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Notion. by awishuponastar
Chapter 24 : Pompeii
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It would be a correct generalisation that most Ravenclaws, in the time spent in between sleeping, eating and sitting in classes could be found in the library. Heck. This wasn’t a well established generalisation, this was pure solid fact.


I however remained an anomaly to this exception.


The library only proved to be my sanctuary when essays were due within the next week or so or when I had been so utterly humiliated by my four sworn enemies; I knew the large mocking crowd were too stupid to even acknowledge that the castle had a library. Apart from such occasions even Lily and her incessant pestering could not pull me into the library any more often than that.


Therefore the only reason I was in the library today was because I had an essay due in for Transfiguration in three days time; I liked to cut it close.


‘Cal, have you talked about Tomkin’s views in your essay?’ Annie whispered from across our table.


I looked up as I stretched my arms wide in a most cat-like manner; these chairs were certainly not made for comfort.


‘Yes, though only briefly, I didn’t want to waste precious parchment on him as this isn’t an analysis essay.’ I replied in a whisper


‘Ok thanks,’ She whispered smiling at me gratefully.


I stood up intending to stretch my legs and look for an additional book I had used on a number of previous essays. It was as I was looking for said book in the middle section of the library when I was mown down by what at first I feared was another bludger but what in fact turned out to be a pair of hormonal, horny teenagers. Teenagers, it appeared, who had no concern apart from shoving their tongues as far down the other’s throat as humanly possible. And teenagers who did not believe a human body should get in the way of all this; which was why I found myself forcefully pushed to the floor.


‘Oh!’ The girl squealed in surprise.


So, she was one of those girls. A woo girl; the highly irratible, squeaky and annoying sort of girl who (apart from Black and his band of loyal girlfriends) were my number one enemies. The woo girl as Lily, Annie and I referred to them as were the sort of loyal band of sluts that the likes of Black found highly attractive; short skirts, make-up caked on, more knowledge about celebrities than academia; who I’m sure believed could flutter their eyelashes at any man to get what they wanted. I had for a brief time feared that Isla had become a woo girl, but upon seeing my darling sister charm all the padding from their bra’s to float up into the air one delightful Friday lunchtime in the Great Hall, my fears were dispelled. I’d raised her well.


Nevertheless even with such humiliation these woo girls were the bane of my life. Even more so know the marauders had eased off and had (if it was humanly possible) warmed to me. In all honesty I did not particularly care if they become the under aged pole-dancing mothers they were destined to become; what annoyed me the most was that incessant noise they made. That hideous cheer that made my soul die a little every time I heard it being called to attract one of their comrades attention down the hall, or the cry of excitement when one of the dumb bimbos got above a fail on an exam, or worse that chorus of wailing during a  Quidditch game. And bloody hell did they like Quidditch games. Not so much for the sport or technique (to be fair to them who bloody did?), but more for those who played the sport. Essentially these woo girls were Quidditch sluts. Insistent on getting through each Quidditch team, these girls had more tricks than Black to get the players to make them a fully fledged Quidditch slut, even those with girlfriends. Now I had split from Evan I was pretty sure even he had, despite his reassurances to me, been unable to resist a Quidditch slut, which was why I felt even more furious that one, with her disease infested boy, had knocked me to the floor.


‘Gross.’ I muttered loudly as I scrambled to get up off the floor.


My voice alerted the boy to whom apparently knocking an innocent bystander to the floor was not enough to stop him from his attack on the woo girl’s neck. He was in a league with Black coincidentally. He turned sharply away from the girls orange skin (there was no way her mother and father were tangerines – that colour was definitely from a potion bottle) that was now slowly turning a purple/blue colour from his rough lips, to turn to me; no doubt to try and make me apologise for getting in the way of him getting lucky within the next five minutes in a shadowy corner of this very public library.


‘Stebbins?’ Black said looking thoroughly shocked and quickly turning a bright shade of red.




The dumb blonde looked highly affronted to find that Black was no longer giving her his full attention retreated from being the woo girl who had been giggling just two seconds ago. Instead she turned into an almost Veela like bird and aimed her daggers at me. I could not help but roll my eyes at the idiot. If this was what she was using the library for she better hope that her daddy’s money never ran out.


‘Stebbins did I just knock you over?’ Black asked in the most unusually concerned tone.


‘I believe you both knocked me over as you were discovering how much padding was in that bra.’ I said as I looked pointedly at the girl’s “ample” cleavage.


