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Music is Might by shewhomustnotbenamed_
Chapter 12 : Tutoring?
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We had destroyed the photo, in the most perfect way possible. We burnt it and then spread the ashes in the black lake. It was just as easy as burying a body, pretend I didn’t say that... We said bye to the memory and pretended it never happened. And that’s the way it’s planning on staying. This never happened so you might as well erase it from your minds now... It's gone from mine. What photo? Exactly!


It was eight and I was already in Flitwick’s classroom, ready to tutor James. It’s fair to say I was dreading it, especially after earlier today. But that wasn’t the reason I was here an hour early. The truth was with all this going on in my life at the moment, I had the perfect opportunity to write songs, I actually had reasons to write them now and meanings behind them. The only thing was there wasn’t anywhere I could write them without drawing too much attention or having some peace and quiet. So there I was here an hour early writing songs in my little song book. The ideas were flowing.


I don’t know how long I spent writing. But I was interrupted whenn the door crashed open, revealing a very confused looking James Potter. His eyes met mine and he smiled uneasy. 


“Oh Hi, you’re here early” James said, he ran his hand through his hair nervously, like he didn’t expect me to be here the same way I didn’t expect him to be here. I was completely taken back, I looked from James to my song book. He’s going to find out I thought drastically. I quickly rammed my book into my bag, and smiled at him. Like a ninja, I bet he didn't even see it, told you I could make a career out of it...


“Yeah just finishing off some essays” I laughed. He looked at me curiously, he probably thought I was insane, I am but that is beside the point, he doesn’t need to know that, just yet.


“So what is it today Captain?” he laughed.


“Only my team call me that”


“Ok Potter, what is you want me to do today?”


“First of all call me James” what a strange request. 


“Ok James, but can you just tell me I don’t think I can repeat that line one more time and hold on to the remainder of my sanity at the same time” he laughed again, it was contagious. I smiled at him.


“Just reading through this essay” he pulled it out of his bag and handed it to me, our hands brushed, I could feel the colour in my cheeks reddening as I pulled away with the essay.


“The Aguamenti charm” I mused “This was supposed to be done for last week!”
“It’s only a little late” he laughed. I read it through and it was fine, apart from the fact he got how to cast the spell wrong.
“How do you make the aguamenti charm? Because if you did it the way you’ve said here, you would barely even get a wisp”
“With my wand” he replied dumbly.
“Show me” He raised his eyebrow up at me “show me how you do the spell”

“Fine then” he pulled out his wand from his back pocket. He pointed the wand directly at me to make a point. I tried not to show my fear, but I hoped to merlin I was right about his technique. With a flick of his wand he said “Aguamenti”. The water gushed out of his wand, soaking me in the process.


“What was that about a wisp?” he laughed. I wiped the water off of my face and looked at him with pure hatred. “You’re dead Potter!” I pulled out my own wand and chased him around the charms classroom. To put it short we were having a water fight and he was winning. The water was dripping, I wiped a stray drop off of my nose. Laughing at the state of myself.


We were both laughing like we wouldn’t stop. I actually don’t think I could my sides were aching, I was struggling to breathe and I was soaked from head to toe. James’ hair had gone all curly and he looked like an adorable drowned puppy (I didn't say that). I could only imagine what I looked like, probably a drowned rat. 


“You look ridiculous!” I exclaimed.


“So do you” He laughed stepping forwards, I held up my wand warning him to stay away. He only put his hands up in surrender, before stepping another step closer.


A piece of my fringe had curled in front of my face; James delicately brushed it away and tucked it behind my ear. “You have really pretty eyes” he whispered. He was smiling shyly, as I bit my lip in anticipation. His eyes went from mine to my lips, just as mine did. It felt right, I was waiting for him take the next move. Nothing was forced about this, we were both nervous and waiting, he moved an inch closer our bodies were separated by our soaking wet clothes; he leaned down and pressed his lips lightly to mine. I met his pace eagerly; my hands found their way to the back of his head, running my hands through his soaking wet curls, as his hands held my lower back, pulling me closer to him and holding me in position.


Our lips wouldn’t stop, they were drawn to each other like magnets. It was electrifying. His tongue brushed my lower lip asking for premission, but who was I to deny him.


I felt his hands slowly make their way down to my bum and that was enough to shock me back into reality. I pulled away instantly and looked at him in complete shock. What the hell had I just done? He looked at me hesitantly, not knowing what my next move would be and neither did I. I wasn’t angry with him, for kissing me a second time, I was angry with myself, for letting him and wanting it and enjoying it.I never said that last bit capisce? 


“I have to go” I stated dumbly. I didn’t meet his eyes, I ran over to where my bag was and swung it over my shoulder, I heard a crash but I didn’t look back. I ran out of their as soon as I could.


I heard James shout in the background “Wait, Ally you’ve forgot something!”


But I didn’t care the quill could wait for another day, I needed to get out of there now and that’s what I did. I ran back to the Ravenclaw common room, without a second glance. I raced into my dorm and collapsed on to my bed and did the only thing I could.  I over rid myself with confused emotions and cried myself to sleep. 



Author's note: BOOM! It's short I know please don't kill me! But it didn't seem right putting anything else with this... So what did you think!?!? TELL ME EVERYTHING. All your theories and conspriacies, what do you think is going to happen next I'm curious.

If you haven't guessed by now I don't own anything! it all belongs to J.K.Rowling, well all the harry potter references do, plot of oc's belong to meeeeeee.

Thank you for reading and hopefully reviewing.

lots of love,


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Music is Might: Tutoring?


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