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Peanut Butter Geli Time by LilyLunaPotter17
Chapter 9 : Flying and Falling
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Amazeballs chapter image by annihilation @tda :)

The next day, Sunday, was the first Quidditch match of the season – Gryffindor versus Ravenclaw.

I was really excited – at least until I remembered I was going to be playing. I was used to sitting in the stands (why are they called “stands” if nobody actually stands up? They should call them “sits”), cheering on Al and Alice, and maybe Rose.

But nooo, not this year. This year, I was putting myself at risk of getting mauled by vicious, crazy, players. It has happened before.

“Hey, don’t worry, Geli,” Rose said. We were sitting at the breakfast table, but my plate was empty (which was unusual for me). “You’ll be fine. You won’t get hit by a Bludger, you won’t fall off your broomstick, you’ll be absolutely fine.”

“Thanks, Rose,” I mumbled. It really wasn’t helping.

She looked at her watch. “It’s nearly time. You’d better eat something.”

“If I eat anything, I’ll barf over everyone watching.” I said, standing up. “Let’s go,” I sighed.

We walked down to the pitch and into the changing rooms. Alice, Al and James were already there.

“Geli, you look like you’re about to hurl,” Alice commented. I glared at her and shot her the finger. “How rude. Get changed, will you?” She threw me my Quidditch robes and I trudged into the cubicle to put it on.

When I came back out, the reserve Seeker, Katrina Bell, and the Keeper, Marcus Something-or-Other were sitting on the bench.

“Geli, you look –” Marcus began.

“If you finish that sentence, you will not be able to sit on a broomstick for the rest of your life when I’m done with you,” I growled. “Move your ass, Alice.” She shuffled over on the bench for me to sit. James was pacing in front of the blackboard, muttering to himself and growling. That boy is weird sometimes.

“Where are the Beaters?” I asked.

“You mean Jack and Ripley?” Alice said.

“Ripley? What kind of name is that?” I demanded, giggling.

“The kind of name his mother gave him when he was born. They should be coming down soon – oh, there they are.”

Bigfoot One and Bigfoot Two – I mean, Jack and Ripley – came lumbering in, shoving each other around and punching things.

These are really the people on my team. We are so going to lose.

“We are so going to win!” James exclaimed as the Bigfoot Brothers sat down. (Hehehe, I like my new nickname for those Beaters. Whatever their names are.)

“You know, that completely contradicts what I was just thinking!” I said. “Wait – was that out loud?”

“Yes, it was out loud, you twat,” Alice said, rolling her eyes.

James opened his mouth to speak when a certain blond-haired, grey-eyed someone came running in.

“GeliGeliGeliGeli!” Hyperion – I mean, Scorpius – cried, shoving past James and leaping on me.

“I’m sorry!” Rose called. “I tried to stop him!”

“Oh, my poor Geli-Belly!”

“… What did you just call me?”

“Hey, don’t worry about this match. You won’t die or anything, but if you do, can I have your clothes?” Scorpius asked.

“I call dibs on her shoes!” Al put in.

“No, you cannot have my clothes and no, you cannot have my shoes, because I’m not going to die. Hopefully. And anyway, I’ve already signed a legally binding contract agreeing to the fact that Rose, Molly and Alice get my possessions if I die.” I told them.

“That’s too bad,” Scorpius said, looking sad. “You know what you are?”

“What am I?”

“You’re my Gezzy-bezzy. You know that, right?”

“Yup. And you’re my Scozza-bozza. And my best friend’s boyfriend.” I said, grinning at him.

“Exactly.” Scorpius said.

“Hey!” Al said from next to Alice. “Best friend feeling very rejected right here, you know!” Scorpius let go of me and flew across to Al.

“Don’t worry, you’re my Ally-bally. And so is Alice. Haha, you have the same name. That’s my Jamey-wamey, and –”

James cleared his throat. “As entertaining as this all is, Scorp, we kind of need to –”

“Oh. Yeah. Sorry. Well, good luck guys. Especially my Gezzy-Bezzy. Don’t die!” He blew me a kiss, linked arms with Rose and left.

“… Am I alone in worrying about that boy?” Alice said.

“Nope. He needs mental help,” said Bigfoot One said.

“Don’t say that about my Scozza-bozza!” I said angrily.