I surprised myself at how bitchy my comment actually was. I never really was the sort to bitch about girls; the marauders were of course a whole different ball game. But there was something about the woo girls, and more particularly the annoying slither of a thing in front of me that meant my comment was intended to infuriate her. Though in reality this was only a side motive, in fact I wanted humiliate Black after once again having a girl far too young, and stupid fawning all over him. It was bad enough that he’d practically jumped from Isla’s bed into the next before the bed was even cold, but to go with someone so insultingly dim-witted and anti-feminist was horrendous.


‘Excuse me?’ she squealed in protest.


‘Stebbins, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to bash into you. I wasn’t looking were I was going.’ Black stuttered.


‘Evidently’ I replied sarcastically as I brushed off my skirt.


‘Did you hurt yourself?’ He asked tentatively, causing the girl to squeal quietly in fury at our interaction.


I rolled my eyes in response. Apparently any thoughts I had had that he was a better person were mistaken.


‘Black I’ll leave you to find out just how easy your little friend here is’ I replied smiling sweetly at the pair of them.


I shot Black one last hate-filled looked before I turned to walk.


‘Stebbins!’ Black called as he followed me.


‘Go away Black!’ I sighed as I felt him pull me round.


‘Has pushing you over really annoyed you that much?’ He asked, before quietly saying so the dumb blonde behind us couldn’t hear, ‘that you’re now going to be more pissed off with me than ever, just as we were beginning to get along?’


‘Apparently so.’ I replied stubbornly glaring at him with my best scowl.


‘Sirius?’ Came an insipid, high-pitched voice from round the corner of the isle.


His flavour of the week came tottering towards us. She was shocked to say the least to see Black blocking me from leaving our conversation. It was quite clear that he was her property, and these two isles were her seedy territory, she wanted me gone, and she wanted me gone fast.


‘Not now Ange, can’t you seem I’m busy?’ He said looking straight at her, though still making sure I could not slip away.


‘But it’s only Stebbins, why would you want to talk to her?’ She asked as though it was the most obvious thing in the world.


To this girl I was below her, most likely in more ways than one. She obviously thought herself to be prettier than I was (though how she could tell from the trawled on make-up and two-inch layer of bright orange foundation smeared all over her face, I couldn’t tell), had a better figure, was cleverer than me, could get any boy she wanted, was more popular than me, and, most importantly, Sirius Black would come crawling back to her, tail between his legs. And if truth be told, she probably was better than me in all those ways, and I didn’t give two flying fucks if Black was her lapdog, in all honesty I wanted to boy as far away from me as possible.


‘Yeah, Black why would you?’ I asked, teasing him, hoping that he would leave so as not to lose face in front of his next conquest.


‘Yes Sirius, come on lets go for a walk I’m sure Stebbins has got some reading to do.’

She sneered.


My blood boiled at her words, though in all honesty I had just essentially called her flat-chested. But I was so eager to get away from Black that I let it pass.


‘She’s right Black, sorry for getting in your way before; I know you’re dying for your latest STI.’ I drawled.


This time both Black and ‘Ange’ glared at me. Before either of them could say anything I managed to slip away from Black.


‘I’ll let you get back to it.’


‘Great, come on then Sirius.’ I hear her giggle as she tried to pull him away.


‘Ange, get off. I’m talking to Stebbins.’ Black said angrily shaking her clasped claws off him.


‘But Sirius,’ She pouted, highly offended.


‘Look Ange go away. I need to talk to Stebbins.’


‘But what about heading up to the Astronomy Tower?’ She whimpered her bottom lip quivering.


‘Vom.’ I muttered under my breath, as I began to walk away.


‘It just wasn’t going to happen mate.’ Black shrugged as his fast quidditch reflexes caught my wrist so I was stuck standing next time him, forced to watch this hideous girl’s eyes begin to fill with tears.


‘Fine!’ She spat ‘Go with her, all your friends have already.’


‘Excuse me? I haven’t...’ I began.


‘Leave Stebbins out of this,’ He growled becoming fiercely over-protective of me again.


‘Well go off with her then. I heard you had a tiny dick any way.’ She cried before flouncing off.


I couldn’t help but burst out laughing.


‘Shut up.’ Black growled but I could tell even he found the situation amusing.


‘C’mon let’s move deeper into the library, people are looking,’ he began as he pulled me along.


He was right; the girl’s thespian outburst had caused a great number of students to look at us. And there was no way I wanted anyone to see Black and I together. We stopped soon; in a deserted isle that I was sure Black knew would remain deserted due to his experience of bringing other girls like Ange here.


‘Poor Ange.’ I muttered dryly.


