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The Moons Force by CauldronCharm130
Chapter 2 : Full Moon
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wow, so I totally didn't mean to take this long but I will explain at the end. I hope you enjoy, thanks for being so patient and i hope you enjoy.

P.S. I am not the owner of Harry Potter no matter how much I dream.

 “Ginny, what time are we leaving the Burrow tonight?” I asked over the table at breakfast my voice slightly muffled by a large yawn. Across the table Al and Lilly yawned too. It’s no lie, those buggers are contagious. One person yawns and everyone’s yawning then- they spread like herpes in Hufflepuff.

“Well we are aparating there at eleven so in about an hour and we are leaving about the same time tomorrow. Why do you want to know? Have you got any plans with friends from school or is your uncle picking you up tomorrow…?” she trailed of expectantly and I winced slightly though not because of my uncle. I had stayed at the Burrow many times before but never on a full moon. Sure I was fine at the Potters, where the forest out back was enough to conceal me and contain me in my wolf form, but at the Burrow the only thing close enough I could think of was the orchard out back and that would be no use. It was going to be tricky to sneak back to the Potters before the moon rose. Especially since all of the cousins stayed up well past midnight to play a very competitive and high strung game of truth or dare. It was more of just dares really as the Wotters cool confidence, competitiveness and rebellious nature drove them to prove that they were able to do the most outrageous dares conceivable. Once, I had to go into James’s Uncle George’s room and replace his toothpaste with permanent sticking gel- he walked around with a toothbrush hanging out of his mouth for weeks before he found an antidote for the potion- and Hugo, who took the blame for it, got a severe talking to by Hermione. I would have to try and sneak away during someone’s dare and hope they wouldn’t notice.

“Actually my uncle’s not coming at all. He says he has something at work and he might see me at Easter. I was just being curious Ginny.” I smiled warmly knowing she would believe me. The one thing I had to learn after the attack was how to lie.

“Oh, well it’s his loss Cora. It just means that we get to steal more time with you.” She smiled warmly and I laughed lightly.

“Thanks Ginny.” I replied as I got up from the table and picked up my plate and glass and started washing them in the sink.

“I don’t know how many times I have to tell you that you don’t need to wash the dishes Cora. Just leave them and I’ll get them later.” She fussed as I turned around to her nonchalantly after I finished cleaning my dishes.

“Ginny you always say that I am family and should feel like this is my second home yet you treat me like a guessed. I think of this as my home away from Hogwarts and in such a place I should have to clean my own dishes like everybody else. Wouldn’t you agree?” I asked mockingly and Harry laughed, patted his wife on the back who sat there stunned, and got up from the table and sent his plates to the sink were they started washing themselves.

“I have never in all my years of motherhood had a child beg me to clean there dishes.” She floundered and I laughed loudly as I walked towards the door. “Maybe those other children just aren’t as nice and polite as me. James better be out of this shower or there is gonna be hell to pay.” I called the last part over my shoulder, ignoring the cries of protest from Al and Lilly.

 I turned into the wide hall and walked up the stairs, past Lilly’s room on the first landing and turned left off the second landing, and walked down the corridor to James room. The Potter’s house truly was huge. It needed to be in order to hold the entire Weasley family and extended family friends whenever there was need to. There were enough spare rooms in the house that I could have had my own room with an en suite bathroom, a walk-in closet and a balcony, and in fact Ginny and Harry had offered me this much two years ago, but for as long as we have been friends James and I have always preferred to share. As I walked into the room, James came out of the bathroom in his towel, his hair still dripping wet and little beads of water running down his toned abs. He turned towards the door and when he noticed me standing there gawking he smirked that irritating Potter smirk that he thought made him look hot. Well it kind of did … but I’m not supposed to be thinking about him like that.

“Wow Corry, stare much? I know that I am god damn sexy but you don’t have to gape at me.” He mocked as he pulled a t-shirt over his head and I rolled my eyes at him.

“Whatever you say Jamie” I laughed trying to hide my embarrassment as I walked into the bathroom, “and you better have not used all the hot water.” I threatened as I closed the bathroom door and locked it for good measure.

