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Unexpected Parenthood by potterfan310
Chapter 16 : Chapter Sixteen
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Beautiful chapter image by &lifecontinues @ TDA.


Double Herbology last thing on a Friday is a great thing, one because I like Herbology, two because Professor Longbottom teaches it and three there aren't that many of us in the class. The only down side to it, is that I'm with Rose and Scorp.

Don't get me wrong they're my friends and I obviously like them but when they're all loved up you really don't want to be around them as you feel like a third wheel and sometimes when you're single you really don't want to watch your two friends play tonsil tennis.

The lesson was nearly over when Rose asked me, "What you wearing tonight?" as she pruned the alihosty bush we had been working on.

I shrugged. "Not sure, I was thinking my blue dress since it's the only one have on me and there isn't exactly time for shopping."

"Don't let Dom hear you say that, you know what she's like. The blue lacy one?" I nodded as she glanced at Scorp. "Wear it, Flick, it looks good on you."

The bell then rang which made me jump, Scorp laughed at me and I hit him with my gloves. "Owww."

"It didn't hurt and you know it," Rose babbled as she walked passed us to take the bag of dragon dung compost and the pruning sheers back to Professor Longbottom whilst we packed up. "Man up, Scorp."

"No wonder I thought you were gay back in first year."

"Oi just because I have a decent dress sense compared to other boys does not mean I am gay, anyway if I'm gay then what's Rose?"

I thought about it for a minute and replied, "Your beard."

Scorpius looked at me as though I was insane. "I know I may have a bit of stubble, Flick, but I certainly don't have a beard."

I rolled my eyes as Rose joined us again and we left the green house. "No stupid, you're with her because she's your beard. Y'know a disguise, so people don't know you like guys. I mean who is it, are you secretly in love with Al or something."

It was his turn to roll his eyes. "Course not, Flick, Rose is most definitely not my beard. And anyway you don't seem to complain about my fashion sense when I tell you what to wear or what looks good on you."

"That's true."

"Why the hell are you two on about beards for?" Rose questioned as she looked at both of us, a confused expression on her face.

I put my arm through hers and did the same to Scorpius' so that we were linked. "You have nothing to worry about my dear, Rosie. Scorpius here is very much one hundred percent straight and you are not his beard."

"O-kayy," Rose said slowly as I dragged them up towards the castle leaving her as confused as ever.

Once in the entrance hall I steered off towards the dungeons but Rose stopped and broke free. "I need to drop my school bag off and get changed," she told me as I pretended to be upset that she had let go.

"Don't forget to bring your party clothes with you, Dom told me to tell you you're getting ready in our dorm."

Rose nodded. "Sure thing, see you in a bit."

"Come on Scorpio, lets go!" I laughed as I dragged him down to the dungeons. "Parseltongue." I told the wall which slid open to reveal the passage and we walked down it to the common room.

Al was sat on one of the dark green sofa's with Hattie who was feeding him grapes. Even her being her couldn't spoil my mood and I walked straight passed them, pulling Scorp behind me. I brought him right up to the seventh year girl dorms and pushed open the door.

Rory screamed slightly and jumped. "Oh my god, Flick, you nearly gave me a heart attack."

Didge who must have been on her bed, had fallen to the floor, as she got up she saw my hand in Scorpius' as well as the look of determination on my face. "Oh I didn't realise you two... do you want us to leave?"

I looked at her. "Huh?"

Didge's eyes moved to my hand again and then looked back up. "Are you two... What about Rose?"

I let go of Scorp's hand and stared at her, putting my hands on my hips. "Didge, what the fuck are you on about?"

Rory rolled her eyes and got up off her bed to help Didge up. "Flick, I think Bridget is asking do you want us to leave so you and Scorpius can have sex."

I laughed out loud. "Are kidding me, me and Scorp? No offence, Scorp, you may be nice looking but you are not my type and I would never do that to Rose, she's one of my best friends."

"So why were you two in such a hurry?" Didge questioned.

"Um because I wanted help to pick a dress for Al's party tonight and so did Dom. But she's running late, obviously as she told us to meet her here. I am not having sex with Scorpius."

"Who's having sex with Scorpius?" Came Dom's voice as she pushed the door open and strolled in ever so casually.