“She needs mental help too,” Bigfoot Two put in.

Anyway,” James said loudly, “let’s not get distracted now. Focus!”

… We just had a crazy Slytherin boy come in here and call me Geli-Belly. I don’t think any of us are focusing right now.

Two minutes later, we were walking out onto the pitch. James had given me an old Firebolt which was lurking in the broom cupboard. It was kind of slow compared to the others’, but that was fine by me. Hopefully I wouldn’t die.

Firebolts were used when Rose’s parents were in their third year – so they were about a hundred years old. Some bastard on the Ravenclaw team was laughing at my broom, so I shot him the finger.

As we walked on, the commentator, Ethan Jordan, who was in Al’s dorm, called out our names.

“And here come the Gryffindor team! Jack Howard! Ripley Green! Peter Wood! Albus Potter! Alice Longbottom! Geli Blue! And the Seeker – Jaaaaaaames Potter!” James waved to his adoring fans (made up mostly of girls who wore too much makeup and had nothing better to do than worship him) as he strode on.

The referee, Madam Wilson, who was about as fair as Voldemort, stood in the middle.

“Captains, shake hands!” she barked. The Ravenclaw Captain was very pretty with long blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She smiled at James as they shook hands, but he glared at her like “OMG, are you hittin’ on me, girl?”

“Mount your brooms!” screamed Madam Wilson. She threw up the Quaffle and blew her whistle. That was it – no “play clean” or anything. I bet the stupid bitch wanted me to die.

I kicked off and screamed as I did so. I hope nobody heard.

“You’ll do great, Geli!” I heard Alice shout.

I wish I could say all those things that you normally see when someone flies – the wind in my hair, the whole world at my fingertips, etc., etc.

I was actually more aware of how uncomfortable the broom felt or how my butt was sliding off. Any minute now, I thought, any minute now I’m going to fall off and plunge to my death. I bet then that stupid Nadine-devil-bitch would regret she was ever mean/rude/just-plain-bitchy to me.

“You can do it, Geli!” I heard someone yell. “You’re my Gezzy-bezzy!” Scorpius. I should have known. I looked over at him – a strange Slytherin boy sitting amongst the Gryffindors. Rose was cheering, Nadine was glaring at me and (my boyfriend?) Brandon was blowing me kisses. Well, what can I say – I’m so lovable!

I was looking around to see where the Quaffle was (so I could get as far away from it as possible) when something slammed into the side of my face and someone said,

“Geli, look out for the Quaffle!”

… You’re a little late for that you stupid buggers!

My face felt very sore, but I was fine. A Ravenclaw was zooming under me with the Quaffle under his arm.

“Get back here you little git!” I screamed as I tore after him, aware of the fact that my face was swelling up.

“Geli, are you okay?” James yelled at me. “Your face …”


My bloody face has bloody swollen up because of that damn Quaffle.

“Time out!” James called to Madam Wilson, who rolled her eyes and blew her whistle.

“It looks like the Gryffindor captain has called for a time out!” Ethan noted.

Yeah, no shizz, Captain Obvious.

I landed and slid off the broom. Damn, that thing is hard. I limped back to the changing rooms and sat down.

“Why’re you limping, Geli?” Marcus asked.

“I don’t know how you people sit on those brooms all the time.” I moaned as I sat down. Alice came in and perched next to me. I groaned loudly and put my face in my hands. “Don’t look at me – I’m hideous!”

“You’re hideous all the time, honey, I don’t see much difference,” Alice said.

… She really said that?

“Alice … you … bitch.”

“I’m joking! Madam Pomfrey’s coming – she can put your face right.”

Next minute, I had troll poop on my face again and I swear they were all laughing at me.

“You know what?” I said after Alice and James had spent the last five minutes sniggering. “Damn you. Damn the lot of you to Hades. I hope he tortures you good and proper,” I stormed into the bathroom to check my face.

Phew – it had gone back to normal. I was just washing it off when the door opened. Damn, did I not lock it? It was probably Alice, come to say that she was very sorry for laughing at me.

“Alice, you –” I started. I looked in the mirror and my eyes widened in shock. “Al. What are you doing in here?”

“How’s your face?”

“It’s fine now,” I said, scraping the last of the poop off my face and washing it off my fingers. “I hope we win.”

“So do I.”

