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Scarves and Forget-Me-Nots by PhoenixPulse
Chapter 1 : The Scent of His Scarf
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Their fingers are intertwined, not too tightly, nor too loose. Their footsteps are in synch as they leisurely walk up the cobbled pathway to Hogsmeade, just relishing the fact that they are together. Its fall, and crunchy colored leaves litter the walkway, rustling slightly as a soft and gentle wind occasionally blows. The sun isn't really out, it's there, but it's sort of cloudy--the sky a soft, baby grey.

He unleashes his hand from her grasp, and instead, wraps his arm around her shoulders, drawing her close to his side. The petite girl looks up to her boyfriend, eyes sparkling in joy of being his, and they both exchange smiles, not having to say anything at all, because the words "I love you" is already spoken through their broad grins.

Despite the Ravenclaw prefects badge pinned onto her navy blue sweater, it's hidden behind a thick striped scarf of yellow and black. She lifts one end of the scarf and absentmindedly lifts it up to her face, rubbing it against her cheek and heavily taking in its smell. She loves the smell of him which has rubbed off onto the material, and she loves the scarf's soft texture against her skin. A gentle chuckle awakens her, and she drops the end of the scarf, blushing madly and concentrating hard on the cobbled walkway. She suddenly feels stupid. Childish. Foolish.

"You seem to have fallen in love with a scarf." The boy jokes, but his tone isn't cutting nor loud. It's quiet, only a statement for the couple to share for their ears alone.

"I think of you." Cho says before she can help herself. "It smells like you, and it brings the same comfort you do." She timidly looks up to find him gazing down at her fondly, granting her all of his attention.

"You took that too seriously, love." Cedric says, and he smugly smiles down at her, but Cho knows that he means no harm. She feels her embarrassment leave, and her shy smile grows into a playful one. She punches his side gently before he throws his head back and laughs. She loves the sound of his laugh--a laugh that no one else can possess. She buries her face into his thin windbreaker, wrapping her arms around his body, making the two teenagers stop in the middle of the pathway, absorbed in an intimate hug.

As they pull away, they lock eye contact, not bothering to hide the growing smiles on their faces. Young love was foolish...If only they would've known.



He twirls her around the ballroom, eager to make her the happiest girl alive, at least for tonight. He watches her laugh carelessly as he playfully spins her around, and he wants nothing more than to see her smile like this always--all day, every day.

"I'm thirsty." Cho announces as he draws her near to him, hands placed on her tiny waist.  Giving her a small smile, he holds his arm out like a gentleman for her to take and they slowly make their way to the table in the back of the ballroom. She helps herself to a small, warm glass of Butterbeer and he stands there, watching her hungrily as she drinks. She finds his eyes lingering on her, and Cedric sees a small blush blossom on her cheeks. He rolls his eyes, gently smiling. It amuses him how they've dated for months now, but his stares still causes her to blush. But even then, as amusing as it is, he also finds it adorable--a habit he can't dislike.

"Let’s go for a walk." He suggests as Cho walks back to his side. She nods and he takes her hand in his. He notes to himself how perfect her small hands clasp to his. Their fingers are interlaced comfortably and he knows this is as close to perfection as hand-holding can get. He wishes that she doesn't ever have to let go.

They make their way out the castle, and stand outside the front doors, which are shut closed behind them. The steps are icy, and together they watch the snowflakes fall, silently admiring the winter night.

"Have you ever felt like something was too perfect," Cedric begins out of nowhere, breaking the silence and is lost in thought. His girlfriend looks up to him, confusion in her eyes, but for once, he doesn't look back down at her. Instead, he continues watching each little snowflake fall. "So perfect that something was bound to happen sooner or later. Something that would ruin it all."

"What do you mean?" Cho asks, studying him, her eyebrows knitted together, trying to follow what he was saying.

"The Triwizard Tournament. Being in it...being the one it originally chosen, before it spat out Harry's name." He starts his explanation which is followed by a pregnant pause. Cho gently smiles, and takes hold of his hand.

"Yes, but Cedric, you put your name in that cup. It was bound to choose someone that volunteered."

"And I didn't die in the first task." He buts in, a little too bluntly. She frowns.

"A dragon, Cedric. Why are you complaining about not dying? You should be so happy you got away. And it wasn't like you came out unscratched." Cho winces at the memory of her boyfriend facing his dragon. "I fail to see where you're going with this."

"And then I have you, the most beautiful girl in Hogwarts..." He completely disregards her comment, but what she said has definitely not gone unheard. From the corner of his eyes, he watches as her gaze drops, a familiar blush creeping onto her already rosy face. A smile is tugging at the corners of his lips, daring him to smile.

"I could get away with so many things until fate decides to catch up to me...Judging by the first task, the second task is bound to be so much worse."

"Oh come off it! You're not Harry Potter, trouble seems to find him every year, the poor thing." Cho interrupts, and he looks down at her somberly.