"No one but Didge though I was going to."

Dom laughed uneasily as she slung her school bag onto the floor next to her bedside cabinet. "Flick and Scor, you must be having a laugh. One she wouldn't do that to Rose and two blonde is so not her type."

Didge huffed and stormed out of the dorm. "Sorry, Flick," Rory apologised to me before she followed after Didge.

Dom opened up her trunk and started to rummage through the mound of clothes as I flung myself face first onto my bed. "Fucking cow," Dom murmured.

I wondered why the hell Didge would think that, maybe she wanted to tell Rose that me and Scorp had sex so that she dumps Scor. Maybe that's it, maybe Didge fancies Scorp. Is she jealous of Rose? I wondered and then I laughed, which was muffled by my quilt.

I could hear slight whispering and guessed that they were talking clothes. I also heard the door go and Rose's voice joined the others. I rolled over onto my left side and watched as Dom pulled out dress after dress from her trunk, they varied in style, length and colour.

"Bloody hell, how many party dresses did you bring?"

Dom shrugged. "Less than ten I think, You never know when you might need one."

I exchanged looks with Rose who started to smile and raised her eyebrows as if to say 'Really?'. Dom then stood back up and pulled out an orange dress with ruffles before setting it aside. From within her trunk she pulled out clothes after clothes, tops, skirts, trousers. You name it, Dom had it.

Scorpius was looking at her in awe. "Um, Dom, how many clothes did you actually bring with you?"

"A lot and anyway there's an undetectable extension charm on my trunk. So it looks the same and weighs the same. Here, Flick." Dom handed me a stunning red dress that was made of floaty material.

I shot up off the bed and walked into the bathroom with Dom's dress over my arm. As I was getting changed I could hear them talking. I pulled on the dress and looked in the floor length mirror that is behind the bathroom door, I looked really good.

The dress came just above my knee, it had a full skirt which was really floaty and dotted with silver beads. The sweetheart neckline accentuated my cleavage, all of the top area was covered in silver beads and sequins and there was a silver broach just underneath in the middle.

"It's gorgeous," I whispered to myself as I stood on my tip toes and twirled so I could get a full view. I pulled the bobble off my wrist and put my hair up in a ponytail.

"Hurry uppp," Dom whined.

I opened the bathroom door and glided out. "Ta dah!" I twirled across the floor as though I was a ballerina. I used to be a gymnast when I was younger and I did ballet until I was ten mainly because I started Hogwarts and because mum left the year after and rather than spend the money on lessons it went towards the bills and the house and stuff.

I twirled around so that the skirt poofed out and I could the three of them 'ooing' and 'aahing'.

"You look amazing, Flick," Rose commented.

"I think this is the dress, Dommie." I smiled.

"Seriously, Flick, are you high or something. I've never seen you like this before."

"Well if you can be high on happiness then yes, but otherwise no. Nothing is going to spoil my mood not even bitches like Didge and Hattie," I told him as went back into the bathroom to change into jeans and a t-shirt.

"Scor, if you think she's weird right now, wait until you give her alcohol," Dom muttered, thinking that I wouldn't hear her.

I hung the dress up and got changed, as I smiled to myself I hoped that someone would take a picture of me tonight so I could send home to Dad. He'd love to see one of his baby girls all dressed up, and possibly two of them if Lily brings Tessa.

I pulled the hair bobble from out of my hair and as I came out of the bathroom I flung it at her, it hit her and I smiled when she said 'Ow'.

Dom then went through her many dresses and tried each of them on and gave us a fashion show. Scorpius left halfway through because he didn't think he could stand seeing any more dresses and that he needed to go do something manly to make up for all the girl talk.

"The orange one definitely," I told Dom as Rose nodded in agreement. "It looks really good on you."

"I can never wear orange," Rose complained. "It clashes with my hair, you two are so lucky you're blonde."

"Well you know what they say, Rosie," Dom started to say as she got changed into normal clothes. "Blondes do have more fun."

I was looking down at my school bag and I knew I had to do work, but I just didn't want to. Although if I do it now I won't have to worry about it.

"I need to go to the library to do work," I stated. "I'd rather do it now than worry about it on Sunday."

"Sure, we've got a couple of hours before dinner, lets go," Rose said as she hung her dress which was in a bag up on the end of my four poster, along with the red one and Dom's orange one.

