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Hating You Is What I Know by s2rocks
Chapter 2 : Meeting Malfoys
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 Disclaimer: All Characters Belong To Harry Potter and Of course J K Rowling, only Ocs are my own.

Chapter 2: Meeting Malfoys

credit to Modthryth@TDA



I gasped loudly, immediately wanting to shut my mouth as soon as I realized the sound I made. I had accidentally smacked into someone and then ran away, mumbling a “sorry” without looking at them, not wanting to be scolded like a six-year-old. I only caught a glimpse of blonde hair but hurried past, wanting to see the station.

It was like stepping into a different world.


Well, it was different, *Muggleborn here.*

A giant 4-6-0 red steam engine was puffing away near the entrance, the Hogwarts crest upon the side of each carriage. The engine’s head plaque was engraved on the top of the watch, which also bore the engine number: 5972. On the reverse side, the school crest and motto: Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus.

Never Tickle a Sleeping Dragon? What kind of a motto was that?

The feeling of being there was great. It seemed real. I was really going to do this. I was going to Hogwarts. This sensation was greater than that of when I bought my wand.

Let's just say it was definitely different. My brother warned me that Ollivander was a strange bloke. He could be creepy at times. At the time, I thought he was predicting something, but then laughed at my own stupidity. True Seers in the Wizarding World were very rare. I would have said that they were myths if I didn't know about Hogwarts. But now, anything could be real.

“Twelve inches silver lime wand containing Thestral tail hair,” Ollivander had said when the wand chose me. I could remember the visit vividly.

It's a rare combination, Miss Feather. The core is very difficult to obtain, very unstable and not easy to control. This wand has been with me for years. I was looking forward to meet the one who would get this. The wand chooses the wizard, Miss Feather, and this wand has chosen you. This wand is best for charms and transfiguration. It is also very powerful. Use it well.

There was a gleam in his eyes when I looked at him, telling me he knew something that I didn't.


But even with his extensive knowledge about my wand and his warning of its power, it was fairly expensive. A whole ten Galleons.


My brother's wand cost only eight.


I hadn't used it, of course. That would be violating the underage magic rule – and I couldn’t do much without knowledge of any spells. A fat load of help that would be, getting expelled before I even stepped into Hogwarts. But that didn't mean I didn't hold it in my hand trying to get in my best hold.

I dragged my trunk towards the train. Not many people were on the platform because I was an hour early. I tried to lift my trunk onto the train, but it was far too heavy for me. I sighed and tried again.

"Here," came a voice from behind me.

I watched a blond-haired man lifting my trunk as if the weight was nothing for him.


He was quite tall, around 6 feet 2 inches, with steel grey eyes which were trained on me when he turned. They were warm and welcoming. He knew he looked good, too. You could see it in his eyes. I could tell you that in his younger days, girls would fall at his feet for him to give them a little bit of attention. Looking closer and noticing the same shade of blonde, I realized he was the one whom I smacked into earlier.

"Thanks for the help. My name is Evie Feather." I moved forward to shake his hand.

He arched an eyebrow, looking at my hand, then shook it, replying with a smirk, "I'm Draco Malfoy."

So, this was the infamous Draco Malfoy... But he was so different compared to what was written in the history books. He was supposed to be arrogant and cold.

"Sorry for running into you earlier," I said, pointing at the entrance and he followed my gaze and shrugged.

"You are a Muggleborn.” I knew it wasn’t a question by the way he said it. He knew I was.

I nodded. I could tell that he was not used to people talking nicely to him on their first meeting. Old prejudices had ruined the Malfoy name, even if he had contributed a great deal to the reconstruction of Hogwarts after the war. People still saw him as the one who tried to kill Albus Dumbledore.

But they always forget that he failed to kill him when he had the chance. That he didn’t want to do it anyways.

These were the words Harry Potter had told the writer of the History book.

"Just because I'm a Muggleborn doesn't mean that I’m not aware of who you are." My words were meant to shock him. They did.


He was taken aback but replied, amusement clear in his voice, "Really?"


"I love to read, but – I am not a bookworm," I added when he coughed something that sounded a lot like “bookworm.” Ignoring him, I continued, "My brother gave me his old textbooks, so I know a little about some things. That was your past and today is your present, which will make your future." I had heard that in a movie and remembered it from then on.


