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Music is Might by shewhomustnotbenamed_
Chapter 11 : A Day in the Life of a Spy
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 Despite Adam’s complaints, they had agreed to go along with my plan. My plan you ask? Stealing back the photo, how do I plan on doing that? By going where no man has gone before, into the sixth years boy’s dormitories, I would say wish me look, but I’ve got a kick ass plan, so I don’t need it.


So today I was doing the most non-Ravenclaw thing in the world, today I was skipping class. I was only missing Potions and Herbology, nothing major. Slughorn wouldn’t even know I’m gone in his senile old age, actually I don’t think any of my teachers would notice if I went missing. There’s an advantage to being one of the quiet ones…


I had my lucky socks on, today was going to be a good day I could feel it.


Dom had got the Gryffindor’s password, Merlin knows how she did it, or how she knew where it was, she gave me instructions on where to find it, seventh floor: fat lady. Easy peasy, the password get a hold of this, ok are you ready? Courage. HOW RIDICILOUS, the next thing you’re going to tell me is the Slytherin’s password is pureblood. Talk about stereotypes.


The best part about Wednesdays? I share all my classes with the Gryffindor’s, usually I would say that is a bad thing but being as how their dorm is going to be empty today, it can only be seen as a good thing.


I walked all the way up to the Gryffindor common room I can tell you this for a fact, I am so glad I got sorted into Ravenclaw because all of these stairs everyday would have killed me. Excuse me while I catch my breath.


Do you want to hear the best part about my plan? Spencer charmed my tie to look like a Gryffindor one, so to any Gryffindors in the common room, they’ll just think I’m another one of them MWHAHAAHAHAHAH. It’s not like many of them would recognise me anyway, they only way they would recognise me was if I was dressed up as Phoenix. Don’t worry I’m not that stupid, walking around as Phoenix? Do you think I have a death wish? I’d get mobbed. There was no official merchandise going round, thanks to our wonderful manager Dom and we were actually getting paid for it! Which means money is going into my personal account at gringrotts and not my family one! Imagine explaining that to my Mum. I’m still dreading telling my Mum about the band. Let’s just say she fully supported the idea of me being a healer like my Nan and her. It’s the family trait, and everything I wanted until this year… Hopefully she’d understand but like I said I’m not telling her any time soon. I still have another year to make up my decision.


I was approaching the Fat Lady now and I was as nervous as ever. What if she knew I wasn’t a Gryffindor and didn’t let me in? Come on Ally use your Gryffindor courage. Ally you do realise you’re not actually a Gryffindor. Of course I do. Oh and Ally you do realise you’re talking to yourself. Yes, yes I do.


“Shouldn’t you be in class?” The fat lady asked me, I gulped.


“Let a book in my dorm, teacher sent me back for it” how am I not a professional liar, I was made for this!


“Very well… Password?”


“Courage” The portrait door swung open and I climbed through.


It was red, very red. The fire embers were still flickering from the night before, it felt homely, but at the same time completely foreign to me. There were two sets of stairs; one would lead up to the girl’s dorms the others the boys. The only problem being I had no idea which was which.


Left or Right. Left or Right. I was just about to choose left when a girl a little younger than me, came running down the left set of the stairs. I avoided eye contact with her, as I made my way up the right set, searching for the sixth years dorm.


First years, second years, third, fourth, fifth and sixth. Only they didn’t have the sixth year sign, they had a sign “Warning Hot Guys in this Dorm. Come in at your own risk” how bloody pretentious. I opened the door slowly, peering in. I sighed with relief when I saw the empty dorm room. I walked in and shut the door behind me. It stunk like boys, sweat and boys. Clothes were flung all around the place, it was worse than my room at home. I had one more little problem, I had no idea whose bed was whose and more importantly, which ones was Freddie’s.


I looked hesitantly around. There was one bed which was in pristine condition, you could probably bounce a gallon off of it. I looked under the bed and saw the suitcase with the initials R.T, Ryan Thomas. I have respect for you Ryan, keeping your bed clean in this bomb site. I moved on to the second bed I was terrified to look under it. L.W… Louis Weasley. I gagged as I saw  the dirty pants next to the case. Not that one I side, but I must be getting close. The next one was reasonably tidy, with just the sheets being a little messy, the case had the initials J.S.P, James Sirius Potter,  I never thought I’d see the day when I would say I’ve been in your room, or seen your bed. I walked over to the next one that had Weasley products spewing from every angle, figures it would be this one. I checked under the bed, just to make sure “F.W” found it. Now to find the photo.


