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What would you do for love? by beccam
Chapter 10 : HARRY
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                                   Ron and I had been down in the dungeon while we could hear Bellatrix torturing Hermione. After a while all the yelling stopped and all the curses stopped.






                                  “You don’t think they kill-“ Ron began to say before I cut him off, “she’s not dead, she can’t be.” I began to pace the dungeon.






                              What if they did kill her? One of us would be next. Just then my scar began to hurt terribly. “Ron, Voldemort’s here, I can feel it” I said through the pain.






                               “What do we do mate? If he gets to you, he’ll kill you and he’ll take over everything but there’s no way we’re going to get out of here” Ron said probably more thinking out loud than anything.



                                    “Even if we could get out I’m not leaving Hermione here, I can't leave her...” I said as I walked over to the dungeon door.






                    Just then a small pop got my attention. “Harry Potter needs help, Dobby has come to help Harry Potter” squeaked a small elf.






                      “Dobby!” I exclaimed as I ran over to him. Never before had I ever been so happy to see this elf, especially considering the extent at which he tried to kill me in my 2nd year.






                          “Dobby, Hermione is upstairs, we need to get out of this dungeon and get to her and then get out” I said to the elf, hoping he could do something.






                               In no time Dobby got us out of the dungeon and were sneaking towards the living room where the voices were coming from. We looked around the corner to see Voldemort with his back to us.






                       Past him was Draco, holding hands with a girl I had never seen before. “Where’s herms?” I heard Ron breath.






                       I looked around the room but she was nowhere in sight. Draco’s mother then spoke, scaring us. “My lord, the alliance you wanted between the Snape family and the Malfoy family can now happen.”






                           Snape had a daughter? I looked back at the girl standing with Draco. Now I saw just how much she did resemble Snape, only much prettier obviously since Snape’s a guy.






                         “Severus” Voldemort called, sending shivers down my spine. “Yes, my lord” Snape said stepping out from the background.






                       “Is this your daughter?” Voldemort demanded.






                        “Yes my lord. This is Hermione Granger Snape” Snape replied coolly. Hermione? They’re saying Hermione is Snape’s daughter? What kind of trick is this?






                    Ron and I shared confused looks before I looked back to the girl. She was now leaning into Draco, looking like she could hardly stand, then her eyes met mine. It was Hermione, I would know those soft brown eyes anywhere.






                   ‘Go’ she mouthed. I shook my head no. her eyes looked around to make sure nobody was looking ‘please, I’m safe’ she mouthed again.






                       ‘I’m not leaving you, not with Malfoy and these deatheaters and Voldemort’ I mouthed in response. Her attention then went somewhere else. All I read her mouth was ‘dobby get them out of here’ before I had that awful feeling of side along apparition.






                         When my feet finally hit the ground I was surprised to see myself outside the burrow. The door to the burrow burst open and several people with wands raised came out to confront us.






                          “Ron and I both raised our arms, not like we had our wands anyways. Then Ginny ran out to me, throwing her arms around me. “Ginerva Weasley! Get back here this instant!” came the shrill voice of Molly Weasley.






                             “It’s really him mum” she said before kissing me. After some interrogation from Arthur and the twins they were finally convinced it was really us. Molly quickly ushered us to the kitchen muttering of how skinny and underfed we were.






                        “Where’s Mione?” Ginny asked all of a sudden. Ron and I shared a glance, unsure of what to tell them. If we told them where she was she’d be exposed and in more danger than she already was. ”she’s safe, her mum got very ill so she’s with her family” Ron said.






                            “Poor dear, hopefully her mother will be alright soon” Molly said while making some more sandwiches. I sighed, they believed it.






                             That night up in Ron’s room no matter how tired I was I couldn’t sleep and I could tell Ron was awake as well. “You told her you loved her mate…” came Ron’s voice from his bed.






                       “Yeah… I do love her, but you should know I would never do anything. I was just afraid that we were all going to die and wanted her to at least know how I truly felt…” I said slowly.






                       “Hey mate its cool. If everything turns out ok in the end you should ask her out sometime. I’ve known for a while that Ginny just isn’t right for you and Hermione isn’t right for me, I’ve kinda actually been seeing someone. Obviously not since I came back with the whole sword incident but before and everything” Ron said catching me off guard.






                          “Oh really? Who?” I asked vaguely interested, “Lavender Brown” he said, a small hint of a smile in his voice. “Huh… never would have guessed that one after you two hated each other after last year Won-Won” I chuckled as I stared at the ceiling.






                            I could have told her a long time ago, and Ron would have been fine with it, just another thing I will regret for the rest of my life.






                    Soon Ron’s snores filled the room. Sleep for me never came that night, my mind couldn’t get away from the fact that we left Hermione at Malfoy Manor.






                    How could she possible claim that she was safe and ok when she was in the hands of Draco Malfoy. I should have gone back, I should have known she would have Dobby get us out.






            I laid in bed till I saw the morning sun coming through the window, my eyes puffy and red. I quietly got out of bed and showered, knowing sleep still wouldn't come no matter how long I laid there, my mind just wouldn't stop.






             I just kept telling myself, 'Hermione's ok, she's alive and she is safe, I AM going to see her again' as the warm water fell all around me.

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