Things were still a little awkward between me and James, what with the whole topless fiasco. James had come back into the room last night as I pulled a large baggy jumper over my head. Even after five minutes in the bathroom both of our faces were still bright red. We had said an awkward goodnight before climbing into our respectful beds and falling silent. I lay awake for three hours before finally falling into a restless sleep. This morning, we had woke up and the previous night had been forgotten until I pulled off my jumper and James’s face turned bright red, he fumbled his words and then practically fell through the bathroom door. He had acted weird all morning at breakfast and it was making me nervous. What if he had seen my scar?

I pulled off my shorts and sports bra and stepped into the shower, the hot water battered against the bare pale skin of my back and I tried to let it soothe me to no avail. The thought that James might know my secret kept playing through my mind. I couldn’t bear to think about what he would say or how he would react if he knew. He couldn’t find and I sure as hell wasn’t going to tell him. When the water started to run cold I stepped out of the shower into the steamy bathroom, wrapped myself in a fluffy blue towel and wiped the condensation off the mirror with my hand. I had faint small purplish bruises under my tired brown eyes, my normally bright porcelain completion slightly yellow and dull. The impending moon always affected me like this; weakened me for the transition. I dried my hair roughly with a towel before applying a light layer of foundation to cover the sickly appearance of my skin. I walked back into the room and riffled through my trunk for clean underwear and cloths for today. After finding everything I plopped down on my bed and pulled my underwear on before letting the towel fall to my waist and reached for my dress.

“Ehh, you do know that I’m in here right?” James asked awkwardly averting his eyes to the wall and I rolled my eyes at him.

“Yes James, it is your room. Would you relax? You have seen me in a bra before. Merlin it’s like you’ve never seen boobs before.” I sighed exasperatedly and he coughed loudly as choked on his own saliva. I wasn’t going to let last night make things awkward between me and James and the only way to do that was be normal around him. I pulled my powder blue dress over my head, let the towel fall and walked over to James.

“Well…I know but…it’s just…Are we even going to talk about last night?” he fumbled, his hazel eyes confused and innocent looking. I turned my back to him and pulled my long damp hair over my shoulder.

“There is no need to. It wasn’t a big deal, like I said, it’s not as if you haven’t seen boobs before James and besides, it was just an embarrassing mistake. No need to bring up the awkward past.” I said nonchalantly. “Can you tie this in a bow?” I asked gesturing to the ties on the dress.

“A bow?” he pulled his eyebrows together so that it looked like one long furry caterpillar attacking his face.

“Like a shoe lace.” I said pitifully as I rolled my eyes at the wall again.

“Cora, how are you sweetie? You’re looking a little thin.” Molly greeted me with a bone crushing hug as I entered the Burrow behind James who was now trying to mess up his hair again after Nana Molly tried to flatten it to his skull.

“Hi Nana Molly. I’m well thanks, and you?” I smiled politely after she released me into the kitchen.

“Good, Cora.” I walked round the kitchen, being hugged and greeted by all the other adult Weasleys that were in the room before James pulled me through the door into the living room. We were greeted by a cheer of hellos from all of James’s cousins who were all smushed into the small living room which was quiet a feet as there was quiet a fair few of them. This was the reason I loved visiting the Burrow; everyone treated me like I was family and made me feel at home.

“We were going to play a game of quidditch, you wanting to play James?” Teddy called across the loud room as he stood up, his short hair a shocking shade of blue. Teddy was twenty two and still as big a child as the rest of us. Something Victoire wasn’t always too pleased about being his fiancé and all.

“Yeah, who else is playing?” James asked and cousins around the room began to leave through the kitchen door and out to the field were they played quidditch.

“Me, you, Al, Scorp, Fred, Louis, and Lilly wanted to play but no one else wants to play.” Teddy answered and the cousins herded out to the garden.

“I’ll play if you need one more for four a side.” I suggested reluctantly and James barked with laughter. He knew that I hated watching quidditch. What he didn’t know was that I was a pretty good beater due to my werewolf strength and the fact that I loved to fly. Plus who wouldn’t like to play a game where you can smash very hard balls into people’s faces with extreme speed and strength- it’s a great way to get your anger out.


