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A Very Weasley Camping Trip by Harrysavesme
Chapter 8 : Soccer and Snogging
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The wonderful world of Harry Potter belings to J.K. Rowling!   I own nothing!

                Harry sat up in bed; he thought he heard Ron whimpering in his sleep.  Harry got up and looked at Ron on the top bunk.  Harry saw Charlie, George, and Percy were watching Ron, not sure what to do.  Harry shook Ron’s shoulder, “Mate wake up what’s wrong?”  Ron still half asleep spoke, “the spiders want me to tap dance, I don’t want to tap dance!”  Harry visibly relaxed and then spoke, “they can’t make you tap dance, you tell them Ron, you’re the boss!  Don’t let the spiders win.”  Ron turned over mumbling about not tap dancing and muttering threats to the spiders.  Harry climbed back into his bunk and saw Ron’s brother’s staring at him.  “What you lot haven’t had to deal with the tap dancing spiders dream before?”  The brothers shook their heads, and Charlie spoke, “no we would take the mickey out of him if we’d known ‘bout that.”  Harry smiled at him, “well try not to torment him about it too much the spider dreams have been worse since his run in with the acromantulas.”  Harry climbed back into his bed and soon the sounds of snoring filled the tent once again. 




                By the time the sun had risen the men had all forgotten about Ron’s dream, they were too busy plotting for the day ahead.  Today they were learning muggle football.  Arthur Weasley had brought along a bag of balls and they were going to have a tournament.  The family quickly breakfasted and readied themselves to play.  Molly had Victoire and Teddy, she would be refereeing the games and everyone else had paired off into teams of two.  It was Bill and Fleur, Charlie and George, Percy and Audrey, Ron and Hermione, Harry and Ginny, leaving Arthur to be the coach.  He was quite excited for this job; he had a whistle and everything. 

                Unfortunately for the Weasleys being good Quidditch players did not mean they could pick up on football quickly.  Before they could play any games everyone had to learn how to play.  Arthur looked around at his children with amusement, they were really quite clumsy.  He refrained from chuckling when Bill tripped over the ball.  He panicked and dragged Fleur down with him.  Arthur hurried over to help them up; he tried to disentangle them from their battered heap on the ground with limited success.  He heard George chuckling and turned with a sinking feeling in his stomach.  If George was chucking, he must be up to something, Arthur didn’t want to look, but he had to it was his job as a father.  Arthur let out a sigh of relief when he saw George, it was fairly innocent, all he’d done was bewitch the football to bounce repeatedly off the back of Percy’s head.  Fortunately Molly caught sight of this, “George Weasley you stop that this instant.”  Arthur tried to hide a smirk, Molly was something else.  All it took was a glare from her and his children suddenly remembered how to behave. 




                Ron didn’t understand this Muggle game.  First off there was only one ball and nobody was allowed to fly.  It was just as silly as it had seemed when Dean tried to explain it to him first year.  But Ron couldn’t say no to Hermione and she surprisingly had wanted to play.  Ron took one look at the Hermione’s pleading face and knew that he would play this football.  Ron smiled as he watched her bouncing the ball on her knee; she had told him that she used to play in the children’s league when she was younger.  Hermione caught sight of him staring and kicked the ball towards him.  Ron tried to kick it back and found himself flat on his back.  “Are you alright Ron?”  Hermione was leaning over him; actually from this angle he had a perfect view down her shirt.  Hermione noticed where Ron’s eyes were pointed and sighed in relief, “oh good you’re fine.  Get up and I’ll show you how to do it properly.”  Ron grinned up at her, “Well you are an excellent teacher.”  Hermione smirked at him, “and you love, are a willing pupil when properly motivated.”  Ron saw the mischief dancing in Hermione’s eyes, and got up, if they could get some alone time later he could think of a few ways she could motivate him. 




                Ginny did not get this football thing.  She kept trying to use her hands, so they were now firmly clasped behind her back.  Harry had said this was how they trained young children to use only their feet.  If it weren’t for Harry’s insistence that this game was fun she would have stopped playing.  Ginny stopped and looked across to Harry he was playing with the ball with his foot; she stopped to take him in.  He looked so happy, it was an almost childish happy, a look Ginny very rarely saw on Harry’s face.  She would keep playing this silly game all day if it meant he kept that expression on his face.  Harry looked over at her and passed her the ball she stopped it unsteadily, and kicked it back.  After a while Ginny began to relax into the easy rhythm, her eyes locked in on Harry’s as they passed the ball between them.  Ginny felt herself flush under Harry’s gaze, hopefully they could sneak off for some alone time later today. 




                Molly sat with the two little ones and watched the soccer games.  Once everyone had learned how to handle the ball they played two on two games.  It quickly became apparent that Harry and Hermione were the only two really playing this football.  Molly couldn’t stop the smile from tugging at her lips as she watched these normally serious friends fight over the football.  Everyone else had given up the pretense of playing as was simply watching Harry and Hermione.  Finally after watching the pair end up in a heap on the ground again, she called an end to the game.  Molly joined by Arthur decided to keep Teddy and Victoire.  She sent the rest of her children off on their own.  She had seen the looks on her children’s faces and knew that all the young couples might be hoping for a little alone time. 




                Harry and Ginny walked at a lazy pace around the lake.  They didn’t want any of the brothers to think they were up to something, not that they were.  Ginny just didn’t want an interruption like they’d had last night.  The boys pulled Harry away before she’d had a chance to really kiss him.  She wasn’t about to waste this opportunity.  Ginny caught sight of the cave they had explored earlier in the week.  She pulled Harry towards the opening of the cave and pulled him towards a convenient nook.  Ginny pushed Harry against the cave wall and pressed her lips to his.  Ginny smiled against Harry’s lips as his hands explored the skin of her back.  She pressed herself into him one hand tangled in his hair while the other reached down to untuck his shirt.  Ginny moaned into Harry’s kiss and wrapped her legs around his waist.  Harry turned so Ginny’s back was pressed against the cave wall.  Harry trailed kisses down Ginny’s neck and she dug her fingers into his back.  Every cell of Ginny’s body was on high alert; kissing Harry was like nothing else.  The last conscious thought that passed through Ginny’s mind was that she might just spontaneously combust.  Then Harry’s lips trailed down Ginny’s collarbone and she lost all abilities to think rationally. 




As the sun was setting on another day of camping Molly watched her children wander back into the campsite.  George and Charlie had been on the lake most of the day and were already in bed.  Molly smirked to herself as she watched the four rather disheveled couples wander back into the camp.  Bill and Fleur took Victoire and headed back to their tent eager to finish what they started in the woods.  Percy and Audrey always proper shared a chaste goodnight kiss before parting ways.  Harry and Ginny lingered longer but still quickly said goodnight.  Molly would need to talk to Ginny, she knew the young couple had yet to sleep together in the metaphorical sense, but she wasn’t sure why they were waiting.  As Ginny’s mum she would just have to sit her down for a little girl talk.  Ron and Hermione’s goodnight kiss made Molly blush.  The love birds lingered over the kiss until Ginny dragged Hermione off the girls’ tent.  Ron slowly made his way to the boys’ tent he almost seemed drunk, it made Molly so happy to know those two were finally making each other happy.  Teddy had run off to Harry so that left just Molly and Arthur out by the fire.  Molly pulled Arthur towards the tent a mischievous expression in her eye, the children weren’t the only loving couples in this camp site. 

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A Very Weasley Camping Trip: Soccer and Snogging


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