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Winds of Desire by lindslo2012
Chapter 10 : A 'Sticky' Situation
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Two weeks passed since the talk with Ron that night and they haven’t spoken since.

Hermione sat quietly on Harry and Ginny’s front porch and rocked baby James as he cried, fighting his sleep.

Ginny was inside making dinner and Harry was in his home office again doing Auror work as usual, being head of The Auror Department he had a lot to do almost all the time and was cooped up in his office a good amount of the time he spent home.

Hermione wondered if she should ask about Ron since he worked with Harry, but why should she? She was with Draco now and Ron was not of her concern, or shouldn’t be. Even though he was… she wanted to know whether he was still with that Emily girl, or if Ron hadn’t ever went farther than a one night stand. She forgot to ask when she last talked with Ron. Oh well, it shouldn't bother her anyway.  

She wished things were much easier and that things could just clash back into place and they could be friends and all hurt could be forgiven. But what he did was too painful. 

But she knew well that life wasn’t ever that easy or predictable. If it was predictable, would she be where she was now? Newly dating an ex-Death Eater who also happened to be her past enemy, and her being broken up from someone she swore she would spend the rest of her life with? 

Since their night together two weeks ago, Hermione has seen Draco about five times, a few in the Ministry where she works in The Department of Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures very part time and he works in the Department of the Improper Use of Magic Office, only once a week or twice and they went out to dinner a few times as well.

They have not had any sex since the night in the hotel, Hermione wanted to keep it that way for now. She didn’t feel quite right making love to Malfoy yet, it had only been a little while since they got together. And she wouldn’t have made love to him that night if she wasn’t drunk; she was not sleazy and was a strong witch who made sure she was in a stable, mature relationship before she would let any man get in her pants. Although the only person who ever slept with her besides Malfoy was Ron. Well, that was a change in man for sure.

Hermione even went to visit Narcissa with Draco for the first time one warm day, who was obviously grieving her sister Bellatrix, and sad about her husband being in Azkaban. She wasn’t her usual feisty and spunky self like she had been a couple years ago if her son was courting a mudblood. Hermione realized it wasn’t so bad meeting Draco’s mum even if she was still Narcissa and obviously rather her son be dating someone 'pure'.  

Hermione discovered Narcissa had also reconnected with her sister Andromeda, who had little Teddy for her deceased daughter Tonks, who passed in the war beside her husband, Teddy’s father Lupin. Bellatrix and Narcissa disowned Tonks when she married Lupin and Andromeda when she married a muggle-born man, but now that the war was over and she had not much family to express her grief to except for Draco, she missed her sister Andromeda. And wanted to talk with someone other than the Death Eater members..

When Hermione was present, Narcissa was somewhat nice to Hermione but Hermione caught her glaring at Draco every now and then when he was quitter close to her, but Hermione expected this behavior from Narcissa she was just relieved Bellatrix was gone or this would be much more complicated of a visit, Molly Weasley had killed her herself.

She could only imagine what Bellatrix would act like, seeing her nephew cling to a mud blood, especially after her own sister and niece Andromeda and Nymphadora Tonks married Ted Tonks and Remus Lupin and caused a great disgrace to the family.

The night was warm and it was sprinkling, Hermione could hear cows mooing in the distance, she enjoyed the countryside, it was very relaxing compared to Ron’s and her old apartment in downtown London where there was always music playing, sirens going off, and too much excitement for a quiet bookworm like Hermione, she needed peace sometimes with nature.

The city was just not the right place for her and when she did move out of Ginny and Harry’s place she planned on getting a country home like theirs. She wondered if Draco would like if they lived in the country if they did go on to be together someday. Too early to think that Hermione, Merlin’s beard! She thought to herself, mentally lecturing herself.

Ginny was making pork, Hermione absolutely loved pork, it was top of her list for absolute favorite foods.

She kept rocking the baby as she smelt the fumes from the cooking meat and she stopped breathing for a moment. She felt as though she might vomit. “GINNY!” She yelled for her best friend. Ginny was there in a flash.

“Take James please!” Hermione quickly handed James to Ginny and flew a hand to her mouth as she ran to the side of the porch. She threw her head over and started to vomit.

 “Oh Hermione! Are you ill?” Ginny said, concerned. Ginny took James in and sat him on a blanket and then tended to her best friend.

Hermione felt fine after recovering from her odd ill attack and looked at Ginny confused.

 Ginny handed her a hand towel and just watched her making sure she was okay before returning to cooking. “I don’t what that was about! Merlin’s beard that came out of no where!” Hermione said, wiping her mouth off and then setting the dirty towel on fire with her wand.

“What made you sick?” Asked Ginny, alarmed.

