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Always Yours by anissamalfoy
Chapter 3 : The Journey Begins
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To say that she was surprised was definitely an understatement.

Her parents hadn't mentioned anything about Malfoy family whenever they talk about their Hogwarts days to her, not even a slight thing. But then again, not much information were given by them other than the houses thing and the lessons (to be honest, she was looking forward for Potions lesson cause it sounded almost like cooking. Surprise, surprise, Cleo actually liked to cook!).

In a nutshell, whenever Cleo asked further about Hogwarts, they always answered with "just see it yourself", which was after that rewarded by Cleo's whining and constant eyes roll.

"So.. our parents were friends," Cleo murmured slowly, scrunching up her nose in confusion. "but how come they never told me about your family?"

"Don't you think you just asked the wrong person?" he replied coolly with a raised eyebrow then examined his fingers lazily.

Instead of smacking this blonde with her bag, Cleo finally decided to give him a death glare. Seriously, how could a person as annoying as this ever existed? On top of that, why would her parents even want to be friends with this albino's parents? They obviously couldn't be less annoying as their son, could they?

She huffed as she crossed her arms around her body haughtily. "Right. How did you know it was me then? Did you know I was coming to Hogwarts?"

"No, as a matter of fact, I didn't. If it wasn't my friend who told me about this exchange student bullshit, I wouldn't know that you would be here. And second, how many Cleoras out there do you think?"

There was a pregnant pause. He certainly had a point. She had to admit, her name wasn't that common.

"Fair enough. Now, may I have my phone back?"

Draco shook his head, clearly amused at her former fiancee. "Nope. You still haven't shown me how it works."

She groaned in frustration. "You are an insufferable git, you know that?"

"So I've been told several times, yeah."

Cleo rolled her eyes and then let an exaggerated sigh. Darn her parents for sending her to Hogwarts, now she was stuck with annoying-yet-extremely-attractive guy here for God knows how long it would be. No wonder there was no one who sat with him, he probably didn't have many friends.

Meanwhile, Draco just stared at his supposed-to-be fiancée in amusement. He didn't understand why wouldn't she just accio her bloody iPhone with her wand. Didn't she remember that she was a witch at all?

Then it hit him again. Of course she didn't remember.

But, speaking of wand...

"Hey, Ramsey. Where's your wand?" Draco asked, eyeing her appearance again. She didn't seem to have her wand with her.

Her face suddenly brighten at this. She gave him a cute grin before digging through her bag again and pulling out a dark brown looking wand. "Here it is! Look, isn't it lovely?" she beamed, happily showing off her new wand to him.

When she stepped into Ollivander's Wand Shop for the first time, Cleora wasn't sure she would get one because of her non-magic past. But to her relief, after spending fifteen minutes trying out numerous wands and desperately wanted to cry, the choice finally fell on a 11 ¾ inch wand made of English Oak with a unicorn hair as its core. Cleo couldn't help but let out a happy squeal when Mr. Ollivander explained about her wand. People who said unicorns don't exist definitely needed to be smack on the heads.

For the second time, Draco had no idea whether he had to shook his head in dissaproval (she was supposed to always have her wand with her, not keep it inside her bloody bag!) or laugh at her sudden interest. Seeing how happy Cleora with her first wand kinda made Draco recalled the exact same moment that happened seven years ago. Oh how time flied fast..

"Right. If you do have a wand, then why didn't you just snatch your sodding phone with it? You do know some spells right?" he asked again with a smirk on his face, just enough to tease her. He surprisingly found that teasing this black haired girl was really entertaining.

Cleo stupidly blinked at the blond in front of her. Why wouldn't she think of that? Stupid, stupid Cleo.

She took a deep breath as she tried to remember some basic spells that her father had taught her before her departure to Hogwarts. As soon as she remember the spell, Cleo aimed her wand at Draco and murmured carefully, "Accio iPhone."

The white looking phone successfully flew out from Draco's grasp to her hand. Cleo let out a relieved smile, not only feeling grateful because she finally got her precious iPhone back, but also happy that she still had some magic in her.