Well, I forgot the name of movie, but at least I remembered the saying.


"You are quite different. Brave and believing," he replied, staring at me as if I was a puzzle for him.


"I know I am, but I don't want to be in Gryffindor or Ravenclaw," I told him giving him a small glare and getting a grin in return.


"You want to be a Slytherin?" he asked with a bemused smile, knowing that I was not Hufflepuff material.


"Yup! Green is my favourite colour, so why not?" I didn't just want to be in Slytherin because green was my favourite colour, even if I looked good in it. Slytherins were about self-preservation which, I thought, I totally qualified for.




"Draco, what's taking you so..." A sweet woman with blond hair came to stand with us. She was looking very beautiful in her purple robes, and she watched me with curious eyes.


She probably knows I was that stupid girl who smacked into her husband.


She stared at me longer, expecting me to introduce myself. "Hi! I'm Evie and this is my cat, Snow," I obliged. However she raised her eyebrow at me, like her husband had, as if expecting me to properly introduce myself.


I needed to learn this eyebrow thing. They look intimidating and it's kind of cool.


"My name is Evangeline Nightingale Feather," I sighed with frustration.


My full name.




Malfoy chuckled upon hearing my name and then tried to pass it as a cough.


Now you know why I hate my name.


"Draco!" the woman scolded, glaring at him.


"Sorry, but it's an interesting name," he told me with a grin. His grin fell when he saw his wife's glare.


Wow, she could be really scary. I already like her.


"I know. My name is too sweet for my liking; and my middle name clashes horribly with my last name." I mean really, Nightingale was a bird, and birds were full of feathers.


"Don't listen to him, it's a beautiful name," the woman said with a smile, patting me on shoulder.


She introduced herself as Astoria Malfoy, and believe me, she was one of the nicest people I had ever met.


"You're a first year, yes? Our son is also starting his first year," she told me and looked around, trying to track him down.


"Surely he's looking for a compartment," I replied, making her turn to me. Her motherly behaviour made me think of my mom. It was nice to know such sweet people.


She smiled warmly and gave me a pat on my head.


"It was nice to meet you, Miss Feather, but we should get going," said Mr. Malfoy, watching the time on his watch.


"It was nice meeting you both," I replied waving goodbye to them. I began dragging my trunk behind me, searching for a compartment. As I was walking through the corridor, I watched a blond haired boy placing his trunk on an upper rack. I immediately recognized him as a Malfoy.


I opened the door of the compartment, and the pale boy looked up to me with his grey eyes.


"Do you mind if I sit with you?" I asked nicely. He shrugged and I dragged my trunk in, placing it under the seat.


"Hey! My name is Evie Feather," I introduced myself, nodding at him.


He hesitated in giving his name and then introduced himself, "Scorpius Malfoy." I shook his hand and tried to ignore his hesitation.


"You’re father’s nice. He helped me get my trunk on the train," I told Scorpius, trying to make a conversation.


"You're a Muggleborn," he stated, just like his father.


What was with Malfoys telling me this?


I nodded and replied, "I know how he was, what people say about him. But he is quite cool." Mr. Malfoy was cool and handsome, and the person sitting in front of me had inherited many of the same traits.


His eyes widened, but then he smiled. Shaking his head, he told me, "People usually don't like me because of my father."


"Let's not judge each other by our fathers. You won't get to know me quite well." I mumbled the last part very quietly, and he stared at me with confusion.


"Well, I am waiting for my brother; he told me to wait in a compartment and he – as per usual – is late." I changed the subject, remembering that he was supposed to be here. "Would it be cool if I just sat here with you for the rest of the ride?" Scorpius shrugged. I had already found a new friend.


Well, at least someone likes me in this world.


(Editing is done by amazing MissesWeasley123 and Voldy Needs a Hug:)

A/n: So she smacked into Draco Malfoy. hmm.

I know people don't like Draco Malfoy very much. Many show him as a bad guy in some fics but according to me, he changed after war. I love his character and think of him as funny and cool guy. Hope you guys like it and Please tell me your views about the story.

Review will be appreciated. They would help me to go on.


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