I picked up my stuff and we left the dorm. As we walked through the common room I spotted Didge and Rory in the corner talking. Al and Hattie were no where to be seen and the common room was busy as everyone was in here, chatting, doing work or playing games.

I waved to Lily-Ann who was watching two of her friends play wizard's chess as we passed. The castle was pretty quiet although there were still students walking through the corridors. When we got to the library we found it was busy, I guess some people had the same thought as me or they might just be Ravenclaw's.

We sat down at one of the tables near the back of the library where it was quieter and there were less people and got to work.


It was just before six o'clock when we went down to the great hall for dinner. Al and Scorp were already sat at our table and Al was talking to Joseph and Rory.

"Happy Birthday, Al," I told him as I slid in the seat next to him.

"Cheers, Flick."

"Happy eighteenth dear cousin," Rose and Dom sang together as they hugged him at the same time. "You can have your presents at your party."

"You really shouldn't have." Al told them as they sat down: Rose next to me and Dom opposite, next to Rory.

"I'm pretty sure you'll thank us soon enough," Dom announced as she leant across the table to get the basket of bread rolls. Dom and Rose exchanged a look at I got the feeling that they were up to something.

We chatted as we ate, mostly about Quidditch, Al's party and whatever topic someone decided to bring up. I was happy when the puddings came up and I was able to have my favourite: chocolate fudge cake.

"Come on you two, eat faster," Dom started moaning.

Both Al and Scorp looked at her. "Um why?" Al questioned.

"Because birthday boy, we need to go get ready for your party. It's twenty-five past six already, the party starts at seven and we have hair and make-up to do as well as getting down to Hogsmeade," Dom informed him as she pushed her empty bowl of ice-cream away from her.

I finished the last remaining bit of my cake and drank my pumpkin juice. "Right I'm ready."

"See you later boys," Rose said as she kissed Scorp on the cheek.

We back to our dorm and found Rory doing her make-up. When she saw us she started to apologise to me, "Flick, I'm sorry about Bridget early I really am."

"It's fine, Rory, honestly."

Rose set about working her magic on my hair as well as Dom's. She gave me a low bun on the side of my head and tucked a sparkly clip into it and she gave Dom flowing curls. I let Dom do my make-up since I'm not all that good with the stuff since I don't really wear it.

I put my decent underwear on and then put the dress on. It fitted perfectly and it made me happy knowing that I was the same size as Dom despite having gave birth to two children. Dom was in her orange dress which came just above her knee, it had layers of ruffles down it and the waist band was covered in silver sparkles and jewels.

We had yet to see Rose's dress as it was hidden in a bag, she wouldn't show us until she had it on and her hair and make-up was done.

"Ta dah!"

"You look stunning, Rosie." I told her as she came out of the bathroom. Her hair was in its natural state although it was a little less bushy and she had on a one shoulder dress. The top half of it was beige with gold beading across it and then the skirt was navy. It looked really good on her especially with her red hair and slightly pale complexion.

Rory was putting the finishing touches to her outfit which consisted of black trousers and a fancy purple blouse, when Didge came in and saw us all laughing together as we joked about whether Al would get embarrassed by various relatives tonight once they've had too much to drink.

"I thought you were going to wait for me?" she said to Rory with a sour look on her face.

"I didn't know where you were and anyway it's not like I went to Hogsmeade without you, I'm still here aren't I."

Bridget huffed and grabbed her skirt and top off the side before storming off into the bathroom, we all sort of glanced at each other as though to say 'what was that all about'.

I hadn't seen Hattie and I wasn't about to ask where she was because frankly I didn't care but it was strange that she wasn't in here getting ready. Didge came out in a short black skirt and a cream coloured blouse, she pulled her brown hair out of it's ponytail and brushed it before pointing her wand and it so it went straight.

She picked up her shoes and coat and left without another word, Rory looked at the door and then set about putting her own shoes on.

"I'll see you there," Rory said to us as she put her coat on and followed after her best friend.

"I've always wondered about those two," Dom whispered.


"I mean they're always together and are rarely apart, and you saw how Bridget just reacted because Rory didn't wait for her and because she was laughing and joking with us. I mean has it ever occurred to you they might be more than friends?"