Maybe going to Hogwarts wasn't bad after all.

Unbeknown to her, it wasn't just her who felt relieved with that.

"Now that wasn't so hard, was it?" Draco rolled his eyes in mocked gesture, earning a slap on his arm again. He winced in pain. "Ow! Would you stop doing that?"

She just stuck out her tongue at him, which made Draco's jaw dropped and his eyebrows furrowed in irritation. He almost swore he was thankful that their engagement was over. Just picturing his married life with her was enough to make him shudder. He didn't need an abusive and annoying wife, thank you very much.

"Oh come on, Dray-co. It wasn't that hard."

"Wasn't that hard?! I bet you 10 galleons my left arm is now bruised because of you!" he exclaimed then narrowed his eyes upon hearing his new nickname from her. How dare she called him by his first name, let alone made fun of it! "And don't call me that, Ramsey. It's Malfoy for you."

"Nope, I've decided I like Dray-co better." she said as she gave him an innocent smile, somewhat getting pleased that she had gotten his nerves back. To be honest, the sight of Draco Malfoy scowling at her wasn't that all bad. He actually looked quite adorable. "Now, still want me to show you how iPhone works?" Cleo added. Her smile was still there.

"Anything from the trolley, dears?"

Hermione who was busy reading an article about the recovery of Ministry of Magic after the war looked toward the compartment door and saw Ron and Harry approaching the trolley lady. She shook her not-so-bushy-now head softly then went back to the newspaper. Her brown eyes finally settled on an a headline about a pureblood family called Ramsey.


After mysteriously disappeared for almost 18 years, seems like Ramsey family had chosen the right time for their come back. Stephanos (43) and Luisa Ramsey (38) were reportedly sighted at Diagon Alley along with their daughter, Cleora Ramsey (18). Hogwarts' new Headmistress, Minerva McGonagall was also seen with them. Sources say their appearance in Diagon Alley was due to their daughter participation for the new student exchange program that will be held this year in Hogwarts. (cont. to page 6)

Hermione took a glance at the picture below the headline. There were a handsome middle-aged man and a woman which the Gryffindor assumed as his wife walking down the crowded street of Diagon Alley, smiling. She could see a girl with dark brown long hair trailing behind them, talking animatedly with none other than Professor McGonagall.

Hermione gasped.

Holy shit. She knew this girl. Her face was all over on the billboards in Muggle London for an expensive cosmetic brand ad campaign. Hermione had also seen her faces on fashion magazines that her fashion-freak cousin Danielle owned, like British Vogue, Elle, Harper's Bazaar, et cetera. As far as she knew, this Cleora Ramsey was a new icon in modeling industry and had walked for some of popular designers at the "big four" fashion weeks despite being only eighteen year old.

The Cleora Ramsey was actually a witch and she was coming to Hogwarts. Unbelievable.

"Ron, Harry, what do you know about Ramsey family?" she couldn't help but asked her boyfriend and bestfriend when they were back on their seats.

Harry just shrugged, absolutely had no idea whereas Ron answered "Just that they disappeared long time ago after the first wizarding war. Why, Hermione?"

Instead of answering, she passed the newspaper to them which Ron gladly accepted. She watched the two of them as they read on the article. After 5 minutes passed, she started to talk again. "The thing is, this girl is quite famous in muggle world. Don't you think so, Harry? You've seen her on telly, haven't you? I think she's in cosmetic commercial."

Harry grimaced as he carried on reading, "Can't say I have, Hermione. I haven't watched telly for ages. But.. she is really pretty though, isn't she, Ron?"

"Yeah, yeah, definitely! And blimey, she is coming to Hogwarts!" Ron exclaimed excitedly, which earned him a deadly glare from Hermione. He blinked several times then sheepishly added, "but still, she isn't my type. You are much more beautiful, Hermione."

Shaking his head, Harry snickered at his best mate's pathetic excuse before went back to the article. Hermione's hard expression softened at this, but still had her eyes narrowed at her red-headed boyfriend, not really buying it. She decided to turn her attention to Harry. "So Harry, how's Ginny? Have you asked her out again?"

