like each other. I fucking knew it. Now, tell me who was right all along, or I’ll cut off your fingers and stick them up your -“

Flynn Allen, detention!” My head shot up, as did Allen’s and Teddy’s. And, you know, everyone in the hall. The almost deafening shout had come from Professor McGonagall, who did not look impressed. Actually, she looked as if her head was about to burst. She strode forward, heels clicking purposefully until she reached Allen, who was gulping.

“Mr Allen, I am this close to sending you into detention for the rest of the year. You have threatened, hexed and abused your fellow students for far too long, and I am finally ending it. Either you change, or you will be expelled. I am genuinely ashamed to call you a Gryffindor.” With that, she walked calmly and coolly back to the teacher’s table, as Allen ran out. A few stunned seconds paused, before Teddy started clapping. It was just him for a second, but then Tyler, Leila and I joined in. Soon enough, everyone but the Slytherins - bar me, of course - were applauding her, much to the teacher’s amusement. Professor McGonagall stood up and raised her hands, signalling us to stop.

“I appreciate the applause, but save it for when I kick him out the door.” We all laughed and started eating again. Tyler and Leila grinned at us from the Ravenclaw table.

After the meal, everyone left quickly, not wanting Professor McGonagall to come chasing after us with shouts of ‘get to class, you miserable troglodytes!’ and much waving of arms. Teddy and I ran up the stairs, laughing. I had left my stuff in Teddy’s dorm, since I really didn’t want to go back to Slytherin and face the taunts of the Ally girls.

“Hey, where are we?” Teddy looked around, swearing. The Fat Lady’s portrait was nowhere near us. I didn’t think I’d ever been in this part of the castle before.

“I must have taken the wrong stairs. Let’s go back.” I was about to agree, when I saw something down the corridor, a faint flickering image. I stepped forward, transfixed.

“Vicky? What are you doing?” I shushed him and pointed. At the end of the corridor was a mirror, reflecting the light, which was what I had spotted. I walked forward, approaching it. There was something written on the edge of it, backwards words. I peered at it, trying to decipher it.

“This mirror shows not your face, but your deepest desire.” Teddy came over, frowning.

“This is the Mirror of Erised. I thought they got rid of it after Voldemort tried to get the Philosopher’s Stone from it.”

“Apparently not.” I peered into the mirror’s surface, frowning. An image appeared, of me pushing a little girl on a swing. Someone stood nearby, laughing. I looked closer and saw that the person nearby was Teddy. The little girl smiled at me and changed her hair colour. I stepped back and looked at Teddy.

“Do you want to look?” Teddy shook his head.

“I already know what I want most.” I went to reply, but stopped. There wasn’t really anything I could say to that.

“Let’s go.” Teddy nodded, and turned around. We walked down the corridor, silent, until suddenly, Teddy tripped, falling onto me and pinning me on the ground. I froze, breathing hard. Teddy blushed, just as frozen as I was. His hair was slowly turning red. I bit my lip and took a deep breath, making my mind up.

Slowly, very slowly, I tilted my head up and let my lips brush his.

Teddy gasped a little, going still, but then he started kissing me back, and I forgot about everything, forgot about the Ally girls and Allen and all of the drama we’d been through. All I could feel was Teddy’s lips on mine. All I could think of was....nothing.

Teddy broke off, breathing hard. He blushed and stood up, running off. I lay frozen on the ground, mind going crazy.

I’d kissed him.

He’d kissed me back.

But then he ran away.





I got my stuff from Teddy’s dorm. He wasn’t there, which was good. I don’t know if I could have faced him. We didn’t talk in class, even in Potions, making the draught in silence. Professor Slughorn appreciated it, smiling at us in thanks, but it was just awkward for us. I accidentally pushed him into a door, meaning that we got really close, and thus quite embarrassed.

“I don’t know what to do. I kissed him, and he ran away, and now it’s awkward.” I was pacing in Leila’s dorm while the owner of said dorm listened and offered advice. Well, I think she was planning on doing it. I hadn’t stopped talking yet, so she didn’t really have a chance to.

“Maybe you should-“

“I mean, who runs away after a kiss? That’s a Hufflepuff move!” I didn’t even register that Leila was trying to talk until after some more rambling from me, she finally had enough.

Shut up!” I froze, my mouth open in some resemblance of talking. Leila took a deep breath and smiled. “Much better. Now, I can only suggest one course of action.”

“What? What should I do?” Leila gave me a wicked smile.

“Kiss him again. Then see what he does.” I swore and spun around.

“No. No way am I going through that again.”

“Going through what again?” I spun and saw Teddy standing at the door, looking puzzled. Leila gave me a smile and walked to the door.

“Tell me how it goes, won’t you?” And with that, she left. I stood there, frozen for a second while Teddy frowned.

“W-what was she talking about?”



Meh heh heh. Good luck, SunnyWitch.


Cheers, Phoenix Quill :D

Thanks PQ. Really appreciate it (actually, this isn't sarcasm but don't tell her). 
WOOOO WOLFLA! (Wolfla, geddit? Teddy = part Werewolf, Victoire = part Veela? If anybody can come up with a better shipname, please, let us know!)
Anyway, this story has a severe lack of reviews. Now, I know people do read this (I see everything) but I am highly disappointed. And very, very, very sad. 
Cheers, SW. 

PS: Very disappointed. 

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