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Winds of Desire by lindslo2012
Chapter 13 : Thinking of Old Times
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Ron apparated back to his mum’s and felt actually pleased with himself for once and happy in the first time for over a month. Molly Weasley stood in the entrance of the Burrow as she had heard her son apparating.

She glared at him through her spectacles, her curly un-tamed hair flying out toward the world and Ron just smiled at her (this was the first time Ron smiled in weeks).

“Hi mum, just been to Malfoy’s to tell him off, back now," Ron said, smirking intensely.

Ginny who had been there for a while now heard this and stood straight up. She was the first to speak, “What did you do Ron?!” Ginny shrieked. She knew if he ended up there at all it would be no good.

 “Ginny calm it down, I only threw a jinx at him once and the Cruciatus and had a good man to man conversation, wanted to make sure he takes care of Hermione!” Ron shouted back.

Molly's eyes shot wide open, “I never would EVER EXPECT YOU TO USE THAT KIND OF CURSE RONALD WEASLEY, even if it was on Draco Malfoy who now has the girl you love! You cheated on her!!" Molly came walking fastly toward him and grabbed him by the ear and slapped his cheek hard.

Ron shrieked in pain as Ginny giggled behind the kitchen table.

Molly spent a good hour lecturing Ron on his pour judgment and spell usage.

Harry was also listening and was looking at his friend with disapproving eyes, he was wondering whether or not he should think about charging his best friend or removing him from his service at the Auror office, he did not say a thing at the moment though. After all, being head Auror, this would diffidently be something to charge someone with.

"Ron! Do you know what this could mean?!" Harry bellowed, now rounding on his friend.

"Charge me then! Do whatever mate! I cursed the one man in this world that really deserved it!" Ron yelled back at his friend.

Harry didn't day another word.

Harry then decided it was his time to leave, he was very angry and didn't want to regret anything. So he gave Ginny a kiss, Mrs. Weasley a goodbye and left for home to join Hermione. Ginny promised to come shortly.

Mrs.Weasley glared at Ron very freakishly, her looks could literally kill right now.

"Ron! As you should probably know, Hermione probably does still love you and was lashing out by dating Malfoy because of her heartbreak, and now she's with the Malfoy boy!! You on the other hand ruined the life that was basically laid out in front of you Ronald! By cheating on the girl you love! I can't believe my own son...." Molly then trailed off, she looked like she could cry.

Ron rolled his eyes at his mother and ignored everything about himself and the cheating he felt everyone should see it as a mistake anyone could make when people drank, though he was heartbroken too no one seemed to care!

 “I second that about Hermione, I reckon her head is so confused now that I messed up, she probably isn’t thinking clearly. I know bloody well Malfoy would be the last guy she would get pregnant with about two years ago!” Ron responded but then by the look on hid mum's face he kind of regretted it.

 Molly’s jaw dropped, “Pregnant? She’s pregnant with a Malfoy child?”

 Ginny glared at her brother as though she wanted to throw a spell at him.

Molly looked at her daughter in awe, Ginny nodded, “Yes mum, it’s true, I was actually going to tell you later when the time is right, but Ronald spoiled that for me! And he is quite hardly the innocent one here! He was the one that cheated on Hermione in the first place and caused this whole ruddy mess! And he just used the Cruciatus Curse on somebody!” Ron rolled his eyes at his sister next.

 “Oh dear, how horrifying…Lucius Malfoy’s grandchild is in Hermione’s womb, oh dear…my son using an unforgiveable curse that his best friend might have no choice but to charge him for...” Molly sighed and sat in a dining room chair, putting her head in her hands.

Ginny felt she needed to stand up for her best friend and her boyfriend no matter how much loathing of Malfoy there was in the past, “Mum, Draco had… erm, changed. He is a lot different!”

Molly just looked up at her daughter like she was speaking parseltongue.

“Ginny, they were Death-Eaters and they were a part of the lot that killed your brother!” Molly was soft hearted but when it came to a death of a family member, that’s hard to forgive no matter, who did it, he was on the side that did.

Molly knew Draco was never really evil, but she knew Draco stood by the Death Eaters when they killed or when they performed tasks for Voldemort.

She would not tolerate being friendly to such a person like that enless proved otherwise that they are sorry for that they did and are now different.

“I know but mum, the war changed everyone and Draco never was a real Death-Eater!” Ginny protested.

“Not a real Death-Eater my arse!” Ron yelled at his sister, his anger starting to return, the little happiness from successfully telling Malfoy off and jinxing him faded sickof hearing that he wasn’t a Death-Eater and he is changed.

That’s rubbish, he chose to treat us that way in Hogwarts, he was the first one who called Hermione a mud blood in our second year and that was the first time I saw her cry! He didn’t seem “changed” at his house earlier when he cursed at me! He is Lucius Malfoy’s son, remember Ginny? He deserved the curse I did to him a great deal!”

