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Where Are You? by alicia and anne
Chapter 1 : Remembering.
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There might be nothing that they could do.

Those few words kept repeating themselves over and over in Rose’s head, as she sat on the train on her way back to Hogwarts.

There might be nothing that they could do.

She had left Hugo to go outside alone; she had let him walk off knowing that she was meant to be keeping an eye on him.

Rose rubbed her red eyes as she looked back out of the window, not really focusing on the scenery that passed her as the train continued hurtling along the track.

“Rose, there was nothing that you could have done about it,” Albus told her. Rose didn’t look up at her cousin who was sat opposite her. They were on their way back to school after spending the Easter holidays back at home.

She didn’t believe his words, how could she? She had seen the look in her parents eyes when they had found out what happened, the devastation that filled their faces when her mother had rushed Hugo to St Mungos, her father meeting them there what seemed a few moments later after leaving work.

It was her fault that he had wandered off; she had been too busy trying to write a letter to her new friends to go outside with Hugo when he had begged her. She didn’t want to play Quidditch with her brother when he had asked her; she didn’t want to spend her days playing with him anymore. So she had told him to go play on his own, that she was too busy. She remembered the sadness that filled his eyes when he walked slowly out of the house and into the back garden, clutching a Quaffle to his chest as he hung his head slightly.

Her mother had specifically told her that she was to go outside and be with Hugo if he went out there, that she was busy doing paperwork so she needed Rose to watch Hugo for her. Rose knew that there were reports of werewolves attacking witches and wizards; she remembered her mother and father talking about the extra charms that they had put around the house. She remembered their warnings about going outside of the wards and how dangerous it could be alone, that she and Hugo must never go passed them.

Hugo had only been out there for an hour; Rose remembered the sounds of the Quaffle being bounced off of a wall meeting her ears and annoying her to no end, remembered being relieved when Hugo had finally stopped bouncing the ball.

But the silence was filled suddenly with a piercing scream, causing Rose’s hair to go on end and for her heart to leap into her throat. She dashed out of the room, clutching hold of the wand that she carried everywhere with her, eight inches, Willow with a Unicorn hair core, even though she knew that she would never be able to use it. She liked the comfort that it brought her, thinking that no harm could possibly come to her if she was always carrying it with her.

As Rose made it to the garden she stopped and looked around, she could hear her mother’s footsteps behind her. She paused to give a look of relief at Rose to see that she was okay, before noticing that Hugo wasn’t with her and that a wand was clutched in the young girl’s hand.

“Where’s Hugo?” her mother asked her frantically, looking around the garden for a sign of the young boy. Rose was shaking her head although her mother couldn’t see her, she didn’t know where he was.

Her mother let out a strangled, “No!” before rushing over to the picket fence that surrounded the outskirts of the garden, a garden chair was next to the gate that had been magically locked to stop
Rose and Hugo from going outside of the garden and to the wards that surrounded their house, they knew that the magic wouldn’t work once they had stepped outside of the garden.

She watched as her mother waved her wand causing the garden chair to fly across the garden and the gate to open. She was much faster than Rose, by the time that Rose made it to the gate she could see her mother knelt down next to her brother. She felt fear flood through her and freeze her to the spot as she noticed that her brother wasn’t moving, and seemed to be covered in a dark red colour, that she later realised was blood. The Quaffle that he had been playing with was a few meters away from him, lying in the grass.

Her mother was trying desperately to stop all of the red that was coming out of Hugo; Rose could hear her screams of fear filling her as she tried to help him. Rose stayed where she was, too terrified to do anything else apart from watch in horror.

She should have been watching Hugo. She should have gone outside and played with him, he would have never left the garden if she had been with him.

Her mother had yelled at Rose to come over to her, that she needed to apparate them all to St Mungo’s and Rose obliged immediately. She ran passed the wards that protected the house and grabbed a hold of the top of her mother’s arm, holding on as tightly as she could as her mother clutched Hugo in her arm. Rose tried to not look at Hugo as she felt sickness flooding through her; she felt guilt flooding through her as she wished that he would get better soon. That he would wake up, so she could tell him how sorry she was.

Her mother had apparated them to St Mungo’s and Rose had let go of her mother, within seconds they were surrounded by Healers who began yelling things that Rose didn’t understand, they conjured a stretcher and took Hugo away from her.

Her mother wouldn’t speak, she was shaking furiously and had gone pale, the blood that was on Hugo was now covering her. Rose knew that she would never forget seeing her mother like this.

They said that Hugo had been attacked by a werewolf, the damage done to him had been extensive and he had lost a lot of blood. If he hadn’t have screamed when he did then neither Rose or her mother would have found him until it was too late, They would have lost him for good.

Not that the state he was in was any better. Her mother and father had told her that the extent of the damage done to Hugo would affect him for the rest of his life, and that there may be nothing that they could do to help him.

Hugo had become more stable the day before Rose was due to go back to Hogwarts; she had been staying with her Uncle Harry and Aunt Ginny whilst her mother and father were up at St Mungo’s with Hugo.

Her father had come to see her that night with news about Hugo. He made sure to give her a big hug and whisper that it wasn’t her fault, that she shouldn’t feel guilty. But she couldn’t help but feel guilty; she couldn’t help the tears that kept falling, even though her father would wipe them away with his thumb.

Ron had taken Rose home so that she could get her things packed for school, cooking her dinner whilst her mother stayed up at the hospital. Her parents seemed to be taking it in turns to be there with Hugo, making sure that he wasn’t alone. Rose didn’t mind that she had to stay with Uncle Harry and Aunt Ginny; she just wanted Hugo to get better.

She closed her eyes as she let the train soothe her, feeling her tiredness washing over her, hoping that she wouldn’t have any more nightmares that had been plaguing her, about Hugo.

She would never be able to forgive herself.


A/N: I've written this story in response to the Super Mega Plot Bunny challenge by Maelody. I was given the characters Dobby and Rose Weasley with the plot Rose Weasley and Dobby have no idea who the other is. They are both on a different journey when one day they meet and decide to work together.

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Where Are You?: Remembering.


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