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Hating You Is What I Know by s2rocks
Chapter 3 : Git Brother and Sorting
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A/n: All characters belong to J K Rowling except my original characters and the plot. I would love some appreciation and support. * Reviews!*


Chapter 3: My Git Brother and Sorting


credit to FireWithin@TDA

After the introduction, Scorpius relaxed, and we began talking without any awkwardness, not even noticing that the train had started moving. I could see his mother's features in him. He had the same white blonde hair like his father and grey blue eyes, which definitely came from Astoria Malfoy. He had his father's cheekbones, but his nose was the same as his mother. He was a complete mixture of his parents, and I smiled in envy, sensing the happiness in his voice when he talked about them. 



Before the train left the station, I watched parents hugging their children, wishing them to have a great year, scolding them to behave and not get in any trouble.


I miss my brother.


Where was he?


I was very angry with him, first for leaving me alone and then not coming at the right time. He should have been here. I decided not to talk to him when he came looking for me.


"So, which house do you reckon you’ll be?" I asked him curiously.


"I know, due to my family, people expect me to be in Slytherin. Believe me, I want to be in that house. I want to be just like my father the way he is now; I want to make him proud. My father’s okay with me being in any house, but if not Slytherin, then probably Ravenclaw," he replied with a shrug. I could sense, however, that he just wanted to be Slytherin.


"Good, you should be proud of your father. I know he did some bad things in his past, but it was to protect his family. Family always comes first and one should never forget that,” I replied, trying to control the emotions overflowing in my words.


But some usually do.


He smiled with a wide grin on his face, but didn't comment on my change of tone, even if he noticed it.


"What house do you want to be in?" he asked, trying to break the tension.


"Well, I'm not sure. I like reading, but I can't see myself in Ravenclaw. I am not very humble, so definitely not Hufflepuff. I talked to you, so I guess I’m brave, but I don't want to be in Gryffindor either. And anyways, my favourite colour is green, so Slytherin I suppose," I told him with a relieved smile. 


"Muggleborns usually aren’t sorted into Slytherin," he stated as a matter of fact. It was true, but there were always exceptions.


"Yeah, but there’s a first for everything. We’ll see what the Sorting Hat says," I joked. I thought that he would sort me to the house I deserved to be in.

He chuckled at this, and I joined him after a second. Suddenly, Quidditch came to my mind. My brother talked about it the whole summer, and I was curious about it and wanted to know more. He had this Quidditch magazine, and I tried to nick it but Alex hid it well.


I was angry with him.




Just two words.


James Potter.


"I’ve read about Quidditch, but I don’t know a lot about. You play right?" I asked, brows raised. 


"I play as a Chaser, but my dad was a Seeker. He says I’m pretty good. He bought me the new Firebolt 6. It’s amazing! I’m going to try out with it next year," he told me enthusiastically.


"Wow! Awesome, I don't know whether I can fly but I would love to learn it. Maybe if I am good, I’ll try out too. I mean it's hard to say, but my brother told me that he is going to try out for Chaser. The Gryffindor captain said he was good," I told him excitedly. 


"Well, he must be good, coming from a captain and for a first year, that's huge," he was really impressed.


"Yeah, I reckon he is good. He told me that he has a shot at it, because two chasers graduated last year – " I began before I was interrupted.


"I must say, it feels good to know that my sister appreciates my abilities," I heard a voice from the gate. There, leaning on the doorpost, was my brother. He was brown haired with his sparkling green eyes, identical to mine, tall, and sporting dark jeans and black t-shirt.


"I must say, it feels good to know that my brother loves me so much, that he forgets all about me," I retorted with anger in my voice. He knew I was joking but his eyes softened on my words.


"Forget all about you? Am I mad? I’d rather not be killed by your bare hands, thank you very much," he joked, holding his hands up in surrender.


"Really, it's been what, two days since you saw me and an hour since the train started, and you don't even care to meet your sister, who is probably a nervous wreck just thinking about her first year. It shows how much you love her," I knew I was being rude but why didn't he come before?


"I missed you too, Lee." He gave me a big hug and squeezed my shoulder before turning toward Scorpius, realizing we were not alone. Before he could say something, I cut him off.


How he knew him, I would never know?


"Hey bro, this is Scorpius Malfoy. His parents helped me load my trunk on the train, which you should have done." I glared at him before continuing, “And we were just getting to know each other.”


My brother turned to me, and I gave him a 'don't mess this up for me' look.


"I’m Alex, and thanks for accompanying her. Don't give me that look.” I looked at Scorpius who was staring at my brother with raised eyebrows. “I know my sister is a great judge of character," he said, winking at me. I rolled my eyes with a small smile on my face.

That git was the only one who could be forgiven so easily.


"Hi," he smiled and shook hands with my brother, who turned to me and asked whether I wanted to go with him.