"I'm just warning you, love." He softly coaxes. "People die in this Tournament. I'm so lucky to have gotten this far, in one piece...I could lose an arm, a leg...both legs."

"Nothing is going to happen to you!" She fiercely growls. And Cedric shakes his head.

"You really are something, aren't you, Chang?" He quietly teases. A weak smile is on his lips, and she frowns, punching him softly in his chest before embracing him, burying her face into his dress robes to hide her increasing worry.

"You're scaring me with those words, Diggory." She mumbles as she pulls away.

"Sorry." It's all that he could whisper.

"Have you figured what that egg has said?" She asks, changing the topic, trying to make her tone sound interested. Her high pitched voice doesn’t go unnoticed, but Cedric nods, but makes no attempt to rehearse what he had heard from the egg.

"Fine, don't tell me anything." Cho grunts unhappily, and turns her focus up to the stars in the dark horizon.

"We're standing under mistletoe." Cedric quietly mutters, but he too is focused upon the stars. Cho looks up at him, studies him with a raised eyebrow, and then wraps her arms around his waist.

"Mistletoe traditions can wait." Cedric whispers. "I just want to stand here and look at the stars. To just enjoy a quiet, peaceful moment with you, while my luck is still around."

"Will you just shut up?" Cho quietly whines, but doesn't make an attempt to leave his side. "You're putting images into my brain which I don't ever want to see. I'm telling you Cedric, everything will be fine."

He presses his lips at the top of her head, inhaling the scent of her shampoo.

If only she listened to his warning...



A flustered Cho Chang is sprinting down the corridors, her silky black hair flying behind her. She’s late to potions…again for the third time this month. As she nears the classroom, she could feel the usual foreboding aura being emitted from the classroom door. Stopping to catch her breath, she tucks her hair behind her ear and straightens out both her skirt and blouse.

I’ve got to stop sneaking around with Cedric… She scolds herself. Breathing deeply in, she wrenches the door open and enters the cold and dark classroom. More than half of the class turns their heads expectantly, goggling at her as she stiffly walks to her desk beside her friend, Marietta who is smirking at her knowingly.

“Late again, Chang?” Professor Snape drawls from behind his desk, arms crossed, a nasty sneer painted on his lips. She bows her head in humiliation, her curtains of long black hair hiding her flushing face.

“Tut-tut. Fifteen points from Ravenclaw. Such a shame, docking points off from a prefect, isn’t it? And they’re supposed to be the rule abiders.” She could feel his taunt, and around her, she could feel the mounting bouts of anger stirring up inside some of her fellow Ravenclaw comrades.

Snape stands up and is soon fulfilling his duty of sweeping around the dungeon, bat-like, criticizing his students’ work like usual, because it was one of the few things he was really good at.

“That’s a really pretty flower in your hair, Cho.” Cassandra, a friend of Cho, whispers to her friend. Cho looks up, smiling.

“Was it Cedric that made you late?” Marietta joins in, her voice low to avoid nearby listeners. The girl in question blushes.

“Yes.” It’s all that she can whisper back, as she pulls out the flower in her hair, stroking its velvety, blue petals. Cho Chang’s friends exchange a smile, rolling their eyes and returning to their potions. Secretly, they gave an applause for Cedric’s thoughtfulness. The forget-me-not in Cho’s hand was definitely proving its name accurate.



“I love you.” She whispers, biting her lip as she grabs hold of his hands. Cedric catches her worry and tilts her chin upward.

“I’ve made it this far. Might as well get this over with. Finish this strong. Make Hogwarts proud…” His voice falters as he bends down to kiss her. As soon as he breaks it off, pulling away, he finds her eyes still closed, as if she’s imagining that his lips are still lingering on hers.

“It’s just a maze.” He softly reassures, and she nods, eyes still closed none-the-less. Dumbledore calls the champions forward and with a departing squeeze, Cedric lets go of Cho’s hand. At the absence of his touch, her eyes flutter open and she watches him go, walking up to the clearing, the ominous maze before them all—its thick hedges making it impossible to distinguish what is going on.

“Be careful.” She calls out in a whisper. She tries to disregard the anxiety eating at her gut. All she could do is wait, and she stands there, useless, just waiting for him to come back, with the trophy or without—it didn’t really matter. She hates that she can’t see what’s going on. She hates that the maze has concealed its deepest darkest secrets from them all, everything hidden within its thick hedges. All Cho wanted was to see him. To reassure her frantically skipping heart that all was fine.

And then when she saw Harry, Harry clutching Cedric’s corpse, and the uprising screams of other audience members shouting that Diggory was dead, her whole world fell into shambles. She shoved her way through the crowds, her voice ringing in tormented octaves, “Cedric! Cedric! CEDRIC!”

“CHO!” She felt the small hands of Marietta wrap around her wrist, and Cho fought viciously for the girl to let go.