 “Ron, that’s probably because he knew you want to murder him! And who gives a dime who his father is? He is more kind now, he told Hermione the war has changed him and he hates everything he has ever had to see, he himself has never done any of it. He only was forced to watch because of his mum and dad! Besides, he makes Hermione happy!” Ginny was sweating she was so annoyed at her brother and James was in her arms getting fussy so she got up from the table and stormed into another room, wanting to get away from Ron.

Molly shrugged and looked at Ron, “I won’t believe this until I see it myself, but I am not Hermione’s mum, and you did not do a very fair thing to her Ronald, you hurt her heart, and she is only acting out! Now that she acted out she made a mistake and is having a child with Malfoy! It could have happened to you too you know! Messing around with those rowdy girls when getting drunk off your bum!”

Ron just looked at the table in front of him, his face grim; he knew his mum was right. And he hated hearing about this over and over but it was the cold, hard truth. He realized he deserved for it to be thrown in his face. This was the first time his family even mentioned Hermione in front of him.

Molly frowned and grabbed her son for a hug. “I’m so sorry Ron, but it is just the truth sweetheart!” “I know mum, I know…” He then got up and kissed his mom on the forehead and walked upstairs to his old room and went to bed dreaming of Hermione again as he did almost every night still after spending hours examining ever cobweb on the wall before finally falling asleep.

And Molly hardened toward her son again, not feeding him much dinner and sent him to bed. She felt betrayed by her son and the way she raised him.

Hermione awoke on a beautiful crisp morning and heard Harry in the kitchen attempting to cook. She slipped her clothes on, wrapped her hair up in a messy bun where her bushy hair fell out of in some places and walked in the kitchen.

“’Morning Harry!” She said to him, smiling at his hard working, concentrating face.

 “Hi Hermione, trying to make us breakfast, just some scrambled eggs and ham,” He said, concentrating hard on the food. The whole thing from last night already escaped his mind, he never would put a charge on his best friend, no matter how much it should have been done.

“Erm, Harry, I could have made us breakfast!”

 “No Hermione, you need your rest…” Harry said, glancing at her stomach then looking at the pan again.

This irritated her, “Harry, you know I am the same person right?” She didn’t want her best friend in the world to feel differently about her, which would break her heart.

 “Yes Hermione, just not very happy with your choice of a new boyfriend to be honest, or the mistake you made that night and now you are having Lucius Malfoy’s grandchild. But I still support you and love you just the same,” Harry said, stopping his cooking to look at Hermione through his round spectacles.

Hermione frowned, “I’m sorry Harry…I totally regret drinking that night, drinking can do bad things to good people…”

Harry saw he upset her and hugged her. “Hermione, I trust you more than I trust anyone, you are the smartest witch of the age no matter who you choose to be with. If you really feel this way about Malfoy, and feel he treats you right now, then so be it, I know you are also one of the strongest women I know. I will try my upmost hardest to accept it and be on friendly terms with him, after all… his mother is the reason I am alive today! Even though she is not the friendliest of people and a sister to Bellatrix Lestrange.” Harry said trying to make the conversation positive and letting go of her to continue his much concentrated on cooking.

Hermione looked down too at the pan and her thoughts went back to him looking at her stomach, she felt a bit offended, “Harry I am pregnant, not disabled, I can co-“but she got a wave of nausea because a whiff of burning eggs crossed her nose as she got closer to the pan and she then made a beeline for the closest loo.

When she returned five or so minutes later Harry smiled at her, “You can cook eh? Doesn’t seem like it!” Hermione giggled in return, a bit embarrassed

. “Oh Harry, you are always going to be my best friend. Ron is also still my best friend in my heart, not yet in life again,” she said with a sad tone, grabbing a couple of plates and silverware for Harry and herself to eat with.

 “I know Hermione, I know…It will all eventually come together again,” Harry sighed, unsure of the truth in his words.

He was down about the whole situation of being between his best friends again. This time was more serious than others though. He was happy the two were working it out at the very least, but it was barely where he wished they would be. He wanted the two together again, whether friends or lovers.

After breakfast Harry had some errands to do, and Hermione agreed to go with him, it had been awhile since the two did anything together because Harry had a family now and worked full-time at the Auror’s office, this being his second day off of the week, he wanted to do some things, and he was happy to spend it with his best girl friend besides Ginny.

Ginny texted Harry and told him to meet them for lunch at the Borrow and to bring Hermione if she didn’t already have plans. Hermione agreed and after some shopping with Harry at some stores in Diagon Alley, Harry bought a few things, as his and Ginny’s anniversary was coming up soon, the two apparated to the Borrow.  Molly looked out the window and then walked outside to greet them along with Ginny and baby James.