Using my sleeve to wipe the water off my face, I turned around. He was standing right in front of the door, blocking my exit. Jeez, there’s a Quidditch match to play.

“Um … we should go … I mean, the match –” I muttered, stumbling over my words.

“The match can wait, can’t it?” Al said quietly, moving closer.

Holy Helga, not this again.

“Lookie here –” (Did I really just say “lookie here”?) “– I already told you, I don’t like you anymore.”

“So what, Brandon comes along and suddenly I’m forgotten?”

“No! I – I mean, you –”

The door opened, jamming against Al’s back and Alice’s head popped round. She looked us up and down and said,

“Hurry up, lovebirds, the crowd won’t wait forever you know.”

“Alice!” I hissed, taking the chance to slide past Al and chase my so-called “friend” out of the bathroom. Al followed, his shoulders slumped.

Does the guy not know how to handle rejection?

“We’re ready!” James said happily. “Glad to see your face isn’t disgustingly deformed anymore … well, any more than it already is.”

This guy is supposed to have a crush on me. Well, if this is how boys “flatter” a girl, I’d book ’em all into a mental home. Yep. Mental homes for mental Potters.

I picked up the Firebolt and walked out onto the pitch with the others.

“Here come the teams! It looks like Gryffindor Chaser Geli Blue has recovered from that nasty hit with the Quaffle earlier, thrown by Al Potter.”

You WHAT??

Al threw that Quaffle? Hmph.

I’d like to see him with a Quaffle mark on his hot, gorg– wait – NO!!

We kicked off and suddenly I found myself holding the Quaffle. Two angry-looking Ravenclaw Chasers and one of the angry-looking Beaters were glaring at me. The Beater was shaking his bat at me. They would hurt. Possibly more than a Quaffle.

“Geli! Throw the Quaffle! Over here!” Alice screamed at me. I shut my eyes and hurled the Quaffle in that sort of direction. Ish.

When I opened my eyes, Alice was zooming towards the giant bubble blowers – whoops, I mean the goalposts.

“Yes! Alice Longbottom – who, may I say, is very pretty and talented –” (Lee Jordan much? Well – I guess Ethan is Lee’s son) “– scores the first goal of the season! Ten–nil to Gryffindor!”

“Well done, Alice!” I said as she flew over to me.

“Thanks. DUCK!”

“Duck? Where? I love ducks!” She put her hands on my head and shoved me downwards. She flew to the left and dodged a Bludger, which would have taken my head off.

“Quack, quack,” Alice said sarcastically.

I shot her the finger and flew to the other end of the pitch where Peter Wood, the Keeper, was hovering.

“You alright?” I asked him.

“Concentrating. Go away,” he mumbled.

Gee, what lovely team-mates I have. I glared at him and flew away. I managed to get to the other set of goalposts before Alice threw the Quaffle at me. I was right next to the goalposts and the Ravenclaw Keeper was on the other side. I put the Quaffle threw the hoop and raised my arms in acknowledgement of the cheers that followed.

“That’s the way!” James yelled as he zoomed past.

The next ten minutes were a blur. Suddenly the score was 80–30 to Gryffindor (I am pleased to say that – ahem – our lovely Alice scored most of those next six goals) and James and the Ravenclaw Seeker, some kid named Lorice Peterson(?) were engaged in an epic battle for the Snitch.

I say epic, I actually mean slapping, kicking and pushing each other out of the way. I think some hair got pulled out too.

In no time, James had the Snitch in his hand and was holding it up for the crowd to see.

We landed on the grass and jumped on him. It really isn’t as celebratory as you see on TV. I think James half-suffocated.




“You won!” Nadine squealed, throwing her arms around Al. “You really won!”

Muy bien, bitch.

See look, I can speak Spanish. Bet that bitch can’t.

We were back in the common room, having a “party” after the win.

“Yeah,” Al said, grinning.

“Our very own Geli scored the second goal,” Brandon said, giving me a kiss.

“And my Ally-baby scored plenty more,” Nadine said.

Ally-baby. She called him Ally-baby.


I mean – not that I care. I’m all about Brandon now. Yep.

I snuggled in close to Brandon, taking note that Al’s face went red. He pulled Nadine closer to him and kissed her. Ew. It looked like he was chewing her face.

“Geli, can I talk to you?” It was Dom.


