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Beauty Explosion by QueenOfNargle
Chapter 5 : Friends, Mates, Chums, Buddies
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 I was surprised to say the least to walk into Gryffindor seventh year dorm room, getting ready to start mine and Dom's weekly girly night, to find her sat on the floor with our other three dorm mates!

  Now you're probably wondering why that would shock me, well Dom and I used to be best friends with the other girls in our dorm until fourth year. Kayla Warbeck, dorm mate number one, had just gotten a new boyfriend you see. She was smitten and we were all so happy for her but then one night Kayla's boyfriend had decided to test out other people as well as dating Kayla and kissed Dom. Of course Hattie Brunce, dorm mate number two, had seen them and went straight away to tell dorm mate number three, Lavender Thomas. Hattie and Lavender had decided that they should tell Kayla, in the end Kayla had listened to Dom's side of the story and forgave her, dumped that jerks' ass but sadly our friendship had never really been fixed afterwards. I guess it wasn't hard to forgive but it was to forget.


 So yeah, seeing Dom sat with them giggling whilst plaiting Hattie's hair was a tad strange. 


"Hey Ally, come sit!" Kayla grinned, shuffling her bottom to the left and patting the place next to her.


"I'm just going to get changed and then I'll come join," Slightly smiling, I grabbed some pyjamas and hurried into the bathroom. Changing into a tank top and a pair of pyjama shorts (courtesy of Dom), I washed all my make-up off and tied my hair up before stepping back out and joining them in the little gathering that they had made.


 "So we wanted to talk to you," Lavender started, I glanced at Dom with an eyebrow raised.


"We know that we've had our problems in the past but since this is our final year, we want to mend our friendship and go back to how it used to be. If we stick together this year is going to be amazing!" Hattie smiled at me, clutching my hand in hers.


"So what do you say? Friends?" Kayla asked, puppy dog eyes in tow. I looked at Dom and she gave me a nod.


"Well I thought you'd never ask," I laughed, Hattie took this as a sign to practically crush me and hugged me till I couldn't breathe.


 As I began eating one of the many treacle tarts I looked at the three girls.


 Kayla who had once had chubby cheeks and puppy fat has now became a statuesque beauty, she had shot up to about 5ft11", she was elegant and graceful. Her light brown hair fell straight to just below her shoulders, she was pale skinned and had a hazel eyes with flecks of green in them.


 Hattie had always been the 'runt' of the group, she was smaller than I was! She was just 5ft and very petite and dainty. However for such a small girl she was packed full of excitement and happiness, she had big curly hair that reached the top of her shoulders and was never seen without a wide smile. She was always in bright clothes and I had never seen or heard her being anything but loyal and honest to herself and to her friends. She oozed love and warmth.


 Lavender was the same height as me, her hear was a dark brown and fell into thick waves until it reached her hips. She had eyes that were brown but seemed golden most times, they contrasted with her caramel skin. She was a beater for Gryffindor so she was not petite or dainty like the other girls and instead was athletic and had defined muscles. She had soft features that made her look innocent and naïve but as my mothers always tells me you should never judge a book by its cover, Lavender was sarcastic and witty and no-one would wish for her to be any other way.


 Despite our differences, I was glad for us to all be a group again. It was never lonely between just Dom and I but sometimes there were silences even we couldn't fill, she would always be my best friend though. 


 We spent the rest of the night catching up with each other and pampering ourselves. The girls had questioned me about my 'transformation' and what had happened (Dom was still adamant that it was not her fault,bitch) and then after many minutes of 'thinking' faces being pulled, they decided that this new look fit my personality better and that to commemorate the first night of us all being re-united that we should take a picture for my wall! I grabbed my brand new wizarding camera and put it on timer, we all got into a crazy pose; Kayla did 'peace and pout', Dom stuck her tongue out, Hattie jumped on Lav's back and both of them had big cheesy grins on their face and I went cross-eyed. The camera printed the photograph out, showing 5 happy girls looking silly and then laughing at themselves for looking silly, it was fantastic!


 After painting our nails, finishing the treacle tarts and hot chocolate, washing off all face mask remnants and clearing up the mess we had made, we decided to retreat to bed. 




 I woke up in the morning feeling more cheerful than usual, last night had been great! I crawled out of bed to see who was up and found that Dom was the only one in bed and that Kayla, Hattie and Lavender were getting ready.


 "Morning sunshine, we were just about to get you up!" Hattie smiled over at me whilst she attempted to fix her hair into a reasonable state.


"Mornin', shall we?" I smirked, flourishing my hand in Dom's direction.


 "We shall." Lav nodded.


 "On the count of three" I whispered.






 "3!" Kayla yelled! We all jumped onto Dom's bed pushing each other and piling on Dom, she yelled and screamed trying to stop us from stampeding all over her, we kept on jumping until there was a loud creak and the curtains fell on us.


 Being crushed on Dom's bed by a large metal square and really heavy bed hangings was not what I had in mind.


  It was a joint effort to roll the curtains off us and after that the whole thing didn't seem so funny anymore...especially not after seeing Dom's face; tip for the future- never get a part veela angry first thing on a morning. We all shuffled back to our designated areas before I realised something.


 "What happened to Hattie?" I asked confused. There was a light cough and then an-


"I'm here." A voice groaned as a hand popped out from under the curtains. And that's when the hysterical laughter began.




 We all sat together enjoying our breakfast when we were interrupted. Sliding into seats next to us all were James, Freddie, Colin Creevey II (Hattie's boyfriend), Noah Finnegan and Liam Hanes. Otherwise known as the Gryffindor seventh year boys.


 They had squished next to each of us so now we were sat Colin, Hattie,Freddie,Lavender,Noah and on the opposite side Kayla,Liam,Dom,James and me. 


"What the hell do you want?" Dom grumbled, glaring at the boys who had disrupted out peaceful breakfast.


"We just wanted to catch up Dommy dearest!" Liam laughed, wrapping his arm around her shoulder as she blushed. Wait-SHE BLUSHED, oh my god she likes him! SHE LIKES HIM! *cue internal fangirling and shipping* I wonder what their couple name would be...Diam...Lommy...Limmy. God their names suck together, poor souls. Ooo look bacon and eggs, yum!


"Sadly we don't want you here!" Lav sneered, a mischievous grin on her face. Sassy Lav.


 "That pains me sweetheart, but we all know you love our company baby, don't hide it." Freddie winked.


 "Yeah girls, don't deny it!" James joined in. I finally turned to look at the boy on my left, it seemed everyone else had too. 


 "James, why is your hair pink?" Dom asked, barely keeping her laughter from escaping.


 "Erm, I may have, um, pissed Lily off by, uh, saying she couldn't go to hogsmeade on a, erm, date!" He mumbled, blushing so his cheeks matched his hair. And then the whole group of us started laughing so loud that everyone in the great hall turned to look at us, which resulted in even more people chuckling at James. Over at Ravenclaw, Lily Potter had a smirk on her face, I caught her eye and gave her an air high five and then sniggered myself.


"You're laughing at me!" James turned to me, his bottom lip jutted out.


"I'm not," my poker face firmly masking all humour.


"Yes you are!" 


"No I'm not James!" 


"Well you were,"


"No I wasn't!" 


"You were!" He huffed.


 I picked up my bags and began to walk out the hall before turning around.


"Oh James, I forgot to tell you something!"




"I totally was! See you later pygmy puff" I grinned and then ran out the hall,not before hearing a groan of "I knew it", and made my way to Transfiguration. 

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