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Brutal Love by Fonzzx
Chapter 4 : Triangle
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Chapter 3: Triangle



I had the weirdest dream last night. Scorpius and I were on the run together, and were, well, together. Like we'd never ended. I'm not sure what to make of it. I'm not even sure of my own feelings. So, as a logical Ravenclaw, I decided to make a list.


I like Charlie. Charlie likes me.


I used to like and go out with Scorpius. He may or may not be going out with Parkinson. He may or may not still like me. He does keep annoying me. But does he annoy me because I still like him, or does he annoy me because he's irritating?


With Charlie, things are simple.


With Scorpius, things are a bit more complicated.


I decided to go for a walk before breakfast, to clear my head.


I wandered down to the Quidditch pitch, and into the captain's office. After all, it was my office now. Each house has its own captain's office and changing room, interlinked by a bathroom in the middle. I was thirsty after my walk down (it was still mildly warm outside), and I decided to get a drink the muggle way, out of the tap (just ignore the fact that I conjured a glass).


Someone was showering, so I had to sneak in and out so that I wouldn't disturb whoever it was. I forgot that turning the tap on resulted in the water coming out the shower becoming ice cold.


I heard a fair amount of swearing, and then guess who emerged from the shower cubicle. The last person I wanted to see until my head was sorted out. Especially not wrapped in a towel and soaking wet with his hair dripping into his face. His newly defined muscles were even more noticeable now that he wasn't wearing any clothes. That didn't help.


We stared at each other for a long moment. The familiar smell of his shampoo and shower gel was filling the bathroom. He strode over and kissed me. I didn't even try to stop him. I kissed him back. His scent was more potent while he was wet, and all thoughts of resisting him fled of my head. This was nothing like the last time we'd been intimate; it was desperate and urgent, whereas last time had been awkward and stilted. He paused to smile at me, showing off his perfect teeth. I took advantage of the pause to kiss his neck, starting gently and nibbling slightly. He pulled my chin back up to his lips and pushed me against the wall.



I don't know what I want, who I want. We had sex, right there in the Quidditch team bathroom, somewhere we could easily get caught... yet we weren't bothered about that part. We both skipped our first class, and sat there together. Neither of us said a word. He just looked at me, like he wanted to say something but couldn't quite manage it. Eventually I gathered up my things and left. I drifted through my lessons that day, barely paying attention to what was happening, trying to make a decision about my love life.


I saw Parkinson crying after dinner, so I guess Scorpius told her what happened. Charlie and I aren't even going out, but I know he'll be hurt if he finds out what happened. I don't think I could do that to him.


Scorpius cornered me after breakfast the next day and we agreed to talk about what happened, and what we want. We snuck off towards one of the unused classrooms on the ground floor, and sat on a desk. You could cut through the silence with a knife.


"I want us to get back together," he announced suddenly. "I'll behave a lot better than I did last time, I don't care that you're muggle-born. It doesn't make any difference to me anymore."


"What changed your mind?" I asked him skeptically.


"Over the summer, my dad and I were talking, and I told him about you, and he said he once liked a girl who was muggle-born, and she thought he was scum because of the way he acted, treating her like a piece of dirt. She ended up going out with Viktor Krum for a bit and eventually got married to his arch enemy's best friend."


"Wait... the Viktor Krum?!" This was interesting.




"I don't know," I told him. "You have to understand how much you hurt me. I was so ok with everything when we came back and then you go and bloody throw a spanner in the works. And there's Charlie as well... I went on a date with him last weekend.”


“What's a spanner? Why have I thrown one? I don't even know what one is,” Scorp frowned, and I was tempted to laugh at him.


“Never mind,” I rolled my eyes instead.


"Oh... Well I knew Patricia Parkinson liked me and I was thinking about it, because of you and Finch-Fletchley, but I can't just forget how I feel about you,” he ended bitterly. “I really fucked it up between us, I know that. I can never apologise enough for treating you like crap. You really do deserve better.”


I groaned and covered my face with my hands (commonly known as facepalming in the muggle world). “Ugh. Why do you have to do this now?” I punched him teasingly.


He caught my hand that had hit him and gripped it tightly. “Better late than never, Em. I have an idea, follow me.”


He got up and headed for the library, where the chess club met every Saturday morning. He marched right up to Charlie and challenged him to a duel. Charlie laughed in his face, as any sane person would. Scorpius repeated his request, and said I was to be the prize.


"Hey, you can't just fight over me!" I shouted at him. He was maddening.


"Well, you can't choose, so I'm making it easy for you," Scorpius shot back. Arsehole. Although he does have a point.


The entire chess club decided to watch, so we headed to the duelling club room.


Hugo Weasley stepped in as a referee.


"Standard duelling rules apply. No Unforgivable curses, no spells from the audience, just one on one combat, agreed?"


Charlie and Scorpius both nodded. I couldn't believe what was happening. I was being fought over like a piece of meat. But Scorpius was right, I couldn't decide on my own. At least the guys watching were enjoying this. I suppose it was kind of flattering, in a completely sexist way.


After ten minutes or so, the cheering and noise of the spells attracted the teachers, and the fight was broken up, with Scorpius and Charlie both ending up in detention. McGonagall screamed murder at them both, saying they're seventh years and in positions of authority so they should both know better by now. That part was quite entertaining. The rest of the chess club sloped off looking disappointed.


But what now? I mean, I like Charlie a lot. He’s good for me. But there’s all this history with Scorpius and he really does seem to have changed for the better. Maybe I should tell them both to stop and not choose either one of them. I don’t begrudge either one of them for things they can’t help; Charlie couldn’t help being attacked and he’s got scars for the rest of his life, and Scorpius’ father and his grandfather were both Death Eaters, but that says nothing about Scorpius at all. He used to be a blood supremacist but he seems to have moved past that, or maybe he feels strongly enough about me that he’s abandoned his beliefs. Surely that’s better than pinning my hopes on someone who I’ve just met?


Ugh, I'm so confused.


I found Charlie in the library later on and explained everything to him. All mine and Scorp's history, what we'd gotten up to (minus details) yesterday, the whole story. I told him I was sorry for messing him around, he smiled at me and said it wasn’t my fault I had feelings for Scorpius. I said I was choosing Scorp. I hadn't even consciously made a decision, but I knew as soon as I said the words that I was right. We agreed to part as friends and I left after that, I felt horrible.


Scorpius was in his usual spot by the lake, making the most of the weather while it was still nice. I told him what I’d said to Charlie. I’ve never seen him smile like he did then; he looked like a totally different person.


We sat there by the lake all day, finishing off our homework and discussing the last Quidditch season. He supports Puddlemere United, and says he’s going to try and get tickets for Christmas, when the next season starts. The only downer was when he said he wanted to take me too, but he wasn’t sure how his grandfather would react to me being muggle-born. His father would be alright with it, he said, and his mother, but his grandfather was right in the inner circle of Death Eaters and has some pretty strong views on blood. I reassured him that we could just lie about it and say I was half blood; it’s more realistic than saying I’m pure blood as I’m sure his grandfather would know more about pure blood families than me. All that aside, I’d like to see a professional Quidditch game.


It was actually a lovely day by the lake; it was still sunny and most of the students were taking advantage of the nice weather by making a trip to Hogsmeade. We didn't bother going, we were too busy getting reacquainted after we'd finished our homework. 


A/N: So I can't get in touch with my beta reader so this chapter's not been checked either. Hmmm. Anyway, I'm not sure what's going on with the line spacing. I'd put it in simple mode but then I'd have to put all the HTML in for the italics and stuff and I'm lazy. Reviews make me happy so if someone's actually reading this please let me know! 

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