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Brutal Love by Fonzzx
Chapter 2 : Scorpius Malfoy, Get Out Of My Head
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Chapter 1: Scorpius Malfoy, Get Out Of My Head


Emily Louise Smith




Platform 9 ¾ pulled away from me for the final time. I caught sight of my mum waving madly at me, I was sat in a compartment by myself, while my friends were off being sociable with everyone else. She looks just like me, only older, and with her natural brown hair colour.


I have blonde hair (at the moment). The beautiful thing about magic is that I don't have to spend ridiculous amounts of money redoing my roots. Good job I'm in Ravenclaw and actually know how to cast spells that can do that, which can easily backfire if they're performed incorrectly.


As you can probably tell already, I like to rebel a little bit against the rules. That's probably why I'm not a prefect, or Quidditch captain, although I have been a chaser on the team since third year. I wish I was Quidditch captain, there are several changes I'd like to make to our current team. We really need some fresh blood.


An absolutely gorgeous boy just walked past my compartment. He's wearing a prefect badge and a Hufflepuff tie, with dark hair that just flopped nicely into his dark eyes. Mmmm. I'm so easily distracted.


Thinking about boys led my brain to the subject of Scorpius. We used to be a couple, but we broke up just before the summer holidays. On this very train, in fact. He teased me in front of his friends for being muggle-born, although he was perfectly lovely to me when we were alone. I just got sick of the act he put on for his friends in the end. It doesn't make any difference if I'm muggle-born, or pure blood, or whatever. Oh, and there's the tiny fact that he over exaggerated our private details to all his friends.


Oh God, he just walked past.


Oh God, he spotted me.


He came in.


Holy crap he's grown over the summer. He's about a foot taller than me now. We used to be the same height. And his shoulders are much wider. His muscles look more defined under his robes. Damn. I hate him.


He apologised for the way he treated me.


He's been made the Slytherin Quidditch captain, apparently.


He said he hopes we can be friends, despite everything that happened between us.


I said yes.


Why did I say that? Do I want to be friends? I don't know. I spent all summer moving on and now I see him it's like my brain takes a little holiday and leaves my mouth in charge to spout complete rubbish.











Louise told me at breakfast the next day that the fit Hufflepuff prefect is actually called Charlie Finch-Fletchley. Being in Hufflepuff means he's loyal, and most likely not a twat. He's in our year too. Hopefully I have some of my lessons this year with him, last years classes were ridiculously small to accommodate everyone's timetables, but we were given the option to drop a subject at the end of sixth year if we wanted to.


We were given our timetables while we were eating breakfast (coffee, with two sugars and lots of milk, and two slices of buttered toast, in case you're wondering). Potions first thing on a Monday morning. Ugh.


I'd just arrived in the dungeons when I spotted him. Of course. Scorpius is in my Potions class again. Why wouldn't he be? He's good at it. He's good at annoying me. Luckily Charlie the Hufflepuff prefect is too. None of my other friends are. I'll sit with Charlie, he looks lonely, it's nearly all Slytherins in this class. Despite the fact that the war is over and house unity is promoted within the school, the teachers still opt to keep Gryffindors and Slytherins separate when they can. They're all too bloody competitive with each other.


It turned out that Charlie took loads of the same subjects as me too. We compared timetables; he'll be in my Charms and Alchemy classes, as well as Potions. We resolved to be partners in Potions, as the only two non Slytherin students in the class, shaking on it. Scorpius didn't look too pleased at me speaking to him. Well, tough. He made his bed, he can lay in it.


Professor Zabini set us to brew a potion that we'd studied last year, a horrendously complicated one that was just plain mean to set on a Monday morning straight after the holidays. Luckily, my brain had kicked into gear and I sent Charlie off to get the ingredients while heating the cauldron to the right temperature. We split the ingredients in half to prepare, chatting while we did. We had loads in common, like music taste (he's a half blood, his Dad is muggle-born and so he's into a lot of the same muggle music as me), and even films. Most Hogwarts students don't know what a film is. Scorpius was amazed when I told him about a television and what it does. We even argued playfully about some things that we disagreed on. He loves the Weird Sisters, whereas I just don't see the appeal. Eight hairy men singing terrible songs? No thanks.