The emerald green eyed boy answered without even looking away from the newspaper. "She is fine. We both have decided to give it some time. You know, with this post war and such. Plus, I wanna focus on getting good grades on the upcoming N. E.W.T.s for now."

Ron groaned aloud when he heard the word "N.E.W.T.s" coming from Harry's mouth. The idea of repeating seventh year actually didn't interest him at all. Not only because he had to study hard for bloody N.E.W.T.s, but also because the place reminded him of Fred Weasley who had died in the battle. Hermione did have a hard time at first in order to convince him to come back with her.

"Can we not talk about N.E.W.T.s?! Honestly mate, you are starting to sound like my bookworm girlfriend.." Ron whined and winced as Hermione had swatted on his chest.

Harry laughed at his two best friends, putting away the newspaper next to him. "Back to this Cleora girl, do you think she's also on the train with us?"

"I think so.. Why, Harry? Too thrilled to see a famous fashion model?"

Harry scowled at Hermione, while Ron's nose was scrunched in confusion. He alternately turned his gaze Hermione then to Harry, demanding for answer. "Fashion model? What is that?"

The Gryffindor girl sighed, grabbing her bag then took out a muggle fashion magazine that she borrowed from Daniella few days ago. Coincidentally, the magazine happened to have 3 pages of fashion spreads which Cleora modelled in. Well, actually it wasn't really that coincidence, seeing her cousin was a little obsessed with the young model. Hermione couldn't imagine what reaction she would get from Danielle if she told her Cleora Ramsey went to the same school as her.

"A fashion model is someone whose job is to show clothing or make up by walking on the fashion runway as well as posing on the photographs, Ronald. Here, like this."

"Merlin's beard! Is that her?" Ron's eyes technically almost bulged out as Hermione showed them Cleora's fashion spread. She looked really elegant, wearing a strapless white gown and silver earrings, her long hair were styled in a neat french twist. Seemed like the picture was taken at a Victorian looking balcony, where she posed by leaning on her back against the railing. Her face was absolutely stunning with only a little make up, head slightly turned to the camera with a soft expression on her face and her mouth slightly opened, showing a little bit of her teeth.

After rolling her eyes at how passionate her boyfriend would be when it came to beautiful girls, she turned her gaze to Harry who remained silent. He didn't say anything, just looking at the picture through his spectacles with an interest. And from that moment, Hermione knew that The-Boy-Who-Lived was also amazed as Ron.

She mentally made note to keep Ron away from the new girl.

"Hey mate, if you wanted to go out with her, I'd support you no matter what." Ron finally said, patting Harry on his back with a wicked grin on his face. Harry just stared at him as if Ron had grown two heads.

It was Hermione who once again found herself smacking the back of her boyfriend's head with the magazine. "Ronald Weasley! Why would you even say that, what about Ginny?! She is your sister!"

Ron winced as he stroked at where Hermione had hit him. If he got amnesia some times in the future, it would definitely be Hermione who should take the blame. "Merlin, Hermione! No need to get your knickers in a twist! I was just saying, if he wanted to go out with her, then go on. He doesn't need to feel guilty just because Ginny is my sister."

Rubbing his nose bridge tiredly, Harry tried to came between the two of them. "Guys, seriously. I'm still here, you know. We don't have to discuss about my love life, alright?"

The couple immediately fell silent, sheepishly mumbled their apologies.

"Ah, there you are, Miss Ramsey!"

Cleo was just got off the one of Hogwarts carriages when she caught the sight of Hogwarts' Headmistress walking closer to her. As soon as they arrived at Hogsmeade station earlier, Draco had left her without even saying anything (not even a good bye or good luck!) that kinda made her getting more annoyed at the blond. Not that she enjoyed his company, she didn't. Really. But still, as annoying as he was, Cleo could use some help from him on getting to Hogwarts next! If it wasn't for a half-giant man named Hagrid who told her to get on the carriage, she probably would had been lost somewhere.