I looked at Dom. "You mean you think they're in a relationship?"

Dom nodded. "It's just they've never seemed to date any guys although Rory did date Joseph back in fifth year. But you never know."

"Come on, stop discussing theories about your dorm mates. We're going to be late if we don't hurry, it's ten to seven already."

Dom stood in front of Rose and put her hands on her shoulder which was quite funny because even though Dom had heels on Rose was still slightly taller than her.

"Rose chill. We're not going to be late and if we are then we will be fashionably late."

I pulled on my sparkly silver heels and grabbed my black coat and purse. "Lets go."

Dom and Rose put their own coats on and picked up their purses, we left the dorm which was in a slight mess and headed downstairs. The common room was surprisingly full of younger students and as we walked through they questioned us about Al's party.

"Is it true that a vampire will be there?" A short boy with sandy coloured hair asked.

"Nah, I heard it was a werewolf." Another piped up.

We found Scorpius who was looking rather fine in grey trousers and a navy shirt and together we ignored the kids and laughed as we left the common room. As we came up from the dungeons the great hall was full of noise as everyone was still at dinner.

There were various students stood around watching us as we walked past, a few boys wolf whistled, and I heard Dom mutter, "We've still got it girls."

I laughed as a small group of girls told us that we all looked really pretty and that our dresses suited us well. Outside the castle doors there were carriages lined up, each of them pulled by thestrals.

"Urgh I hate the carriages," Dom complained. "It really freaks me out because I can't see what's pulling them."

I looked at her. "Are you sure you want to, I mean they're pretty misunderstood creatures even if they are a bit on the ugly side."

"Don't let Auntie Luna hear you say that, Flick, you know what she's like," Rose said laughing.

"The boys are meeting us there aren't they?" Dom asked me.

I nodded. "Yep."

I sat back and enjoyed looking over the castle grounds whilst wondering if tonight is the night I tell Al. What if I tell him I have a birthday surprise and then tell him he has two kids. That wouldn't work would it? I had his birthday card and present in my purse, which Dom had cast an undetectable extension charm on so I could fit all my stuff it.

I also had a picture of Bentley and Aubri with me, just in case I managed to find to courage or if the alcohol made me see sense to tell Al. I was lost in my thoughts of whether to tell Al tonight or not as the carriage bumped down the castle drive.


Hogsmeade seemed to be alive with people, the place was swarming with reporters as well as friends and relatives of Albus and some of the locals who were trying to have a nose.

As we walked towards the crowd Rose whispered to me, "Stay calm and ignore them, Flick."

I nodded as we carried on towards the reporters, they didn't seem to fazed by us at first but then they realised it was Rose, Dom and Scorp. They all started to shout questions over one and another as well as pushing each other to get close so they could get pictures.

"Miss Weasley, Mr Malfoy, is it true there may be a little one on the way?"

"Miss Weasley, are you or are you not currently dating Frankie Longbottom?"

"Look this way please for pictures."

I was trying to concentrate on not falling over since they didn't seem all to bothered by me although I was caught off guard when one of them asked, "Felicity Saunders, are you the girl who broke Mr. Potter's heart last year?"

"Is it weird that he has a new girlfriend, are you jealous?" Another questioned.

Rose, Dom and Scorp sort of formed a protective triangle around me and Scorp whispered, "Ignore them, Flick."

I nodded, this was one of the reasons I never told Al I was pregnant. If this is what they press are like on Al's birthday imagine what they would have been like if they knew he had gotten someone pregnant.

We carried on and I was confused as to why there were zero people near the door, surely they would have a better chance at getting photo's. As I wondered about it I felt strange as we got closer, it was only for a moment but it felt like I had stepped through a warm shower.

I turned to the others who had fanned out, "Um what was that?"

"Security spell," Scorp replied as the two men who were dressed all in black moved so that we could enter the door of the pub. "It's like a protective bubble, no one can get in unless they received an invitation. The warmness was because it recognised you as you had an invitation."

Instead of going straight into the bar area we found ourselves in a neat little room where another man was dressed all in black, "Coats." he offered as he handed us a label and a pen each.