“The smell of pork, it just came into my nose and all of a sudden I had to vomit! That was terrible! I love pork. How very odd…” Hermione said, sitting on the porch swing again.

Ginny sat next to her and looked at her friend with concerned eyes… this reminded her all too well of herself in a certain situation, “Hermione, when was your last period?”

Hermione looked at her with wide eyes, “Why? Erm, I’m not sure, over a month ag…OH GINNY!” Hermione threw her hands to her face in panic.

Ginny looked at her with wide eyes, “What?!” She asked.

“Draco and I d-didn’t use pr-protection when we did the deed, we were drunk but I don’t remember either of us putting on the contraception charm although we were drunk so I may not have remembered anyways... Oh no! What was I th-thinking?! So s-stupid!!! We need to go to a muggle store.” Hermione was crying, shaking her head into her hands and mentally beating herself up for her mistake. 

Well this would make things escalate!

“Oh no…” Ginny said in a hushed whisper. “Let me finish dinner and we will run to the store after we eat, I hope it’s not what we think it might be!”

Hermione nodded, terrified and just stayed on the porch swing, she was scared and she already knew what the test would say but hoped that it wouldn't because she would never dislike the smell of pork, that was one of her favorite foods on the universe, and she just smelt it outside...

At their dinner Harry looked at the two girls who were clearly acting fishy.

He watched as Hermione just played with her pork which she normally loved, and Ginny kept shooting concerned glances at her best friend.

“What’s wrong?” He asked curiously.

“Nothing!” They said in unison, giving each other a quick glance.

“Yeah, you act like I haven’t known you two forever!” Harry said impatiently.

“Harry, we may tell you later, not now…” Hermione said to him.

“Blimey Hermione, can you not trust me anymore? Am I like not your best friend since now you have Ginny all the time and I stay somewhat busy?” He snapped.

“Harry, this is something I need to be sure of before I go off and telling everyone in the world. Including you! This is a girl thing Harry,” Hermione said, sounding just as snappy.

Harry looked taken aback. He had no idea though what happened or what was going on with her.

He then just kept his mouth shut for the rest of dinner, but watched Hermione with wondering eyes, trying to read her. But that was next to impossible; she looked at her pork as though it may grow a set of teeth and bite her.

“Can you watch James when Hermione and I run to the erm… store?” Ginny hesitated out.

“Sure,” Harry answered, picking his son up out of his little swing and playing with him as he watched his wife and friend walk out of the house with a worried look on his face.

Surely it isn’t what he thinks is going on possibly, Hermione wouldn’t be so irresponsible, especially with Draco Malfoy of all people…

The girls rushed into the gas station store not far down the road and Hermione grabbed the best pregnancy test that they had. She went to the counter and paid for it with muggle money and the girls left as fast as they came.

Hermione wanted to be home to take it, so they made the trip back home. The trip seemed to take forever to the girls. Hermione just watched the sky race by as Ginny sped toward home.

They did not fly the car this time, they came from a small muggle town where the gas station sat at the edge, so they didn’t want to attract unwanted attention, and a flying car would certainly cause that. That was the last thing Hermione wanted at this moment was extra attention.

Hermione was not looking forward to peeing on the stick.

Ginny kept asking questions about it, she had never even heard of a pregnancy test and wanted to see how it works, at this time she reminded Hermione of her father, Arthur.

Usually a witch would go to St. Mungo’s and get a test done by a Healer. But Hermione was raised as a muggle, and she remembered her mother being pregnant with the little sister of Hermione’s that she lost when Hermione was only six, she had gone to the store with her mother to buy a pregnancy test.

She asked questions then like Ginny was doing now.

But Hermione did not want to answer Ginny’s questions and just shook her head yes or no in response; if she tried to speak she may vomit again but this time all over the Ford Anglia. Harry would be enraged.

Draco hadn’t heard from Hermione since about six and he started to get concerned, she always texted him. Barely ever stopped texting her now a days since their relationship just got unexpectedly ever closer.

He felt a sense that something was going on but didn’t want to raise alarm, so he patiently laid in bed as he waited for her texts and thought about her and their night in the hotel once again.

That was the best night he ever had with a girl even though he was drunk, he did not regret what he did. Astoria had nothing against Hermione with her looks, not one single thing. Astoria’s beauty looked dull compared to Hermione’s to Draco… Hermione had that natural beauty that radiated off of her. 

Hermione walked into her bedroom’s loo and she pulled out the test and read the directions which basically said unwrap and urinate on it. It was digital so it couldn’t be mistaken...

She sat on the toilet and then peed on it, her hands unsteady and shaky… she finished and then stood up and set the test straight on the counter face down as it told her to do so. She wished there was some way to easily get results like this in the wizarding world without seeing a Heeler, no; her and Ginny had to go to a muggle store to get this.

