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Magic in the Walls by HufflePuff_Blitz
Chapter 3 : Feelings Discovered
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Blake's POV

Sitting in the great hall on the morning two weeks after the night in the hospital wing, I felt so alone. I mean I have all of my friends sitting around me, including James who seems to have forgotten the whole thing, but it is like they are just a mirage toying with my peripheral vision. I have missed a fair share of classes in these couple weeks, and have mostly been spending my time in the library or in the room.

I focus back in when I hear the one name I fear most. Dominique. Being James cousin should warn you enough, being my next closest friend makes her even scarier. Being in my year and in my house makes it really difficult to hide from her. She knows something is up and she hasn't given up trying to find out what it is since she caught a whiff of it. I really hate it when the phrase 'Hufflepuffs are good finders' rings to be true. I try to blend in reading the daily prophet when I feel the presence right behind me. Barely above a whisper in my ear, with near venom in her voice, “why have you been ignoring me Blake?”

“Oh – um – I – I haven’t been ignoring you Dominique,” I barely stutter out. feeling her hand on my shoulder, I know I am doomed when she says, “You should probably come have a chat with me before I jinx you into submission hmm?”

Not saying a word, I stand up and start walking my way out of the great hall with Dominique’s arm wrapped a little too tightly around my elbow. She leads the way to the first unlocked classroom she could find before she turns on me, “Tell me now why you've been ignoring me, and don't you dare sidestep your answer.”

“well it – it is – it's James alright! When I was in the hospital wing we had a moment, and we were one step away from kissing when Madam Bones entered. James won't even acknowledge that it happened which is worse then completely ignoring me, and I just don't know what to do!” I yell out to her, thankfully she already knew my secret.

“James? How did I not see that coming? Grrrr why is that boy such an idiot! I have a right mind to go smack him!” I could tell she was serious by the look on her face, which softened immediately when she gave me a comforting hug. “Blake it is alright, maybe he does have feelings for you and he just isn't sure. Or maybe it is some other reason floating in his jelly-filled brain.

“We don't know what he is thinking, but give it a couple days and it might blow over, or he might come to his senses. You have me right now Blake, and no one will hurt you when I am around.”

I felt a little bit better as they headed back to breakfast, but to my surprise James seems to be red in the face and out of breath and I couldn’t tell why.


Jame's POV

Sitting on the edge of the black lake I was completely confused; I couldn't believe what I had heard. I was outside the door, and I had heard the whole conversation. How could I not see it? Do I really have a jelly-filled brain? I know we had that moment but that's all it was right? Just teenage hormones working at their best. I just can't have feelings for him, I'm not like that.

“what's got you thinking?” The blonde-haired, green-eyed Weasley said. She came over and sat down next to me. “It isn't about Blake is it?”

“No...? Why would you say that?”

Dominique, looking towards the lake her tall lean figure sitting up straighter, sighed and said “I know you where outside of the classroom.”

“How could you possibly know that!?” I said turning to her looking aghast.

“It is sort of a veela trait, I can sense when a male is near. Generally I have to focus, but when there aren't many around it becomes a lot easier.”


“So you know our predicament here, and just so you know you will not hurt Blake, and I will see to that personally.”

“I don't know, there are a thousand thoughts going through my mind right now. I have no idea where these feelings are coming from right now. What should I do Dom?”

She finally looked down at her lap, thinking. “James to be honest, the best advice I can give you is to follow your heart. If it turns out you don't have feelings for Blake, that's okay, just let him down gently. But if you do have feelings for him tell him and let things work themselves out, just don't hurt him.”

Looking up tears rolling down my face, “thanks Dom, I really appreciate it.”

Dominique smiled and gave me a hug, only after a few seconds did she revert back to her usual self and mention, “So you are going to go talk to him right?”

“Yeah, We have a free period after potions, I will go talk to him then.”

She released the hug, looking into my eyes with her fierce green eyes said one word. “Good.”

A/N - thanks for reading! Hope you like the new character, and I know she is  two years older then James but I am going to be stubborn :) Tell me what you think!

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Magic in the Walls: Feelings Discovered


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