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Makes Me Wonder by randomwriter
Chapter 1 : The Only Chapter
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Hello, reader!

This story is... Pure fluff. Nothing but pure, unadulterated fluff. Just thought I should warn you! This is my second story, and my first one shot.
Hope you like it.

Oh, and some of the themes are clearly adult. Just thought I should warn you. Still, I promise, there's nothing really...uhh... I guess I'll call it... icky, as such. 

Please review and let me know what you thought :)

I wonder why a guy a can't buy condoms without getting weird looks from all the elderly couples behind him at the check-out counter.

I wonder why a guy can't buy a box of condoms without having to explain why he wants the entire box.

I wonder why he can't slowly drop the box on top of his shopping pile and look around, nonchalantly, like he just added an extra carrot to his shopping cart.

I wonder why, at that exact moment, this really hot redhead has to walk in, catch my eye and turn away, causing me drop the aforementioned box on the floor.

I wonder why it has to be her.

I wonder why these condom boxes are so flimsy. One dramatic fall to the ground, and all the condoms come spilling out of the box. 

I still wonder why the hot girl just happens to be... Her.

"Haven't changed one bit, have we?"

She picks up the box and smirks, tucking a strand of wavy red hair behind her ear, in the same infuriating way that she always did.

"How many does a pack have? 24?! Ha! That would last me and-"

She stops dead.

Me... and you. She carefully avoids the word that's sitting on her tongue and begins to look at the box with great concentration instead.

"I heard you dumped Steve's sorry ass," I remark to diffuse the tension.

She's biting her lip. Her soft, plump lip.
Oh Merlin. Make her stop.

"Sorry in deed," she mutters under her breath. And then she adds, "I threw his stuff out of the window this morning. At least that gave me some happiness. I mean, I dumped him six whole months ago." Her voice is stiff, as if she's avoiding something.

"Clingy much?"

Maybe its because we're talking about relationships, or because we've run into each other after so long, but for some reason, her cheeks have turned the faintest shade of pink. I think she looks rather cute.
No. For heaven sake, Weasley... Do not make me want to tear your clothes off in public.

"What, Malfoy? Like I asked you to do so," she huffs. But I can see the hint of a smile on her face.

I can't believe I said that out loud.

She stands up, makes a condescending face and moves ahead without looking. Her small frame crashes into a burly, six feet tall man standing next to her, knocking both her and her shopping basket down on the floor with a loud crash.

The contents are littered on the floor, next to me, and I stare at the familiar looking strips of pills that are lying on the ground, having fallen out of her basket.

"Birth control pills, Weasley?" I smirk that smirk that will annoy the living daylights out of her.

"I can't let you win anything can I, Malfoy?" She replies in a coy voice.

"Jesus! How many of these do you need, Rose?"

"Enough to see that I get more action than you," she smirks, as if this is a competition. I play along nevertheless. It's amusing.

"Oh Please. Weasley. Like you aren't dying for a piece if this?" I gesture towards my torso.

"Like I'm the one who wants to tear your clothes off in public," She retorts, laughing.

And before we know it, we're both sprawled on the floor, surrounded by condoms and strips of birth control pills, laughing till we have tears running down our cheeks and we don't even know why.

Just like the old days.

That's the thing about Rose Weasley. Nothing's changed. And I'm sure that's a good thing with her.

In school, she was that girl who had about fifty guys on the go. When there was a dance or a Hogsmeade visit, she would hide in the broom cupboard whenever someone from her doting fan club was preparing to ask her out. She did this till most of them had found themselves dates.  She would also simultaneously spread a rumour that she was going to go with Hibbs, a sorry wimp who always cried when he found that someone was spreading rumours about him. Then she would go with whoever was left from her fan club, and worth going with. She said that this way, she would find the guy who cared long enough to wait to ask her. She would also look gorgeous on that day, breaking every other guy's heart, of course.

Rose was talented. She was one of the most intelligent witches in our batch, without a doubt. She played Quidditch. She was a prefect and had won several accolades in her time at Hogwarts. She had her mean and bitchy days, but in the end, we always had fun together.

Everyone expected us to hate each other from the start. We were both competitive, talented ... eye-candy, some would say. Not to mention the fact that we came from opposing families.
However, both of us were sorted into Ravenclaw and we hit it off immediately. We spoke about all sorts of things and connected on many levels. Though we weren't best friends, we were quite close.  I spent a lot of my time in Hogwarts with Rose. And as we grew older, I began to notice her. Not just for her personality, but for the way she looked.  I can tell you that I wasn't the only one who was looking. And over our years, we went on a few dates, made out a few times and lost our virginity to each other. I asked her out after we graduated. But she said no. And I was okay with that after a while. That's just how it was with Rose. She was a free spirit, with the biggest guts I've seen.

Talking to her and laughing with her reminded me of those days.

"You know I haven't been in a serious relationship since you  rejected me on graduation day." The words spill out of my mouth before I can stop them, but they don't sound bitter or resentful.

She hesitates for a few seconds. And then, she slowly says," Neither have I. Nothing serious, I mean.  I know that isn't anything new for me. But it's a funny thing."


"You've become my standard, Scorp. You're the one I measure everyone else against," she says simply.

She collects some of the strips and shoves them into her bag.

"It's always nice to see you, Scorp," she smiles and hugs me.

I hold her and think of how true her words are.

I wonder about a lot of things.

Well, mostly condom-purchase related things, apparently.  But I also think about Rose Weasley. More than I care to admit. And every time I'm with a woman, I wonder how Rose would have been with me in the same situation. She has become some sort of bench mark. And boy, is she tough to beat.