In the wizarding world you only just knew and went with that after going to St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries and having a Healer look at you and do some kind of spell. For some reason, Hermione just wanted to do it the muggle way.

It seemed easier to deal with this way. She wasn’t particularly one to want to be in the attention of a room full of about twelve Healers giving their own opinion, she remembered from her trip with Ginny when she found out about James.

She paced in the bathroom back and forth for five minutes before looking at the test. Her heart stopped, “Pregnant.”

She fell to the ground and just sobbed into her knees with the test in her hand. Her fall made a clunking sound that panicked her best friend outside the door.

Ginny knocked hard on the bathroom door in panic, thinking she feinted or something to that capacity. “’Mione?!” She heard the crying when she knocked again, “Let me in!”

Hermione unlocked the door with her wand and Ginny saw her tear stricken face. Ginny grabbed the test out of her best friend’s hands and said… “Oh no…”

She sat next to her friend and put her head on her shoulder as she cried. Ginny still curiously looked at the test as she comforted Hermione, thinking about the hole her best friend had dug in front of her.

Man Hermione has been through hell the past few weeks! Can she get a break?

Ginny looked at her friend, “It will be alright. It will be alright Hermione!”

Hermione then got mad, “No! It won’t! He will probably leave me! We have been talking for a month! We had sex and we forgot to use a contraception charm because we were drunk and dim-witted at the moment, yes we have started out our relationship well but this is still something I would have never imagined Ginny, how could I have done this! Ron and I will never be friends again, he will hate me! Oh Ginny! Bloody hell what am I going to do?” She was trembling.

Ginny just hugged her friend tight and stayed silent. Although her heart ached for Hermione, and even her poor brother, who she knew still loved Hermione with all his heart.

Harry walked into the bathroom and knew what happened when he saw the test in her hand being raised going into muggle grocery stores with his aunt.

 He stood at the doorway and said, “Hermione, it will be okay,” but Harry couldn’t believe what his best friend had done with Draco, an ex-Death Eater. His best friend, the brightest witch of her age. He never would have thought she would ever get herself into something like this! Especially not with Draco Malfoy!

 Although he’s a better person, he still did bad things in the past. Now he had gotten his best friend knocked up, now that was something that will be hard to forgive and forget.

Now she needed to tell Draco. But how? She didn’t want to tell him by phone. She really wished she didn't have to tell him at all, but of course she does. So she asked Ginny if she could use her clumsy but adorable small Owl, Susie Que.

Dear Draco,
I have some stunning news to tell you. I don’t know how you will take it but I need to see you right away. Please meet me at Hogsmeade in the picnic area near Honey Dukes. This was too important for a text, but you text me back that you will meet me.
Love always, -Hermione

She then sent the owl off to Draco and just sat on their living room couch. Waiting.

The owl barely took any time to get to Malfoy and he was surprised to see it. Who was this from? Apparently it was for him, not his mum. The chestnut brown, tiny barn owl landed on his shoulder.

He took out the letter and read it aloud. His heart sunk. “Oh no…” He breathed. She was either going to tell him that they are over, or she didn’t like him anymore or regretted everything… or… oh no, he needed to see her now. He took out his phone and texted that he was on his way to Hogsmeade at once.

When Draco apparated into the little picnic area Hermione had told him to meet her and there wasn’t a sign of her yet, and this made Draco quite scared of what was to come. It must be very serious, Hermione was never late for anything, she was always on the dot.

Then a loud crack and there she was standing right in front of him. Looking downfallen.

He could see that she was shaken up and has been crying, her usually smooth looking brown eyes were swollen and her face was damp with tears.

She sat next to him on the bench and looked him seriously in the face, “Draco, before I tell you this, I loved the last few weeks we have spent together. I really think I have really started liking you. I hope we can continue seeing where this goes. But this might be something that will really, really shock you…”

”So you aren’t leaving me? That’s what had me terrified!” Draco said, holding onto her hands now in relief but trying to comfort her.

But he noticed there was something in one of them, a stick like object, it was white and had a word on it he couldn’t read.

He let go and looked at her. Of course he doesn’t know what it was because it was something from the muggle world but the one word on it he did understand and it would change his life forever in just a matter of a few minutes.

“I am not leaving you, no. But we made a mistake and now I have to tell you something…” she then held up the little stick in front of his eyes so he could see more clearly. “Pregnant."

"Oh bloody hell..." Draco breathed, feeling the color run out of his cheeks so he was chalk white, and little beads of sweat formed on his forehead, sometimes little mistakes come with big consequences.

Draco Malfoy is going to be a father. To Hermione's child. How unexpected. Draco Malfoy, high class pureblood wizard is going to be a father to a half-blood child.. oh what will the family think? Draco dreaded telling anyone.. 

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