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Winds of Desire by lindslo2012
Chapter 11 : The Revealing to Ronald
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Hermione said goodbye to Draco and apparated back to Harry and Ginny’s, still feeling like she was walking in a dream.

 Ginny was of course waiting up for her as Harry was getting James to sleep.

“How did it go?” She asked curiously, a pained look on her face.

 “Well, Draco won’t leave me and the baby. He’s going to stay no matter what, even though we made like the worst mistake of our lives,” Hermione said shaking her head.

Her tears were long gone now and she actually felt kind of happy. She was going to be a mom! Like Mrs. Weasley and Ginny! Her own little baby! She started grinning, “I’m excited to have a baby of my own, but I am terrified and I never thought in a million years my womb would be holding the child of Draco Malfoy.”

“It’s hard, but such a rewarding job to be a mommy, and no matter who the baby’s father is and if you guys last, everything will be okay as long as you love and care for that baby,” Ginny said, smiling at her best friend.

The thing that saddened Hermione some when she sat there and thought was that this was supposed to be her and Ron in the near future, not her with another man who she loved now because Ron messed up their whole life together with his choice to cheat.

 It is Ron’s fault that they were not getting married and having a baby of theirs.  Hermione fell asleep; thinking of what her baby will look like, her heart palpitating from the stress of the night and her regretting ever sleeping with Malfoy, although he is her boyfriend.

But she never slept with Ron until their one year anniversary! In fact she felt a little mad that Draco had even tried to get into her pants that night at the hotel, but what wasn’t usual behavior like this from Draco Malfoy? Hermione had nightmares of Ron finding out about this.

When Hermione awoke the next morning a wave of nausea overcame her immediately and she was bolting for the loo.

 Great, is this my life now? Me and the toilet? She scrambled to the bathroom and spent a good ten minutes in there.

 Finally the nausea passed and she went into the kitchen to join Harry and Ginny. “Good morning little momma!” Ginny said in a sing-song voice beaming with a smile, seeing where she had just been.

Hermione’s face was sheet white and her eyes looked watery, Ginny remembered when she was in her place. It wasn’t too long ago either. She wished inside that this would be her true niece or nephew, but unfortunately her brother made a stupid mistake, and now so did Hermione… 

Hermione giggled at her, “Not one just yet!”

Ginny got cereal ready for everyone instead of cooking this morning and this was okay with Hermione because she wasn’t sure how much her tummy could take anyways after being nauseated.

After eating she noticed Harry staring at her. “I know what you are thinking Harry, who is going to tell Ron?” She said to him.

Harry nodded in response, “I don’t know how to break it to him Hermione. This will be news almost as bad as his brother dying. Malfoy impregnated the love of his life; can you imagine how he will feel?” Harry said with saddened eyes, not making any eye contact with Hermione, he was not very happy with her choice that she had made.

Hermione felt sad when he said this, more sad news that would break Ron’s heart to do with her.  She’s not only dating another man but having an unexpected baby with another man, with an ex- Death-Eater, the one man Ron would rather die than watch Hermione with. Just wonderful news to tell poor Ron!

This was the least thing she ever looked forward to in her whole life, was telling Ron about this. She is afraid he may die of a heart attack at that very moment.

Draco woke up from a deep sleep, he got out of bed and wondered how he would tell his mother that he was about to be a father.

When he walked into their huge kitchen full of servant elves, his mother was sitting at the huge black marble dining table reading The Daily Prophet, which since the war just had normal news in it from the wizarding world, no more bad news except for just occasionally, at least not for the last two years since the war had ended.

“Draco my sweet, how are you this morning?” Narcissa piped up, noticing her son walking in the room.

 “Good mum I guess, I have something important to tell you,” he spat out, very nervous and trembling from head to toe.

Narcissa Malfoy put down her paper and glared at her son. She had a feeling it was about Hermione and she was quite sick of this little phase her son was in because she had been unusually nice and thought it would end quite soon.

She wished he would leave her already and go back to Astoria, the pretty pureblood whom had rich parents and had a family very similar to theirs; her son would be in deep water with Mr. Greengrass if he didn’t, the Greengrass family may even be a darker family than the Malfoys. Either way, Narcissa knew her son was in trouble by the look on his face, deep trouble. “What is it now Draco?” She said, her eyes glued to her son’s in obvious annoyance.

He nervously played with his thumbs, “Well uhh… Hermione and I well…slept together one night mistakenly because we were kind of drunk and didn’t use any type of protection, and now…erm, well… she is pregnant with my child, I am going to be a father.” Draco didn’t look his mother in the eyes when he told her in the fastest pace he ever spit out. It was probably a good thing because her glare would probably kill when she looked at him.

 “Draco Lucius Malfoy, what a mistake, you are only twenty! What are you going to do? And how do you know it isn’t that Weasley boy’s? Hasn’t she trolleyed around with him in bed at times for quite a while? Weren’t they even engaged to be wed?” She stood up in anger, staring down her son.

