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Brutal Love by Fonzzx
Chapter 3 : Charlie
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Chapter 2: Charlie

The first week back had been an incredibly long one. The absolute priority was sorting out my Quidditch team. We always end up losing to Gryffindor, their team is full of Potters and Weasleys, and they're all fantastic players. This year I'll make sure that we won't lose. Luckily, by the time we end up playing Gryffindor, it'll be May so we'll have had all year to see their playing style and come up with a strategy.
On top of Quidditch I had homework and lessons, because it's seventh year the teachers seem to be piling it all on, even though it's only been the first week. I can only imagine that it'll get worse. There's a stereotype that Ravenclaws enjoy studying, which is a lie. I do not enjoy studying. I definitely do not enjoy homework.
Then I woke up on Saturday morning to remember that it was my date with Charlie. Well I wasn't really sure if it was a date. But it was a nice day so I was able to get away with a short skirt, at least. We went for a walk around Hogsmeade, and then into the Three Broomsticks for a drink.
We were on our way back when he detoured behind the greenhouses. He stood looking at me for a minute like he was debating doing something, and then just grabbed me and kissed me. I was a bit surprised, if I'm honest. All day he hadn't really flirted or anything and I was beginning to think that we were just two friends hanging out, and then he goes and kisses me. He's a good kisser though, different to Scorpius. Scorpius just took the opportunity to do it, whereas Charlie seemed to want to gauge my reaction first, and was altogether gentler. I'm not sure which style I prefer. Why I was even thinking about Scorpius in the first place was a bloody mystery.

I had better luck with my crystal ball the following week. Well, it depends on what you define as "better". I saw stuff, which was an improvement on last week, but then I saw a werewolf loose in Hogwarts grounds. I'm not entirely sure if my professor believed me, but that's definitely what I saw.
Then Charlie was absent for Charms. He wasn't ill because he was in Potions this morning and he seemed like he was in a good mood. Louise and Allie looked as disappointed as I felt. I had a nagging suspicion that maybe the Slytherins had hexed him or something, because they knew Scorpius didn't like him.
At dinner, rumours were flying round that Charlie was injured in his Care of Magical Creatures class this morning. I suppose with Hagrid teaching that's entirely possible. I saw a group of his friends huddled together at the end of the Hufflepuff table. I went over and asked what had happened.
"Something ran out of the forest and attacked us. It was so fast that we couldn't see what it was. It went for Charlie and then Hagrid and his hippogriff scared it off."
I turned and sprinted up to the Hospital Wing. I swear I've never ran so fast in my entire life. I burst through the doors, and saw that all the beds were empty, apart from one at the very back with the curtains drawn around it. I ignored his need for privacy and ripped them open.
He was sitting upright, and the matron was dabbling ointment on his face. His once beautiful face, covered in scars, some still bleeding. Those were cursed wounds.
“Oh my God!” I cried. “What the hell happened?”
He said he thought it was a werewolf that attacked him, although I was torn between worried and skeptical. Werewolves aren't in full form during the day, but I did see one in Divination. If it's true, it's lucky he wasn't bitten. Hagrid has apparently been hunting for it ever since, seeing as he's the only one who can resist the effects of a werewolf bite (being half giant has its advantages).
“I understand if you never want to see me again,” he said bitterly, once the matron had done as much as she could.
“What?” I was confused. This boy blows hot and cold constantly.
“Well, look at me,” he smiled wryly. “And then look at you.”
“I'm nothing special,” I said hurriedly. It's true, I'm not.
“I wouldn't say I ever was, but now...” Charlie picked up the mirror on his bedside table, looked at his reflection and sighed.
“Look at me,” I demanded, and his dark brown eyes met mine. “You're being an idiot.” I pressed a gentle kiss to his lips before leaving.