Uh-oh. I had to tell Dom that I had fallen for Brandon. Shizz. If I don’t make it out alive, I’d like my body to be buried where Dumbledore’s is. If there is a body to bury.

“I think the plan is working!” she whispered excitedly.

“Yeaah …” I said.

“What have you done, Blue?”

“Me? Nothing! I am offended you would even suggest that!”

“Do you want me to get Rose involved?”

“Ack! No! I may have kind of, ever so slightly, fallen – out – of love with Al.”

“… You did not. You idiot!”

“Thanks for reminding me,”

“No problem, twat. You – ugh! You always ruin everything!”

Seems like bitch-switches don’t last. Here comes Devil-Dom.

“Well, Al seems jealous enough.”

“Yeah, I mean – he told me he loved me.”

“WHAT? When?”

“Last Hogsmeade trip.” I said, shrugging.

“And what did you say to him?” Dom’s face was getting redder by the second.

“I told him that I didn’t like him anymore.”

“And …?”

“Well, he cornered me in the bathroom during time-out during the match …”

Dom started growling. Her hands balled into fists and she looked madder than ever. “The one time I try to do something nice to you, you go and mess it up!”

“Well, excuse me, I didn’t want you to help me in the first place! I was doing perfectly fine on my own, thanks!” I retorted. “Look, if I wanted Al, I could, okay? But I don’t like him anymore! I can’t help who I like!”

Dom looked kind of surprised. “Maybe you could. We’re not so different. I could dump my boyfriend and go for that poor guy who’s been pining over me.”

“Dom, you and your old boyfriend broke up ages ago.”

“Piss off, Blue.”

“Sure.” I rolled my eyes and sat down with Rose, who was chatting with Molly.

“Geli!” Molly said. “Well done!”

“Well, what can I say. I’m so talented.” I said, grinning at them. “But those brooms – my butt hurts so bad!”

“Eh. You get used to it,” Rose said as if sitting on a broom was the easiest thing in the world. It’s not. Believe me. “So what did Dom want to talk to you about?”

“Um … she wanted to give me another makeover … but I said no.” I said.

“I’ll do it. My hair’s turning into a rat’s nest.” Molly said, looking over at Dom.

“Don’t! I mean, Dom’s in a bad mood – you know how she is.”

Molly rolled her eyes. “So anyway, what’s the deal with you and Brandon? I thought you liked Al,”

“I guess I don’t anymore.”

“You can’t just do that Geli, oh my God, that’s just wrong.”

“… You do it all the time.”

“Shut up, Geli. Drink your damn Butterbeer.” She picked up a bottle of Butterbeer and shoved it into my mouth. Naturally, I started choking and ended up on the floor.

“Geli! Is she okay?” someone asked.

“I think she needs CPR! I shall give her the kiss of life!”

“Whoa! No thank you!” I screamed, sitting up. James was sitting on the floor, looking disappointed. Molly was looking guilty, but laughing at the same time. Bitch. All my friends are bitches!

Nadine was sniggering and Al was looking shocked. Brandon came rushing over and threw his arms around me.

“Geli! Are you alright now?”

“I’m fine. Molly was practicing her mothering skills.”

Yep. If the baby doesn’t drink, shove the bottle in their mouth and choke them.

“Well, I’m glad you’re okay now,” Brandon said, giving me a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“Yes, it would have been such a shame if she choked to death on her own spit,” Nadine said snidely, glaring at me.

“It would have been a shame, wouldn’t it? We all love Geli,” Brandon said, grinning at me.

Nadine scoffed audibly and turned away. Bitch. I hope you get smushed by Grawp. And then eaten by Aragog’s children.




“Tell me about your parents,” Brandon said. The party had quietened down. It was nearly midnight and most of the Gryffindors had gone to bed or (in James’s case) were passed out on the floor.

“My parents? I’ve not seen them in years.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. Are they –?”

“No, they’re not dead. I just don’t really talk about it much.”

“Will you tell me?”

“Only if you tell me who Paul is.”

He didn’t reply. Hmm … maybe Paul was a psychotic weirdo who stalks him and the raging bull (Nadine, idiots)?

Rose had left the common room, apparently sensing that her “dear, darling Scorpy-Worpy” was nearby. Alice and Molly were drawing on the face of Hugo, who was asleep, and Dom had gone off somewhere with Peter Wood and Brandon, Al, Nadine and I were sitting around the fireplace.