“Mum it was my responsibility and I am sorry, I know many people will be upset with us. It was a…erm, accident, we made a serious mistake mum, believe me it was not purposely,” He said.

 “Draco, no child is an “accident” only a blessing. But with a mudblood? I can’t believe it Draco; I wonder what your Father will think of you and Granger having a child together, he will surely not be the happiest of people. Hmmph! I do like the girl even though she’s muggle-born. At least your child is going to be pureblood! What about Astoria? Are you really not ever going to try to work it out with her?”

Draco rolled his eyes, he was so sick of hearing about all the pureblood garbage and about his ex whom he hated with a passion, hadn’t his mom agreed with him being with Hermione just days before this? He didn’t care about that magical blood crap anymore after seeing all the blood slain at the war, he was sick with himself how he was before, even though he knew he was raised like that by his parents, his Aunt Bellatrix, and the rest of the Black family from day one.

“Actually mum, it will be half-blood! And even if it was a muggle, it will still be loved in my eyes! And I want nothing to do with that little Greengrass twit and I will not be treated as father treated you all my life! I don’t give a damn whether her father wants to kill me or not! I told you how I feel and you obviously didn’t really accept it and just acted like it! You are acting no better than your bitch of a sister Aunt Bella right now, mum.” Draco snapped back.

 His mum’s eyes widened with anger and horror as Draco stormed off and slammed the hollow door, making the windows even rattle in the big kitchen room.

 “Draco Malfoy! Come back this instant, do not talk to your mother like that!” Narcissa screamed at the top of her lungs, but Draco had already slammed his bedroom door behind him after running up the stairs and away from his mum, who he did not at all want to be around at that moment.

Hermione sat in her favorite spot on the wooden porch swing when she saw Ron walking down the drive way. “Oh damnit Ronald, why do you always show up at the worse times?” She asked herself, getting up and running to ask Harry what to do.

 “Don’t tell him yet!” Harry said, “He will flip, he has been doing enough of that lately! We will tell him when the time is right!” Ron was already in the house, “Flip about what mate? Tell me what?” “Oh, hi Ron, erm, nothing…” Harry tried to say without revealing anything.

Ginny was feeding little James in the living room reading a magazine about her Quidditch team she was on during the summer and occasionally throughout other seasons, a seeker for the Holyhead Harpies. So it was just Hermione and the two boys in the kitchen alone. Hermione sat awkwardly on a bar stool, looking down at the table.  

Ron started getting mad, “I am so sick of people keeping shit from me!” Harry just looked at The Quibbler on the table and Hermione was anxious and wondering what to say. “Tell me!” He roared, looking at Hermione for answers.

 “I’m pregnant Ron! I’m pregnant! Okay?!” Hermione then ran to her room as fast as she could and slammed the door behind her.

 “That’s just BLOODY WONDERFUL HERMIONE!” He yelled, which made James cry in the living room and Ginny sigh loud at her brother and throw down her magazine. “Thanks Ron, he was JUST going to sleep!” She yelled at him as baby James started to cry again.

Ron sat at the table ignoring Ginny and as though nothing happened but his wrists were clenched.

“Who’s child is it Harry? Did she say it was mine?” Ron asked hopeful, looking at his friend with sad eyes. “Ron… its Malfoy’s child. I’m so sorry, or at least we would think that it is, you said you haven’t been in bed with her for months,” Harry said quietly, looking up at his best friend with grieving eyes, he wasn’t happy with the situation at all.

Ron didn’t look mad anymore, he just looked defeated and very sad. “Well, that’s just great. I really am losing her for good. This is my entire fault. If I never cheated, she would never have even looked at that git much less sleep with the ferret. I know it’s my fault Harry, no one else’s. I now know that there is no chance of ever being with her again and that she is probably going to always be with Malfoy now!” Ron looked like he would cry, but he didn’t feel like crying, he just felt severely depressed. “I still hate the git! He was still on his side, the side that killed my brother!” He added, hoping Hermione would hear him loud and clear.

Hermione was listening through the crack of the door. She was happy Ron finally realized it was all because he cheated, and that if it wasn’t for that she would still probably happily be with him. She opened her bedroom door and walked back out to him and sat by him at the table. “Ron, can we be friends? Like old times?” Ron looked at Hermione with pained eyes. “I don’t hate you Hermione. I want to be anything you want. Just know I will always love you… no matter who you or I are with. No matter whose baby you are having, no matter who you marry. You are beautiful and deserve much better than I, who cheated on you. That doesn’t change the fact that I wish Malfoy died back in The Room of Requirement when Harry went and saved him! By the way Harry, I did tell you back then that if we die for him I’ll kill you, well this is pretty close to being just as bad.” he said, looking at Harry for a moment who looked back up with him with his concerned green eyes..

 Hermione hugged him, “Thank you Ron, I needed to hear that from you. I will always love you too. But if you didn’t cheat this would have never happened! And I am not surprised to hear that from you, because you don’t know Draco now!” Hermione said, giving a little grin, but her face was still grim.