I wrote my name on mine and passed it back to him, as I took my coat off he tied it to a coat hanger before putting my coat on it and placing it in the closet behind him. The others did the same and as he put their coats away I could see that magic had been used because the room appeared to be huge.

He held open the door for us and we went through. "Wow!" I whispered.

I had never seen The Three Broomsticks so busy, or looking so pretty. Hung above the bar was a large banner with the words 'Happy 18th Birthday Albus'. There were white, green and blue balloons all around the room as we passed a bunch stuck to the wall I smiled as I saw a picture on the middle one.

It was of Al when he was around a year old, he was laughing away as James run around him with a toy aeroplane. It was unreal how even as a baby Al looks so much like Bentley, the same hair, the same face. The only difference is that Bentley has my eyes and smile.

I spotted Rory and Didge at the end of the bar, it looked as though they were arguing. I didn't care that much and looked away as I spotted other people I knew. I couldn't make out whether it was Al or James since they both look so a like from the back but one of them was talking to their grandparents.

I furrowed my brows as I tried to work out who the brown haired girl in a black dress was holding hands with him, it certainly wasn't Hattie because she has black hair. So then it must be James and a friend, I thought. The girl let his hand go and turned around, so she could get to the bar.

I couldn't believe my eyes, was that Ria with James?

"Dom, please tell me that is not my sister who was just holding hands with your cousin, please say I am drunk or in a parallel universe. Please."

Dom looked at me and then to where I was looking. "Well one thing you're not drunk yet, two if this was a parallel universe I would own every pair of shoes going and three that is most definitely Ria."

I groaned, why was Ria holding hands with James? I mean she hates him, especially after what he and Fred did back in seventh year. She seemed to have spotted me and waved like mad, I smiled and went over to her. She looked really good in the black dress, it had thin straps that were covered in diamantés which lead down to the middle of the waist and formed a diamond shape.

"Hey, sis," she said as she pulled me into a hug. "You look amazing."

"Thanks, you too, Ri."


I nodded and she asked Madame Rosemerta for another coke, Ria dropped her voice as she asked, "Have you told him yet?"

I shook my head. "I was thinking about tonight but I don't want to ruin his birthday."

Ria looked at me. "Flick, you can't keep putting it off, you have to tell him."

"I know, Ri, anyway you and James? What's going on there?" I questioned hoping that she would drop the subject of me telling Al.

"Oh, we're just friends," I raised my eyebrows at her as Madame Rosmerta placed my coke in front of me. "He asked me if I wanted to come with him, as friends. Just like you did with Aaron I'm giving him a chance, Flick, he's actually okay when you get to know him and he's less of a jerk that he was when we were at school," Ria explained as there was a squeal from behind us.

We both turned around at the same time to see Tessa and Lily stood in front of us. "You both look so pretty," she commented as Lily smiled at us.

"So do you." I replied as I took in each of their dresses, Tessa had on a strapless purple and blue dress with a blue sash and Lily was wearing a pale blue strapless dress with silver beading around the waist. They were both of similar lengths and came just above the knee, although the skirt on Lily's was more poofy than Tessa's. I was glad of that, and if dad was here he would probably question the length.

Thinking of dad reminded me,."Um, Ri, wh-"

I was cut off as Lily took a photo of us with the magic camera, "Smile."

The three of us did and Lily took the picture before go off and taking pictures of family and friends. Al was no where to be seen even though he was the birthday boy, I glanced around but then turned back to Ria and asked in a low voice, "Who's watching the twins?"

"Dad and nana Marge, they said they were going to watch a bunch of Oscar's favourite dvd's and get a take away. He also said to watch out for you and Tess if she was here, and he told me to tell you to enjoy yourself."

I smiled. "Enjoy yourself as well, Ri." I told her as she went back to James and his grandparents.

I could see Hattie over at the other bar with Mel, needless to say Hattie had on the shortest dress known to man. It was bright pink and just about covered her bum. The top half was reasonable as it covered up her chest and had one long sleeve. On each side there was a cut out just above her hips. Mel was looking decent compared to Hattie as she was wearing a long green skirt and a white blouse with a flower pattern on it.

I jumped a little when Aaron slid his arms around my waist. "Hey sexy," he murmured in my ear.