Nadine had her head resting on Al’s chest and she was sleeping (and snoring).

The only people who knew about my parents were the Wotters and Alice and Scorpius. I didn’t trust anyone else. Usually during the holidays I stayed with Rose or at the Potters’. It was kind of sad that I hadn’t seen my parents in five years, and that I didn’t know what my brother looked like now.

“What was your life like in Australia?” I asked, putting my head on his shoulder.

“It was alright. Not as good as my life here, though.” He kissed the top of my head.

“So how come you came to Hogwarts?”

“Well, I went to the wizarding school in Australia and me and Nadine got this letter saying we were coming here. We weren’t told why … but I guess it’s an adventure.”

When he said the word “adventure”, I was reminded of Luca and how he always used to love going on adventures in our back garden (and getting lost in Mum’s flowerbeds and getting soil up his nose).

But I really missed him. He had blonde hair and blue eyes and a cute little button nose. My parents sent me a letter during my first year telling me they wanted me to stay with a friend during the holidays and that I was not to come home.

We sat there in silence, my head on Brandon’s shoulder, his arm around me. Al was sitting looking moody. Lighten up, why don’t you.

Suddenly Rose came tumbling into the common room. She collapsed onto the floor, breathing hard.

“Rose? What happened?” Al jumped up, causing Nadine to snort in her sleep like the piggy she is and dropped her head on the seat of the sofa. I slid off the sofa and crawled over to Rose (don’t judge me – I’m just too lazy to get up and walk, okay?).

“I just got manhandled by –” she shivered “– Gabbo Goyle.”

“You what?”

“That’s right. I was looking for Scorpius and he grabbed me and – eurgh. I need a shower. And some mouthwash. Hold that thought – does anyone have any bleach?” Rose pawed at her mouth. Poor dear. Gabbo Goyle (I know – who would call their child “Gabbo”? It’s even worse than Angeliquina. Wait – no it’s not) was Gregory Goyle’s son and was clearly the least subtle girl-grabber in Hogwarts.

Rose burst into tears. “And then – and then Scorpius came and he saw us while Gabbo was kissing me and –”

I put my arms around her. “Aw, Rosie, it’s okay. Right. I’m going to go and give that bastard a good kick up the ass!”

“Noo …” Rose moaned.

“Hey – nobody messes with my Rosie!”

This should be fun. Let’s go kick some ass.

I stood up and marched towards the portrait hole. I climbed through and stood on the landing outside.

“So where will we start?” someone said behind me.

It was Al. I’m starting to think I’m being stalked.

“Near the Slytherin common room? That’s where the idiot hangs around a lot,” I suggested.

We took a shortcut down there. Al pushed past a tapestry and stopped so suddenly I crashed into him. Standing there was Gabbo Goyle looking as though he recently hadn’t attacked Rose.

“Hey you!” I yelled shoving Al out of the way. “Yes you, you flipping bastard. I heard you hurt our friend Rose.”

“So what?” he grunted.

“I’d like to give you a little something.”


Hey, that felt good. Maybe I should do it again.


Goyle didn’t even look angry. Instead he smiled like some sort of sick weirdo. Well, that’s what he was.

“You’re feisty. I like you!”

“What the hell, you freak, I just –”

You might want to stop reading right now. I literally just drowned in Goyle saliva. It was disgusting. His breath smelt of pickled onions and some sort of rotten fish. Did the dude brush his teeth? His mouth was crushed to mine while his hands went to less-than-friendly places around my body. He pushed me up against the wall.

“Hey!” Al yelled. “Get your filthy paws off her!”

Goyle was ripped from me and thrown across the corridor. Al went over and grabbed him by the collar. Al raised a fist and punched him right across the face. Gabbo fell backwards onto his fat butt. He scrambled to his feet and shot off.

“Yeah! You better run!” Al hollered after him. He turned to me. “You okay?”

“Blegh. Eurgh. Have you got any mouthwash? Better yet – is there a dentist nearby?” I gagged, retching.

“That idiot. I swear one day I’m going to tie him to a boulder and throw him in the Black Lake.”

“When you do, let me know so I can come and laugh at him.”

Al laughed and waved his wand, making a glass of water appear.