“You have to try out for the quidditch team this year Corry, you just have to.” Frank Longbottom pleaded after watching the last half of the match. I had been the beater on my team with James as chaser, Al as seeker and Freddie was keeper. Our team had won, due to a pretty amazing hit –if I do say so myself- were I knocked the snitch flying like a golf ball in a high arch right into Albus’s outstretched hand after hitting it with a bludger. Needless to say Louis who was about to catch it by about an inch had been pretty shocked.

“Frank, I have not nor will I ever show any interest in joining the Gryffindor quidditch team. I don’t care if you are the captain and you’re my friend, it’s just not going to happen.” I said crisply before turning my attention back to the game dare that had started after the adults had went to bed about an hour ago.

“Scorpius it’s your turn to pick a dare.” James called from his spot next to me on the floor. Scorp got crawled along the floor and snatched a piece of paper from the ratty old wizards hat that stood on the table and crawled back to his spot in front of the couch before opening the envelope. He pulled out a slip of parchment and another envelope and read out loud.

“First chose a female partner. Mmm, Rosie.” Scorpius grinned shyly before pulling another slip of parchment out of the second envelope. He opened it eagerly and the smile fell off of his face. “Your partner must remove her bra. Then she must put it on you and you must wear it over your clothes for three days. I can’t do that!” he pleaded, everyone around him falling to the ground in floods of laughter.

“Are you forfeiting? You know what that means don’t you Scorp?” Al laughed and Scorpius shook his head violently mumbling “no, n-no, no, no, I won’t, NO. Rose GIVE me your BRA!!!” He almost shouted the last part forcefully as he spun around towards Rose, his hand held out expectantly and a very prominent blush flooding onto Roses face. Mortified, Rose reached round her back, unclasped her bra and pulled the pink, frilly strapless from over the neck line of her spaghetti strap top and walked timidly towards Scorpius. She clasped the bra round Scorpius’s chest with shaking hands before sitting back down on the couch, her embarrassment clear on her face as her cousins mocked her about the risqué undergarment. Hugo looked positively scarred and Scorpius seemed to be looking at the bra in admiration. There was definitely something going on between those two, I would have to talk to Rosie about it tomorrow. I stood up from couch, telling everyone that I was going to bed and ignoring their protest I walked through to the kitchen. I was half way out the back door, trying to open it slowly so as to prevent it from creaking when someone announced their presence.

“Corry what are you doing? It’s dark out and tonight of all nights isn’t really a night for going outside.” Teddy.

“I was just going outside for some fresh air. I won’t be long.” I smiled hastily trying to make a fast exit. Even with my back towards it, I could feel the moon rising higher. I had about half an hour to get somewhere safe.

“No, really Cora come back inside.” Teddy begged as he wrapped his hand around my arm.

“DON’T” I said forcefully. He looked at me startled as his hand fell limp at his side and I knew that my eyes were flashing the liquid amber that they always did when I was angry on the night of a full moon. I was about to lose control. “I have to go.” I whispered urgently before darting out the door and into the darkness. I would deal with Teddy tomorrow. Right now I could feel the moon making its slow arc in the sky as I ran around the house to the outside fire place, grabbed a hand full of Floo powder and threw it into the grate. I threw myself into the emerald grate and I came out of the fire place in the empty Potter living room. The house was cold and quiet. I ran through the empty house felling like an unwanted intruder in familiar mansion. Bursting through the patio doors I sprinted frantically towards the forest at the end of the garden. I broke through the first layer of trees, the light of the patio lights fading and becoming obscured by trees. Running deeper and deeper, the trees becoming a blur with speed and my breath came faster and more laboured, my mind becoming blank. My limbs shaking violently I stopped in the clearing in deep heart of the woods. The moons light lit the clearing, casting an almost eerie glow over the tree tops and I slowly gazed upwards before the crushing pain entered my body as my bones broke or lengthened, and everything went blank as the moon reflected in the black pupils of the werewolf’s amber eyes.