I spent my double free period the next day in the Hospital Wing with Charlie. Professor Longbottom came in and told him that they'd found the werewolf, and were waiting for the effects of the full moon to wear off and question him. Apparently even if they don't transform until the moon comes out, they can go completely loony. He was chained up in the dungeons so he couldn't escape. He also said not to judge all werewolves, when they're transformed they can't help attacking humans, and he said that when he was in his third year he was taught by a werewolf who was actually an incredibly gifted and kind wizard.
Just then, the Head Boy and Girl, Albus Potter and Rose Weasley, burst in with their wands pointed at a teenage boy, no older than 14. Hagrid came hurrying in after them, panting.
"Sir," Albus said, "he's changed back." Well, obviously.
I drew my wand as well and pointed it at him.
Longbottom stood up. "Who are you and why are you here?"
The werewolf spat on the floor. "I am Samuel, son of the great Fenrir Greyback. I came here because I was denied entry as a wizard at the age of 11, and your students should pay the price for that."
"Why should the students pay for that?" Albus asked, looking confused.
"Because they're perfect full blooded wizards," Greyback hissed, "And I want them to suffer. Because of wizards, werewolves can't do anything! We can't work, and we can't even come to school because we're branded dangerous."
"Yes," said Longbottom, eyeing him with distaste, "and it's werewolves like you who set the stereotype. We've had werewolves learn and work at Hogwarts before. You're clearly too dangerous to be around people in your human form, let alone when you change into a wolf. Hagrid, take him away and contact the Ministry. Al, Rose, go to Professor McGonagall and tell her we need some additional security to stop accidents like this happening again."
Hagrid lifted up Greyback and threw him over his shoulder and walked out, Albus and Rose following, but taking care to keep their distance. Greyback thrashed and snarled, but Hagrid's immense strength never faltered.
Charlie looked shaken, and Longbottom looked at him with concern. "I'm sorry this ever happened, Charlie."
"It's ok," Charlie sighed, "As long as it doesn't happen to anyone else."
I left for lunch, when Charlie began arguing with the matron about returning to lessons. She said he should be able to leave tomorrow, and not to over exert himself. He seemed agitated; I don't think he likes to spend too long doing nothing.
Oh fresh hell, what is this?
Scorpius was heading towards the Slytherin table, with a girl on his arm. I snorted. On his arm? He's trying too hard to be a gentleman. Who was she anyway? She was a Slytherin... Patricia Parkinson, that's it. Long curly hair, dark skin, far too much make up. And wearing a waistcoat instead of her jumper. Typically Scorpius' type. Why is he pulling this rubbish? Was he trying to make me jealous? Was I jealous?
Bloody hell. I am jealous. Shit. Brilliant. Fan – fucking – tastic.
I sat there fuming, completely forgetting about Charlie in the hospital wing. It was just typical that I'd spent all summer trying to move on and be ok with the fact that Scorpius acted like a complete dick, and then he tries to pull this shit and I'm actually falling for it. I'm completely aware of what he's doing and it's actually working!
I looked over to the Slytherin table. Scorpius was sat amongst his friends while Parkinson (quite literally) drooled over him. Ha, he looked quite uncomfortable.
Oh shit, he'd caught me looking. I quickly flicked my eyes down to my plate and concentrated on my food for a few minutes. I looked back up and he was still watching me.
I decided to give lunch up as a bad job and left early for Transfiguration.
I fell into my preferred seat as the rest of the class wandered in slowly, including Scorpius. He saw the empty seat next to me and looked hopeful but I gave him such a strong glare that he didn't dare sit there. At least I didn't have to endure Parkinson in this class. She literally got about three OWLs in fifth year, I swear she's part troll.
As Professor Macmillan started the lesson, I was absorbed by my own thoughts, mainly what hilarious curses I could cast on Parkinson and Scorpius.
My thoughts must've been evident on my face because suddenly Macmillan said, “Would you care to share what's amusing you, Miss Smith?”
I started. “What? Oh, no.”
Macmillan's eyes narrowed, but he didn't give me detention like any other teacher (except maybe Longbottom) would. And that's just for my cheek, let alone my uniform or make up or lack of homework or whatever else I'm usually in detention for.
I thought about my appearance today. I'd spent the morning in the Hospital Wing with Charlie so I'd definitely made an effort. It was still warm so I hadn't bothered with my robes or my jumper. My tie was knotted somewhere near my waist instead of my neck. My hair was down, and my fringe was in a quiff. I'd probably been a bit overzealous with my eyeliner, but Louise and Allie had assured me that it looked nice.
I snapped back to the present and started listening to the teacher.
“Malfoy! Pay attention!” Macmillan barked. I looked around and noticed Scorpius looking at me, an unfathomable expression on his face. This was just getting weirder and weirder.
After the lesson, I was walking down the corridor to spend my free period in the library when someone grabbed my arm and pulled me through a door into the trophy room. It was Scorpius.
“What do you want?” I asked him, still angry about earlier. Well, in truth I was angry at myself for forgetting everything that had happened and mooning over him like a stupid little girl.
“Just to talk,” he said, before launching into a conversation about homework/Quidditch/something. I was still too mad to focus properly.
He wouldn't bloody shut up about whatever he was talking about. He was smiling as he chatted away. Something clicked in my head about role reversal; it was supposed to be me that didn't shut up and him nodding along.
I drifted back in as he started talking about the homework we'd been set in Transfiguration; it's a good job I did because I hadn't been paying enough attention in class to write it down. After discussing that (after I found out what it was, I basically told him how to do it), he even asked how Charlie was doing. I could see in his eyes that he really didn't want to know, but he was making the effort and I appreciated it. Maybe he really had changed.


A/N: So this chapter hasn't actually been beta read, but I wanted to update anyway so here it is! 

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