I grabbed it and threw the water into my mouth. It must have been “magic water” because the disgusting taste in my mouth slowly left. The glass disappeared and I gasped.

“Thanks.” I shuddered. “That guy has some serious issues, I’m telling you. Poor Rose,”

“Poor you.”

“I know, right? People like him really represent most of the male population.”

“Gee, thanks, Geli.”

“Well, apart from the hot ones, like Brandon and Peter Wood and James …” I shrugged. Al looked at me expectantly. Meh, throw the Hippogriff a ferret. “And you, I guess.”

“You think I’m hot?”

“You’re a damn Quidditch player. And plus, you have nice abs.”

“Where did you see my abs?”

I was tempted to say “In my dreams”, but then I remembered I was not about that anymore. “Someone put pictures of your abs up around the school once. It was during the Christmas holidays last year when I stayed here and you went home.”

“Oh, really?”

“Yes, really. And plus, whenever we go into the changing rooms after Quidditch practice, the first thing you do is take your shirt off. What, you think I dream about your abs?”

“Maybe you do.”

“Maybe I did, but hey – that was a long time ago. Like, before you had abs.”

“I never didn’t have abs, honey. I’m just perfect that way.” Al struck a noble pose and I giggled. “Come on, Blue, just admit it – you fancy me, don’t you?”

I didn’t reply. I just couldn’t. Nothing came out of my mouth.

“I’ve got a boyfriend.” I ended up saying.

“A boyfriend you don’t really love. He won’t mind if you end it … probably …”

“I can’t do that to him. And besides, you’ve got Nadine to think about. She really likes you.”

“She’ll understand.”

“She won’t.” I muttered, staring at my shoes. When I looked up, Al’s face was closer to mine than it had been before. “Al, stop it,” I said, putting my hands on his chest (which was much musclier than Brandon’s) and trying to push him away. Unfortunately, six years of Quidditch playing made him a lot stronger than I was and he stood like a statue in front of me.

“I’m not moving until you damn kiss me.”

“Then we’ll be here forever, because I’m not kissing you,” I replied, but even as I said it, I couldn’t help but notice the way my fingers tingled at his touch, the way my heart started slamming itself against my chest, the way my brain started going into overdrive.

He lifted his hand to move a lock of hair that fell in my eyes. His fingers rested on my face, gently bringing it closer to his. I almost buckled at the knees at the sight of his sea-green eyes. I’d never seen them this close before. I found myself staring straight into them, unable to look away. His thumb brushed my cheek and I was unable to resist it any longer.

I reached up and almost closed the gap between us.

Yeah, I said almost.

Seriously, though. I feel like I’m living in a cliché, because guess what happened?

My damn boyfriend walked in. Along with his she-devil of a sister and pretty much the rest of the Wotters.

Brandon and Nadine stood by the tapestry, their mouths wide open. I managed to push Al away from me, but that simple movement made tears form in Brandon’s eyes. His mouth moved to form words, but nothing came out. Instead he and Nadine stood there staring while Rose, who was still clawing at her tongue, was looking at me like You’re such an idiot. I totally understood where she was coming from.

The tapestry on the other side of the corridor was pulled aside and my Scozza-bozza walked in.

“What’s going on?” he asked. The poor guy looked miserable – there was none of his usual fun-loving air about him – but I guess he’d just seen his girlfriend kissing Gabbo Goyle, so he had a right to be upset.

“What’s going on,” Nadine growled, “is that I just caught that bitch snogging my boyfriend!”

“Geli?” Scorpius turned his surprised eyes to me. “You and Al?”

“No!” I said. “I was not snogging him.”

“Oh, sure!” Nadine cried. “You might as well have been! Am I going to find you in his bed next?”

“What the hell?” I said, frowning. “What the bloody actual sodding hell? You’re saying I’d actually –”

“That’s exactly what I’m saying. I told you I thought you were a slut, and I was right.”

I took a step towards her, anger rising in me like a volcano.

Hey, no bitch calls me a slut and gets away with it!

Especially not this bitch.

“You better stop talking now, before I smack your face in.”

Nadine smirked, folding her arms across my chest. “You messed up my man. Now you’re going to pay.”

“Go piss yourself, Nadine.” I snapped. I raised my hand and slapped her across the face. I was rather pleased to see a red mark on her cheek. With that, I threw one last glare at (the evil, crazy weird freakazoid) Nadine, turned on my heel and stormed past Scorpius and out into the sunlight.