I pulled out my wand “Accio Ally’s photograph” I didn’t expect it to work but it did, the photo of me and Adam shot out from Freddie’s top draw, I grabbed the photo and pocketed it. I’ll destroy it later I thought. I closed the draw slowly, so it looked like I was never here. JUST LIKE A NINJA.


I was just about to leaving when I heard voices and footsteps coming up the stairs, I jumped back hoping they weren’t coming into this room. But that was before I recognised the voices, the voices that swarm round my head and keep me up at the night, the not so golden trio.


What the fuck do I do? I had two seconds before they opened that door and found me in here. So I did the only thing my five year old self could think of, hide under the bed. I can’t remember who’s bed it was the chest was facing the wrong way.


The door creaked open. My heart was hammering. I tried my best to keep my breathing shallow so they wouldn’t hear me.


“Looks like the house elves haven’t been yet” Freddie stated.


“Hermione would have your head if she heard you say that” Louis laughed.

“But it’s their job”


“It’s also your job to tidy up your own mess” Louis said in a mimicking girly voice, which I guessed was as imitation of Hermione.




“Can you blame him, with Freddie’s stink bomb potion, he had no choice but to let us all go”


“I’m not even sorry about it” Freddie stated as he jumped on top of the bed I was on.


“Oi get off my bed” James shouted. Oh great out of all the beds it would have to be James’ I lay under. How bloody fantastic.


“What are the plans for tonight?”

“Quidditch practise and then I’ve got tutoring with Ally”


“Who’s Ally? She hot?” Louis asked, I cringed, I really didn’t want to know the answer to that.


“Wait as in Dom’s Ally?” Freddie asked. Freddie the reason why I’m up here in the first bloody place, stupid git.


“You could say that… Why?” James said unsure.


“Nothing… I’ve just got her doing a little job for me”


“What kind of job?” James asked protectively. What’s it to do with him?


“She’s going to find out who Music is Might are for me”


“You’re still trying to find out who they are?” James asked slightly annoyed.


“Aren’t you? I know you won the bet, but aren’t you a little curious to who they are?”


“No I’m not”


“What about Phoenix”


“I couldn’t give two shits, who she is”


“Sounds like someone’s moved on” chimed Louis.


“Have you?” Freddie asked.


“Does it matter?” replied James.


“Is it Ally?” Why do I always get included in this, please leave me out.


“What’s it to you?” wait was that a yes or a no?


“Woah, I didn’t know you liked the librarian types” Freddie stated, I’m not a librarian even if I have called myself it many of times.


“Wait, you never answered my question is she hot?”


“No” James said, the same time Freddie said “Yes”. I didn’t know what to think, disgusted, disappointed?


“Not in an obvious way, there’s more to her than that” WHAT? IS THIS THE SAME JAMES? ARE YOU ON OPIUM? CRACK? ARE YOU OK? I didn’t know what to think, actually I wasn’t going to allow myself to think about it.


“You’re a pussy” said Louis.


“And you’re a slob”


“And we’re going to miss dinner” said Freddie.


“Right let’s go” Freddie got up and so did the rest of them. I heard the door slam and they were gone. I waited ten seconds before breathing in a sigh of relief.


I crawled out from James’ bed, and left the room. I ran as quickly as I could. Down to the great hall.


I spotted the band sitting at the Ravenclaw table, all staring at the door in anticipation. They grinned as they spotted at me. I began to walk to them, having to stop myself from skipping.


“Hey Ally” I turned to see James smiling at me, I returned the gesture, feeling slightly awkward about what I’d heard earlier.


“Still on for tonight?” he asked.


“Sure” I replied swiftly, as I carried on walking to the Ravenclaw table.


“Did you get it?” Marcus asked.


“Did you ever have any doubt?” I winked at them.


“Please don’t ever do that again” Dom begged.


“Ok I won’t” we laughed, ate dinner and talked about how we were going to destroy the photo. At least if the band failed, I knew I could definitely get a career in being a spy…


Author's note:

So what did you think? Are you happy I'm updating quickly? What about James? Feelings changed on him yet? Good news, the next chapter is their tutoring session and I'll try make it a long one! 

As always I don't own anything that you recognise, that all belongs to J.K and whoever else I might have mentioned.

Thank you for reading!



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Music is Might: A Day in the Life of a Spy


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