I turned around and he kissed me on my forehead. "Hey you. Glad to see you here, you look pretty fine yourself," I told him. And it was true he did look really good, he was wearing black trousers, a blue shirt and a skinny black tie.

"You wanna dance?"

I pointed to my drink. "In a bit, do you want a drink?"

Aaron shook his head. "Hattie already got me one, but thanks."

We spoke as I drank my drink and once I had finished it he pulled me onto the dance floor area. It was a really fast pop song by one of Lily's favourite muggle bands, I only knew that because Tessa was a fan as well and I had heard the song way too many times before.

Surprisingly Aaron seemed to know the words because he was mouthing them to me as he spun me around the floor.

"Loosen up, Flick," he said loudly, so I would hear him over the music.

I nodded as Ria and James passed us doing some mad dance. I burst out laughing at them and excused myself so I could go to the toilets.

I made my way across the crowded room and just as I was nearly there Harry and Ginny Potter stopped me, "Flick, how are you? Al mentioned you were coming back, I don't think we heard the end of it until September first. Then again we still hear how glad he is when he sends letters home," she laughed as Al who must have been in hearing distance came over.

"Um mum don't you think you should put the glass of wine down?"

Ginny batted his hand away. "Don't you dare Albus, I pushed you out eighteen years ago after a painful twelve hour labour. I think I deserve a drink tonight."

I tried to keep my face straight as Al blushed and looked at his father who said, "Don't look at me. How are you Flick? How's your dad doing?"

"I'm fine thanks, Mr potter, dad's good as well," I replied.

"Please, Flick, call me Harry."

I smiled as he then excused himself to find one of his brother-in-laws. "You look amazing, Mrs Potter."

And it was true, it was hard to believe that she was in her forties, with three children and two secret grandchildren. She was wearing a long emerald green dress that hugged her curves and matched her husbands eyes.

"As do you, Flick, and please call me Ginny. Mrs Potter just makes me sound so old."

"Yeah but you are mum," Albus remarked.

I smiled as Ginny hit him. "You may be an adult now but I'm still your mother." with that she pulled Al into a huge hug and started smothering him with kisses.

I laughed as he tried to escape and mouthed 'Help' at me.

"Sorry, Al." I muttered as I left him and Ginny and nipped to the toilets. As I entered I found Dom and Frankie up against the wall kissing like there was no tomorrow. "Oi, Dom, don't forget to breath," I called, she shot her middle finger up at me as I went into a cubicle.

When I came out I found her sat on the counter swinging her legs back and forth. "I see you came up for air then," Dom stuck her middle finger up at me again and I smirked. "Any idea where your cousin is?"

"Which one, I have many?"

I looked at her. "You know which one."

"Not a clue although I did hear Hattie have a tantrum about five minutes ago because apparently auntie Ginny didn't complement her on her dress or say 'please call me Ginny' like she did to you."

"Oh." I said as I smiled to myself, I guess Ginny isn't a fan of Hattie either then.

Dom slid off the counter after I had dried my hands and pulled me out of the toilets and straight back onto the dance floor so we could dance with Rose and Scorp, as well as Aaron and Frankie.


The night seemed to go so fast and at one point everything appeared to be a blur, although that may have been because Dom had me doing firewhisky shots with her as her uncle George had got them for her what with the whole 'we're under age thing'.

I left Dom at the bar and went to find Albus because otherwise he was not going to get his present and I wanted him to have it on his birthday. I looked all over, although I avoided the food table because Hattie and Mel were over there. I eventually saw Al speaking to his Uncle Bill who is also Dom's dad.

"Hey, Flick, thanks for rescuing me," Al said sarcastically as I stopped next to him.

"My pleasure, anyway she gave birth to you she has every right to smother you with kisses, especially at your eighteenth. Since you're now an adult you probably won't want kisses of your mummy any more will you?"

I froze as I heard what I said, since when did I sound so old?

"Happy Birthday, Al," Bill Weasley grinned as he clapped Al on the back. "I think I've just seen Dom with a boy and I need to scare him off with embarrassing baby stories."

I laughed as he left to go chase off Frankie, poor guy. Dom had told me before about how her dad scares off all potential boyfriends, maybe it's a good think her and Frankie are only friends with benefits.

Al nodded to one of the the private parlours and I followed him, once we were inside he shut the door behind him. "I'm glad you came, Flick."

