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Escaping the Friend Zone by jess94
Chapter 54 : Revelations
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 Chapter Fifty-Four

“You do it”

“No, you do it”

“You do it”

“No, you do it”

“Louis, if you don’t do it I will crack an egg on your head”

“Please don’t”

So, Louis and I were planning to sneak out of Hogwarts in the dead of the night and head into Hogsmeade. Why? Because James had found out about a certain nudity scandal that had been leaked to the press (COUGH by Hailey COUGH) and needed urgent ‘big brother warns off little sister’s boyfriend’ chat. But of course being James he couldn’t just have that kind of conversation in the daytime when it’s light and I didn’t have to sneak around the castle with a little French boy who is scared of his own shadow. No. James Potter had to meet me in the Hogs Head in dead on midnight so he could do a press conference in London first

I didn’t even know why he was having a press conference. What was he promoting? Vanity?

I had decided to bring Louis along because I figured that not even James’s warped yet weirdly empty mind would allow him to kill me infront of someone. Louis it has to be said was not best pleased to have been woken up by me and dragged down the dark corridors of Hogwarts towards the secret passage to Honeydukes

“Oliver, it won’t budge” said Louis pushing himself hard against the rock that bad been put infront of the entrance to avoid students getting out “Can’t you try?”

“Well if you can’t do it then I certainly can’t” I argued “You’ve got a lot more muscle than me Louis; I have the arms of a nine year old girl”

“I won’t argue with that” he said with a shrug however the rock then moved by itself, although Louis will tell you he moved it on his own HE DID NOT, and we made our way through the secret passage to Honeydukes. It was dark and we couldn’t really see but it was OK seen as though we decided to play a game where you sing a song and then when the person finds a word that is also in another song they begin singing that song. It was fun, and Louis actually has a very decent singing voice. I sound like a pig being trodden on

“I wonder what James wants” said Louis

“I don’t know” I sighed “Let’s face it, he’s probably just going to kill me for being naked in a lake with his baby sister. I know I would if it was Jack”

“I doubt he’ll kill you” Louis replied, it was a dark but I could tell that he was rolling his eyes “It might not even be about that”

“I don’t see what else it could be about” I said “I mean, the only thing that connects James and me is that I’m dating his sister. That’s it. He’s hardly going to call me for a social chat and a catch up”

“I still don’t see why I need to be here” said Louis followed by a very deliberately loud yawn

“So you can stop James from murdering me” I said matter of factly

“Not gonna murder you” said Louis again followed by a few minutes of silence before “Ben and I are announcing our relationship at the end of the week”

“Oh dude, that’s excellent” I said being genuinely pleased by this news “Awww, I’m well happy for you. This is just the kinda good news that everybody needs”

“Yeah, I know” said Louis again I couldn’t see him but I knew his beautiful bright grin was plastered all across his face “It’ll be the perfect end to a very angsty school year”

“This year has been big on the whole angst front hasn’t it?” I agreed, my life over the past year had been like a soap opera for sure “Merlin, it’s weird to think how different everything was just a year ago. I was still madly pining after Lily, Hugo was going through his own personal hell, Rose was an oven without a bun and Ben was straight”

Louis chuckled as we reached the end of the passage. Quietly we climbed out of it and tentatively made our way outside onto the streets of Hogsmeade. It was surprisingly cold for a May night and Louis’ teeth chattered slightly as we made our way towards the Hogs Head Inn where James had told me that’s where he would be. I was very nervous by this point and pretty much expecting death at the hands of my would have been brother in law, I just couldn’t see he didn’t want to talk about my nakedness the week before

Like everyone else at school, the gossip magazines hadn’t stopped talking about it. Though the good news was I was now listed on the sexiest teen wizards aged between 16 and 20 in Britain poll (I was #22, just infront of Malfoy – boo yah!). I also seemed to have developed my own personal set of fan girls since the incident which was nice. I already had my fair share but it was mainly spill overs from the Weasley/Potter boys that went after me, but now I had my own and they followed me everywhere. Even the bathroom once and I have no idea how three third year Slytherin girls managed to sneak into the bathroom of the sixth year Gryffindor boys but they managed it. Creepers. But then again, they’re Slytherins

We entered the pub to find James sitting in a far corner with a serious expression glossed across his handsome face. The pub was empty but for him, one middle aged couple pretty much shagging in the corner and a very grumpy looking bar man

“Oliver, take a seat” James said as Louis and I approached. I gulped and did as he said immediately whilst Louis went to fetch a chair from another table and sat down next to me, James looks surprised to see Louis there “And why have you brought The French Connection” he asked pointing at Louis who glared at his cousin

“Nice to see you as well” he muttered

“Whatever” said James turning back to face me “Now Oliver, I know you’re probably thinking I’m going to kill you for being naked in a lake with my sister”

I gave Louis an ‘I told you’ look. Probably not the right time

“Errrr” I managed to sound out as Louis stifled a grin and a chuckle

“But” breathed James “As much as the thought frankly disgusts me, and I do want to throttle you for it, I’ve actually asked to see you tonight because I believe you’re a good person and I need your advice”

James needed my advice? I’d have laughed out loud if I wasn’t aware he’d probably punch me right in the face if I did

Louis, however, made no such effort

“So, what’s wrong” I asked slowly

“Well, recently, I’ve had this weird feeling in my chest” said James “It feels like sinking or something, everytime I try to focus on something else this feelings comes back and it feels a lot worse everytime”

“Could be gallstones” said Louis with a chuckle. He was kicked by his cousin

“No, it’s like in my heart” said James “See, a few weeks ago my assistant Anna made a pass at me and I had to fire her. I can’t be having things like that. But since I fired Anna, I haven’t been able to concentrate on much and my games been off. Plus, I can’t stop actually thinking about Anna herself and wondering if she’s alright”

“Dude, you’re in love” I said bluntly

“Fuck” said James “I was worried that might be what this was”

Half an hour later, I’d explained to James just how I’d successfully managed to, in his words, escape the friend zone. James seemed to hate matured a lot, he said ever since Hugo became ill he’d made an effort to be a better person as he’d felt bad because he made fun of Hugo a lot too. I left with a sense of pride and accomplishment as well as relief that James was currently digging a shallow grave for my corpse in the Forbidden Forest

About an hour later, Louis and I returned to the common room expecting to find peace but we walked into an argument between Rose and Ryan. Neither noticed we were there as they were too busy screaming at eachother

“This is all your fault” said Ryan “Not mine, I am not being held responsible”

“You’re such a piece of shit” retorted Rose “I’m glad you don’t wanna be involved, I wouldn’t want someone like you being the father to my kid anyway”

“WHAT????!!!!!” Louis and I exclaimed at the same time

Rose and Ryan looked at us. Terror written across their faces

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