"Bro, I think I am going to bunk here for the journey. I’ll see you at the feast," I replied, not wanting to leave the first friend I had made.


"Ok, but eat this. I bought it from the trolley,” he said, handing me a pack of Chocolate Frogs.


He looked at me with his apologetic eyes, his famous “puppy pout.” I scratched my chin as if thinking whether to forgive him or not and then smiled at him after five seconds, telling him that he was forgiven.


It was only because he gave me chocolate. I loved chocolate. It is a fact that chocolate will get you anywhere.


"Thanks bro, but you owed me that. Now run away." He stood up and ruffled my hair. I smacked his hand away.


Idiotic older brother, always messing up my hair.



After my brother left, Scorpius and I started talking about Quidditch once more and he explained to me the rules of the game.

I became fascinated by the idea of Quidditch as he explained more about it. I told him that I wanted to play soon, and he laughed, promised to help me.


Suddenly, the trolley lady came and asked if we wanted to buy something. I was in awe, taking in each type of candy. Seeing my face, Scorpius bought one of each, trying to explain the different variety.


I ate Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans, Cauldron Cakes, Chocolate Frogs, Drooble's Best Blowing Gum, Jelly Slugs, Liquorice Wands, and Pumpkin Pasties.


I loved the Pumpkin Pasties and Liquorice wands. I even tried chocolate, peppermint, spinach and earwax flavoured Bertie Bott's candies. 


Believe me, earwax was yuck.


He showed me the Daily Prophet he had with him and told me that the paper was delivered to subscribers by owl. Subscriptions supposedly cost a Knut. This paper was delivered to Professors and a few students at Hogwarts in the mornings when the owl post arrives. As news changes, an edition may magically change, too, over the course of the day, probably by means of a Protean Charm, which was used for DA communication.


Dumbledore’s Army, duh.


The moving pictures and strange headlines made me more excited. I spent a great deal of time reading the newspaper and explained to Scorpius how it was different from a Muggle newspaper. He seemed awestruck by the idea of Muggle objects.


I told him about malls, letters, computers, emails, cars, bikes. He knew some things, but not in detail. He told me his father didn't know about much about Muggle things, but he had visited Muggle London multiple times with his father, and even watched movies like Terminator and Titanic, which were his mum’s favourites.


I laughed aloud and told him more about movies.


Maybe, I could find myself a little place in this new world, or maybe not.


We changed into our school uniforms once fifteen minutes were left of the journey and jumped out onto the platform as soon as the train stopped. I looked around the station with awe. It was filled with students, all talking loudly, and Scorpius pointed out to me the village of Hogsmeade. He informed me that we were not allowed to visit until our third year. We heard shouts calling for first years, so I dragged Scorpius with me towards the voice and saw a huge man; I mean seriously, he was huge. I ran towards him with Scorpius in tow.


"Hey, my name is Evie, and this is my friend Scorpius," I introduced myself, filled with enthusiasm as soon as he uttered a “hello.”


He watched us both, his eyes lingering on Scorpius and then smiled. He said,


"Rubeus Hagrid, Professor of Care of Magical Creatures and Gamekeeper of Hogwarts." I gave him a big smile. I knew who he was; my brother told me about him and his cupcakes.


They are not edible, unless you have vampire teeth. But vampires don't eat food.


I loved animals, so I couldn’t wait to attend his class. That would have to wait for another two years, though. Alex told me that third years thought he was a cool teacher, not strict at all, and that they had fun in his class, even if it did tend to get a bit gross.


But then again, Alex never really liked animals.


As every first year gathered around us, I noticed that people stared at Scorpius and then at me, and we both looked at each other and shrugged. After everyone had arrived, Hagrid instructed us to follow him. I would have slipped on the slope if Scorpius didn’t grab me. As we reached the Black lake, we got our first view of Hogwarts. There was a loud "Oooooh!" from our group.


Scorpius and I sat in an empty boat. A boy with black hair and emerald green eyes wearing specs sat in front of us, dragging a flaming red-haired girl with brown eyes by her hand. Her eyes narrowed when she saw Scorpius.



I mean really, people are so prejudiced.



"Hey, I am Albus but people call me Al and this is my cousin Rose," the boy introduced shyly. He dragged his hand through his hair. His nose crooked due to his nervousness.


"Evie and this is Scorpius," I told him, and Scorpius nodded to him.


"Malfoy," the girl, Rose, called him and I got angry, but as I turned to her, I watched her face. It was not rude or in distaste but simply curious. Scorpius, being the ignorant git he was, didn't see her face.


"Yeah, Weasley, have a problem with it?" he hissed. She was taken aback and her ears turned red as she blushed with anger.


"Yes, because you are acting like an idiot," she snapped and glared back at him. Observing that they were going to start a yelling session, I cut them off.


"Enough. If you don't want to talk to each other, then don’t." I then asked Al politely if we could exchange seats. I threw a look at Scorpius.



