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Healing A Broken Heart by fairytalelover3
Chapter 18 : Hospital Visits
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Hermione was staring at the ceiling. She was fine now. Time would heal it, she knew. She hoped. But where was Draco? A nurse came in and Hermione asked if he had seen her.

“No. But you do have a visitor,” She replied. “Is it okay if he comes in?”

“Yeah,” Hermione replied. But if it wasn’t Draco, who was it? And where was he! As soon as the short figure with messy black hair stepped in, she knew instantly who it was. “Harry!”

“Hey! Sorry, I had to clear things up with the whole…incident and take care of the Ministry. Everything’s taken care of though. How are you?” He said walking around. He seemed…antsy.

“Fine. Leg hurts a bit but it will heal soon enough. You didn’t see Draco out there, did you?” She couldn’t help but ask him.

“No. Why?” Harry said, sitting down in a chair.

“I just wondered. He left quite a while ago and was supposed to be back by now,” Hermione replied.

“Oh. Umm, okay, I’ll do whatever you want for this but…Ron wants to come visit you. I told him not to come in yet but he’s in the lobby. I thought it might be awkward so I told him to wait,” Harry said quickly. That was surprising. She hadn’t expected that. She couldn’t even decide if she wanted to see him or not. Being with Draco eased her hate towards him…and he did save her. But he caused her a lot of pain too.

“Sure,” She said undecidedly, just to give him an answer. “But stay in here with me. Don’t leave!”

“I’ll go and get him,” he said, almost out the door.

“WAIT!” Hermione said and he spun around quickly. “Uhh, how’s my hair? Do I look awful?” She asked.

Harry furrowed his eyebrows. “No, of course not! You look like you,” he said and left. She huffed. Typical answer from him. She did get a little nervous while waiting for them to come back. Her hair couldn’t look good, she was at a hospital! She tried to smooth it down and felt the tiny little frizzy curls and sighed. It wouldn’t be able to be fixed by the time they got back. Hermione pulled up the blankets on the bed to cover up more and sat up with the pillow behind her.

Footsteps outside the room became louder and she waited for them to come in but it was just a Healer that passed by. She stared blankly at the wall for a few more minutes until footsteps were heard again. It was just one set though so she expected them to go by. Instead red hair caught her eye from the doorway.

“Where’s Harry?” Hermione said instantly to Ron, coming off rudely but not meaning to.

“He was called away for an emergency. Something to do with Auror work,” He said walking in slowly. “Can I sit down?” He said and she nodded in reply. That wasn’t entirely true, he thought. There was an uproar at Malfoy Manor but this was his time to talk to Hermione alone finally, where she wouldn’t be able to run off and she can listen.

“Oh,” She said and grew quiet. What was she supposed to say?! She didn’t know.

“So how is everything?”

“Fine. I’ll be fine in a week or two. This place is so boring though!” Hermione joked. He laughed. How was he supposed to start this conversation? Just dive in, he guessed.

“So how are you feeling…about us?” He said softly. Hermione looked down at her wrist and spun a bracelet around. She knew he’d ask eventually, now that he was back around. But she didn’t know the answer. Didn’t know what he wanted to hear. Didn’t know what to say. She had been thinking recently about it and she was confused herself.

As much as it hurt her heart, she still loved Ron. She had through all of those years at Hogwarts and after the final battle against Voldemort their love had grown stronger. He was her real first crush and love. Then it shattered apart and that truly had hurt. She still had feelings for him but her strong mind told her heart to resist them. How ever many years that had been together couldn’t be erased in memories or in feelings so easily. Especially after that one horrific day where the love was replace by hatred. However, since she met Draco her hate towards Ron had grown less and less. He wouldn’t be completely forgiven but he really did look sorry. Ugh! She didn’t know!

“Uhm. Listen Ron… I really don’t know. We aren’t an ‘us’ anymore. I don’t know what we are. I mean you’ve been gone for a while now,” She said and added with Victoria bitterly in her mind, “and a lot of new things have happened.” Like my newfound love for Draco, she added again in her mind.

“I know. ‘Mione, you have to know how sorry I am. I really am very sorry. I just want it to be like it was again,” he pleaded in a heartbreaking voice.

“I know you are. But it’s not going to be like it was so soon again, maybe not ever again,” Hermione replied looking up at his watery eyes.

“What do I have to do?”

“I don’t know. We’ll have to see what time brings us,” She whispered softly. She couldn’t mention Draco to him. It was too hard. For being a strong girl, she was weak with love. But Draco Malfoy was not forgotten while she replied. She was torn.

“I know,” he said, looking at his muddy shoes.

Meanwhile Harry had gotten an urgent owl and dashed off, leaving Ron alone with Hermione, who wouldn’t be very happy with him, but he had the feeling she’d be thankful later. There had been a security breech at Malfoy Manor. Aurors were always notified because there were important things hidden there so it needed to be protected and secure but usually Draco turned it off or took care of it, but this time hadn’t. They knew something was wrong when he didn’t storm into the Ministry with some ridiculous vacation outfit or in his pajamas like he sometimes did.

There was no word from him. They waited an hour then notified Harry, who guessed something was not right when after Hermione said he was supposed to have been back by now. So he went to the Ministry to get a few extra guys and went to the outside of Malfoy’s house. It was a disaster. The top part of the house was missing, like an explosion had happened in the empty wing on the top floor. Also, there were horrifying noises coming from the forest and purple smoke seeping from where he knew the dungeon to be.

The team split up and carefully surrounded the house. Harry’s first order was to find any people, like Draco or the house elves, and get them to safety then to come back immediately. A loud pop sounded from a nearby room though Harry was still outside the house. What had Malfoy gotten into?!

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Healing A Broken Heart: Hospital Visits


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