“It just needed to be said, and I am quite sure I know him quite well, well enough to despise him and still hate him for getting the girl I love pregnant and also being on the side that killed Fred!” he loudly answered back, ruining Hermione’s uplifted mood. “Ron, we were drunk, it was a mistake!” Hermione said, desperately. Ron ignored her.

Ron then turned toward Ginny without saying another word to Hermione as though he didn’t want her to see his face. “Ginny, mum wants you to come over tonight, she wants some company with you and wants to see baby James, I’ll be with George at his store tonight,” He said to her calmly, but you could see the storm clouds building in his eyes.

 “Okay,” she squeaked out, surprised from her brother’s calm composure. “Well, mates, I need to go. Ginny, see you tonight. Later Harry,” He then apparated right on the spot with a loud crack without looking at Hermione again.

Harry, Hermione, and Ginny were stunned by Ron’s response to Hermione’s being pregnant with Malfoy’s baby but were very worried on what he was going to do with himself. It couldn’t be too much of a good thing that he did not show much emotion, they all knew Ron. And they knew that this was the last thing Ron ever wanted to hear from someone’s mouth. He didn’t fool them, he was about to break down.

Hermione worried he would try and kill Draco with his own two hands it wasn’t like Ron to hide his anger and she could see it boiling along with his sadness in his face, making her feel like he may be more dangerous for Draco, this made her have chills.

She hated the mistake she made, but she had to be strong now that she made it. Now she had to tell her parents, the next big milestone.

She knocked on her parent’s door at around four p.m. it was raining again and the air was kind of cool.

Hermione’s mother, Jean Granger opened the door and hugged her daughter. “Oh ‘Mione, how nice of a drop in visit, you okay?”

 “Yes mum, I am fine. Where’s daddy?”

“At work still, why?” Jean asked, Hermione never shared much of her private life.

 “I have something to tell you guys and it might stun you,” Hermione said, following her mum to their couch.

“Oh honey, you can tell me now,” Her mother said, sitting up straight getting ready for the news.

 “I’m pregnant mum,” Hermione said quietly and quickly.

Jean Granger threw a hand over her mouth. “Oh honey, who’s baby?”

 “My boyfriend’s. Whom you haven’t met yet. I am so sorry mum,” Hermione said, looking down ashamed at her knees.

 “Oh don’t be ashamed, you’re 20, and capable of being a wonderful mum although I do wish you waited until you were married and financially stable with your husband.”

“Thank you, I know I made a horrible mistake by doing this.” Hermione said, hugging her mum. Her mother retracted from their embrace.

“Is it that Ronald Weasley guy?” Jean Granger asked curiously.

 Hermione felt a twinge of sadness in her heart, “No mum, it’s a boy named Draco Malfoy.”

Her mom gasped, “Hermione, didn’t you say he was a bad one?”

Hermione remembered telling her mum about her loathing of Draco before now.

 “No, he’s much better now, I think I might grow to love him, he’s grown up now and is a gentleman and that was childish ways of mine that hated him in the past, even though he was harsh to me, I don’t think he ever meant it.”

 “Oh Hermione, good, but I hope this is the right thing for you sweety, wow, a baby, I can’t believe it!” Jean said hugging her daughter tightly then mumbled, “My baby’s having a baby!”  

This was when Hermione was appreciative at the fact that her parents only had the slightest clue about the world she lived in, and everything she had been through. A normal witch’s parent who knew of all the specs of the wizarding world and whom is good and bad would probably want Malfoy to be the last wizard courting their daughter. Hermione stayed for just awhile longer and then apparated back home where it was empty at that moment.

Draco’s yelling at his mom gave him a good feeling about himself, he really was changed.

 Finally he had some peace to himself as he lay on his huge bed. He thought deeply of his new found relationship with Hermione and imagined what the child would look like. Would it have his eyes? Would it look like her? Boy or girl? It didn’t matter because he loved this child already.

This happened so fast for him to let it all process through his mind, they have been seeing each other for roughly a month, and already having a baby together because of a few drinks.

Hermione fell asleep on Ginny’s couch when she was awakened by Ginny and Harry walking through the door with baby James. 

 “Evening ‘Mione!” Ginny said with a smile on her face. “Where have you been?”

Hermione asked smiling back at her best friend. “Mum’s, she made dinner, but you were gone so I didn’t even try to get ahold of you, I knew you were telling your mum the news and Ron was there sulking anyway before he left to George’s or wherever he went. How did that go by the way?” Ginny piped up.

“Good, surprisingly good!” Hermione said with her spirits heightened. She was so happy things went so well with her mum, and she was getting used to the fact she was pregnant now. She was starting to come to terms with her mistake.

Everything happens for a reason... Ginny’s words from that night Ron broke her heart had echoed through Hermione’s head.

After Ginny and Harry got James settled down, they went to bed, Hermione soon did the same, even though it was quite early.

Her thoughts then turned to Ron, wondering if he was okay, still feeling the love for him but knew that she was now with Malfoy, and sad but curious of all the new things that were happening in her life.


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