She had met some other Hogwarts students on the carriage ride; two Ravenclaw girls named Luna Lovegood and Padma Patil, as well as two Gryffindors named Ginny Weasley and Parvati Patil. Cleo was really thankful that they were all so friendly to her, pretty much the opposite of the albino. Damn it, there he was again in her head.

"We'll see you later, Cleo. Just find us in the Great Hall later, okay? I really hope you will be sorted to Gryffindor!" Ginny told her, hugging her close like she had known her for a long time. Cleo felt emotional for a bit. After she told them about the reason why she didn't go to Hogwarts 7 years ago, she was really surprised these girls didn't even judge her just because of it. Instead, they were encouraging her and promised to help her with her study any time.

"Sure thing. Bye, girls." after waving at her new friends, the brunette turned her attention to the old lady who was now standing next to her. She politely smiled at the old woman. "Good evening, Professor McGonagall."

"Good evening, Miss Ramsey. I trust you have a pleasant journey to Hogwarts?"

Pursing her lips for a second, she recalled at her train ride moment with Draco Malfoy. Pleasant? Not likely. "It was divine, Professor." she finally answered.

"Very well. Now if you follow me, I'll take you to your room. Munchy and your trunks are already there. We must get going as the sorting ceremony will be started in half an hour."

Cleo nodded, then started walking into the castle next to the Professor. There weren't many people there as most of them was likely already at their room to change to their robes. She glanced around her surrounding, the Hogwarts castle looked incredibly amazing. It was sort of dark, but she didn't get any creepy ambience at all because of the dim lights and the moonlight that illuminated through the big, fancy windows.

When they reached the Grand Staircase, Cleo couldn't help but looked around again with her mouth hanging open, completely feeling wonderstruck. There were hundreds of portraits covering the walls and they were moving! Yes, moving! Cleo's jaw dropped again as she noticed that the stairs there were also moving.

"I really hope you'll be careful whenever you step on these stairs, Miss Ramsey. As you can see, they like to change by themselves." Professor McGonagall reminded her firmly. Cleo quickly nodded, silently prayed she would never ever miss the stairs and fall to her death.

Her room was located on the fifth floor. They stood before a portrait of a long greasy haired man with a black robes.

"Miss Ramsey, Professor Snape here will guard your room. Just tell him the password and then he will open the door for you. Try not to give the password to other students, do you understand?" the Headmistress explained, then after getting an affirmative from Cleo, she turned to talk to the portrait. "Good evening, Severus. I'm here to take Miss Ramsey to her room."

Severus Snape was eyeing her from up and down, making Cleo felt a little uncomfortable and cowered behind the Headmistress. "Well, if it wasn't Miss Ramsey. You look absolutely a lot like your mother. Very well. Password?"

"Verus Amor."

The portrait swung backwards.

When they were finally in her new room, Cleo once again found herself staring agape around her surrounding. Her new room was actually looked exactly like her room in London. The ceiling, the bed, her desk, even the walls were also painted in baby blue, exactly like her room back home. She even noticed her laptop on the desk.

"Professor.. why..,"

Professor McGonagall smiled, patting the young lady softly on her shoulder. "I just know you will miss your room so much, Miss Ramsey. So that's why we decorated your room exactly like your old one. As for your laptop, I've charmed it to work perfectly fine without the battery. Oh my word, I forgot about your phone. Would you mind showing me your phone so I can charm it?"

Nodding, Cleo handed the phone to her. Professor McGonagall muttered a spell as she pointed her wand at the phone. A yellow light appeared from the tip of her wand, circling around her mobile phone then disappeared. "There, all done. But remember Miss Ramsey, you can't bring your phone to the classroom. It will be dead by the time it reaches the classroom."

Cleo was close to tears now. She gave the lady a kiss on both of her cheeks. "Thank you so much, Professor. I really appreciate it."

Professor McGonagall blinked several times, not really expecting her new student would kiss her cheeks as a gratitude. Cleora Ramsey was absolutely a sweet girl. "You are welcome, Miss Ramsey. You can change into your robes now. I'll be waiting in the Great Hall."

With that, she was gone.

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