The ground was cold and hard underneath me. I was lying on the rough bracken that littered the dark forest floor, my head pounding and my muscles acing. I squinted through the darkness, trying to gauge how deep the wolf had run last night. It seemed as if I was about two miles from the house and I groaned wondering if I would be able to make it back to the Weasleys before everyone woke up. I knew I would already have to deal with James and Teddy and the last thing I needed was the whole family asking questions. Sitting up slowly I groaned again at the stiffness in my neck and the blanket that had been covering my fell off. I stared down at the offending item in confusion and there was a shuffling sound to my left. I snapped my head towards the intruder and squinted into the gloom as I pulled the blanket around my naked body- my clothes were still in the clearing with my wand were the wolf had took over- and out of the shadows emerged Teddy Lupin. He was pale, dirty and tired looking, like he had been sleeping on the ground. His hair was a dull brown and his eyes observed me wearily. He too wore a woolly blanket over his seemingly naked frame.

“You looked cold.” He said plainly and watched me as if he expected me to say something.

“Thanks.” I whispered at I walked towards him in the general direction of the clearing and he fell into step with me. I knew I was asking too much in wishing that he would just let it go but I still cringed when he started asking questions.

“When?” He didn’t need to say any more than that. It was a mutual recognition that we both knew each other’s secret.

“Just after I turned nine. What about you?” I glanced up at him, his face becoming clearer as the sun light began to creep through the canopy.

“My dad was a werewolf, but my first change happened when I turned thirteen. Needless to say Harry wasn’t as shocked as I was having known about my father. How did it happen?”

“I was bitten.” I replied curtly, not wanting to broach the subject of the attack. I pulled the blanket up on the right side to show the scar that I always tried to keep hidden.

“Merlin. That must have killed.” I shuddered at the word. He didn’t know how accurate he was.

“Yeah, you could say that.” I replied in a guarded voice and he pretended not to notice.

“You know I never knew how much we have in common.” He grinned weakly and I gazed at him questioningly. We broke through the edge of the clearing and I walked over to retrieve my clothes and wand. “You know, we’re both adopted Potters, and werewolves, both orphans, both bloody brilliant beaters for reasons we both know and were both not bad to look at.” He grinned and I laughed out loud at him. Only Teddy could get away with that.

“I’m not an adopted Potter. Where are you clothes ‘cause we need to get back before they wake up?” I asked slightly frantically.

“At the burrow where I left them. Don’t worry I can apparate us, we’ll back before you know it. But why does it matter anyway? He asked before approaching me and extending his hand out to me. I took it in my hand and sighed “Because no one knows.” I stated simply and he cocked his head at me in surprise.

“Everyone knows about me. Well that’s probably because I was at the burrow during my first transformation, thank god no one was hurt. Wait you haven’t told anyone? Not even James? I thought you trusted him with everything.” He laughed weakly.

“That’s exactly why I can’t tell him. He’s the only person I can trust. Can you imagine how different he would treat me if he knew? We would never be as close as we are now.” I said forcefully.

“He knows about me and he’s never treated me any different.” He encouraged warmly.

“Then why has he never told me about you?” he had no answer, he just stared at me and hurt flashed in her eyes. That had come out my bitchy than I had intended.

“Shit, look Teddy I didn’t mean it to come out like that. I just meant that maybe he think I can’t handle and let’s face it if thinks it’s something I can’t handle, how is he going to react when he finds out that I‘m a monster?” shaking my head in defeat I looked back up and Ted with pleading eyes, “Can we just go back?” he nodded slowly with a sympathetic expression before turning sharply and pulling me into nothingness. 

Hi again. So first things first I want to apologise for how long this update took, I don't normally procrastinate this much. Fortunately i can justify my horribleness. I was in the middle of final editing for this chapter a few weeks ago when I came to the conclusion that it was -for lack of a better word- crap.

So I apologise and I want to thank everyone who read my last chapter, especially those who took the time to review. I cant belive the response the chapter got, eleven reviews on one chapter, I almost choked when I logged on to find that.

Hope that you enjoyed this chapter, please leave a review and let me know if you liked it or if you think I have completely ruined the plot so early :S

CauldronCharm130 xx 

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