"So, you’re a Muggleborn," she began and before I could say something, she cut me off. “My mum is Muggleborn."


I smiled and nodded and we started to talk about houses and classes. She really liked reading, and I grinned.


Finally, someone who reads more than me. At least I wasn't going to be the biggest nerd in the school.


I sneakily checked to see if the boys were getting along, and thank Merlin they were having a civil conversation. A moment later I figured out what they were talking about: Quidditch.

Honestly, did boys talk about ANYTHING else? 


But Scorpius and I talked about that, too.


We stopped talking when we got a closer glimpse of the castle.


Gosh, it's huge and beautiful.


The sight was like nothing I had ever seen or imagined in my life. I had heard about the castle from my brother, but what I heard had nothing that could compare to the actual sight.


We trailed behind Hagrid, and soon enough, we were standing in an entryway made of marble. At the top of a grand staircase stood a man with dirty, blond haired and emerald green robes.


Hagrid disappeared after greeting the man, calling him Professor Longbottom. He winked towards Al and Rose, and I relaxed, gathering that he wasn’t strict.

"Welcome to Hogwarts, everyone," he said. "In a few minutes, I will lead you all into the Great Hall where the Sorting Ceremony will take place. You will be sorted into one of the following four houses – Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff or Slytherin. While you are at Hogwarts, your house will be your family and Hogwarts will become your home. You will gain points for your accomplishments, while any rule breaking will lose you points. Now, please, follow me everyone."


We silently trailed behind Professor, a feeling of dread falling upon me. We entered the Great Hall. At the head of the hall was the staff table. Seated in the centre was a stern looking woman with a grey hair and black highlights. She was wearing a set of purple robes and was busy surveying the hall, her eyes falling on the first years. There was a three-legged stool with a patched, frayed, old hat. As we stood before the hat, it started singing a song which defined the traits of all of the houses.

Once the hat stopped singing, Professor Longbottom pulled out a long scroll and unfurled it.

"When I call your name, you will come and put on the Sorting Hat," he explained. "Once you have been sorted, you will take your seat with your new house mates." He looked at the scroll.


"Anderson, Lia!"


A girl with blonde, plaited hair jumped in her spot and scurried up to the stool. Hat on head, she waited rather impatiently and nervously for it to shout out her new house.


"HUFFLEPUFF!" the Sorting Hat proclaimed. The table at the far right of the room began cheering loudly and Lia joined them, grinning broadly.


I ignored the ceremony, knowing it would take time for my name to be called. I glanced across the hall, trying to locate my brother. He was sitting at the far table with three other boys, what I now knew was Gryffindor table. One of them was dark skinned with red hair like Rose, whispering with a dirty blonde haired boy across the table from my brother. They were trying to wake a black haired guy who was asleep on the table.



After locating him, I turned my attention towards sorting and suddenly, I heard my name.


"Feather, Evangeline!"


If I could curse loudly, I would have done it but I refrained myself from doing that and made my way toward the stool and sat on it.


"Hmmm. Interesting." I almost jumped on hearing the voice but then relaxed.


What’s interesting in this?


"You are smart and have a sharp brain and curious about things for knowledge. Ravenclaw could take you far, for you have brains in great amounts. Yes, a thirst for knowledge, Ravenclaw would do you good.”


It paused for few seconds and I waited and observed that the whole hall was staring at me.

Great! Just choose will you?



”Impatient are we?”


And then, it chuckled.


I mean, seriously, the sorting hat chuckled, and the whole hall was looking at me like I had just used a killing curse.


"You are manipulative and can protect yourself, yes ambitious too, but cunning no, you aren’t selfish, and you care more about your close ones, even if they are few."


Yeah! Rub it in my face that I don’t have many friends, as if it’s my fault.


”You are brave, daring and loyal and you value everything Hufflepuff holds dear, your loyalty extends to any who do you a kindness. Receive a little and you will pay back a lot more. Compassionate, too I see. Your upbringing has taught that or should I say you have learned it by your own. But you have courage, a strong Gryffindor you would make like your brother,”


Great! Not in same house as my brother!


”What! you don’t want to be in Gryffindor,"


No way!


“Well you are fair and unafraid of toil, you will do well in Gryffindor,”


I am not that much brave, believe me.


“But the house where your own natural talents, abilities, and qualities will be most magnified and well-used, and where you would bring pride to your house... Better be...”


I waited as my future was decided.


This was it, I would be sorted into a house where I would have to live for seven years and it would be my home, my space and my living.


(Editing is done by amazing MissesWeasley123 and Voldy Needs a Hug:)

A/n: Oh! this is the moment where we will know which house she is going to be sorted.

It looks like Evie and Scorpius are becoming friends and we get to see Al and Rose.

What do you think about Alex? and the sibling fight, gotta love them.

Well, let me know what you think with your reviews as to whether you like this or not. I would really appreciate all feedback. They will motivate me to write on.


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