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A Minor Setback by AlexFan
Chapter 2 : The Second Chapter
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chapter image by inspector. @ tda

There's really no easy way to tell someone that they're the father of your child. There's no easy way of making the situation any less awkward once you tell the father. It's just this whole time of awkwardness where both of you stand next to each other and try not to make eye contact because things are that awkward.

It isn't easy avoiding someone at Hogwarts because it doesn't matter how much you try to avoid a person, you end up being with them one way or another; especially if you're partnered up with them in class.

I spot a head of untidy black hair and turn down a random corridor. Avoiding Albus is harder than it seems; we have the same classes and we're in the same house. He always seems to know where I am, something that I find unsettling and creepy.

Thinking I've evaded Albus yet again, I walk down a familiar hallway. This is where I come when the noise in the common room reaches my dorm, which is pretty often now that I think about it.

Appearing as if from nowhere, a hand shoots out of a nearby classroom and grabs my arm, the arm pulls me into the classroom and I hear the door being closed. My first instinct is to scream but a hand is blocking my mouth.

My immediate thoughts are Serial killer! Rapist! but a familiar voice makes me freeze. It isn't a serial killer or a rapist; it's someone much, much worse. I thought I was doing a good job of avoiding Albus but apparently not.

"It's me, Albus," Albus' hand leaves my mouth and I whip around to glare at him.

"Are you insane," I snap angrily. What is wrong with him. In what world is kidnapping someone a good idea! It's the dumbest thing he's ever done. There are other ways to get me to talk to him, cornering me in the common room would've been a good way of accomplishing this without doing something so creepy. I'm pretty sure that kidnapping someone is also illegal.

"I wanted to talk to you," Albus says sheepishly.

"So kidnapping me is the solution to that."

"You've been avoiding me, how am I supposed to talk to you, when you run the opposite way that I'm coming every time you see me?" Drat, I thought he hadn't noticed. He's more observant than he lets on, that might be a problem for me. If he's observant then how am I to keep my pregnancy hidden from him until I have no choice.

"I have not been avoiding you," I lie.

"Right, you just like to walk down deserted corridors." It's not like I don't come here often, like I said before, if the common room is too loud then I usually end up down this hallway looking for peace and quiet.

"Yes, I do!"

"Phina, why have you been avoiding me?" Well let's see, I'm pregnant with your child, I'm supposed to tell you so that Madam Pomfrey can speak to the both of us and if I don't, then she'll tell you for me.

"I haven't been avoiding you," Albus raises an eyebrow at me, "okay, so maybe I have been. How'd you know I was anyway?"

"Phina -"

"Seraphina" I interrupt.

"Right, sorry, Seraphina, we've been going to the same school for seven years, we've been in the same house for seven years, hell, we've even had the same classes for seven years. I've known you even before we came to Hogwarts." Yes, Albus, but then we stopped being friends so you can't claim to know me anymore.

"I'd be a bit of a moron if I hadn't noticed that one of my classmates, who didn't have a problem with me before, all of a sudden starts running away from me as soon as she catches sight of me."

Who says I don't have a problem with you Albus? Does he honestly think that I've forgotten when he ditched me when we were little? It's not like I haven't forgiven him for what he did, after all, it happened a long time ago, and it would be stupid of me to hold a grudge, but I haven't forgiven Albus for never coming back and being friends with me.

"Fine, I've been avoiding you, congratulations for figuring it out," I say, crossing my arms and glaring at the ground.


"I can't tell you," I say, cringing at how pathetic that sounds. From the scowl on Albus' face, he agrees with me.

"So, you're avoiding me, but you can't tell me?" Well yes, even though, technically, I'm supposed to tell you but Albus doesn't need to know that.

"That's right."

"Are you joking?"

"I never joke," according to other people, I've never been any good at this particular thing. Making jokes just isn't my thing, I'll make them accidentally on occasion but when I'm trying to be funny, it never works out. 

"You are one of a kind," Albus says, running his hands through his hair in frustration. Is that a compliment? I think I've just been insulted. Maybe it is a compliment . . . oh who cares!

I don't understand why Albus is frustrated, it isn't as if he's the one carrying a child that he's going to be pushing out of his . . . manly bits. Plus, it's not like I'm being difficult or anything, I've just refused to tell him why I've been avoiding him, he's just going to have to accept that I've been avoiding him without expecting an explanation.

See, I'm not being difficult at all, so why is he frustrated?

"Can we be friends again?" Albus asks after a moment of silence. Friends? I've never had a friend in a while; I don't know what friends do. Besides, we've jumped past acquaintances and friends, what with him being the father of the child that I'm currently carrying. Friends don't sleep with each other, friends don't get friends pregnant. Of course, we weren't friends on that night, but still.

"We can try," I say slowly, unsure of what I'm doing. I can't believe I just agreed to be his friend. I seem to be full of bad choices this year. First going to the party, drinking and getting pregnant: now this, my seventh year at Hogwarts is just going to be jolly fun, don't you think?