"Well thanks for inviting me," I said nervously as Al stepped closer towards me.

"You look beautiful," he murmured.

I opened up my bag and started to look for his present, when I did find it my fingers brushed the photo of Bentley and Aubri that I had put in. I ignored it and pulled out his present. "Happy Birthday," I wished him as I handed it over.

He looked down at the green wrapping paper that had cartoon snakes printed onto it and laughed. "Nice one, Flick," His face lit up as he pulled it out, "Wow!" Al looked at me. "Flick, this is amazing, how on earth did you get it?"

I shrugged. "Just the perks of having an auntie married to a Quidditch player. I know they're your favourite team."

It was true, dad's sister Holly (Lily-Ann's mum) is married to Liam Attwell, International Quidditch star of the Kensington Kestrels.

Al pulled me into an unexpected hug. "Thank you, Flick, I mean this is seriously wicked. I think I'll frame it and put it on my wall." We broke apart and I decided it was time, I went into my bag and was about to pull the photo out when Al took my hand. "Listen, Flick I know you said you didn't want to be friends any more, and I know that was a while ago. So please don't hate me if I ask to be friends again."

I looked up into his green eyes. "I-I. Yes. I'm sorry, Al, I was stupid, I don't want to lose you as friend ever."

He smiled and I felt those stupid butterflies in my stomach again. "Thank you." Al whispered in my ear as he pulled me into another hug and then kissed my cheek. There was a high pitched squeal from outside and we broke apart just as the door was flung open.

"There you are, Albie," Hattie called in a sickly sweet voice, "And why is she with you?" Hattie spat.

"Flick, was just giving me my birthday present," Al told her as he held up the shirt.

Hattie looked at it and then me doubtfully as though we had been caught doing something we shouldn't have been. I didn't say anything as left, although Al did mouth 'help me'.

I couldn't help but sigh, I had nearly done it once again but oh no Al had to ruin it just as I was about to tell him the thing that will change his life forever. As I was mentally scolding myself Rose came over and asked if I was okay.

"You look pale, Flick, go eat something," she told me as she steered me towards the food table. Rose piled my plate with sandwiches, sausage rolls and other assorted items before sitting me down at a table before going to get me a drink.

I was halfway through a ham sandwich when Scorp came over, "Enjoying yourself?"

I shrugged since my mouth was full, once I had swallowed I replied, "I guess."

"Isn't it strange to think that this will be us in a few months, it's mad to think that we're all growing up. I mean who knows what we'll be like in twenty years, married, kids, a boring job," Scorp prattled on.

"I know, it's a really weird thought," I replied as Rose came over with a glass of coke for me.

After a bit I felt better and was able to get up and dance again, Dom got me doing more firewhisky shots when we were sat at the bar, Scorp joined in with us and it wasn't before long we were dancing on the tables.


I had know idea what the time was as Rose helped me and Dom climb the stairs leading to our dorm.

"Y'know I really, reaallly l-l-loved him," Dom slurred. "I still do, but I-I-I know I can't have him."

I giggled. "Dommie's in love, Dommie's in LOVE."

I stumbled slightly as Rose held open the door so we could enter. As soon as I was in I went over and flopped down on my bed, not caring about my hair or dress. I felt Rose pull my shoes off and then she made me sit up, which was not fun because it made my head feel funny and the room seemed to be spinning.

"Why is that I'm the sensible one," Rose muttered as she undid my dress, I stood up and it slid down.

"Whoops," I giggled as I stood there in my underwear. Rose handed me my pyjamas as she went to see to Dom. I put them on and collapsed on my bed again. "Love you." I called out.

Rose rolled me over and pulled my covers up over me before placing a bucket on the floor. I shut my eyes as the room spun again, I could hear movement, Rose who was muttering and Dom's giggles.

If there was anything that I regretted not doing, I totally forgot as I fell fast asleep.

A/N If you wonder why Flick is in a really happy/weird mood during this chapter it's mainly because I was in a really weird mood when I was writing it. I think aliens abducted me and stole my brain, which is why I was so insane writing this. Sending many thanks for all of you who read and review. The aliens send their love :D

On another note the dresses described can be found on my blog (Link is in my author's page)

Edited - 26.04.2014

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