The steady pitter patter of the rain never ceases when you live in England. But right now, it's raining cats and dogs and people are scurrying about, trying to reach a safe, warm and most importantly dry place as soon as possible. Amidst these heads, bobs a red one. A vibrant redhead.

"Must be a Weasley," says the voice in my head.

I'm reminded of Rose. I mean, I live on the fourth floor. And it's pouring. I barely have a clear view of what's happening. How can I possibly think that I just saw her again?

The intercom rings.

"Hello? Mr Malfoy? There's a Miss Wheezey here to see you," Mrs Warpickle, the landlady tells me.

"It's Weasley. W-E-A-S-L-E-Y," I hear Rose's annoyed voice in the background.

"Did you catch that son?"

"Yes, ma'am. Let her up," I reply.


I hold the door open for a soaking Rose Weasley. Her bright red hair is wet. Her black clothes are sticking to her, revealing the contours of her chest and the pale, smooth skin just above it. She is panting heavily and looking at me, with an accusatory glint in her eye.

"To what do I owe this pleasure?" I ask, handing her some dry towels.

She ties her hair up using one of  the towels. And keeps the rest on the sofa. She pulls off her jacket and hangs it on the back of a dining chair.

"I'm just leaving this here to dry, yeah?"

"Sweet Merlin, Rose. Why the hell didn't you cast a heat charm on yourself? It's freezing. And wet."

"Thanks for the observation, Captain Obvious. I'd never have guessed. Hugo has my wand. It's at home. I forgot to pick it up this morning, because I was so wrapped up in thoughts of you."

"And why did he have your wand in the first place?" I ask, picking on the unimportant details, as always.

"I asked him to get it checked at Ollivander's. It's been acting wonky."

We look at each other blankly for a second.

"Where are your manners? Aren't you going to offer me some piping hot tea?" She asks.

"Y-yes. Er, give me a moment."

I put the kettle on and pick out Rose's favourite lemon tea with honey.

I turn around to face her, only to find her take off her shirt in one fluid motion.

"What are you looking at? Close your mouth, honey." 

"Oh why stop there, Rosie? Why not take off those awfully wet and presumably heavy pair of jeans too?" I ask her, sarcastically.

She shrugs. "Alright-y then."

And before I can stop her, she undoes with the clasp and pulls off her jeans too.

Typical Rose. She has always been comfortable with others' discomfort. She begins wiping herself dry with the towels. And I swear on Snape's grave that she's doing this on purpose, slowly and sensually.

I turn away to go check on the... tepid water.

"Don't you have a wand?" She calls out.

'Oh yes. I was only avoiding using it because I don't want to turn to look at you,' I think.
'I mean, I want to. But I don't want to make things weird.'

I pull out my wand and cast a heating charm without looking at her. It misses her and hits the vase that's on a table, right next to her.

The vase crashes onto the ground and shatters into many tiny pieces.

"Here, I can fix this," she says and bends over to examine the pieces.

Oh hell no.

"Rose. Stop it, okay?"

She stands up and slowly walks towards me. Everything she does is sensual.

"Stop what?" She asks when she's close enough to whisper.

"Do you know how much self-control this takes? I mean you're standing in my living room, wearing nothing but a lacy black bra and an underwear."


The accusatory glance returns.

"Do you realize how frustrating it is when someone you still have feelings for randomly says that they've never been in a serious relationship since you rejected them? A decision you've regretted since," she counters.

I'm taken aback for a second, because I really would never have imagined, but I recover quickly.

"Do you have any idea how much restraint I have to exercise to prevent myself from pouncing on you whenever I see you. Now imagine how much more I would need when you're soaking wet, dressed like this, bending over and jutting out your arse.  Do you have any idea?" I ask her, stepping a little forward, my voice rougher than usual. 

She closes the distance between us and slowly pulls the towel off her hair.

"Who says you need to be a gentleman?" She whispers in my ear.

I guide her face towards mine and close the gap between our lips. She wraps her legs around my waist and I back off towards the kitchen, taking care not to break off the kiss. When we reach the stove, I turn it off.

"Do I have to choose between sex and tea?" she groans,  pushing out her chest. I can see everything through the wet, thin fabric of her bra.

"No" I say, undoing the clasp of her bra. It drops to the ground.

"I was thinking that I could get you some Firewhiskey instead. Since I don't have to be a gentleman and all," I wink.

She smiles against my lips.

I cast a quick heating charm and we're back to where we left off.

"I haven't woken up to a great breakfast made by a woman in ages." I sneak up behind Rose and put my arms around her, from the back. I begin kissing her neck.

I stop suddenly.

"Fuck, Rose. We didn't use any protection last night."

I let go and run a hand through my hair, as I do when I'm nervous.

She laughs.

"Don't worry. I'm on the pill. Also, I think a 'yes' is over due from me"

She turns to face me and wraps her arms around my neck.

"Yes, Scorpius Malfoy. I love you. I will go out with you."

"Only because the sex is good?"

"Only because the sex is good,"she smirks. "But hey, at least I don't want to rip your clothes off in public."

And we laugh again. Because I'm standing in my kitchen with the love of my life, and she isn't going anywhere this time.

And I wonder why we haven't been doing this all along.

Author's Note:

Soo... I warned you that this would be fluffy and happy. Found something you liked? Or perhaps, something you didn't? Please take a moment to review. It would be ever so helpful! :)

20/7- Thank you, readers :) It means a lot to know that there are people out there who are reading the work that we writers put a lot of effort into. It's nice to read all these lovely reviews and look at the read count shoot up! ^_^ I've moved away from the romance/humour combo for a bit. But I hope to get back to writing it sometime!

Thanks again, and remember to leave a review for Rose and Scorp! :)

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