I was sat in the library doing Potions homework after the lesson ended (already setting homework? It's the first day, come on!). The head of Ravenclaw, Professor Flitwick (how is he still teaching? He must be at least eighty), came to find me. Apparently the Quidditch captain, Tom Davies, who was in my year, was stripped of all privileges for trying to sneak dragon eggs into Hogwarts. I don't think he was counting on them hatching under his bed and setting fire to the boys’ dormitories. Fortunately Flitwick (with a bit of persuasion from Hagrid) saw the funny side, so I'm now captain instead. Davies was captain for less than 24 hours, a new record.


Oh God, Scorpius walked in, and spotted me straightaway. How does he always know where I am?


"I heard you've been made Quidditch Captain. Congratulations."


"How did you hear?” I demanded. “It happened about two minutes ago!"


"Flitwick told Zabini he was making you captain, and he told me,” he explained, sitting next to me. He wasn't wearing his robes or his jumper, and his sleeves were rolled up, showing off his newly developed muscles. I hate him I hate him I hate him.


"Of course,” I rolled my eyes. “Men are bigger gossips than women."


"Listen,” Scorp interrupted me. “What's the deal with you and Finch-Fletchley?"


"None of your business." I narrowed my eyes at him, my tone icy.


"You could have sat with me in Potions. I wouldn't have minded. I want us to be friends, Emily."


"I didn't want to taint your social group with my dirty blood." I spat, and got up to leave.


"I'm sorry for last year!” he begged. “Look, I've changed, I promise. Please just give me a chance."


"Right. Whatever." I put my homework in my bag and left to go to Divination.


Once again, I'm the only person taking it. I can usually see all sorts in my crystal ball but today I'm drawing a blank. Professor Imago looked disappointed. She's always excited when a potential Seer takes her class. Sadly for her, most of the students regard Divination as much of a joke as Care of Magical Creatures.


She was trying to tell me to clear my mind. Ha, good luck with that. I could see myself punching Scorpius, but that's in my imagination, not my crystal ball. I remembered how good it felt to slap him the day we broke up.


"I'm sorry, Professor", I sighed. "I'm just not in the mood for seeing into the future today."


"All right dear, we'll try again next time."


So now I have half a period free and I've finished my Potions essay. Rats.


I ambled along to Charms, and sat outside the door, pulling my textbook out of my bag in an attempt to see what Flitwick would teach us today.


"Hey." I looked up, and there was Charlie, smiling at me.


"Hi," I grinned back, standing up.


"So you're the new Quidditch captain for Ravenclaw."


"How does everyone know that?!" I demanded.


"Your badge." He pointed at it. Ha, now I feel stupid. I felt myself blushing like an idiot.


Professor Flitwick opened the door to let the previous class, second years, out. Charlie and I entered, and sat together, waiting for the rest of the class.


Louise and Allie rushed in, eyes massive whilst taking in Charlie. They joined us, still staring at him. I kicked them under the table and shot a warning glare at them. Poor Charlie, he was looking quite uncomfortable at being the centre of attention.









After Charms, I was in the owlery, writing a letter to my mum. She always likes to know about my first day back, what I ate for breakfast, what I learned, all that usual mum rubbish that reassures her that I'm ok. The door creaked open, and I looked around. Charlie had come in.


"What are you doing?" he asked, coming to stand behind me. I could feel his breath on the top of my head.


"Writing a letter to my mum," I answered, chewing the end of my quill as I pondered what to write next.


"That's a long letter," he said, "and you saw her yesterday!"


"Well, a lot happens in a day!" I retorted, giving up on writing anything else and folding the letter up to attach to my barn owl, Snowy. Don't laugh, I thought it was a great name when I was 11. Charlie reached out to stroke her and she let him, nipping his finger affectionately.


He grinned at me as he noticed me watching him, then asked me to look at his Potions essay to see if he'd done it right, because "I'm a Ravenclaw, and therefore clever".


"Flattery will get you nowhere," I told him, before looking at it. It was much better than mine, I was sure he'd get an O for it.


We walked down to the Great Hall for dinner afterwards, chatting about rubbish. Before going in, he held a hand out to stop me.


"Look, I was going to ask you to come with me for the Hogsmeade trip this weekend, but I didn't want to get in the way."


"In the way of what?" I frowned. What on earth would he be getting in the way of? Quidditch? Homework? I'm not that much of a nerd.


"Well, Malfoy seems to be keeping his eye on you."


"NOTHING is going on between me and Scorpius Malfoy." I all but screamed at him.


"Good," he looked relieved, laughing slightly at my insistence. "Then will you come with me?"


I nodded. He smiled, and we walked into the Great Hall together.







A/N: I'd like to thank my beta reader Richele_xo once again, she is fantastic :)

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