“Let me go, Marietta! He’s can’t be dead! Let me go, let me go! CEDRIC!” Her sobs were grew more desperate as Marietta struggled to keep hold of her friend’s wrist.

“Cho, look at me!” Marietta cried for there too were tears in her eyes, but the grieving girl didn’t listen and when Marietta’s grip slackened, Cho broke free, stumbling her way through the hordes of students, aggressively pushing people out of her way. And then when she finally made it to Cedric’s glassy-eyed corpse, she sank to her knees beside his wailing father, and for a second, she wanted nothing more than to curl up beside her boyfriend’s dead body and join him in his eternity. Her sobs had become silent, her body shaking violently, and when someone gently took her by the shoulder, she brushed them off, wanting nothing to do with them.

She was foolish to have allowed herself to become so close with him in spirit and soul, and it had never crossed her mind that she would ever have to pay a price this cruel.



That summer she visited his grave often, always holding a bundle of forget-me-nots and bluebells to lie on his grave. The day before she left for Hogwarts she had brought along his old scarf with her—the scarf she had slept with every night since his death. Kneeling at his tombstone, she placed the flowers out before it and slowly unwrapped the scarf from around her neck.

She could feel the warm summer breeze caress the back of her neck, which felt cool due to the evaporating sweat from the day’s heat. She lifted the scarf up to her face, the pain of memories flashing back to her as she inhaled his fading scent off the material.

She remembered all their trips to Hogsmeade together. When they shared a mug of hot chocolate after he retrieved her from the depths of the Blake Lake. The times they snuck around, meeting each other at lonely corners of corridors during passing periods—he managed to make a slight rebel out of her, arriving to class late. And each little embrace…each little kiss.

Cho smiled bitterly at the final caress he gave her the night he was murdered. She remembered that though it wasn’t so full of action, it was still filled with just as much passion and feeling—he made it known that he loved her, and Cho would never forget how his lips lingered upon hers for just a few seconds longer, so hesitant to break away.

Eyes closed, still kneeling upon his grave, she lifted her fingers to her lips, feeling them burn and she couldn’t help but let the tears trickle down her face. Her hand dropped to her lap, resting upon Cedric’s scarf.

“Hogwarts won’t ever be the same without you.” She could feel her voice crack and as she opened her eyes, she let her fingers trace the patterns of his scarf one last time.



Cho. I love that girl in all honesty, and she has all my sympathy. I don’t think I would ever understand why Rowling made Cho such a horrible person in book 5. The way I see it, I think I would’ve been the same way. Destroyed. Seeing how Cedric’s death affected Cho so greatly, I can only imagine how close the two were as a couple. If someone I loved was ripped away from me, I don’t think I would ever let that go. Especially if the truth behind said person’s death was a little hazy. Wouldn’t you want to know what killed the boy (or girl) you loved? Especially if it was by murder? Yes, young love doesn’t usually go that far, but I do believe that Cho and Cedric really did have something deep. Besides, the HP books doesn’t really delve into relationships outside of Harry’s perspective. We don’t know how close Cho and Cedric were prior to their dating. For all we know, they could’ve been friends before it all.

And I understand that her attacking Harry over Cedric was a little insensitive of her, but she was his (Cedric’s) girlfriend. It would kill me if I was kept in the dark (or fog, seeing how the Ministry tried very hard to confuse the wizarding world from believing in Harry) about my boyfriend’s death. She wanted to bond with Harry using that one thing they had in common—losing Cedric, but she didn’t see anything wrong with it, because she was stuck in grief and in dire need of companionship.

 She was isolated too. It seems like the only friend that stood by her was Marietta, because no one else wanted to be around her during her time of grief. Grades suffering. Flying sucks. Always crying. No one wants to be around that person, right? But Marietta did. Yes, Marietta was an unpleasant character and in Harry’s viewpoint, it seems Cho’s unpleasant for sticking up for Marietta, but they’re best friends. It’s all a matter of perspective really. Marietta was there for Cho when Cho needed someone the most. Just like any set of best friends, they stick up for each other.

Okay, so maybe I’m being a bit too empathetic, but I really do feel for the girl. I just think she gets so much bad rep. because of book five, and because it’s in Harry’s perspective, we don’t reconsider Cho’s side at all. We just see her as this vague whiny character and don’t stop to think that maybe Cedric and her really did share a bond that went so deep it would only be so painful for it to end. And that’s why I tried to put that in a one-shot. Just a short snippet of moments between Cho and Cedric and what could’ve been a piece of what was their relationship.

As far as updates/activities go for my other works, I’m definitely thinking about re-writing of Superheroes And Wizards: 1978…again, because I’m just so disappointed with it. It’s to…childish(?) Choppy(?) I don’t know, I just don’t like it. And summer’s almost here! TWO MORE WEEKS! So stoked! That means more writing for me, catching up on leisure reading outside in the sun, and all the other fun summery stuff we do!


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