Molly hugged Harry, “Oh my son-in-law, it’s been awhile Harry! Well, not too long but it always feels like it!” She then turned to Hermione, and paused to look her up and down and smiled, but this smile was not her usual warm, welcoming smile, this smile looked like there was something behind it that meant she wasn’t happy with Hermione.

 She then embraced Hermione, “Oh Hermione, what a pleasure, congrats on your little one!” Hermione then let go of Molly and looked at Ginny with a confused, big eyes and a horrified face.

Ginny who ended up staying with her mum that night to comfort her mouthed, “Ron,” and then turned to Harry who had reached his arms out for his son after kissing his wife’s forehead.

Hermione felt disappointed with herself, she felt inside her that Molly disapproved her actions, and Molly had always been like her second mother, she did not like her angry at her. “I’ve missed you Mrs. Weasley!” Hermione exclaimed, smiling at her. Molly smiled back halfway, “You too sweety! Now let’s get inside then, come on then!”

The lot walked inside the house with Hermione first, Ron was in the kitchen already serving himself with his mum’s chicken and dumplings. “Ron, hello mate,” Harry said to his friend. Ron grinned at Harry, “Hi there, mum’s meal is going to be amazing. Hello Hermione.” Hermione was surprised Ron already acknowledged her presence; she thought it would take a while before that could ever happen.

“Hi,” she said back unsure of how she should react. She noticed Molly didn’t talk to her much as they made their way down the buffet line, though she didn't talk to Ron at all either and shot him a glare every change she got.

 Hermione sat at the table across from the now sitting Ron and she looked up at him for a moment and felt a twinge of pain in her heart, This feels like old times.

Hermione felt a ball of emotion well up in her throat and she swallowed hard, causing Ron to look up.

“You okay?” He asked with concern. Hermione felt she would start crying if she looked at him so she nodded and started to eat without having to answer him. She did not want to talk to him!

The family talked like usual around the table but Hermione stayed silent, feeling sad about all the changes that have taken place but excited about Malfoy and her new baby on the way.

Ron also stayed silent, knowing that the whole lot was still mad at him and he had no reason to talk because of that...

Hermione noticed Ron looked at her every once in a while but he was trying not to because he didn’t want her to notice.

 He also was thinking about the old times when sitting around the Weasley table seemed as easy as breathing. It was a place everyone laughed and joked, a place where everyone was together. But not now, now it was full of tension. All because of the ruddy decision he made in The Pub. He wished he could take it all back with every piece of himself.

There would be no tension at the Weasley table if everything was back to the way it was...

He stared at Hermione for a good while through the rest of the lunch and examined her.

She looked saddened, kind of similar to him, but except she had someone and Ron didn’t.

Ron knew in his heart that Hermione might still love him, and that this dating Malfoy was just an act of covering it up in the beginning. But in that act, she had done a mistake and now has a baby on the way. Now she really was with Malfoy, and Ron had lost her… Probably for good.

Lunch was over and everyone ended up sitting in the living room, Hermione sat on the loveseat and Ron sat next to her. This surprised her and she looked at him asking him hesitantly, “How have you been?”

“Not the best… I went and talked to your little boyfriend last night to make sure he treats you right!” Ron said, anger suddenly rising up in him for an unknown reason.

Hermione grew angry immediately, “You what?!”

“I just had a chat with him and we got in a little fight because he was snide to me and I jinxed him but he’s fine, I just wanted to tell him to take care of you!” Ron said defensively, he could feel the glares of his family on his back.

“You jinxed him, Ron?! Really?!” Hermione basically screamed, hacked off now.

“Yes, I’m sorry Hermione, you know what, I wanted to kill him but I held my anger back and just let it out a bit only when he started to get like a jerk toward the end, saying you two are none of my concern and things like that!" Ron said, angrily back.

Hermione stood up, “Ron, I’m sorry but… we aren’t of your concern! You cheated on me, remember?! Obviously you didn’t care about me in the first place or you would have never done that! You have no business going to Draco’s and starting a fight with him!”

Hermione couldn’t take another fight with him and got up and walked outside, then left and apparated to Malfoy Manor without saying bye to anyone.

“I did too care about you, more than you know!” He screamed after her. Harry replaced Hermione’s seat and put an arm around his best friend, “It’s okay mate!” Ron was trembling with anger.

 “Ron I am so sorry that this is happening, I hate what you did, I hate the choices she made and now has consequences too and you know I’d rather you two be happy and together. But Ron, with the choice you made I am not sure that’s possible…” Molly said, just looking blankly at her son, not knowing whether or not she should comfort him or slap him again.

“I’m sorry Ron, she does still love you, she really does, but she is with Malfoy now, they are having a kid together and are somewhat happy…” Ginny added to the conversation, "She deserves to be happy!"

 Ron picked up a plastic container and threw it across the room in anger, declared he was going to George's and left.



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