I had no idea where the hell I was going. I stumbled through the castle, blinking back tears and glaring at whoever dared to come near. I ended up on the Stone Bridge.

Feeling exhausted and upset, I sank down onto the stones and put my head on my knees. I wondered vaguely how far the jump was from here. Seriously though.

“Geli,” someone said. I looked up.

“Scorpius,” I sighed.

He sat down next to me. “So what exactly happened?”

“Rose didn’t want to kiss Gabbo Goyle. Who would?” I said. He looked unmistakeably ashamed. “So anyway, she came back to the common room and she was in tears, so Al and I went to look for the git –”

“Hoping to do what exactly?”

“Kick his fat butt. What else? But yeah. I slapped him and then he goes ‘I like you!’ and then he starts kissing me.” Scorpius looked shocked and disgusted. I wonder if he knew what it felt like to get slobbered on by Gabbo Goyle. Ew. No. Yuck. Sick Geli. “Al pulled him away and Goyle ran. After I got that –” I shuddered “– taste out of my mouth, Al started saying that I liked him and stuff.”

“But I thought you did?”

“I did. But I don’t anymore. I’ve got Brandon.”

“So why were you – almost – kissing Al? I mean, if you didn’t like him, you’d have been able to push him away and say no?”

That question was so logical and clever, it was hard to believe it was coming out of Scorpius’s mouth. It really annoyed me.

“Well, what would you know?” I burst out. “You got upset seeing Rose kissing Goyle, even though you knew nobody in their right minds would kiss him voluntarily!”

Tears started rolling down my cheeks. “Just get lost, Scorpius!”

“Geli –” Scorpius started.

“I’ll handle this.” A soft voice made me look up, but direct my gaze to the floor again almost immediately. Scorpius got up and someone else joined me on the ground. “Geli,” they said in the same voice, impossibly calm. “Look at me.”

I swallowed and looked up at the sad face of Brandon.

“Why did you do it?” he asked, his voice level. I had to admire that. If it was me in his position, I’d be screaming, crying, throwing heavy objects and someone would probably end up in St. Mungo’s with a severe head injury.

Shaking my head, I said, “I don’t know.” I was answering truthfully, because I really didn’t.

He took my hand in his. My skin tingled and sent sparks shooting up my arm, but it just wasn’t the same experience I had with Al. I guessed it was because they were two completely different people.

His palm was warm; his fingers curling around mine reassuringly. “Do you still like him?”

I shook my head again, but this time I wasn’t sure if this was the truth or not. I’d liked Al since the first moment I’d clapped eyes on him, but slowly that was fading. There was still something there, definitely, but now Brandon was here, his presence, his warmth, that dazzling white smile, something about that had made my resolve crumble and I was falling for him. But somehow … somehow, whenever I was near Al, Brandon was completely forgotten. It was so confusing.

I moved closer to Brandon, glad to be with him again. I moved his face with the hand he wasn’t holding and kissed him. “I’m sorry.” I whispered into his lips.

But not everything had been sorted out. Not only was it completely awkward around Al, I also found that I couldn’t bring myself to look at James. I was afraid to see the hurt and disappointment I might find there.

Rose told me she had no idea what was going on in my head. I didn’t either.

Dominique swore and me and told me to piss off. I did.

Molly said I’d better sort out what I wanted. I agreed.

Alice confessed she thought I was a nutjob. So did I.

Everything slowly started to fall apart. Nadine kept swearing at me, getting in little pinches and pokes. She knew how to push my buttons now and she was doing it right. I kept to myself mostly, hardly speaking to anyone and getting on with it in class and during Quidditch practice.

I was too embarrassed to face anyone.

And it was all because of that damn bastard Al Potter.

To be honest, I have no idea where I’m going next. This was mainly supposed to be about the first Quidditch match, but I sat down with my friend (you know who you are) and had a massive planning session about my stories and hers. During that, I thought I might have some sort of crazy twist and I’d always planned on something like this happening, so this is how it came out. I’m not particularly fond of this chapter, but I’m not sure why. Once you guys start reviewing, I’ll see how it goes and hopefully the next chapter won’t be as disappointing. Thanks for reading this, though! x


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