Albus grins happily, and before I know what's happening, his arms are wrapped around me in an awkward hug. I stiffen when he touches me, my arms going rigid at my side. Human contact is a big no no for me; which is funny considering I'm pregnant. I'm never going to stop using and bringing up the whole "I'm pregnant" thing. It's a valid excuse for most things, which comes in handy when I'll be trying to weasel my way out of things.

I pat Albus' back awkwardly after a few moments of me standing there like a stiff board and we stand like this for a few seconds that seem like an eternity. Things can't possibly get any worse.

Oh, but they can.

Just when the hug is stretching to an indecent amount of time, one of Albus' friends burst into the room. Joy of joys, let's just include more people into this, why don't we!

"AHA, I knew you had a thing for Albus," Albus' friend exclaims. I push Albus away from me and turn red. Blushing isn't something that happens to me very often but when it does, the situation deserves it.

"Give me some credit, my taste isn't this bad," I say, patting my clothes down. Albus glares at me but I shrug unconcerned. I think I've just been rude, I'm pretty sure I have. I just can't seem to get this whole "being nice" thing to work for me.

"Never said that I have to be nice to you. Who the hell are you anyway?" I ask, turning to the boy who just burst into the room yelling.

"Lysander, Lysander Scamander," the boys says, grinning at me and holding out his hand. I stare at with a blank expression; am I supposed to shake it or something? What do I do with this offered hand? I reach out and grab his hand as if it's infected and shake it slowly before dropping it and wiping my hand on my robes.

"I thought that was a given," Albus says, bringing my attention to him again. Am I supposed to already know that I need to be nice in a friendship? How am I supposed to know that! I haven't had friends since I was nine, I don't know what's socially acceptable or any of that stuff!

I can already tell that this friendship is off to a good start.

"Thought wrong, excuse me," I say, as I push past Lysander. I'm almost late for Potions and I need to be on my way, this little chat was heartwarming and everything but now, I must face reality and get back to my studying and making sure that I'm the best Head Girl this school has ever seen. That's not going so well, how many Head Girl's have gotten pregnant while at school? Probably not a lot is my guess.

How am I going to tell Albus that I'm pregnant with his child? Especially now that he's my friend, there's got to be books written about this sort of thing happening, right? Just when I think that the day can't get any worse and I can't possibly get any more humiliated, it does. Having a second year come into your class and announce loudly to the entire class that Madam Pomfrey needs to see me about my condition is also embarrassing.

It sounds as if I'm dying of the bubonic plague or a head tumor.

I blush bright red and stare at my shoes as I leave my afternoon Potions class and speed walk to the Hospital Wing. I slam the door shut and look around the room to make sure no one is here with me. It appears empty, good; I don't need anybody telling the entire school about this.

"You wanted to see me Madam Pomfrey?" I say, as the old matron walks out of her office and makes her away towards me with surprising speed for someone her age.

"Yes dear, I was wondering if you had told Mr Potter about his unborn child." About that . . . would it be horrible of me to ask if I can have a week or two to tell Albus about this? No, I have to do this properly, I have to take responsibility, I can't just ask for time extensions on things just because I don't want to do something.

"I haven't yet, but I will!" I say, once I see the look of disappointment on Madam Pomfrey's face. I just can't wait to tell Albus about this, imagine his face when he's informed that he's having a child. I just hope he doesn't pass out on the floor in shock, I won't know what to do if he does go unconscious. I'll probably give him a few slaps to the face to see if he wakes up.

"Soon Ms Doyle, I need to see the both of you, tell him soon," Madam Pomfrey says, before leaving me alone to worry. She's left no room for argument on the matter. I have to tell him or I have a feeling Madam Pomfrey will tell him.

"You're pregnant with Albus' baby?" a voice asks, breaking the silence. I jump, startled, I look at who's in the room with me and almost fall over when I see a girl with bright red hair. I thought there was no one in here; apparently I'm not good at searching.

"L-Lily," I manage to gasp out. This is Lily Potter, Albus's sister, she takes after her mother. She knows I'm pregnant. I really don't want to be on the end of one of her hexes, not only will it not be great for my health but imagine what would happen to the baby.

What have I ever done to deserve this from the world? Why must karma take out its anger on me? I've never hurt anybody in my life! Well, since it's out in the open, I might as well explain everything I can to Lily as best as possible. It's like a ripping off a band-aid.

Except, this time, the pain lasts for nine months instead of a few seconds.

A/N: Any feedback? Anything at all? I'm not sure that I saved the edited version of this so forgive me for any mistakes. Anyllamas, let me know what you thought of it and if you found anything funny and what you think of the characters so far! Constructive criticism is always welcomed and I'm always looking to improve my writing so anything you would like to say will mean a lot!

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A Minor Setback: The Second Chapter


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