‘Oh shut up Stebbins.’ He said but I could see he was smirking.


‘Well at least you got your comeuppance.’ I began, my anger suddenly flaring up again at his smirk.


‘Excuse me?’


‘Well for kissing some girl in broad day light, a week after your broke up with my sister, before knocking over a poor unsuspecting student.’


‘A week after your sister broke up with me Stebbins. And anyway, it was your fault you saw it.’ He shrugged as though he did not care, but I could tell he did feel a little guilty.


‘Oh how silly of me for trying to get a book from a shelf in the library, I forgot library’s were for make-out sessions.’ I huffed rolling my eyes at him.


‘Stebbins you know that’s not what I meant.’


‘Well what did you mean by already hooking up with a tart?’ I was biting my cheek to stop myself from screaming at him; why in Merlin’s name was I so bloody angry?


‘Jealous?’ He smirked.


‘Oh please Black, don’t start this, you’ve only just been removed from the top of my hit list.’


‘Oh how flattering Stebbins.’


‘And how flattering it must be for Isla to know her ex is already hooking up with someone else.’




‘Well it’s true.’


‘Isla broke up with me. Therefore I can do what I want.’


‘Well maybe I just don’t agree with your whorish manner.’


‘Then maybe we should just agree to not discuss mine and Isla’s relationship, nor my sex life in order to maintain our growing friendship.’










‘But you’re not my friend.’


‘And you aren’t mine.’


‘And you can still be a prick at times.’


‘And you can still be an absolute princess who always wants her own way all the time.’


I scowled at him in a most childish manner.


‘Example A of you princess ways’ He smirked, goading me for a reaction.


I bit my lip to stop myself from biting at his remark.


‘And I think that is my sign to leave.’


‘Wait, wait Stebbins! Look I am sorry for knocking into you.’ He said pulling me towards him once again for the third time that day.


‘Good, you should be.’ I replied stubbornly causing him to chuckle.


Bloody hell did I just make Black laugh?


‘You’re impossible.’ He muttered looking at me closely.


‘And you definitely need to stop treating me as your doll that you can pull around.’ I breathed as I realised my hand from his grasp.


‘Sorry,’ He said slowly as I heard his breath hitch in his throat.


‘That’s ok.’ I replied in the same breathless voice.


What was wrong with me? Why did I suddenly sound like I had run 10k?


‘I really am sorry for knocking you over Stebbins.’ He repeated stepping closer to me.


‘I, I, that’s ok Black,’ I paused looking up at him closing the small gap between us.


‘You know you’re really quite short Stebbins,’ He breathed.


‘Thanks for that Black,’


‘Do you think that-’


‘Cal? Oh Cal there you are! I’ve been bloody looking for you absolutely everywhere! Where have you been? I – oh, hi Sirius.’ Annie’s voice came loudly round the corner.


The two of us practically jumped apart in horror and shock at being caught so close together. What on earth had just occurred? I looked round in horror at Annie, in fear of how she had assessed the situation.


She was smirking


SHE WAS BLOODY SMIRKING! Why on earth was she smirking at this?


‘What an odd turn of events this is.’ She smirked eagerly awaiting one of us to bite back.


But I couldn’t physically get any words out of my mouth I was simply staring at her, with my mouth wide open like some hideously unattractive trout. This situation could only be made worse if Isla literally turned the corner right this minute. What on earth had Annie just come across? Why on earth had Black and I been standing so close?


‘I need to go find the boys,’ Black said hastily whilst avoiding looking at either of us as he made a swift exit.


‘Callie what the fuck was that?’ Annie gaped the moment she was sure Black was far enough away to not hear us.


‘I honestly have no idea.’ I muttered completely perplexed.


How had Black and I managed to become so close and intimate within such a small space of time? This was not how the dynamics of our relationship worked. We hated one another. Admittedly the feelings of hate had subsided greatly in recent weeks, but that wasn’t to say we were best friends all of a sudden, let alone THAT. There was no way we were ever going to get into that; Black and I held no attraction for one another.


So why did I enjoy that interaction so much? More importantly what was this tingling feeling in the pit of my stomach?


We were caught up and lost in all of our vices

In your pose as the dust settles around us

Pompeii - Bastille


Reader: I hope this is a faster update than my recent posts, and of course I also hoped you liked the chapter! I am currently doing my final exams for my university to degree, but I'm sure procrastination will set in and I will be eager to write another chapter. This is undoubtedly the beginning of what we’ve all been waiting for. Read, enjoy and review!

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